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Death's Companion Chronicles of Blake Hunter

Author's note: This a vampire thriller,romance, and mystery.
Author's note: This a vampire thriller,romance, and mystery.  « Hide author's note
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Death's Companion

Death's Companion
Chronicles of Blake Hunter

“WHAT THE HELL BLAKE! GET OUT YOU FREAK” she shouted while grabbing a pillow and throwing it at my head. My infuriating roommate and her booty calls thighs were intertwined while her hair was entangles, like a birds nest. His skinny body was on top of hers and her arms were around his waist pushing him on. The bed sheets half covered their naked bodies as they froze from their passion filled activities to stare
This is a rough draft, so if there's any errors my bad.
in shock and embarrassment at me. Well at least he was embarrassed unlike my roommate who smirked at me like she couldn’t careless who caught her. What a Whore, I thought.
“Don’t Blake me; this is my room too which doesn’t include Jack, Derek, Jacob and your latest conquest” I said, pointing at the current man between her legs. My roommate Tara pushed her lover aside, not bothering to cover her naked body with bed sheets and stood in front of me, naked as a blue jay.
“How I spend my time is none of your business wither it’s in class, in the library pouring over books like you or in the arms of a passionate man”, She smirked at me like she knew something I didn’t, “Why are you jealous, I bet your just green with envy”. I laughed so hard I was sure I was heard in every dorm in our floor. As I fell over from my hysterical laughter her face became crimson as she shook with angry. Her comment entertained me which fueled her anger and I was enjoying it immensely, so I laughed harder.
“I know you’re a whore, but I had no idea you were delusional. There is no reason for me to be jealous of that and do you know what you are Tara,” I looked at her expectingly, but when she didn’t answer me, so I continued, “ A cheap whore who disserves to be working on a street corner doing what you do best unsteady of going to this fine university.” She came closer to me and I braced myself for impact, but when she didn’t slash out I smirked and went to get my joking gear. When I came back with my black tights, black tank, black snickers, my iPod and my water bottle I confronted her again with a more serious tone.
“When I come back he better be gone and the next time you bring a guy into our dorm I will personally go to the dean to report him and all the other guys. And if that doesn’t get you expelled it sure as hell will get you kicked out of our dorm” I said while I plugged in my earplugs. She bit her lip and dug her nails into her palm to stop herself from arguing because we both knew what the consequences were if I did go to the dean and if she was smart she would keep her mouth shut. Satisfied with her silent agreement, I left our dorm to go on my routine jog.
I cut through Lindsey Hall. Once through the university gates, I veered toward Mystic Park, then stop dead. I stretched on a bench while thinking about my predicament. I was an orphan, so I spent most of my childhood in foster homes. During those dark times I never got anything, so I had to work hard for everything. I worked hard to graduate with honors and for months I prepared for my ACT’s, so that I could receive scholarships. I finally made it and I got a b**** for a roommate. While I studied she would play music loudly and when I asked her politely to turn it down she would do the opposite. We spent months fighting tooth and nail, but I had enough. I knew her kind; never work hard for anything while the rest of the world crippled themselves for every penny they earned. I scanned my surroundings, more careful this time; I tilted my head to listen. I took something out from my pocket, I carefully looked around again then I held out the small cylinder I removed from my pocket and pressed a button. A blade shot out. A nod of satisfaction, and I snapped it shut again, cupped it in my palm, walked to the head of the trail, and took off. Adele’s rolling in the deep fueled my speed, but I suddenly heard a snap. I stopped dead, so fast I stumbled. I held my switch blade out and squinted to see in the near-darkness, my gaze traveled both sides of the path search for the sources that made that sound. I cocked my head to listen, but I sighed softly when I heard nothing and shook my head to clear it. I should probably go back now, I thought. After I put away my blade I turned back around and head toward my dorm. After a couple of minutes I heard it again, SNAP. I stopped and turned around toward the sound with my switch blade out. Before my mind could comprehend it something tore the blade from my hands. What the hell, I search the shadows while my heart was beating a mile a minute. This time I saw a blur as it throw me against a tree. I fell limp to the ground. Agonizing pain shot through my body as my back and head got the full impact. Oh God, what was that? Not wanting to find out I pulled myself from the ground and tried to make a run for it. I didn’t reach two feet before something grabbed me and pushed me against a tree. It was a man with eerie red eyes with long teeth who painfully held my hands down while lifting me from the ground. What the hell! Are those fangs I thought, but sure enough four inch long fangs poked out from his lips. He pushed my neck to the side before whispering something disturbing in my ear.
“Do you want to be death’s companion” he whispered in my ear while nibbling on my neck. Before I could answer I felt his fangs pierce my juggler, I cried out from the pain. Before everything went dark I fought with my eyelids as they flutter close, but there was no use.
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