December 26, 2011
By JazzyMyne GOLD, Santa Clara, California
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"I don't know what the future holds; But I do know what holds the future."-my little brother john michael

Author's note: This is just a story I was writing. I just wanted a place to put it and see what people thought about it. I know the story's sorta confusing, but, eh, that's how life is.

The author's comments:
I guess this is a start. Um, the story comes together eventually so...keep reading please

Ah, humans. How immature, yet fascinating. How futile attempts at life can fill me with grief and joy. How can a mere human teach me something like this? How was I able to meet one and speak to one without thinking of who they were, when they were, why they were. It reminds me of the time--Ah, wait. You will learn of this soon enough. In due time, you will learn of me, my thoughts, my secrets, and so-on. But, let me make one thing clear, I am the good guy. I'm the one you want to meet before any others of my kind.

No questions.
Just trust me.

I, (personally), am a very good liar. And, even though I act the way I act, and talk the way I talk, I am one of the most LEAST trained vessels. Oops, too much leaked out already. How can I even begin to unravel your mind at the moment? Depending on you being a mere human, or, one of my own kind. As a human, you are confused. Unsure about this pompous, arrogant, thing that's calling you immature lifeforms. But, if you are my kind. One of my own, you will never find me. No matter how hard you try, I will get away. I am untouchable. No matter how hard you try, you will never get to ring my neck, never to stab me in my gut. Never to tell me to tell you my last words.

Never again.
I got away before, and all I need, is a simple thing.

Wanna guess?
If you try to find me, the others will cry and moan at ' how their little angel, the most powerful one in the family' was murdered. Humans? Still there? Well, that doesn't matter much, because, only incompetent humans can get tired of something so easily. How was I linked anywhere with all this? It will come in due time. Unless the one reading this is....

Oh, still there?
Well, congrats. You have earned the right of my name.
I am Teito.

The author's comments:
Sorry my chapters are short..

I see a deer crossing the road. It's moving and alive, yet, why did it just fall because it took another step? Why can't I sense it's life force anymore? Why is that human laughing and dancing? Why did he take it away? My answer? Evil. I see only 2 or 3 humans daily, almost each is different. I have no idea why I'm here, why Lizzie was taken away, why humans now surround me, and why I'm underground. Humans are filth. At least, some of them are. A year ago, I despised humans. Their walk, their voice, their attitude, AND especially, THEY THEMSELVES. Disgusting creatures. They preyed on others humility, had no pride or self respect, nothing, at least, 'til a year ago.

" HURRY UP!!" yelled Mik.
" I'm trying BUT, you are CLEARLY IN MY WAY!"
" Well then." She stopped.
I bumped right into her back and landed with a thud.
" Sorry, but you told me that I was in your way, SO. CLEARLY YOU WEREN'T FAST ENOUGH."
I turned my head and bumped her. Cousins, who needs 'em!
" Teito! Mik! Come back this instant!"
Uncle was just as bad.
" But DADDY! Teito bumped into me and dragged me along!" She began to shed fake tears as the monster of Uncle approached. She wouldn't stop, even though SHE was the one who had me on a collar. Never will I sleep here again. By 'surprise', Uncle grabbed me. And of course, it was because I was a year older.
Oh, so it's my fault?
" She dragged me out, can't you see the collar? AND the leash in her hand. IT'S ALWAYS BEEN THERE."
Surprise, I'm still standing and have grown to be immune to Uncle's hits.
" It's not my fault. It's not a lie, I just..."
He pulls me over his shoulder and prepares for the basement. Ah, the basement. I have not completely been immune to that yet. He throws me down the stairs and I fall just to have clubs hit my back like knifes. I sustain a whimper and stand. He smacks me straight across the face and I fall. I try to recover but, he already has me in the chains. I don't dare to struggle because I would end up without dinner.

Oh, right, I haven't been able to explain anything yet have I? I lived with my adoptive parents for 3 years since I was 4. I remember everything. When I was one I was thrown towards an orphanage because my mother wouldn't explain why. All she stated was, ' My dear little Teito, I will come back soon, just make sure you remember.' What I was supposed to remember? I forget. So, I must be bad at this then, right? It's my fault, right? Right. Anyway, continuing from where I left off. I stayed in the orphanage for 3 years or so, and I am extremely annoyed with sleep. Ever since I came to the orphanage at the age of one I have hated sleep, it was not the darkness, I relished the darkness. It wasn't the feeling of betrayal, I didn't care as much. I know that's wrong and all, but I just really don't care. If I acted like I cared, they'd be helping me out when I really don't need it. Who really knows, well, I do.

How did I get this scar? This gashing scar that bled immensely a week ago? That looked like skin was being torn off by fish hooks? Take a guess. Here's how the conversation went:

Who was it now?
Crap, it's...
" Hi, Graysyn... ho-"
" WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!" He cut me off and screamed while looking over my left arm.
" Oh, this...." Crap, I paused.
" Dammit! He did it again, didn't he!?"
I look to the ground and remind myself that he knows about Uncle.
The bell rings, I run to class leaving him in his unfinished sentence. Oh, and also, I forgot to tell you. I am in middle school, 8th grade. I am 13. That's all you need to know so far. Anyway, I'm currently trying to get into class, let's see how it goes:

" You are late."
" I'm sorr-"
" Detention."
Damn, I am in for it now.

She guides me past her as I make my way to my seat. She grabs my arm, the left one. Damn it!

" What's this? "
" It's, uh, it's a.." DAMN! I PAUSED AGAIN!
" May I have a word?"
Damn. I look at the other people's eyes wide at the scar, priceless. I grin, and try to hide it, but...:

" What's so funny? " Damn.
Silence fills the room.
She pulls me to the side and questions me, well, more like an interrogation. The short story of it is that she gives me questions, and I don't answer. And now I sit in the office waiting for Mr.Roach. What a guy, his name reminds you of dirt, yet he acts like he is over-whelming in a state of joy.

" Teito, Teito, Teito.."
I do not respond.
" What's up?"
I stay still.
" Speak."
I took a breath and stated the excuse I conjured in the last two seconds.
" Fence, the wire one. I got my arm torn up after falling."

In a way, this was the truth. It was a wire fence that was the culprit, but Uncle was at the end of my rope and I 'fell' which annoyed him. 'Nasty gash,' was all he could say and he let me off. Idiot, he's an idiot of a principal, who'd let him be in charge anyway? The day passed, and as I wished to get home in piece, big surprise in who found me.

" Hi Graysyn. What a great day."
" Yeah, right. Talk."
" Mik and I were.."
" B-"
" NO. Quit messing around. I'm getting you out."

By the time I started to object he was already well out of yelling range.
I haven't seen him since.


Graysyn was found dead in half-a mile's range from my house. I had seen his mangled and torn body, the blood still pouring out of unseen gashes, eyes closed and mouth in a tight pull, he was dead. He was the only 'friend' I had. All in all, this was my last day feeling human, I've never known this secret. So, how was it true? Maybe, it's because I was put in an orphanage. Whatever, I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyways, I headed down the hall the day after Graysyn was found. Thus, I dared not to speak, unless necessary. I was stopped in front of my first period class and I was told to go to them if I needed to talk about it. They found my uncle and Mik on the run, seeing as Graysyn had had enough energy to scratch the letters ' Teito knows who...' into his left arm. Mk in a Children's Facility and Uncle is in Jail for my abuse and Graysyn's murder, he's set with no bail and 15 to life.

I'm now going to a foster home in a few days and, oh. Right. You don't understand why or how they found out it was them and how Mik and uncle got away, then caught. First, I had said nothing, turns out, Mik saw the whole thing and tried to get herself out of it, wrong. Mik got away with uncle because she blamed me. Of course. Now uncle knows it was Mik and said that when he got out he'd come for her. Now, since Mik had never been hit or punished in her life, she slipped into a psychopathic state and goes between bitter rage and pure fear. She is also set to go into the asylum after a year.

My foster family is in California, so, I'm taking a plane ride. Last night I packed all my things into my two suitcases because that's all I had, sad? In a way, yes, in the other, not at all. The rest of the school day flew by and I felt like an observer, like being and not being, it's hard to get, but, I'm sure that you will feel like that, even only for a second.
The plane ride was several hours long and I couldn't sleep knowing that I was about to be a fake older brother to a seven year old girl. I had to sit and was luckily seated alone due to my so-called trauma. I called it so-called because I felt nothing when I am supposed to be sad, angry, or something. I just can't feel like I care when I don't. Oh well, anyway, I had no idea if I should feel shocked or quiet and shy when I see them. I have never acted like my real self. I have always acted the way people expect me to feel. (That's why I seem strange when others are around). Right now, the way I am acting, explaining, and telling is all my real self. Lucky you.
The plane is supposed to land in a few hours, and I assure you that this will be the same things that zoom through my mind. So as to not waste your time, I will skip to the part when I land.

The author's comments:
You learn a bit more about how Teito is

The plane landed a few moments ago and I was collected by a couple of two. A Latino couple I presume. The man's name was Enrique and the woman was Yahira. I picked up my baggage and, as it turns out, they had my picture. You see, you don't need it much because you can spot me a mile away. I have red eyes. They change in tone with my mood, but always red. They came up to me and praised my eyes.

"How wonderful!"
"It suits you."

That was all they said. Well, they talked a lot about was my new little sister Nina. Nina I presumed, looked much like her mother, with bold wavy black hair, a smile that can make you warm up a little, and soft brown eyes that seem to look through you. I assume that her father gave her a casual chin, rounded cheeks, and a need for hope. They brought me out into the hot, humid California fall air and led me to a black Camry. They sit in front, Enrique at the wheel and Yahira riding shotgun so I reluctantly slide into the sleek backseat.
I drift into a deep sleep.
I am flowing, and breathing with intensity. Something big falls from the sky, all goes silent. I see that there are other things, and myself, obviously speaking and making noise. Why can't I hear? Why am I smiling at a baffling creature? Wh-?
I am cut off by the large bump in the road that catapulted my skull towards the window. I arrive. A figure moves in the window and quickly rushes away when it notices my eyes. The figure had a small build, but was quick. I was urged to ask about it, but, I figured better. I was escorted into the white two-story house and was awed by it's simple uniqueness. I showed no sign of it, of course, but I was.
When I enter the white door which was embroidered with flowers and vines, there were scuffs of someone rushing somewhere on the second floor. Inside, when you enter through the door, it's like entering a classic movie. All the walls were flourished with white, simple shades of beige and browns, and a curved staircase rounded past the hall. The floors were varnished wood while the family/living room was a manila colored carpet. They had family photos on the hall walls, a coat rack by the door, and a small table has ' welcome ' on it. I had noticed a small build flash by in the shadows, same build, I'm sure. They guide me into the kitchen and I notice the mahogany table filled with quesadillas, churos, pizza, all my favorites. Even sushi! My god, they're good. I turn to see their waiting faces. Waiting for a reaction, so, I fake how I should act. I smile hesitantly, let a single tear go down my cheek, and pretend to hold tears in.

" It's okay, it's okay,"
"How do you like it?"

Works every time. I give a slight nod, and ask for the bathroom. I went back through the family room to the hall, walk 13 steps and turn left.


I trip over a small crawling 'shadow' although now I could see it was a little girl. She was no more than seven years old so I fathomed that she was Nina. It took me two seconds to scan her, ( I have a vast amount of memory and fake my stupidity and lack of strength in school), and noticed she was thin, light brown skin, wavy locks of black, shimmering hair, and soft,brown eyes that softened your scowl.

"Hello..." I acted afraid and nervous because she didn't know that I knew her.
She stared softly and thought, His eyes are beautiful. Is he my new brother??? PLEASE SAY SOMETHING THAT A BIG BROTHER WOULD SAY!
Another fact, I can read minds.
I softened my gaze, reached out, patted her head, and saw her blush and hold her breath.
"My, my. Are you my new sister? You are way too pretty to be her huh?"
She scrambled her mind and thought, I LOVE HIM! Yay! My new brother!!
She blushed and stood up.
"I-I-I'm Nina." She thought, I hope he knows my name....
"I am Teito. How old are you? Nine at least! Such a lady!" I boasted the last part as I shook her hand.
"I'm actually seven...." She blushed again and sort of whispered the last part.
"Well, you sure are honest, huh?" I grinned, fakely of course.
"I guess..." She went pink.
"And modest?! My, you will be a wonderful woman one day, won't you?"
She went red. He's soo nice. I wonder if he thinks I'm weird...
"Want to go eat? I think I'm fine with the food but, I don't know if you like any of my weird foods.." I looked away pretending to be nervous.
She grappled my hand and dragged me back to the kitchen.

I ate next to Nina, she practically begged and I had to be 'nice' so I told them it was fine. They have actual conversations here, strange? Not to you humans, but to me it was like asking a newborn if they liked red or blue, they have no initial idea.

"Where are you from?" It was Nina.
"New York." I was still eating.
"Why are your eyes red?" I stopped, put the silverware down and looked up.
"Born that way."
"From your mom or dad?" Now the whole room was silent. Enrique and Yahira knew that I didn't know. Hey, reading their minds isn't illegal.
"I have no idea." The couple stared at each other warily, I could read their minds, they thought that if I felt uncomfortable then I'd want to leave, and they REALLY wanted me to stay.
"That's enough Nina." Enrique's steady voice held power, and she shrunk under that gaze.
"It's alright." I assured them as they reluctantly let me continue.
"I was left in an orphanage when I was one, and was brought to my Uncle who took me in but," I took a pause, shuddered and finished," he was bad. And was taken away."
God I was fantastic at acting.
She was finally silent, and looked away.
I hurt his feelings now...I'm a bad little sister.
"AH, I'm quite full. Teito, let's go to your room." Enrique grabbed my suitcases as I shouldered my backpack on.

We ascended the stairs, and made a right down the immaculate hall. The floor was the same mahogany as the floor below and was covered with a royal red rug with wondrous designs of flowers, and on the edge of them, was the rug maker's initial signature, MGT. The walls were encrusted with family photos,and the walls were plain, yet classy, white.
We arrived at a white door that had flames embroidered on the bottom with a diamond-like door knob. Enrique twisted the knob to the right and pushed the door open. The room was big enough to fit three king-sized California beds inside with no hassle and still have room to Tango. In the far side of the room was a California king-sized bed with velvet-like pillows and red sheets of Egyptian cotton that had a window by it while the other one was by the closet. The room was elegant with the mahogany dresser beside the door, the nightstand by the bed, a closet with new clothes and hangers, a flat screen t.v. opposite the bed, and on the desk, which was by one of the two windows by the closet, was a laptop computer. The floor was covered in the same type of rug in the hall. After a few short moments I noticed that I was still in need of my acting expertise.

"Th-Th-thank you, sir..." I was choking on pretend tears, being nervous, and being unsure about the title to give him.
Enrique let out the breath he held since he had opened the door.
"You are welcome Teito, and please, call me Dad." Enrique was on the verge of tears when he finished, and it was a perfect time to execute my greatest trust gain tactic.
"D-d-dad.." I whispered, shuddering and wiping away fake tears that I forced out of my tear ducts.
Enrique moved toward me in a hugging motion, I returned it, 'gratefully.' After a minute, he let go, looked at me with teary eyes and stared at me directly in the eyes.

I felt weary all of a sudden, like, I was loosing all my strength. 'Dad' looked shocked and totally scared. I heard voices, but, for the first time since I was one, did I feel my power draining. I drifted, and fell into a 'dream.'

I stared at the blue sky as it called upon me, whispering my name, 'Teito,Teito..' Soft and elegant. That voice. I lay on my back and stare, wondering what it's like to be the sky itself. I was staring. That's all. How stupid right? Wrong. I was searching for something. What it was I have no idea. I forget a lot of things, but for some reason I was compelled to whatever I was searching for. My eyes scanned the vast blue, gaining nothing. Minutes later, I see a black dot, coming in at at least 50 meters per second. It wasn't clear, but I felt like whatever it was that was falling was important to me. It looked like it would land about 20 meters from where I lay, so I quickly got up and sprinted. I couldn't make out what it was due to the speed and distance, but I ran. I was 3 meters away when it hit the ground. I was catapulted back at least 10 meters, then I army crawled to the hole. I saw it stand, and as the dust moved from the figure I saw-

I woke up. My body sluggish from the lack of use, and my mind confused at the strange dream. I was laying in the bed in my given room. As I tried to move, a shadow from the corner put me on my instinct defenses. It was Yahira.

"Are you alright? How do you feel?"
"Fine, just sluggish. I'm surprised I feel this bad after an hour." I put my best nervous smile on, but she looked sad. I put on the perplexed face.
"You've been asleep for a week, dear." I felt utter less, but I easily sifted away that stupid thought. I looked as if I were extremely shocked.
She came across the room so fast a cheetah couldn't catch her. She hugged me hard, like she was going to break my ribs.
"The doctors don't know what happened. Are you sick? Were you hurt?"
"No, I'm not sick, I don't feel hurt. I'm sorry I scared you." I looked down, as if I couldn't bear to see her face.
"No. It's fine. At least, it is now since you're safe."
She hugged me and kept rocking back and forth thinking, My boy! My dear, sweet boy!

She stayed like that for a moment more, then let me go, and went to tell Enrique. And when I say Enrique, I mean Nina's at school. I heard mumbles downstairs and thundering footsteps from the staircase. Three point two seconds later, Enrique blasted the door down and thundered toward me. He held me tight, almost as if I were his actual son, and for a second I thought I was too. I tried to say something but Enrique told me there was no need to exert myself, even as Enrique thought about actually picking me up and twirling with tears streaming down our faces. I've only known them for a day, technically, and I was extremely uncomfortable. When he finally let me go, I forced myself to start a conversation.

"What happened?"
"You just collapsed," Enrique blurted as quickly as he could.
I look away from him to think for a moment, and I suddenly remember the last time I looked someone in the eye.

It was a freezing January afternoon when I was nine years old. I lived with Uncle and Mik still and was coming home from school with Graysyn. We crossed a few streets and were a few blocks from where Graysyn and I were to part when I saw a little boy in brown shorts and a white tank top. He was a block away, but I could make out that he was limping, blood spattered across the side walk behind him, and an extra flow of blood was pouring down the left side of his face. He was coming towards us, with his right arm outstretched.


Somehow, I knew it was his name.
"Do you see him?" I ask as I turn to Graysyn.
"See who?" Graysyn just turns and looks around, then shrugs as if he really can't see Daniel.
"D-,I mean, that kid. Don't you think we should help him?!" I practically yell as I point directly at Daniel who is in the middle of the street.
Graysyn looks directly at Daniel. "There's nothing there. Are you okay?"
"Look! He's-" I look at Daniel just as a car turns the corner, about to hit him.
"NO!!!" I start as I begin to run but, as I am about to reach him, the car rounds the corner, and-passes right through him. My knees buckle, and I fall onto my butt as he limps toward me. He looks about five, and has matted golden hair. And, as Daniel grabs hold of my shoulders, blood splats and drips onto my cheek. He looks me in the eye, and as I look back, I can't see him. When I say this, I mean that his eyes weren't there. Just a vortex of nothingness. I felt my eyes loose life as I fell in a state I didn't understand. I stood, took my coat off, put my right hand on his head, keeping the blood from going into his eyes, and ,as he knelt to one knee, I began to speak clearly, in a Serene voice.

"Daniel of snow, thy who suffered more than he deserved. Thy who tried to save Sarah of snow. Thy who seeks her, go to her. Her place in the Divine Right of the Sky junction. Go reside with her, Daniel of snow. For you have no sins, I send you to the Sky junction with my power. Forget your pain, and dwell with her. Go Daniel of Snow, to Sarah of snow, and be at peace with her and yourself."

I snapped back. My hand wouldn't move from Daniel's head. Daniel had a solemn face now, and whispered something as he began to disappear, " Thank you," He whispered something in the end, so I couldn't comprehend it, but it sounded like ' brother.' As I began to question him, he vanished. I turned to Graysyn. His eyes were bugging out. He looked like he was about to say something when-and very strangely-the voice came back. I was at least half a block away, but even then, as I took one step, my hand was on his forehead and I directly in front of him.

Then, the voice spoke. " You, Graysyn Drec, will forget everything you saw in the last ten minutes. You are walking home with me. I fell, and you are fazed. Nothing more."
The voice disappeared again. I looked at Graysyn, his face looked less panicked. As I blacked out, the last thing I saw was Graysyn yelling at me and the sidewalk meeting my cheek.


I doubted these two were coinciding, but, then again, I forget a lot of things, don't I? That reminds me, why had it been me, yet not, saying words I weren't sure of? Why the hell would anyone be in this situation? Damn. I'm starting to loose sight of something important that I can't quite grasp, something tha-

I noticed Enrique and Yahira looking at me with concern. I'd been staring at the wall opposite me, blank eyed I presumed, in my memory. I turned to their shocked faces at my sudden movement. I took a deep breath and told them that everything was fine. That every time I blacked out I was unconscious, but could control my body to not move. I told them it was a medical condition. They believed me after my perfect performance. They left me to my accommodations. I laid down above the blood-red sheets and stared at the digital clock on the desk. 2:31pm. Huh, even the clock has red numbers. They like my eyes more than ever. How annoying. I sighed. But, what will I do later? Will they become accustomed to my being here? Whatever. Back to my indifferent ways.

I looked back at the clock. 2:57pm. Nina would be home soon. I fell back to sleep as the satin red curtain fluttered, giving the illusion of a presence. The lights began to dim, and they were so faint I could barely make out the presence's silhouette. The presence seemed to move towards me, I tried to get up, but my subconscious told me to watch and stay still.

It came closer, and very slowly, as if it were being cautious. As it peered down at me, I saw that it was a woman. She looked me over with curious eyes. As I sat up, she swept my black hair out of my face. Then, she ran her hand across my cheek. She began to cry. I began to notice a disturbing thing. I couldn't read her mind. It felt like she was holding her arms out, blocking my path. In the dark light I couldn't make out her features. She seemed distant. I don't know why, but I didn't like it. I felt my brow furrow as she whispered to me.

"Teito. Teito. Teito..." She whispered my name several times before she said anything that meant anything.
"Why do you not know me? My dear Teito. Remember, my dear. I will release the gate if you are willing."
As I turned to ask about it, she quickly put her hand on the top of my skull as I fell into a dreamless sleep.


I woke the next day slurred and with a migraine. As annoying as it was to notify my 'parents' I was compelled to do so as they saw me grabbing my forehead in an attempt to lessen the pain. It didn't feel that bad, I was used to them by now. I have them whenever I think too much. It always happens so I didn't bother to care. I bothered to wonder about the woman. Not a lot though. It was a Saturday so Nina was home. She was sitting by my bed leaning on her elbows. I put on my best act.

"Hi." I said as wearily as I could.
She smiled. " Hi."
"What's up?"
"Nothing really," she paused."But, I was wondering about a school project I have. It's an essay on anybody we want it to be about. Can I do mine about you!?" She blushed, thinking, Dang. I messed up.
" It's fine." I say with a brilliantly believable smile.
"Yay!" Nina jumped up and down cheering.
Enrique and Yahira entered after my eardrums were annihilated. They came to 'my' bed and told me that I'd go to a middle school called Oredion Junior High. They expected my nervousness, I applied it. I would go in a week the next Monday. I was exasperated. Wait-by now you are probably wondering about how I can not care about anything, yet I know how I feel when I stated that I didn't or couldn't feel at all. Apparently, a non-caring mind may still not care, whereas your body wants to or does. Nina's project was due on Friday, so, I had time to be with Nina as she presents her paper. I fell asleep. My body thankful, but my mind never rests.

She came again. I don't know why, or anything, but I feel like I want to hug and break her nose at the same time. My god. How annoying. We are standing between my thoughts, with me protecting them. She made no movements. I sat down and put my chin in my palm. She looked shocked at my defenses. I just sat there, indifferent to her. She began to whisper:
"Teito, Teito. Am I that little of a threat to you?" She looked sad. I replied, " I can easily divert anyone who tries to ransack me." I let out a large sigh. She laughed. "Teito, do you really believe that? You have had no training. Only the Choice may hold such strength." I was still indifferent, " Let us see then madam. Try to reach my thoughts. I will not move from this spot." She stopped smiling, her face dropped at my seriousness. She spoke, " I can easily do that. I was trained." I smiled my brilliant smile, " Then, by all means."
" Very well. Teito Klein, of Verna and Artemis, I accept your challenge." She closed her eyes, I didn't even think, stand, or move. I took a breath as she attempted to enter my mind. She threw barriers, energy balls, and chants. Finally, she was too tired to continue. She looked at my indifferent face with what I can only describe to be utter shock. " How did you do that? You have not been trained. The Choice was supposed to be found by now. Why do you not look stressed?!" Now she was screaming. I took a breath, " I will not tell you how I did what I did, for a simple reason. No, I haven't been trained. And I am not stressed because what you just did was like a small child trying to get into a castle with billions of soldiers ready to kill her." She was obviously baffled. " B-B-But, you haven't done anything remarkable in the past year. I was watching! What, were you faking?!" She gave a very uncertain laugh. I stared at her, stood, and kept my indifferent nature. " Yes, I was. You probably would've known that if you could penetrate my mind. Alas, you couldn't and can't."
"Wait. You said there was a reason for you not telling me about how you did what you did, what was it?" I sighed and scratched the back of my head. " The reason was that it is my mind after all. What other reason? Well, let's say, there is something I can't afford to lose," I tapped my head, "up here." She became serious again. " Teito Klein. A strange one are you not? And I suppose that you have a reason for being a completely unremarkable person the last year?" I sighed again. "First. Why is it that you add 'Klein' to my name? Second, I am not strange, I am merely hiding all the correct things in all the correct ways. Now, I noticed at the age of 2 that attention will be drawn to me too quickly. And, it was the easiest way to avoid others." " Why? Klein is your second name, how do you not know this? Why hide things? How were you able you be that conscious at that age? Why avoid others?" "You ask a lot of questions don't you? First, I was not informed of a second name. Second, some things need to be hidden, when there are important things infused with them. I was conscious ever since the age of 2 months. I avoid others because they are bothersome." With that, she fell to her knees.
I waited for her to stop muttering and to inform me some more. That took a few hours. But, when she finally stopped, she looked at me solemnly, " Y-Y-you are quite the rare one are you not? I will take you to Zelra when that red moon of yours passes." " Fine. But, should you be a bother, I will silence you." I meant it. I've done it before, it's quite simple. She looked shocked, surprised and terrified because she probably fathomed that my strength was immense. She disappears without so much as a good-bye. Such a pity.

I wake. It's Sunday afternoon. I have to prepare for the tour I am supposed to be given. Back in New York, Enrique told me that they'd give me a tour of the town. He woke me up and alerted me as such. I open my suitcase and take out a pair of jeans, a red t-shirt, a pair of socks, an undershirt, and underwear. As I finish dressing Enrique knocks on my door.

"Come in." I say.
"Are you ready? We're heading out in five minutes." says Enrique.

"Yes. I am ready." I reply.
"Okay then." He said tentatively,"Let's head out!"
We walked down the steps and materialized rapidly near the front door. Enrique spoke endlessly about the small town's recreational purposes. Oh, right. The town I currently reside in is called Muraki Bay. It is called Muraki because there was a man who was only known as A. Muraki that saved the city from destruction 4oo years ago by using strange 'powers' to force a tsunami towards Hawaii. That's right. I said force. Whatever. The Bay part is pretty self-explanatory. Anyway, recreational sports involve basketball, football, baseball, soccer, swimming, track and Field, badminton, and tennis. All of which I know I am a master at. How? I secretly made plans within my mind, made a hallucination of myself, and watched my strategies play out against the best players in that sport. Continuing, there are various festivals, celebrations, and parades. Enrique is suddenly quiet after he abruptly stops the car by the tennis courts. The courts are brand-new and there are a few moderate players there. I calculate that I am extremely more accurate in my movements than theirs and understand that they wouldn't be able to defeat me. I am now pondering Enrique's thoughts. ' That's Harry's kid, Bradly. What a tennis genius! His moves are so slick.' That's the gist at least. he just keeps rambling.
"Want to say hello?" Enrique asked me.
"Why?" I replied.
"That is Bradly Harrison. Your new classmate next week. My, what a talent."
He looked at me with relief and we stepped into the street. We wandered toward Bradly and an older man. The older man had a set face, but had baby blue eyes that contradicted any anger or hostility. I assumed this was Harry. Later on, I would prove correct. We let them finish their game. That wasted half an hour and I was passive. Harry won by 15. They turned to meet us. Apparently, this was planned. Sneaky Enrique. Very sneaky.
"Hi, I'm Harry and this is my son Bradly." Harry boomed proudly. In response, Bradly took a deep breath and jutted his chest out, clearly pleased.
"Nice to see you again, Harry and Bradly. That was a wonderful game. Bradly, you get better every time I see you. You better be careful Harry, he might beat you one of these days." Enrique stated with a smile.
They all turned toward me, expectant. Enrique thought that I was shy and gave me a reassuring smile. behind that was a want for me to be better than Bradly. O-Kay.
"Hello," I stated solidly,"I am Teito. It is very nice to meet you both. That was quite a spectacle." I smiled broadly, feeling Enrique shower with pride.
"Wow!" Bradly commented in a lighter, but still booming voice."Your eyes are so cool! Are they contacts?"
I looked at him as if he were joking and he took on a confused expression."No, they aren't. Thank you." I replied with my solid, even tone.
"Man, I'm sorry." He looked truly apologetic, but his thoughts wandered to his father. What is dad going to do? Man! I'm screwed.
"It's fine," I stated with a grin,"I was born with them." I felt Bradly relax with the two looming men.
"Do you play?" Bradly asked holding a racket out.
I looked to Enrique who cringed. He thought that I would be picked on for being weak. I don't really blame him though. I am five foot four, light tan skin that glistened, barely noticeable muscles, and black hair that fell to my eyes. Now I felt insulted. My body reveled. I smiled broadly at him. He furrowed his brow, confused.
"Yes. I play. But, I'm afraid, I am no more than a beginner in my book." I replied.
"Great. Here, you can have my racket, and I'll use my dad's." Bradly grinned at the fact that he didn't have to just play his father all day.
"A-a-are you sure Teito? You don't have to." Enrique spoke with perplexed eyes.
"Dad," I replied as I watched his face flush with pride," how well did you think Uncle and Mik paid attention to my skills?"
He straightened at the mention of their names but held his breath and replied," Okay, let's see then." He smiled, but the smile didn't reach his confused eyes.
I winked at him, then turned to Bradly," Go easy on me will you? I haven't played in years and as I explained before, I am an amature."
"Will do Teito." Bradly turned to his father hopefully,"Dad, can you be the ref?"
Harry smiled and agreed.

Harry and I were ready as well as Bradley on the other court. Bradley was serving and I had my racket western style in my right hand.
"Are you both ready?" Harry boomed. We nodded. Harry nodded in return and boomed," BEGIN!"
Bradley was a righty, the wind was desolate, and he thought he was playing an amature. The moment the ball slowly hit the racket, I was already in motion. I bolted forward, stopped one and a half feet from the net, allowed the ball to soar half a foot, and threw the racket to my left hand, and before Bradley could move, I thwacked the ball into the far left court, directly on the line. I wasn't tired. The task had been simple. And, it was quiet as death. I looked at every one's expressions: Enrique was proud, but confused. Harry was dumb-founded, but happy to have witnessed such an event. Bradley was shocked, confused, hurt, annoyed, and overall overjoyed. I was just finishing with the calculations: all that had occurred in two point four seconds.
"Fifteen love." Harry boomed in the silence.
"How did you do that?" Bradley wondered aloud. He was grinning with wide eyes.
"I changed my step, calculated the velocity, your body posture, the wind interval, and that you have a dominant hand." I explained thoroughly.
Every one's jaws dropped.
"You WHAT?" Bradley asked.
"You can't do that? I thought it was always apart of everything. You know, to have perspective." I explained innocently.
"Let's get on with the game boys. And Teito, that was excellent. Winner is declared at the end of 1 game. Bradley serves. BEGIN!" Harry boomed.
Bradley was more cautious now. He tensed, bent his knees, and tossed the ball up. I began my calculations. Slight wind from left, Bradley's expected serve was to be strong, and Bradley was not able to use his left hand. The ball was going three inches per second, to the right back court. I was in motion, racket in right hand and studied the ball. It was going to hit directly within bounds. I twisted my body as I jumped, I held the racket hard so it wouldn't convulse against the impact, and when I felt impact, I swung left wise, near the line. Too far out of Bradley's reach. I landed after three more twists; five yards away from the edge of the side line. Every one's jaws were once again slack, I was not tired or even strained, and I was allowing my body's annoyed feel to my face.
"Awesome!" Bradly cried boisterously.
"Thirty love." Harry boomed with interest. Enrique was still proud saying that he was proud and so on.
Harry let me serve now, and yelled, "Begin!"
I watched the ready Bradly. I read his mind. He's hitting left because I'm on the right. I got this. The wind was dead so I half-heartily bent my knees, tossed up the ball, and swung the racket when it was in dead center range of the right-side of the racket. I swung it on the right as he darted left. The ball left a dark, long skid mark to the chain-link fence. Which now had a smoldering hole through its links; The very size of the smoldering tennis ball which was across the street, still fuming.
Now, I was not shocked. But I heard more than three voices praising my power. I looked behind me. There was a very large crowd. Larger than what I'd expect a small town like this to have. Adults were impressed, teens awed, and children were cheering me on. I raised my eyebrows. This town was very odd.
"Forty love. Match point. Begin!" Harry yelled.
I lifted my racket knowing that I'd have to let Bradley hit it so I could get close. I lightly hit it, which was a little harder than Bradley's first hit. Bradley reacted quickly. I hit it deliberately far, but not too far, so that Bradley's hit would slow enough for me to get close. I was already in the front left hand side of the court as the ball sailed towards me. Just as I thought, he was too slow and tired. I smacked it with a lot of force. The crowd gasped at the outcome. I thought the ground was tougher, really. The ball was in at least an inch at a forty five degree angle.
"Teito wins!" Harry boomed. The crowd was screaming now. Filled with praise, wonder, and bafflement.
I met Bradley at the net.
"Nice job rookie!" He was truly joyous.
"Thanks." I replied as I handed him his racket. I looked at him once more. He was really spent.
"Teito! Say hello to some friends of mine!" Enrique yelled across the court. I nodded and walked to him.
"Teito," Enrique began when I arrived," this is Joseph, Marty, and Mark."
"Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you all." I replied to each of them as I shook their hands firmly.
Joseph was blond, five seven, about thirty two, and had fair skin. Marty was lanky, had a deep tan, auburn hair, around twenty four, and was six four. Mark had a casual surfer tan, brown hair, around twenty two, and was a good six one. They were all shocked at my display. They annoyed me quite a bit. They wanted me joining them for sports they wanted to be best at. "We'd like it if you could try out for basketball," Marty began," you've got quite a talent."
"No,no. He should surf!" Mark butts in.
"Not a chance Marky boy, this kid's going for swimming!" Joseph points out.
They all look at me.
"If they are on differing days, then I can contribute to them all."I reply.
Their jaws dropped, then picked up in grins.
"Agreed then. It's good we never set up a schedule for practices anyway!" Marty exclaims.
"Yeah, hey, let's meet up later. That alright Teito?" Joseph said.
"yeah. Sure, if it's okay with Dad."I say. I look at him with wishing eyes, but they aren't needed. He's too proud of me to care.
"Of course! Just don't stress yourself out!" Enrique declares with fake pessimism.
They all rambled about things irrelevant, but their minds gave them away too easily. Joesph wondered what would occur if I were on his swimming team, Marty wondered about my extreme moves that may be useful in basketball, and Mark was just ecstatic to see some of my moves on the waves. it was around two and a half hours before anyone noticed that it was lunch time. They all decided to treat me to my wondrous victory at a diner down the block.

The diner was called Mary's Magnificent Meals, or just Mary's for short. We were given the entire restaurant and they all cheered my name. They were very odd indeed. They ordered one of everything. I was given a Pepsi, a large cheeseburger, and a mountain of french fries and curly fries. I acted along, eating, laughing, bonding with the rest of the town. With them unknowingly giving me useful information. Enrique brought us home late and Nina was worried. I consoled her with my skills. Simple. I go to Oredion next Monday, I wonder how it'll go. Today is a Roaming Day. 'Roaming Day's, as I call them, are when everyone but Nina is occupied. Enrique is at work, (a businessman who works as an executive of the board), he works in a place called 'DRECZ', better known as Decreased Royalties Experiment Ceasing Zone. Yahira is a nurse. At least she has simple work. Or simple enough to explain.
On Roaming Days I take out Nina and walk around town. I vaguely know the whole town already and could walk through it blind and senseless. I found the school, parks, courts, fields, etc. I met everyone, I mean, they were all at the tennis thing anyway. Nina tells me that she wants to go to the park to interview me, so we get dressed-me in red basketball shorts, white sneakers, and a white tee. She, in green shorts and a blue blouse. She dragged me out the door. I turned back and locked it-feeling her notebook pound me in the back to rush me. When I finally turn to go she skips down the walk. I jog and follow her the few blocks to the park. It's pretty normal. Swing set, jungle gym, slide, picnic area. Nina heads toward a bench under an old birch tree and readies her notebook on her lap as I make my way to her. Sitting down, she begins to blurt questions.
Where did I used to live? Do I miss my other family? What's your favorite sport? What's your favorite subject? How old are you? When Is your birthday? What--
She stops talking at my raised hand. Noticing her quick mouth, she turns red. I take a breath and answer," I used to live in New York. I don't really miss them. I don't have a favorite sport or subject. I am twelve years old. My birthday is July fifth. And?"
I wait for her to scribble all that down. When done, she continues.
"What's your favorite holiday?" This time she waits.
"I don't have one." I breathe.
"What do you like to do?"
"Be." She gives me an odd look.
"What do you mean?" I close my eyes a bit and wonder why I said that.
I opened my eyes and breathed, "You know, to be something and not nothing. To just act a certain way and exist."
She looked out into empty air before nodding in agreement. She thought I was being deep. But before I could correct her, she blathers on with questions.

It took about an hour of interviewing before I could take a breath without Nina egging me on or whining that I was leaving her out of my life or whatever. We spent the rest of the day at the park, eating ice cream, talking-mostly her-, and relaxing. The sun was steadily setting and I had easily managed to get Nina to go home.

I was sitting on my red sheets, waiting as I did every year. My red moon. She was taking longer to get here this year. I glanced at the clock. 10:57 pm. Sighing, I closed my eyes and waited. I drifted in the blackness of my mind. Floating on occational thoughts that I always manage to brush off. Flying past lingering questions and--

I hitch my breath, and open my eyes. The grin that spreads across my face comes unbidden and won't go away.
I bow deeply and she comes to lift my chin. Meeting her eyes, I want to collapse. She is my red moon. The red moon is the universe. My eyes have always been her gate to this world.
"Teito, dear. How have you fared without me?"
Her deep red hair tickled my face and her red eyes like my own were full of curiosity and mystery.
"I have been fine." I choke out the words. How I have missed her.
She sighs and cradles me like a child. "I know you wish for me to take you with me, but I won't do that to you. I placed you here in this world as my eyes...Do you wish to come and blind me?"
Her sad face crunched at my heart and I couldn't take it.
"No! I will continue to be your eyes!"
Her smile lit the room and my heart.
She began to fade and I bit back a cry for her to stay just 5 more minutes. She smiles and I remember that she herself has mind-reading powers. I look to the floor as she kisses my forehead.

When she is gone, my shield is put back up. I become my old self and wait once more.


The hours drag by until finally, She came again.
Opening my eyes slowly, I say "To Zelra?"
She nods smartly. "Yes."
Striding towards me, she lifts a hand. "This will hurt a bit."
As her hand meets my forehead, light explodes behind my eyes and I felt myself lift and land on what seemed to be ice metal.

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... I have no words for how amazing that was. And I've only read about half the entire thing. Aklita would definitely approve (personal joke), although Zero would hate him (same), and Emma would probably want to disect him (see above). Some criticism now. The plot moves a little fast, and it's choppy between chapters. Some characters are also introduced without warning, and the description leaves a bit to be desired. There are also way too many characters to keep track of just by first name. Some interaction would help, so people have something to remember the characters by (not just their name, this is where good descriptions come in handy).   Also, congratulations for getting rated #1 science-fiction novel.

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