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Author's note: This is just a story I was writing. I just wanted a place to put it and see what people thought...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is just a story I was writing. I just wanted a place to put it and see what people thought about it. I know the story's sorta confusing, but, eh, that's how life is.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 3

The plane landed a few moments ago and I was collected by a couple of two. A Latino couple I presume. The man's name was Enrique and the woman was Yahira. I picked up my baggage and, as it turns out, they had my picture. You see, you don't need it much because you can spot me a mile away. I have red eyes. They change in tone with my mood, but always red. They came up to me and praised my eyes.

"How wonderful!"
"It suits you."

That was all they
You learn a bit more about how Teito is
said. Well, they talked a lot about was my new little sister Nina. Nina I presumed, looked much like her mother, with bold wavy black hair, a smile that can make you warm up a little, and soft brown eyes that seem to look through you. I assume that her father gave her a casual chin, rounded cheeks, and a need for hope. They brought me out into the hot, humid California fall air and led me to a black Camry. They sit in front, Enrique at the wheel and Yahira riding shotgun so I reluctantly slide into the sleek backseat.
I drift into a deep sleep.
I am flowing, and breathing with intensity. Something big falls from the sky, all goes silent. I see that there are other things, and myself, obviously speaking and making noise. Why can't I hear? Why am I smiling at a baffling creature? Wh-?
I am cut off by the large bump in the road that catapulted my skull towards the window. I arrive. A figure moves in the window and quickly rushes away when it notices my eyes. The figure had a small build, but was quick. I was urged to ask about it, but, I figured better. I was escorted into the white two-story house and was awed by it's simple uniqueness. I showed no sign of it, of course, but I was.
When I enter the white door which was embroidered with flowers and vines, there were scuffs of someone rushing somewhere on the second floor. Inside, when you enter through the door, it's like entering a classic movie. All the walls were flourished with white, simple shades of beige and browns, and a curved staircase rounded past the hall. The floors were varnished wood while the family/living room was a manila colored carpet. They had family photos on the hall walls, a coat rack by the door, and a small table has ' welcome ' on it. I had noticed a small build flash by in the shadows, same build, I'm sure. They guide me into the kitchen and I notice the mahogany table filled with quesadillas, churos, pizza, all my favorites. Even sushi! My god, they're good. I turn to see their waiting faces. Waiting for a reaction, so, I fake how I should act. I smile hesitantly, let a single tear go down my cheek, and pretend to hold tears in.

" It's okay, it's okay,"
"How do you like it?"

Works every time. I give a slight nod, and ask for the bathroom. I went back through the family room to the hall, walk 13 steps and turn left.


I trip over a small crawling 'shadow' although now I could see it was a little girl. She was no more than seven years old so I fathomed that she was Nina. It took me two seconds to scan her, ( I have a vast amount of memory and fake my stupidity and lack of strength in school), and noticed she was thin, light brown skin, wavy locks of black, shimmering hair, and soft,brown eyes that softened your scowl.

"Hello..." I acted afraid and nervous because she didn't know that I knew her.
She stared softly and thought, His eyes are beautiful. Is he my new brother??? PLEASE SAY SOMETHING THAT A BIG BROTHER WOULD SAY!
Another fact, I can read minds.
I softened my gaze, reached out, patted her head, and saw her blush and hold her breath.
"My, my. Are you my new sister? You are way too pretty to be her huh?"
She scrambled her mind and thought, I LOVE HIM! Yay! My new brother!!
She blushed and stood up.
"I-I-I'm Nina." She thought, I hope he knows my name....
"I am Teito. How old are you? Nine at least! Such a lady!" I boasted the last part as I shook her hand.
"I'm actually seven...." She blushed again and sort of whispered the last part.
"Well, you sure are honest, huh?" I grinned, fakely of course.
"I guess..." She went pink.
"And modest?! My, you will be a wonderful woman one day, won't you?"
She went red. He's soo nice. I wonder if he thinks I'm weird...
"Want to go eat? I think I'm fine with the food but, I don't know if you like any of my weird foods.." I looked away pretending to be nervous.
She grappled my hand and dragged me back to the kitchen.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 11 Next »

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None0 said...
Apr. 13, 2013 at 9:32 pm
... I have no words for how amazing that was. And I've only read about half the entire thing. Aklita would definitely approve (personal joke), although Zero would hate him (same), and Emma would probably want to disect him (see above). Some criticism now. The plot moves a little fast, and it's choppy between chapters. Some characters are also introduced without warning, and the description leaves a bit to be desired. There are also way too many characters to keep track of just by fir... (more »)

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