Supreme Team: RIse of Pyro Flame

November 24, 2011
By Steve05, Gateshead, Other
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Steve05, Gateshead, Other
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Author's note: My dreams :), first draft dont be harsh

Some people believe being a superhero to be magnificent to be all about glory and justice. They do not think of the never-ending stress; the hurt; the unbearable pain we go through everyday. The powers we have can be described as a gift from the god’s however could also be seen as a curse from the Devil. The risks we put our friend’s and family at cause’s constant frustration and paranoia. I want to be normal; I want to be you. I wish I never became the man I am; a symbol of light and hope for thousands but this means I am emotionally distraught, an empty shell.

I simply cannot love a woman; I cannot be shown love or affection by anyone. The chance of them receiving harm from the people I battle to protect them from in the first place is far too high and extravagant; it would destroy me. I just could not handle it…not again. It does not matter how much I want it; how much their beauty grabs my attention and tinkers with my mind; I will forever be alone. I cannot make the same mistake twice. My story is indeed a sad one; I won’t give too much away, but I’m obviously still alive and kicking.

Oh wait I have forgot to introduce myself my name is Jamie Lee; well it was, better known as Pyro-Flame these days to be honest. My story can be interoperated in many ways, is it happy, or is it sad you will have to decide for yourself. I can now produce fire with a click of my fingers and I tell you; it is no magic trick or illusion! You ask how did I get such powers, was I born with them like Superman, is it technology like ironman or is the genetics I am born with like the X-men. You can think that but you would be wrong. I was a normal teenager celebrating the completion of my AS exams; even though I had likely failed Geography, stupid rivers landforms!

Before you read my story you should no it is all fact, these events happened to me. The happiness and the pain, the feeling of success and the feeling of sorrow, the extravagant laughter and the emotional tears. All began that night I mentioned we were out camping next to a reservoir just up the road from Newcastle. My home city which was in my opinion the best city in England as the Quaysides tremendous bridges, great people and yes the cheap night out surpasses all others maybe anywhere in the world; my local town. We were chilling and tossing back some beverages and this is basically the night Pyro-Flame was created; a night I will never ever forget.

It was a freezing cold night yet it was exceptionally dry resulting in a cruel, blustering wind, which sent shivers down your spine. The trees were bending back in forth; the owls whistled spookily. You would wonder if you were there why the hell anybody would be camping there, in such an uninviting place. The reason was we did not want to pay to camp on the proper site, we were rule-breaking teenagers, remember, looking for adventure. Ha! We got it all right. So we broke into the out-of-bounds section of the camp. If we had only known what would happen. Would we dare go back there get the powers, which would be given to us? A night, which would revolutionize the future of our planet but end several, lives in the process.
We were gathered round the blazing campfire, the heat raging with an almighty roar. I spent hours with them god dam cheap matches, from dam Tesco and trying to find small pieces of dry wood (which was hard to find, considering it had bombarded down with heavy rain the day before). Typical English Summer. It was Joe who finally got the fire going in the end. Soon after I had given up. Typical. Joe always loved the smell of matches, it was one of his like things, and you know what I mean every one of your friends has a thing. I was never sure why though I did not find the smell particularly appetizing. I found the whole thing very ironic, seeing as I can now set anything on fire with a click of my fingers, even you. There was a great energy in the camp; everyone was optimistic for the future, full of hope or that could have just been the drink. Music blasted, Wonderwall by Oasis to be accurate. It was our group favorite, which we always sang under the influence with all our passion, which showed how much we loved each other group, we were lucky to have a group of friends like this. We are obviously not homosexual though ha-ha just a friendly bunch. Just a real tight-knit bunch of lads. Well, we were, in many ways that night tore us apart. They are the times I wish I could go back to those moments—actually, all the time but it will forever be out of reach, need Doctor Who to turn up.
I sat in my green camping chair with my can of delicious Strongbow Cider nestled comfortably in my cup holder and a bag of Magic Stars in the other holder; a weird combination, I know. But it was the life. A memory of days like this is amazing. I had on my left side Dan, looking rather sick, as he always did when he had been drinking vodka, so every couple of minutes he made sure to hurls a Magic Star off. This was to make sure he was still among the living. His hair was dark and spiky; always had been; can’t remember seeing him with his hair down, to be honest. He was a skinny guy but had monster guns, which could knock your head off, actually would not mess. He, however, was a loving guy, always caring about others rather than himself. It is amazing what power can do to individuals, as you will find out. As it says in Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility, and it was interesting to see who could handle the power. It might not be who you expect it to be.
While I’m talking about Dan, I might as well talk about the other lads who were present the night of reckoning. He wasn’t bothered by the cold; he was immense and strong; a figure of strength, so he sat in just a simple tee—or you could see it from another prospective. That would be he is a total idiot.
There was Scott, with his thick brown hair and naive look. He was, however, quite often angry, always something to whimper about. One of my best friends anyway. Think he wanted to be a lawyer or something before his transformation. I will tell you more about his powers later when my tale develops. He is one of my most complex friends; I’m unsure of where his loyalties lie. He was drinking cider and was going a pale colour comparable to a steel shade, which is once again ironic, as you will find out. I remember him specifically complaining about the wintry conditions. He didn’t and still doesn’t like the cold. He was shivering violently, as he was slim. Even though he ate and he ate endlessly, he had so very little to keep him warm apart from a couple of minor designer jumpers (Jack and Jones to be specific). You may have worked out this was an all-boy gathering, enjoying the great outdoors, as lads should at this age really.
Opposite from me was Lewis, an absolute great lad, not a bad bone in his body. He was a wonderfully talented footballer, tall and skinny, which was the recipe for him being amazingly quick. Lew also had short blonde spiky hair that was pretty long brushed to the right. I think this night hurt him more then anyone; losing his chance to be a potential footballer damaged him psychologically, deeper then I could even imagine. It angered him immensely. He was now, however, excited; sitting back and relaxing with his brother slurping on a can;
Strongbow like me the boy had taste. He was also a boy in love, which makes his story all the sadder. God how many of us were there that night? A lot is the answer. I will tell you more about him and the others as we go along the dark road, which I call my life.

My friend David was like the leader of the group, the chief organizer of sort. He was drinking some green shot’s not sure what they were; but they were having the desired affect. , He was very much one for the lady’s with never a hair out of place as it was gelled slickly to the left. It gives him a fashionable look and his clothes matched this. I did admire him greatly. I had known him literally all my life so he held a special place with me. It’s too bad I could not save him.

We however soon had to quicken in pace as we heard people approaching us, we thought it must of been park keepers it was Lewis to run! Cory was out in front smashing through the tree’s and bushes like a bulldozer with his great pace and strength. I had not known Cory as long as others but we had really bonded, he was not as tall as some of us but he was as strong or stronger with his hair also to the left with brown and blonde highlights. He also had a distinctively broken nose however this did not decrease his charm. I was lagging towards the back, as I was very interested to see who it was; either way we were darting towards destiny. I never actually to this date found out who or what it was we heard. We were edging closer and closer to the shoreline of the humungous reservoir. Surrounded by tall tree’s which way swaying violently in the wind.

The sounds behind us were distancing but the adrenaline was already in full circuit; pumping through our veins which meant our speed only increased as we raced towards the lake. Would we try to swim to the other side; would we stop in our tracks, I wasn’t really sure at the Lewis however I was soon to find out. Cory was first to hit the water with an almighty splash to be followed by Joe who I have yet to speak about but he is one of the guys who did not cross the line of the law. He was only medium height but his body was toned incomparably, which he was proud of. His hair was blonde highlights quite long and gelled. He was another right charmer of the group however he also had lass; had done for a long time.

The rest of us crashed into the water close behind with Martin Watts or as he’s well known egg lagging behind at the back trying to get a glimpse of what was behind us. He was the cleverest out of us nailing all his exams; probably had a great future a head He had brown hair short on the sides and swept neatly to the right the first sign that he loved to party. We were all quite comfortable swimmers apart from Gregg who was struggling; he often got a lot of grief but he was a lovely guy the kind of one I wish I could have had on my side. He was skinny however tall and was strong minded and strong willed.

We were nearly half way across the gigantic reservoir; seemed like a bad idea now. My arms were beginning to tire; we were swimming against a strong current. Then all of sudden Cory disappeared under the water with a massive crash! This caused panic among the group I remember specifically Dan shouting “holy s*** we need to save him!” but before he even finished his sentence. I saw people sucked down one y on Joe, David, Scott; they were all disappearing like they had been knocked out stone cold. I felt a pounding in my stomach like Muhammad Ali was constantly hooking me. I went to scream out in pain but before I could I was sucked under water. It felt like I was falling into a never-ending pit; my head ached because of an intense buzzing sound, which were unreal, unbearable, I blanked out.

Time had passed; still to this day don’t know how long it was. When I came around had little or no idea where I was. Pain was throbbing through my veins. My vision was damaged and everything appeared blurred. I could hear the waves crashing the shore; what had happened? I thought it was odd you don’t usually get waves in a reservoir; what happened? Man questions rocked my mind. I gripped the ground to try and drag myself to my feet with little strength I had left. I managed to get up… then fell down again as my knees give way. I would describe it as erm; think of your worst hangover and liaises it by one hundred. The heat was unbearable it felt like my skin had been set alight. I heard screams of pain “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I did not know who it was. I heard various screams; who was it in pain, I needed to help them yet I couldn’t due to the unbearable pain. I rolled over and buried my head into the ground trying to rid myself of this pain. I felt like I was dying; like I was being dragged to hell then back again.

I then heard another devilish cry but I could identify who it was this time; my dear friend Scott. He screamed “what the hell”… moaning again probably for a fair enough reason this time. I heard Cory squeal; what was happening? Was acid burning us alive? No I could feel it on the inside. I heard an unknown voice scream “Oh my go what happened here” in a intense, worrying tone; I found out later it was a local fisherman who always used this off limits part of the reservoir for its great amount of Trout which lived there/ the reason most thought for the warning signs saying keep out were there. We were unfortunately mistaken. The sound of sirens was coming from the distance getting louder and louder. Then though I saw through my blurred vision Cory scramble to his feet but when he fell it came with a dramatic effect. His legs like mine could not take the weight but the new power put upon him caused a more significant damage.

Cory had been blessed with super strength which kind of matched his personality but his inability to control meant as he went to put his hands out a great deal of his strength was transferred from himself to the ground. This caused a massive tremor of an extended magnitude; the ground shook violently and the sound of surrounding trees crashing to the floor filled my ears. I was still in an extravagant amount of pain. I rolled over and all I could feel was the ground still trembling/ the sun shone brightly into my eyes. I needed to get up; I needed to begin to figure out what was going on or in other words what had went down.

I then felt the screams of Scott batter my eardrum” Jamie, Jamie please get up I need help! There was a great sense of worry in his voice. The pain was beginning to retreat and I felt a great deal of power which I had never before felt. A tingling flowing through my veins, it was wonderful. I however looked around to see the destruction, which had occurred while I had lain. The earthquake decimated the once beautiful tranquil forest. How would Cory of cause it though? I was finally at my feet I saw Lewis and Dan mangled on the floor like a dead corpses however they were still alive as I could hear their bereaving increase dramatically as mine did when the pain was at full strength. David was up but he looked confused; he had lost his glasses but Cory was rushing to his aid although he was not in the best condition stumbling like he had a gammy leg; funny when you look back on it. At this stage he had not realized that it was in deed him who had caused the tremendous large quake, which actually caused two or three fatalities in the area you will have to check, the article attacked later. And the rest of us didn’t really have a clue either.

However when I saw Martin sitting under a tree I knew there was something not right; he looked as if he had gone mad with his eyes set straight ahead and white like a ghost. He looked blank and empty; like the Martin I knew was gone forever more. Where was Joe? Where was Tom? What was going on? I tried to talk to him “ Martin what’s up” I repeated this a couple of Lewis and got no reply I was getting tense, what was wrong with my friend he was acting like a complete weirdo. Then his head tilted slowly and he looked me right in the eye but it felt as if he was not human. He spoke but his voice had changed, it lacked feeling was simple monotone. “Chemicals have penetrated our strands of DNA and changed all of out cellular structure; we will never be the ordinary citizens again”.

The sounds of sirens were now piercing the forest’s air; they were moving ever closer. I had found myself sitting on a hard and rather uncomfortable rock with what Martin had said. What did it mean? I was thinking so hard my head hurt to be honest. The lads were sitting together under the tree but I had isolated myself into a solitary confinement just about. We were all battered and bruised. I was rubbing my chin for now apparent reason just something I do when I’m thinking then I felt something weird in my fingers. They tingled and a flame fired out my finger and went straight into the sky. I froze. I turned to the lads and they all sat staring at me; there was a dramatic silence. Could I really create fire? Could we all? Did we have different powers? I bet these questions dominated every single one of our minds. David said “Are you beginning serious how the f*** did you do that?” I did not know what to say so shrugged my shoulders with the little energy I had. They muttered between themselves yet I did not listen far too concentrated on trying to figure out what had occurred. Aliens came to mind then I thought don’t be stupid you idiot.

The sound of an aggressive grueling engine approached. From all the way through the trees. It was getting faster. A big black van appeared. It crumpled down the trees. It skidded to a vicious halt. The back doors flung open. Twenty plus men dressed in a venomous back emerged. AK47’s in hand ready to fire, ready to kill. Incredibly intimidating me. A man appeared, a man in a white suit. He looked at us all, he screamed “on your knees hand behind your back now”. David reacted badly ”you joking pal, who are you because you look like a dressed up gypsy” H wasn’t going to follow such a demand. I could see where he was coming from. Didn’t think we done much wrong? A bash on the back of the head; knocked him clean out for his troubles. This created a bitter feeling between David and him all right.

The man I the white suit stepped forward. The sun glared down from the heavens stroking upon him. He wore dark shaded sunglasses denying us a view of his eyes. His hair was perfect-slicked back Blonde hair with not a hair out of place. He had a memorable smirk, happy in appearance and evil in context. He blared in a very sarcastic unamusing tone “Good Morning Gentlemen, hope you have enjoyed your stay in our resort; wait a minute its off limits. Who do you think you are coming in my facility you little punks”? We all stared at him blankly; did he know about our power? That we cause the earthquake? He give us an icy stare as none of us answered him; typical arrogant teenagers to be honest. The silence was unbearable; it had become a great stand off. Dust swept along the ground. The sun beamed down intensely. I was searching his and body intently to try gets an idea exactly who this guy was, who he walked through yet there was nothing just a plain white suit. The air was thick with anticipation. What would happen next was unpredictable, it was wild.

The man in the white suit really did have a threatening gaze. It give me butterflies, it chilled my spine. He said in captivating manor “lock them up boys”
Dan replied in great anger “why what have we done, where just normal lads camping out give us a break you dressed up stick!”
He sniggered again in a confident tone, this all seemed a joke to her
“Actually let me think; shut up you little bastard!” Dan seemed vulnerable and not sure what to say; but it as understandable I could not understand much of what was going on, I felt dead beat, I felt ill, and I wanted to go home. I think we all did to be honest. I looked round to see Martin still under the tree lacking all emotion; they had not spotted him s I decided to break my contact with him immediately. They were about to start loading us up when everything changed.

A guard (one of the guys in black went to grab Scott violently with no remorse; he resisted and shoved him with all his strength to the ground. The man in the white suit only grinned again before announcing to the guards “Shoot Him Gentlemen” They guard now had there guns fixed on Scott, aimed and ready to fire any second. I shouted at the top of my voice “no don’t do it! The first of many bullets exploded from armaments and pierced the surrounding air on course for Scott’s already weak body. The found echoed around the reservoir; I trebled, I thought I was about to lose a close friend; maybe my best. Maybe it would have been better if had killed him. Then was the next in a sequence of bizarre events. The bullet preached. Scott you could say transformed and his skin changed to steal but no normal steal. Invincible steel, which saw bullets crash against but then, simply drops to the ground. Great expansion meant the majority of his clothes fell off however. Scott seemed incredibly taken back at himself but not compared to the man in the white suit who had his smirk well and truly wiped off his face; which I was happy about. I did not like him but even I could not account for what happened next.

I saw the anger in the eyes of Cory, the eyes of Dan, the eyes of Scott. It was all too much for them. I think they feared what was to come. Scott had remained stealing; he looked magnificent. He was now a god among men. I started feeling the heat flourish round my body I looked at my hands. They were flourished. I closed my eyes and breathed in and then all a sudden the smell of smoke. My hands were eon fire yet I felt no pain. I thought maybe we were all Gods? Had we been gifted with this for a reason? I looked at Dan and he was obviously in pain he turned around and faced the reservoir and clenched his fists tightly. The reservoir changed to Ice in seconds. It was phenomenal. What had happened to us? What was David’s power all these question’s flourished my mind. The guards and the man in the white suit stood in amazement; a blank look dominated their faces I remember one guard in particular going “Holy Lord Jesus!” in a scared way; the tables had turned now we were feared.

The man in the white suit removed his glasses slowly and cautiously reveling his face allowing us to see his deep blue eyes. He no longer really seemed a figure to be feared; I felt powerful but I knew I could not let it triumph over me to do thing’s I know to be unjust. Cory who had remained quiet then said “I think you should let us go before we bring down some serious pain upon you, so move out the way you creepy nerd and let us be on our way”. He was confident; I knew then he must f gained knowledge of his super strength. The repulsive snigger, which I hate, was back upon his face.

He shouted an order to his men “you’re not all made of steal my friend; fire boys”. I did not know what to do; I did not want to hurt anyone, I’m not like that, not at all. I was panicking. These men have families, friends and other close people, which they loved. Basically what I am saying is if a gun makes you evil it is like saying a football makes an England Striker Forward, a violin makes a musician, or a suit makes a politician, I hope you get what I mean. I looked around and Lewis was gone; vanished into fin air. The guards all lifted their machines of death. I did not want to kill anyone; I would not have to. I hid my face behind my arm I was hoping I would not witness my final few seconds alas they would not b the sounds of necks snapping echoed through the trees. The sound of brains being slowly crushed was the only things shot in my direction rather then a bullet. I heard screams of unbearable pain a small peak had me witness one of the guards with a large icicle penetrating his stomach; blood splattered out his mouth like a water squirting fountain; it was disgusting. I saw Cory crush one of the guns in his bare hands amazingly then pick up the guard and fling him like he was weightless over the trees and far away however had little effect on him. As if he had only used a small fraction of his power. David stood and watched however he did not look sickened by our friends revolting action, rather he encouraged it. He seemed to be enjoying the onslaught of these guards. Scott in his new magnificent steal form battered one of the guards with a brutal uppercut. His teeth flung out of his mouth and his bright red blood spattered all over the once clean van. I had to do something; I had to do something now and then.

This was crazy, what on earth had happened. I was just sitting with the boys; everything changed. I don’t know where I am. Where are my friends? Are they okay? My vision was blurred and I had a f*ing stomping headache. I could see flashing lights; was it the police, ambulance. I really fancied a cheese and ham toasty. I was absolutely starving. I tried to get up but my legs were killing divna what off like. I had not had a football match or anything. I though some dick must of spiked my drink with drugs. Bastards! I heard someone go “Oi lady you alright mate” in like a weird cross between the American and Australian accent. It was canny weird. My Nike joggers were ripped; they were new as well for f*** sake. I managed to mumble some sort of response saying I was not very good at all. He had a strong grip and he managed to pull me to my feet but like I was still in a lot of pain. He seemed all right like so when he went do you want to come back to the hotel; ring your parents I replied way aye man. He did not get what was saying. I think he was as confused as I am right now. It’s all a blur from sitting round the campfire singing some of our wicked tunes. In England but I must have been. Then a yellow taxi went by, like the ones you see in America, Yana there in all the films. He then told me he knew a nice stripper who would look after me called Amazing Amaz. Sound dirty doesn’t it but nah I think he only meant to stay with. I could not think of many stripper places in Newcastle. This seamt way to strange did I have amnesia crossed my mind but was wearing the enact threads I remember from that night. It was my nifty red Adidas tracksuit with my red and white converse. Then it came back to me the flashing light that cold reservoir. I had always been a pretty crap swimmer like. Wait. I remember screams. Where was I though? I needed to find out if they were all right? This guy seemed canny camp but at least he was willing to help me. Then I saw it and my mind was blown what had happened.

The guards were dying one by one, dropping like a ton of bricks. They were all becoming more confident in their powers; the deaths as a result were becoming more gruesome and disturbing. Scott actually used his steal fist to compress and crush the skull of one of the defenceless guards well defenceless compared to these guy’s. Guns could not help them. He was now unrecognisable. He was no longer had the friend I once held so close. It was horrid. He was horrid. This was all becoming like a nightmare, Cory punched one so hard his rib cage cracked into one million pieces penetrating into his stomach and the devastating look upon his face has scarred my dreams till the present day. How did we go from a couple of innocent teenagers to violent super villains? I had no idea. The heat was beginning to flow; I knew I was about to boil overboard. I could just feel it.

In this raw violent place Dan had created a sparkling ice ball and as he pulled back his arm preparing to strike. In that moment life began to slow down like I had control of my destiny like this event was set in time to occur. I raised my arm and it just happened. A beautiful glowing ball of fire appeared in the palm of my hand; the burning embers shone brightly. It was time to show the guys what my power can do I was not going to be the villain of the story. I would not let my power change the person I was or going to become, it was time for the death and suffering to halt in its tracks. I would not use my power for the evil my friends had. I would be a hero. So as Dan went to release his ball of blustering ice my ball of fire intercepted it and deceased the ball into a harmless puddle of water splattering onto the ground. The violence paused. Their eyes were set on me like a hawk staring down on its prey. It was if they had turned to statues. A gloomy silence filled the air. The few remaining guards scrambled along with the man in the white suit like cowards leaving me to face them alone. I wondered who he was however that will however be answered later. All four were in a line and we stood parallel. I was very much on my own. Isolated from the group I once loved. A solitary figure.

Scott broke the stare in angry even vicious tone; he was frustrated I did not see things on the same level as him “Jamie what the f*** are you doing; we have these powers. We can rule the world. Do what ever we please. Be gods among men.” I thought nobody deserved to rule over. Especially not with the degree of violence being used. He panted and as he did so turned back into his human self however only his boxers remained. The rest of his clothes had tore due too the rapid expansion during his excruciating transformation. So I could not take him seriously.
David then said quite amusingly “getting a bit chilly their Hendaz (Scott), you little couch potato?” everybody laughed it was like we will all friends again. Like the thing I just witnessed never happened. However it did and there was no time for jokes. It was a time for action. I could not let my emotions overcome me.

Cory then got back to the topic at hand “come on Jamie it’s just a laugh now we can do anything we want, have some proper fun and pull some proper fit clunge so it’s all cush man” as he tensed his knew found muscles. I think he was rather impressed with them. I must admit there impressive like a god straight out of Greek mythology. All that time at the gym must seem a waste now. I did not reply, I thought my opinions on the matter would have been wasted on them. There would be no swaying their judgement. They were setting themselves up for a life of sins against almighty God. I am a believer and I still do often attend church it is like my salvation. I still had no idea where Lewis was at this point. . Where on earth could he of go? Dan then announced in a completely aggressive sort of voice “lets just leave him has obviously not one of the LFM anymore. He is weak. He is a coward.” I never thought power could change people so much. It scared me. LFM is the name of our group by the way, we were not a gang it was just a joke really, we were just ordinary lads. Still upsets me how quickly everyone changed.

They turned their backs on me and disappeared into the dense forest; I only had one thing on my mind and that was to get home although I was terrified by the event’s what had unfolded before me. I also felt I needed to warn people about my ex-friends but who do you tell that there mad super villains with powers? Seems unbelievable if you ask me. However I thought, whom do I tell? What do I tell them? It was about time I tried to get home. I felt so alone. I however decided to keep my power a secret unlike the other who I rightly predicted to just use it for fun. I was panicking at this point I could not think straight. What did my future have in store for me I had no idea of the responsibility to soon be put upon my shoulders? I would need to learn how to control my power in order to become a true hero; but first how would I get home. Because I really fancied a jammy dodger to cheer me up and I just wanted my bed.

I was marching through the forest for about a day. I was trying to avoid the Paparazzi. I wanted to be a journalist; well I still did I never intended on being a hero I wanted to keep my powers a secret and live a full and honest life. The sound of birds sung; life for a second seemed peaceful and normal once again. However images of the brutal violence I witnessed my own friend distribute. The faces of the guards were haunting my mind. The smell of their crushed brains had sickened me; I felt ill. I kept thinking they couldn’t be my friends; my friends are not like that, are they? How could I ever trust anyone again? I trembled for a second; it hit me that I could try but my life would never be normal again. I am a creep’ a remember a tear streaming down my face I wanted to be home,

Time passed and it seemed I had been walking forever. Through this dense forest; I had no idea where I was going. I wondered what the other four were doing; if they ha unleashed there powers among the innocent once again. I still could not believe what they had done. It still sent like fantasy, could my friends really of done that? The sky became devilishly grey, I felt the god’s spitting. I either needed to find shelter of civilization soon or I was going to get drowned in the rain. Wished I had super speed right now

I then reached a road; not a busy one. It’s arguably more of a farmers track then road in all honesty. This part in my journey particularly dragged. I alas had a nice wee bit of luck. Out of the distance came some headlights. Maybe my day was turning around. The n I heard the song and my smile got turned well and truly upside down. It was the lads. They had picked u pan old shabby transit van; was crap to be honest. I would however at that point of took a reliant Robin. Which shows that I was desperate? I heard David scream “wayyyyyyyy you little Chicken” in a very excitable tone. I think they took great pleasure out of my misfortune. I felt so alone; I did not think I would ever get home. In all honesty I wanted to kill myself. Did not help when I heard Scott shout way you ugly little cretin” in an angry tone even though he was obviously the ugly one, such an idiot. Ha did done the right thing, should of backed them up used my power to kill them guards? I was not sure.

It was half an hour or so of walking before I came across another sign that I was completely alone in the cruel world I found myself. Headlights flickered again but I continued walking; I had no confidence of getting a lift or any aid what so ever. It was a Bentley, Polished Black with dimmed windows. I remember thinking very classy. The window scraped down and there it was the grin, which boiled my blood. It was the man in the white suit.” Punk I think you should get in the car, it will take you days on foot you idiot.” I did respond I just did as he told me. The seats were comfy bit uncomfy on my back, which was still aching from the morning. H clicked a switch it opened a cabinet two glasses and a bottle of whiskey appeared, Snazzy. I felt uncomfortable. This guy was a real dick. I came out with it; it was what I wanted at the time anyway “please take me home, I just want to go home, I can’t take all of this” I cried I was indeed an emotional wreck.

This raw emotion was causing me to heat up. I felt the sickly wet sweat running down my back. I asked politely however with a desperate slant on it “let me out the car”. I tried to do it for his own good. My human side was battling my super side and you can guess which side was winning. He gives me that sickly grin suggesting that I must be joking. This guy was dim like. He replied in his normal cocky fashion “ are you joking son”. I looked at him like he was mad, maybe cause he was. Actually no he was just stupid. I knew what I had to do, to get out of there. It was time to do

I felt angry and this was proving a catalyst I could not take it. My arms were turning devilish red, and then it happened. I not literally exploded; I actually did with a thrust of fire. I sent the it fired the door of the car straight off its hinges. And into the air when we traveling extremely fats. It chopped off the head of a poor defenseless Scarecrow. I had rid of the door it was just what I did next I had to work out. I ripped off my seatbelt with the little energy I had and leaped out of the door when we were going at a tremendous speed. What was I doing I did not have steal skin like Scott?

So I had ejected myself from the car, forgetting to thin about how on earth I would land safely. I thought this might be the end for me. There seemed no way I could survive this. Not at all. The air was smashing me in the face like a flipping frying pan, I was going that fast. I felt myself dropping like a bomb towards the ground. This was going to hurt. Then all of a sudden…

Chapter 7 Glaring Save

I was left startled. I was standing perfectly healthy in the middle of the road, not even a scratch. I could see nothing but road and forest leading off into the distance and sign of hope as light flickered in the hills. I turned a swiveled but yet I still saw nobody. Who could of saved me. Lewis, Tom maybe Joe I had no idea. I wondered where Tom and Joe were I feared for their safety I had not seen them since we entered the reservoir maybe their bodies could not take the transformation. Could it be good there dead? Would they have joined Scott and that and become horrendously sickening murderers.

I still had a resounding love for them. Scott with his pointless moods, David with his funny side, Dan with his nerdy tendencies like myself and love of the Lord of the Rings and finally Cory, my guitar-playing gent. Tears flooded my face. I felt well and truly lost in my body and soul. I kept walking thought the night. However I went off road in the bushed incase the man in the white suit was still searching me. The temperature was low, the air was thick and dense and the chilling wind from the night before remained so unmerciful. I finally spotted salvation a petrol station. I approached cautiously checking neither the vehicle of my ex friends or the man in the white suit. I observed to for a while before going in, just to be sure. I picked up a copy of the Daily Power to see an article, which I feared. They had done it again and this time it was headline news…

The Daily Power
Beers on Ice
Murderous slaughter in bar
The latest of strange events which seem to be ongoing I n the North East of England. A Public house called The Royal Oak near the located earthquake was found battered and destroyed I the early hours of this morning. Paramedics removed twelve bodies however there deaths did not appear natural. One was found quite bizarrely with an icicle going straight through his heart. It has all proved very bizarre.

I could not believe my eyes, it way shard to believe. My friends, the lad is would of trusted with my lives are now outlaws. People did not know exactly of what they could do but I feared they soon would. I flipped the page to see people were looking for me and article in big letters saying missing. There was a nifty reward; I presume they knew we had something to do with the quake and now the brutal onslaught In the Royal Oak. They might think I’m guilty. That’s what rattled through my mind. I would need to keep a low profile get hoe through my own means, I was no gangster hotwiring was no option and stealing a car just was not happening; wish I was a car egineer right now. I sat in the bush wondering what to do like a complete idiot. What could I have done? I ah nothing, no money, no nothing.

The in the distance I saw pay phone; I wasn’t sure who to ran. Would they trust me? The news had seamed brutal on us. My dad he was the answer. John Sinclair Lee a financial director, he gives me the chance to live the life I have with all the privileges. He had also told me the difference between right and wrong. Maybe he was the reason my power did not overcome me. He told me love cannot save us, but violence and anger kills us. He was so wise. I can only dream of being like him. He would know exactly what to do. He was brave, he was strong. He would no what to do with this great power.

I then saw a heron truck pull up (North East based Convenience Store) it was perfect. Herron is one of those cheap shops to grab your munch. Based in the North East it must take me closer to home. It was now or never, I made a quick dash for the van using the little energy I had left circulating my body. The back was locked and I could feel the driver getting closer. His footsteps brought him ever closer to me. My face had been everywhere what would he do. What would I do? I did not know at the time.

Time seemed to slow down, the air smelt sickly as the sun shone down. Then it came to me…MY POWER. I knew I could not control it very well but it was worth a go. A simple hole to crawl through would be perfect, and then I could simply weald it up… well that was the plan. It was time to give it a go; I needed to get home more than ever at this point. Make sure my family is safe. That man in the white suit seemed content on getting me to go with him. Oh I wish I were sat round the campfire with my can of Strongbow again. Then it came to me. Martin I had forgot Martin. Would he still be sitting under that tree? I had no time to go back. The guys probably took him anyway if they had any decency left in them. I enlightened a flame on the tip of my finger; I to some extent could now control the power I had once thought to be uncontrollable. I cut a square to climb into. It was a tight squeeze, I must have been fatter then I thought. Stupid Jammy Dodgers came to mind…again.

Once I had climbed in I used my power to then re-weld it shut. I was on course for home, well nearer. I did wonder if I should of went back to see if Martin was there. I crawled slowly to the back with the little I had and placed myself behind some of their extra value fish fingers. I was going to go to sleep; first time in a while. It would be my salvation. I remember thinking maybe shouldn’t then typically in seconds I was fast asleep.

I woke up; I was back at the lake, which was in the shadow of the lush green mountains, how? How did this happen. I looked up they were emerging from the mist; all of them. David, Cory, Scott and Dan. They were smiling at me. This seemed odd, al the bodies were gone. The sun was out the air was warm. Everyone was smiling. Cory pulled a ball out from behind his back. David said in a more familiar tone “fancy headers and volleys Jamie”. It was like the best moment ever. Maybe everything about the powers, maybe it was just a bad dream. It was eerie and still as a graveyard. The birds were singing. I was certain I felt the wind on my skin.

I played and it was great, the best elements of my youth all connected into one perfect moment... People always said its amazing how quick dreams could turn into nightmares. Things did not seem right Tom and Lewis and even Joe were not there and it was if they had disappeared. The clouds instantly turned black, lightening stuck, thunder bellowed. There eyes turned a sickening red, I tried to run. I could not. I had to face my fear. As I tried to run I slipped pm a thin slippy layer of ice. I could not harm them. I remember Cuddling up into a tight little ball like a defenseless animal. That as when I woke up. I had let my imagination carry me back to moments I loved before being dragged back to the hellish present times I found myself living in.

I had been a coward; not faced my fear. The van was still moving and I could hear heavy metal music banging at high volume from the drivers compartment. I sat with my head in my hands like a shameful weak person. I wondered how I could ever battle them in real life if I cannot in my dreams. The lack of food and sleep was sending me ku-ku. The van braked coming to an immediate halt. It was like it had been frozen solid. I was planning my next move like an army officer part from it being a bit lower key. I thought it was simple guy opens door I jump out run away. It amazing how much my life had changed in a day, quite dizzying what could have gone wrong?
I heard the banging of the door as the driver climbed out. Then there was a great silence like I was the only living sole in the world. The doors began to creek open and the blood red streaks of sunlight beamed in. My life had never has so much action, it had well and truly been turned upside down. However moments in life like this keep the fabric of life spinning.
I leaped out using all my available energy as intended to make a break for it like a wanted criminal

Oh my god I am in Vegas this is so unbelievable. I slapped myself; I had always planned to come here for my stag night with the boys and that, and god I hope there okay. That reminded me of Sara. She always worried when I did not keep in touch. I had lost my phone and I have never been good with stupid numbers. I am stinking felt so embarrassed being somewhere so classy looking so trampy. This camp dude was creeping me out as well.

We stepped through the entrance of the hotel, it was magnificent Cesar’s Palace the one and only. F*** me it was lush, very expensive I bet to there was no way I could have stayed there. I thought this is total madness. I was so hungry, my stomach was going proper wild, needed some much but didn’t want to ask that random guy to be honest. We approached a girl wearing blue denim short’s, she had short dark brown hair. She looked lush like not like a striper I would imagine. Dirty fake sluts come to mind. I now felt even more underdressed for the occasion.

I saw them talking about is; he said something like I just found this kid passed out don’t know what happened to him, can you look after him and she being the lovely girl she is said of course. I was sat twiddling my thumbs like a complete idiot. I did not have a clue what to say like.

I woke up; startled. I had no idea how long I had been out for or what they had done to me. I was on what seemed a bed of nails, was not the greatest for hospitality if you had not already guessed. The walls were a glistening white; a stainless steal toilet was in the corner. The room was very vacant. There was no door; no obvious way to escape. I was hungry to make things even worse. I found it amusing at first, a laugh in a sea of darkness. I was still in the bed; finding it a struggle to get up which made me reminisce of those school mornings where I also found it rather difficult... Then I realized there was a bunk above me. I wondered was there someone in it? I called out a yelp and fearless echoes started deflecting off the walls all around me.

Then a gentle reply came from above me” do not mock me fellow prisoner, do not worry as Angels and Minister’s protect us”. I thought to myself oh my god is this mental house; had I gone crazy; maybe I had no power. I could have just snapped and lost my sanity. After the shattering death I experienced a couple of months ago I have never felt quite normal, maybe this was a result of that appalling time. Maybe my mind had lost its rationality became unhealthy and vile imagining sick gruesome things. All the horrific memories were they true or a product of my sick repulsive mind. Then out of the silence I hear “Alas my young sir, thou shall not give over to the flaming burden you have upon you. Your mind maybe be sore, but seek assurance in me thou not crazy”. Although I did not know what eh meant orally my gut feeling knew he was trying to reassure me. Why did he speak like he was from the 1800’s though it all seamed really odd. I replied asking him to tell me his name. There was a great underlying silence. Then I heard him declare in a Shakespeare like fashion “young sir I have dwelled here with else no creature for many turns of the moon, I am the one. The only Electrobe, I am keen to learn of your name however I do so with great gentry.” This guy was odd but it seemed a decent fellow. I decided to reply to him with a bit more life then previous
“Not sure what you mean mate but I’m Jamie, What are we doing here…wait where is here?” A great silence then surrounded the four walls we found ourselves contained and trapped in. It smelled to.

I heard the bunk above creek and crack; this was no small guy I thought to myself. He heaved himself off of the bunk and landed with a crash, he had big Blue leather boots on and an all white outfit like a t-shirt and pants; we must have been given them but to be honest thy were quite comfortable unlike the stupid bed. His glaring eyes would not break their connection with his eyes and mine were not the prettiest things in the world. He was completely bald to not much going for him, to add to that he was covered in scars like a proper a brave warrior/hero would be though. Maybe I was not mad; maybe he had powers to. He was as intimidating as a dog would be to a spider to be honest though. “I do not mean to be envious silver alas for the nonce I meant your designated name on the badge you behold upon your garments” which he said friendly enough. I looked down and this was the day I learnt of the name, which dominates my life for at least the considerable future PYRO FLAME. He had given me a warm reception but I wanted out as I felt the four walls were closing in on me and would eventually crush my body into little pieces. I had never liked enclosed spaces. Blinking lights filled the plain ceiling; I felt like I was being watched. I should have really been engaging in conversation with Electrobe but I knew the world was listening as a peered around searching for the location of the hidden snoop. He then went in that hard to understand tone again “alas young sir; I have removed their dire property; which usurps upon us”. This guy needed to talk proper English but I had the just of it; he had taken out all the cameras. I turned and banged my head against the wall like an idiot; I just wanted this all to be over I wanted to go home; reach salvation and this guys voice was really starting to annoy me not like he was fro the 1700’s is it?

He then began to ask me how I got here but I did not really want to talk, because in all seriousness I was still questioning my sanity about the whole thing. Did it happen? Where am I? Why am I here? I was not sure. So I tried to normally change the subject; learned not to mess with this guy, he was a thunder and lightening storm waiting to explode “START NOT FROM MY AFFAIR YOUNGSTER! Thou shall show me faithful recognition”. I stepped back this guy was freaking me out, I needed out of these walls; even his name (Electrobe) I found menacing and nerve racking. His eyes still fixed on me made me feel as if he was unapproachable evil in fact as they glistened a raging red. Then a voice from nowhere came to my aid; it successfully broke the trance like stare he had upon me. I knew the voice; it was the man in the White Suit. I knew that bastard could note be trusted. “Way punks, what’s the entire racket, come on where is the love. You will be allowed out for food and exercise or whatever you like doing in about ten but any funny business I am sending you to solitary confinement… I hope we won’t need to send you there again Electrobe”. He grinned at me, however it wasn’t one of those happy grins it was one I am going to kick your head in grins. Why so many types of stupid grins.

Metal began to crackle; just how many locks were o that door I don’t know could have been thousands maybe even millions, not surprised to keep that beast contained. He looked eager to get out as his eyes enflamed even more so. I might have been really weird if my mind was not set on food really, really fancied a MacDonald’s Big Mac meal back then. I nevertheless still didn’t know what this place was or why I was here. He seemed Looney and although my life had been a bit weird everything was pointing to a mental asylum. Was I mad? I? The wall split in two sunlight glared through and the breeze flew through the at first miniscule gap swirling my long blonde hair however what then appeared before me was even more interesting. Another massive step in my journey was about to begin.

We had got away from that creep. The sun was making me sweat like a pig though. I had always had bad sweat patches, not as bad as David’s, mind his were well bad. She seemed a really any lass though, not wheat I expected from her like. However her trampy was very trampy as she pointed out in the distance. Reminded me of Benenton; one of the must run down places I had ever seen with boarded up houses and just general litter and that all over the shop. How the F*ck did I get here. Still can’t work that one out like. Bet Sarah is worrying. I love her. Guessing I must have been missing a while to be here. So far away

When we went in I was surprised in all honesty was decent. I thought it would be a run down piece of crap. Was actually pretty nifty. She was so nice she offered my tea and biscuits. She was a gent. I could tell why men found her irresistible in her short denim shorts. Could drive a man crazy. She went “you alright Darling” and I didn’t know what. The kindness Amaz had shown me though had I well hooked she was such a bonny lass.

We talked and talked and time flew, the crack was well decent. It proper affected me though thinking this was how such a decent lass had to put her body on show for sick pleasure seeking men. It was disgraceful. I couldn’t tell if she liked it or hated it the signs were few and far between. Just as she went to get up and walk away I did something and I still divna why. I grabbed her leg and told her how remarkable she was. It was a perfect romantic scene the light was dim; the cent of her lovely air stuffed the room. She had sent my thoughts soaring. It felt so wrong yet it was so Cush. It was if I had a massive blaa oot. It was indeed a beautiful night. I leaned in, she leaned in, and we were about to tash on.

Then the neet took a turn for the worst. The door came crashing doon, flew straight off the hinges. Was mad like. Next thing a new bunch of gadge’s clutching big well massive guns at my face. I was pure stunned man. A dude in a pretty fine white suit then appeared at the door, I could tell instantly what he was like… A c*** £*$% form the way he had his hair but little did he no he looked well bent.

Then one of the guys full on hooked is in the back of the head and I don’t know what happened to Amaz I hope she’s alright dead canny lass. I woke up to see white walls all around where was is>

A desolate empty courtyard ay before me with little in terms of leisure facility’s which began to make a typical prison one look beautiful even like a five star hotel. The walls were covered in a shiny steal suggesting there was little chance of escape. I knew then I was a prisoner but what for? Cells surrounded the courtyard in a large-scale square. Some people called school a prison this was on a whole new scale. Still no sign of any Jammy Dodgers, yes I was craving. Electrobe who had once been such a gentle man shoved past me like a raging bull pushing me to my knees. He was a right, not going to say.

I looked around and to there cells began to crackle open and that’s when I knew I was not alone. Were the people emerging all powerful or all a bit insane or maybe they were the one and the same. I needed to find someone to tell me what was going on where I was. I examined the room looking for someone I thought looked normal and could be trusted. In all honesty I don’t think I could trust anyone in this period in my life after the bombshell dropped upon me only the day before. The loss of my friends and my life I thought had scarred me for life. I however had to turn a corner live my life in the present not my dark and wicked past.

Then my luck began to turn, certainty’s of my sanity’s began to realign as I saw Lewis emerge from a cell opposite mine on the far side of the courtyard. I had never been so happy to see somebody. He was wearing the white suit as well and the other people here as well; I think there was about twenty of us. I could tell every set of eyes would tell a story but I had no time I needed to get over to Lewis. I ran across the courtyard as fast as I could and when he saw me did the same. Seemed romantic apart from where not gay at all. I slapped a massive hug on him it was like being reunited with a lost relative. Happiness pricked my side and cheeks then sewed me up in stitches.

Just as I went to shout my joy in his face probably bursting his eardrums the loud speaker dreadfully muffled and voice I had got so accustomed to hating began to speak once again. “Welcome to our facility Jamie and Lewis, You both put up in deed a valiant fight but in the end your just punks, enjoy your stay”. Yeah I really hated this guy such a. Not going to say again. Lewis looked at me and went “Jamie oh my god am sorry I left you, just got so creeped out like, cause everyone was being violent and I just ran and ran and ran and ended up somehow home; I don’t know how but these guys were there and they took me and I am so scared, they might of got Emma”. He said it all so fast I could barely understand him and Emma is his girlfriend and ahs been for as long as I can remember. Cute couple. I needed to reassure him he was getting super stressed out sweat running down his face at the rate of an Olympic sprinter.

I said in a calm unstressful tone “ come on Lew it’s us we want and how you got home so quick; well I think that reservoir has give us special ability’s mine being fire and that bastard I’m sharing a cell with can control electric and mate by the way I am so glad to see you!” My voice was fats paced; as well it was as if we would soon not be alone in our conversation. A young girl was approaching us well not much younger then me and then me. We were definitely the youngest three in the room. I wondered how long she had been here but even more the older ones such as Electrobe. I however hoped there was some nicer chaps then him around the place.

It was then I had a proper look at her. There was just something unreal and eerie about her. Her face, somewhat luminous, had a pale tone to it. The eyes were a piercingly sharp shade of brown. Eyebrows were arched over the curve before dispersing onto the bridge of her danity nose. Plump, the lips had the strangest curl to them. This enchanting face was framed wavy, ebony-colored curl's, each falling to her hips. Overall, she was truly an unearthly beauty. My eyes were fixed on her I just could not remove my glare from her. She then announced in such a sweet elegant voice “ oooh eesh never met someone near my own age I am waterlas so who are you two little Muppets.” We just chuckled at her accent at first was not from where we were from, not at all sounded like Manchesterish, definitely westish. Well I think she was. All I knew is her pretty face was one I wanted to get to know, very very well. I wish I had got the chance.

We got chatting and we found out she had been brought up here; it was amazing she had no knowledge of the outside world; she thought she had something wrong with her. I thought her power was a gift. To be born with a power is a lot more special than acquiring one. She seemed indeed unique and being to control water indeed was. She told us that we had to use the names on our badges Pyro Flame for me shooting star for Lew as she had seen prisoners took away who spoke of their pasts. This all seemed odd to me but only at first. It was if we were being prepared for a greater mission.

I saw from the corner of my eye the guy I was trying to avoid. His baldy head shone with dry dripping sweat. I was Electrobe and with ever step the ground shook harder, I knew this was not a friendly visit. His eyes were once again fixed upon me. At least I was not alone, I thought to myself at least I am not alone I now had friends on my side; people I thought I could trust. The battle was about to commence.

Well hey I am Rory Morris. I am well better known as Rozza or the Roz and I am going tell you about the role I play in the story Jamie is telling. I may not been involved so far. However I am another good mate of them lads who went camping and to be honest still find it hard to believe they do the things reported to do; it should be impossible right. I’ve seen it. I only didn’t go because I was up North in Scotland visiting the relatives with my family. Met some decent birds while I was there like so I have no complaints; few numbers here and there. All fit as was a class weekend.

It was then when I read about the lads being missing and was shocked worried no longer was the confident guy I feel usually am. I was quiet, silent even. They were my boys can’t blame me. It was a very hard and stressful time like a weeping badger looking for carrots. Does that make sense well think about it like? Well my dad took is shooting to try and cheer me up; I love shooting not usually animals and that them stupid clay things more often. I had always done classy things like went to private school and that but the private crack was brilliant at school. The lads from the Fell though they were my bys the ones I had grown up with so I was still proper stressing out. Tim passed days went by and I saw some distressing reports on the TV. What they were doing was just not right, and Joe and that were missing presumed dead, I needed to no what had gone down at the reservoir. I kept ranting and ranting about it. Was pissing me off.

Then the reports started of unlawful killing of another human being without justification or excuse. Then the rumors began to spread. Then the picture, the picture which destroyed me I saw David, Scott and Cory leaving a bar after killing everyone violently inside. I still thought maybe the rest of my mats were still alive somewhere even though they were presumed dead. My rants turned into cries, I was changing inside. I was no longer a party animal. I felt myself maturing far beyond my age and mind.

My Dad then unveiled to me there was away I could try and stop them and find the rest of my friends and that was the day I had the opportunity to become…

I felt myself becoming more unthreaded by the second, I needed to defend my friends although I did not want to harm him, ah so confusing. The blood running through my veins was heating up I felt my power coming alive like it was now part of who I am and without a shadow of a doubt who I am going to become. I stood firm having my feet well and truly fixed to the ground like superglue. Reminds me of the time we put superglue on Scotts chair ha-ha he got so angry his face went bright red I thought he was going to kill someone. Think he actually would if we did it again. His steal fist was deadly.

He announced in the way he did like he was a king. “Absent thee from felicity awhile, thou shall be, we battle own for our end ever. If you however win the poor shall be advanced” He wanted a fight. The harder the battle the greater the triumph I guess. I was heating up like a Furness being covered in coal, I felt my power flowing. My hand turned into a ball of flames. I looked up only to see lightening fire into my chest. The pain was excruciating. Everybody was staring at me, I felt like a freak. Anger was building up inside of me. Then he said something, which made me snap, “blossoms of my sins are not needed on though, weak you are”. I jumped to my feet and fired hitting him just before the right knee, which sent him plundering to the floor with an almighty crash. The atmosphere was electric everybody was cheering. I knew I was the underdog but my power was growing as the sweat began poring down my face.

His eyes stayed frightful and fixed upon my as he heaved himself off the floor. He grinned sinisterly. I knew he had something planned. He through his arms up in the aired and started rotating his arms creating to vicious electric lassos. I tensed myself awaiting the inedible shocking pain. Then it came to me I had nearly to try and block him n anyway I could. It was then I thought his baldy head reminded me of a polished up bowling skittle. It was time. Time I got a strike I rubbed my two hands together and thru friction cause and almighty spark and as he went to hoop me with his lasso I balled my bowl with every ounce of my strength. Life slowed down. It was like slow motion. Which would reach first. Could I win? It was so close to call. So with my other hand I fired a stream of my beam, which increased the speed of the already traveling boulder of ember.

Just as it lasso was about to touch my face. I could feel the spark ricer shading off my face my boulder smashed into him. He flew through the air like he weighed a low measly amount. CRASH! The wall had cracked the force of the ball must have been unbelievable. It was so close he could easily of got me. I rushed over and held my hand in his face with my burning embers ready to fire. He slowly raised his hand and tapped the floor. Did this mean I had won? I was not sure. I heard somebody shout, “Oh my god he has finally been defeated!” I felt a knew thing flowing through my veins which was pride.

He stood back up with a smile on his face, first time I had seen him generally happy and not slight murderous look in his eyes. “Young man anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you currently are thou young sir we cannot shake hand while you have such a clenched fist”. It felt weird I thought he wanted to kill me. He was testing me. This was all a test. I shook his hand. They were absolutely massive. His tight grip told me of his life, I knew he had seen some disgusting things, which surpassed anything I had even seen just from the rough stubbornness of his hands. You can tell a lot from somebody’s hand. He is now a friend in my opinion. A hard to understand, quite intimidating one but for some reason my heart was telling me I could trust him.

I then turned to my friends. Lewis’s jaw was touching his feet in amazement. Guess he was surprised at my bravery; I was usually just a quiet lad like a sheep in a flock. . I wasn’t impressed with the help he had given me like. She stood with a smile on her face. At least I’d impressed her. Her beauty had well and truly got my attention, would her personality get my heart? We will have to see. Lew tried to talk about it just wanted to say Do you mind not talking I am trying to ignore you? To be honest. I did not enjoy the fight In all honesty. Violence not my thing. The announcer speakers crackled again and the voice of that grim creature bellowed again. “ Very impressive punks you will be escorted to my office Pyro Flame and Shooting Star I have a surprise for you. Some thing thinks you will like. SO don’t mess about punks, you never no when I might unleash it on you”. What could it be? We would soon find out what the man in the white suit had in store.

17th June 2011
Dear Diary
Well, well.
What a day I’ve had, Jesus. You will not believe what happened, was proper mad, had this kid dumped on is in the street, main Vegas street, I felt really stupid though, I was wearing short blue denim shorts, 5 inch heels and a short top, bright pink swell. Oh my. But
Saying that he didn't look too good his self. He looked like he hadn't had a wash in day's, He smelt a bit too, kind of like a old people's home, But didn't say anything, I just took the bloke back to mine and made him a cup of tea and gave him some delicious biscuits, chocolate ones. My favorite.

It got abet awkward, but I don’t know because there was abet of tension, I could feel it, so I went to sit with him to try and see if he would tell me what had happened.
But unfittingly he wouldn't tell me what had happened because he didn't know his self, All he told me was that he was scared, don’t think he would admit that to any lad though.

It felt so wrong but it just felt right, we snuggled for about 10 minutes, until I could hear this big banging coming up the apartment stairs out in the landing, then. Banff!
The door came crashing down, flew straight off the hinges.
I knew straight away who it was when the door came off it's hinges, my boss and his sick little pals that make me go out in the street's every night, just so they can make money, I only get a third of the money. Your probably thinking 'What am I going on about?' well, I’m just going to say it. I'm a stripper and for that nobody could ever love me. I’m worthless.

The guards appeared. They were very large gent lets say that and the guns they held could do a little damage. I decided it would not be worth messing with these guys. Electrobe stood tall next to me like my guardian angel “alas what do you want with them you Richard sirs”. They told him to shut it in a dastardly tone. As he went to use his power an unbelievable shriek filled the air. Guards placed earplugs in. Lucky men. The pain was unbearable I remember seeing the out line of a white figure in the doorway as I blanked out…again its becoming to common. Not even funny. I am glad I did though thought my head was going to implode crushing my brain and my memory’s (losing some may e a good thing).

I woke up in a chair. Head planted on a desk. Found it difficult but managed to get myself up straight after a great deal of effort. Lewis was sat beside me but still out cold like he had been jabbed by a Heavyweight boxer. I had a little giggle his face looked hilarious tongue hanging out and all. I wondered then did they have my Dad. I thought I had seen him but looking back it is all blurry. Could have been on of the man in the white suits dastardly tricks in all fairness. How was Waterlas was she all right, did she miss me? Did I miss her? I was not even sure. My mind was becoming unstable. I was not sure what wanted. Needed something good to happen to me soon. Was absolutely sick man?

I was again in a square room with no obvious means of escape. This tie it was a shiny metallic steal. I tried to move my arms, but I had been handcuffed. I was like a lion in a cage. I was so angry wanted to erupt. I wanted to be free. I said “Lew…Lew wake up” it just didn’t happen he was dead to the world. Hopefully having a better dream then this dire reality. The speakers muffled “ Jamie, Jamie, Jamie or Pyro Flame as your known now, why is it always so complicated with you? Well I’ve decided to play a game with you and your friend, a following number of questions will decide you fait, Oi shooting star wake up you punk I want to start the game`! Fun for me, hell for you. God I love games don’t you?” I clenched my first tightly I remember. Hate is to weak of a word to describe my feelings for this guy. The tension could be cut with a knife. The sick game began.
The Game
White Suit: Here we go, what is the capital of Thailand
Pyro Flame: Bangkok, to easy man
White Suit: Correct you little punk but what highly toxic element was traditionally used in thermometers, posing a substantial safety and disposal risk?

This was where I needed Lew; I started rattling him he came round after one hard smack. I thought it was deemed necessary.

Shooting Star: erm… Mercury
White Suit: Good teamwork punks, its not time to show you prizes you have, Behind door number one we have the beautiful girl Waterlas, who I can tell you have taking a fancy to you little minx, This question is to save her life or the 50kg of C4 wrapped to her body will explode violently not just killing her but leaving no evidence she ever existed, No pressure punks. What English striker was top scorer in the Premier League in 1995/96?
Shooting Star: I think its Kevin Philips Jam
Pyro Flame: No I think he was later on was it not Shearer at Blackburn
White Suit: Tick Tock
Pyro Flame: I’m sure Lew
Shooting Star: Okay is it Alan Shearer
White Suit: Correct punks, your good at this so okay she can live for now, oh my this is fun, oh well she’s safe, let’s see who is behind door number two?
The door opened and behind the glass stood Electrobe, my new Allie from our previous battle
To be finished
White Suit: Oh I do love this game with an ultimate passion, from your cringing faces I am guessing it’s not for you, well… tough next question is I have a bed but do not sleep on it I have a mouth but do not eat with it what am I? Try getting that one punk.
Shooting Star: -Jesus Christ has riddling us
Pyro Flame: Electrobe it will be okay we will get it!
Shooting Star: Are you kidding man, why should we he'll him he tried to kill you?
Pyro Flame: Just think Lew; we need to be better then him
Shooting Star: it could be worms yes a worm
Pyro Flame: No! They do eat I think, Oh my it’s a river final answer river
Shooting star: yes you got it!
White Suit: Unfortunately. That is correct, you’re ruining the game you stupid punks. Baldy nut lives to fight another day, okay last question now, lets raise the stakes punks.
Another metal curtain rises and there is there friend Joe strapped down surrounded again by vast amounts of C4 but there was one difference, this was a close friend. The pressure was well and truly on.
White Suit: Final question punks, If you utter a word, I am not there anymore, who am I?
Shooting Star: not another riddle man
Pyro Flame: Just think about it, there has to be an answer
White Suit: Well…. you don’t have much time left
Shooting Star: He’s going to kill Joe
Pyro Flame: Wait! Wait! Is it Silence?
White Suit: well that wasn’t that fun.
All the glass then opened and the reunion with Joe was great, I was getting my friends back well at least some of them. He looked a bit rough mind and smelled a bit but that didn’t really matter anymore. His name on the tag said Fade Away, quite a cool name like better then Shooting Star at least! However just after we touched there was a bright light and everything then changed again.

We hit the ground with an almighty crash; we were finally free from that shocking repellent place. I did however owe it much as I would maybe not of been reunited with my friends or met the ravishingly beautiful Waterlas who I had became close to over the last few months. One thing had stayed the same though; I really wanted a Jammy Dodger. I was not sure where I was at first the journey was not as calm as imagined and the landing nowhere near perfect. I felt a hand heave me up with a great shove of strength, it was Lew. “Jamie looks where we are”. I felt a sense of safety and joy as I realized I was back on the grounds of my Secondary school. Teachers may be able to protect from scoundrel little bullies but this was a step up into the clouds in comparison. I did however for the first time feel safe. Like I belonged here.

We were all there and seemed okay apart from a killer of a bruise on my ass, it really hurt. Me, Joe, Lew and Waterlas had escaped and we had one intention and that was to stop our friends as we felt it was our responsibility to save them from themselves. We stood in a brief silence just looking around at the school. The lights were on but nobody was home. It was the death of night. Silence wrapped the cold air. It was time to put our prepared plan to action. To locate them. To stop them from killing anymore innocent people. Then I thought where was Electrobe was he near enough to get transported. I couldn’t see him so I guessed not.

It was then I remembered Waterlas had never seen the light of day. Her eyes were glowing. It was the first time she had felt the cool refreshing breeze sweep across her face. I can only imagine the luxurious of experiencing that for the very first time. My eyes were set on her again. She gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, felt gay to be honest. Tim was dwindling along. We had done very little. Well not much with any meaning. It was time to get out of the school and on our way to Haroon’s where we hoped with his computing expertise could locate Steal and the others. I tried to keep my mind set on the task at hand…yet I could not. I remember reading “When you fall in love, it is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake, and then it subsides. And when it subsides, you have to make a decision” and I felt I was rolling towards this point like a runaway speed train. Should tell her? Should I not? Does she even know what love is? Maybe I should cut my losses.

She was skipping down the street like she didn’t have a problem in the world. I walked in silence but my mind was shouting. I knew she liked Joe, they always do. He has at all the charm, the looks. I can’t help to hate him although I also have a devoured love for him. I could not like the horrors of jealousy overcome me. There was no need for falling out with one of my best mates, actually one of my only left over a girl. I wasn’t like she was that special.

We were nearly there. It was a summer evening but there was a deathly chilling breeze, which was causing me to violently shiver. Waterlas was to and just as I built enough courage to volunteer my body as a heating device with a nice cuddle. I was beaten to it. Joe had taken the opportunity. He had a girlfriend what was he doing. She was meant to be mine. I had not told him I liked her because I thought it to be seemingly obvious! I felt the heat building up slowly as ager started to fill my mind. After all I had been through I saw her as my one shining light. Joe didn’t experience it he had transported off to Vegas and I know what I rather do between that and watch what were my best friends not only kill but also obliterate fellow human beings. Right now I wished I joined them. Maybe killing isn’t too bad. I am as lonely as a star. Always have been since my last girlfriend, don’t want to get into that. Girls want a lot of things from one guy. Conversely, guys want one thing from a lot of girls and that’s what Joe was like in my opinion always thinking about the next girl.

We were there Haroon’s houses. It was nothing special just your normal ordinary house. Was in a nasty pace mind with mindless stabbing considered the norm? Even with my power I felt intimidating walking the areas hollow streets. Haroon was a decent guy. He was from Pakistan and was a computer wiz if you needed anything doing this was your guy. Probably one of the funniest people I have ever met as well to be honest. He was older then us about twenty one long black hair and usually had a t-shirt with a superhero on. Yeah superhero nerd so in a way we were his dream coming to his door. The were still talking. And whenever one asked what was wrong I just said in a vicious tone “newt!” which was a bit immature but I was just so ticked off. I did finally break the silence when I went “wait what the hell are we going to say”.
Joe replied “good point “ but I was ore concentrated on how he still was clutching waterlas. Just thought I wonder what Sarah would say. I didn’t say it because simply I did not want to lose him as a friend, can’t deal with losing another.

We rang the doorbell and for the first time in a long while I actually chuckled. The theme tune to Spiderman was blasting such a classic it is. We were all genuinely in hysterics brought back memories of before everything became so complicated. I really wanted to be normal again. I wasn’t brave or special why did I have to be given this responsibility. There are people who would suit it far more. Arny Schwarzenegger fits the bill in my opinion like.

19h June 2011
Dear diary,
It's another normal day, well not really I’m scared s*** for him been up all night with worrying and I still have no idea what he was called or where he is, Oh yeah and I almost forgot, I'm on about the bloke that I took back to mine.

That half an hour I spent with him was like heaven, I’d re-live that half an hour anyway, it just felt right. I feel like a really bad person now, now realizing he has a girlfriend, whoops.

S*** happens; move on.
But yeah. I'm worrying like mad not knowing what has happened to him, my boss and his pals is not the kind of people you would want to be messing with, trust me. Once I turned up late to work and I got a proper belt in.

It's hideous how the workers get treated, but I suppose it's okay, it's the only way we can get money, most of us in there failed our exams in High school, so it's the only way possible we can get money and what we do get played is under the minimum wage and we do things not in the job description which you can imagine. Because if we don’t we get forced to. I just want to curl up and cry…

The door swung open with an almighty crash. Haroon was always powerful, a big lad with as much muscle as a person on steroids. He use to do some sort of fighting which he just destroyed people at. He had super strength in his own right. Would never expect him to be a wiz with computers. Really out of character In terms of his appearance. His eyes were barely open we had obviously either woke him up or been the catalyst to have his eyes finally drawn away from a computer or television screen. When his eyes came into contact with mine they burst into life like an alit firework. He erupted in excitement, we had always been quite close “ Jamie your alright what the actual, the news had you pronounced dead and you two to and yeah don’t know who you are sorry, right come in guy’s please don’t mind the mess”. His smile made my life light up I felt so happy, I still had friends, friends witch don’t kill or steal girls. I always felt so alone. My ability to trust anyone I think had gone by this point. He welcomed us in the open arms. It was friendliness I would make sure to repay either in the short or long term. A true friend to me. We went in his room and sat circle and I, well Haroon was at the computer screen typing away. Herron was a man of strong views and don’t mind telling us exactly what he thought and he way straight I there telling us what he thought of our weird but n away wonderful situation. Lewis and Joe told him our tale the man in the white suit how we had been trapped and then the big question, he asked “wow that’s pure mental that you’d but how did you escape?” In a curious sort of tone. There was then a deathly silence. Happening way to often, sick of them. So and told him the crack about he powers and that. His eyes lit up again this must of been the best day of his life. His reaction was predictable “prove it you have to be having me on” and the like normal Haroon changed the subject quite randomly “what happens if you swallow the stone from peach?” IT was so random especially in context to the conversation we were having. We just looked at him and laughed; he was going to be important for us through these hard times. Lewis then told him “Scott, Cory and David are killing, there mad with power so we need your help to find them and stop them the little faggots and that’s what all this commotion is about”. Haroon reaction said it all his eyes sunk to darkness and his reply was just one word which some’s it up “really!” which how’s how hard it is to believe they were once just like me and Haroon normal teenagers. I still find it hard to believe it. I glanced over at Joe still clinging on to her. Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes…just be an illusion so I should let her go stick with my friends. It’s just so hard it hurts inside. I however know there are no good-byes, where ever we are, you’ll always be in my heart but sometimes being strong is being able to let go, to set the ones we love free. So if she liked Joe I was happy with it. I turned to Haroon and I told him “We need to find them Haroon, do you think you can try find them”. He replied “yeah…yeah sure mate I’m on it”. He was straight on the computer, don’t have a clue what he was doing but in minutes he had the location of Scott. He was not with the normal. Then Waterlas finally talked “Fate leads the willing, and drags along the reluctant.” I found it interesting but whom was she talking about, was she calling me reluctant. Did she think I was weak? It was then an opportunity to prove my strength and power to her that was a hero. Haroon then exclaimed “Scott’s in Tokyo!” but just as we had located him the window smashed and fell in small individual pieces. Gas began seeping out. I wasn’t sure we could escape this one. The air was misty and dim; my vision had become very poor. The rigid as could of c damaged the vision of a thousand men. We were trapped like hamster in a cage. At his point I did not think I would have escaped with my freedom still in tact. I thought the man in the white suit had checkmated me once again but I was bounded by wild desire. I felt like a loser, an idiot I should have known coming here wasn’t safe, that he would have had a tracker on us. Then it came to me a way of escaping, a way of establishing my freedom for at least the considerable future. Then it came to me I had been thinking of what I could say to waterlas how I could share how I feel with her. I kept thinking, “Love is a burning thing” which is a lyric from a Johnny Cash song. That’s when it came to me. A ring of fire. It would at least buy us some precious time. Then I thought would it really work then the thought of Lew’s phenomenal super speed came to mind. If he ran round in a circle it would build up flying debris, which I could set alight using my flames. I called Lew over and told him the score, eh said, “yeah I guess it’s worth a go, I’ll do anything to stay free to see Emma again, I can’t live without her”. It was when I saw that sensitive tear run down his face that I had to do everything I could to get us out of here. I told Joe, Waterlas and Haroon to get to the roof. We had business to take care of. Life is not worth living without something worth living for and my friends were worth more than anything to me. I then came out with one of my best one liners ever which libbed the man in the white suit “Your village just called. They’re missing an idiot.” And as I said it we put our plan into action swiftly. Lew's began to sprint in a constant circle, which in itself unblocked the now much more heavily armored guards from entering the house. One who must have had the courage of a million lions attempted to breach the circle and was flung backward with incredible speed and power. I wasn’t sure where he went, I hope he was okay. I never wanted to harm anyone. The man in the white suit stood stumped like he believed we would just roll over and go back to that horrid place. Ha fool. I felt powerful; I liked it the ring of fire was then within second alight. I finally thought I could see a light at the end of the tunnel I was just praying it was not a train. I was now the only one left to get to the roof. I scrambled up the stairs and then out the window. Trying with al my mite to get there as quickly as possible. My heart stopped, they were gone. They had left me I was now a sitting duck. I knew anger was one letter short of danger, I needed to keep calm. Then finally a bit of luck went my way. It’s then I knew every man has his own destiny: the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him as good will always be rewarded.

I had been training none stop, well a couple of trips into town rocking the clubs with some lads from school but that is just the norm. Time is wasted if your not wasted all the time. My Dad has had me training non-stop. M aim was being perfected like. A shot of perfection and the important work of moving the world forward do not wait to be done by perfect men like myself.

I feel I am ready to face my destiny and bring balance to a wobbling world w currently lived in. I knew No matter what the outcome is to anything know that, everything happens for a reason so I must do everything I can to ensure I can control my own destiny. I had become a specialist in shooting, I had mastered my mind. Shooting blindfolded had become easy.

Some people said to me one if practice makes perfect and no one is perfect, why practice? I said because I desire to be the one, the one who can make a massive difference and then through them an insult. Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today? I had been on the trail of Scott, David and Cory for months and they disappeared before I had an opportunity to get there. I then on August 17th two months or so after they meant to have deceased located Jamie through a way I am keeping secret to this day… ha-ha. I needed to get there quick. I had missed out on others so many times but I just got angry got over it. This was Roz time to shine.

I may have been wealthy but dam insurance restricted me to a Clio meaning I did not get there at the speed I really needed. Stupid idiot teens crashing need to get some brains between their ears. Probably why I kept missing everyone. It was then I knew my extradornary adventure, which leads me towards my destiny, would take place.

A spinning spiral of flames dazzled me. Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is no survival. I pulled on my outfit again with my steel plated leg guards and chest plate first then my long coat which my father used to wear when he roamed the streets protecting those who needed his help. Life seemed in that moment not all about the party, not all about the babes, not all about myself/ I then hid my face with the steal mask, which would conceal my identity. A true hero does not search for glory in their quest.

He was a dark figure wearing a long black leather coat, which made me reminisce the Matrix. He had a silver mask which covered his face wholly and silver metal boots, which look as if they could cause serious damage if they came into contact with your head or anywhere on your body in fact. He was mysterious and powerful. I was envious of him. I saw him appearing out the distance in a great sprint. This was all as I stood on the roof all by myself. I knew it was about time my luck turned anyway. Unless he was not on my side. I thought he could be on supporting the man in the white suit but then he did it using all his might experience and knowledge.

He removed two fully loaded shotguns off his back and began firing rigorously at the guards. They were falling like dominoes. They barely had time to return fire. They did however battle back with all there bravery or arguably the stupidest, this was the work of professional marksmen. The mysterious figure disappeared. Bang! The street light were out a we were now in complete darkness apart from the glowing ring of fire which was beginning to go out like the spark of life in somebody who has lost everything, sounds like me. He was using a different gun as the banging level decreased. He was quick he was agile. The spark from his gun looked like a distant star glimmering steadily in the darkness as it skipped around the house.

Was he killing them all? Maybe this guy was no better then my friends. Could I associate with him or maybe he was even there to kill me. These questions were troubling me but I was willing to stay and find out as he had saved me from being certainly captured. I saw the man in the white suit flee like a coward into his sparkling white limo, then accelerates away with the pedal to the floor. This guy had spooked them well and truly. Without him this could have been like rowing upstream against a downward current. Should I approach him or let him approach me. It was an indecisive few moments for me.

My flames were dying into harmless ash. It was now just me and he trapped to become allies or add him to the growing list of enemies. Didn’t want it getting any longer. I was lucky on this occasion. He approached with stature. He was the kind of person who seemed to demand respect well that’s what I thought. He pulled out another gun and fired with an almighty bang. A wire attached itself to the small chimney pot. He then went to climb up the rope. Guess he did not realize it was an old house so when he was half way up the chimney pot snapped off and give way. He fell quite amusingly. I froze. I was not sure. You know what to do. Run or help him. I was not sure. I did not laugh though. He could have blown my brains out yet he didn’t. Then eh shouted out to me “Little help here Jam”. I knew the voice. Oh my. I knew the voice it was Roz but what was he doing here. Time to get down there and find out how he fit into all this. I could tell there was going to be some story telling from us both.

Just as I got down he was up to his feet. He seemed a lot taller. Must have been them boots. A true friend sticks with you through thick and thin no matter what and that was and still is Roz. He removed his stone cold steal mask and to see that friendly face which made me smile and that one curve was what made everything in my life for that brief second seem straight again. Reminded me why I was trying to stop them. It was more to save them from themselves. I loved my friends. We planted a hug on each other. It was a tight squeeze having him near me felt safe. It may sound gay but it felt pretty special to me and I had been through an awful lot. Time had gone a lot slower without such friends in my life.

He then said “Jam god it’s good to see you I thought you were dead man then you popped up on my computer, I have something I need to show you back at mine I’m parked round the corner lets go”. I agreed my consent and we were off but the car was not quite I expected. A dark and scary character driving a little innocent Clio an idiom if I had ever seen one! Was comfortable. I felt like a normal teenager again even though Roz looked like he was dressed for Halloween. I then asked him where the cool get up came from and when he had become such a good shot. Yeah I was letting him tell first.

“Well Jam to some it up I am not he guy I was, well yeah I’m still pulling the birds and drinking the drink but I’ve been training non stop, this is my dad’s stuff he once used to use it to fight crime. He let me take it when the thing about Cory and that hit the news, feel like it’s my destiny to stop them yinar but tonight was just about getting yes and like I am taking you back to mine now, my Dad has something to tell you but you will have to wait and see”. Wow things had changed. We had grown up all at once never expected him to do anything but party to the maximum. It was good o be socializing back in normality again. We reached his house. It stood in greatness. He has one massive place. His father stood anxiously at the door, he was waiting for us. “Welcome Jamie I’ sure you have a lot of question’s to ask and I am sure they will all soon be answered.

I remember being a scared little tool. I was stood o the roof of that house with Haroon and Waterlas. I could see lads of gadgets with big guns. Was proper scared like. Couldn’t even try act like I wasn’t. Then it happened, I didn’t even mean for it to happen. I knew I did it when I opened my eyes. A massive train rattled over our heads at the speed of light, it was more like a white flash. Divna how I realized it was a train like. This wasn’t Cush like I had left my friends like sitting ducks. The air there was clarity man, I could barely catch me breath. Skyscrapers were taller then you could imagine the lights shone as bright as the glaring sun of the Sahara Desert. What had I done? Waterlas and Haroon were kipping on the floor. Its like I had become used to this art of travel. I closed my eyes and tensed hard. I was trying to get back to my mates. I had left them, left them like sitting ducks. I looked for a sign. The only one I saw said the Kumano Shrine. I turned around and there was a great open pace with some weirdly built red building, guess that was the shrine. It was weird, not like England at all. I had never been out of England in my life apart from th4e brief hour or two in Vegas. It all therefore seemed odd like. It was day yet nobody was around, it was so peaceful so tranquil. Kna what I mean man? My neck hurt a lot, cramp all over the shop. This teleporting better get more comfortable.

Waterlas started like moving. She was alright like but she didn’t get the message like. I know I had Sarah but did she even still care, it had been like six months and there was only one girl on my mind, Amaz and I don’t know why. Don’t like her like that though, going to have to tell her before she gets the total wrong end of the stick. Think Jamie likes her. God he’ll be well pissed. I hoped him and Lew are alright like. I felt so guilty man. Kind of moment I really hate. Then it happened, little men with guns surrounded are wearing the same venomous black uniforms but there was no man in the white suit. Least we were not going back to that proper horrible place again. I remember trying to speak to them but they were Chinese or Japanese don’t know like not sure. I could have taken them all man but like they had guns. Big ones. They hand cuffed me. They really hurt man. All three of us were chucked in the back of a Metal enforced chuck. I heard the door lock then bolt. We were well and truly trapped… Would be a perfect time it be able to control my power like. They seemed even more aggressive so really transporting took me out of the frying pan and into the fire. Here we go then.

I had spent lots of time at Rory’s house over the years, especially because HW had a mint trampoline, we were all there me David, Dan…. Makes me sad thinking about it even though they are happy memory’s which in all honesty I will never forget. They will always stay with me wherever I may go. Rory and His Dad Robert stood side by side like they were marching into battle. His Dad was a doctor, just seemed a normal middle aged guy with short brown hair with piercing blue eyes, you would never guess the devilish history he has in his past. They were leading me somewhere and I followed but maybe I shouldn’t of, could really have trusted him? I had endured enough betrayal to last a lifetime I the last couple of months. His house was grand and held many doors which each lead you to another tale of the history of the Morris Ancestors as I had learned when I found an old box full of medals once when were playing hide and seek. . Only a fraction of what I would find out over the next couple of hours, days, months, years and even still today new things unravel.

The lights flickered which hurt my eyes; I had always been sensitive to flickering lights. What was before me was amazing. A collection of guns, which would be best, suited in a military museum, saying that there were newer ones. A silver metallic gun with a red side bar like a thermometer struck my eye. I had never seen such a weapon even in the movies. I asked him what it was he replied “oh well that gun has one purpose in particular mate and that is…” just as he was about to tell me his Dad butted in quite rudely “ Rory Morris you know we cannot tell him get you act together you foolish minor”. I had never seen his Dad like that he was usually a Gentlemen; obviously where this hero scheme comes in he is a very different person. His blue eyes looked full of anger and hate. I really wanted to know why. The Morris family had always seemed so simple like learning your ABC but it had turned into complex algebra…. wasn’t cool. I continued having a little look around that’s when Robert asked me to go sit in the living room while eh discussed something with Roz.

I entered the living room. I was lonely. This is where I had once sat. Not alone but with all my friends’ .My heart hurt. I had nobody. I just wanted to cry. I had Rory. Could I trust him? Joe took her. I am sure I loved her. Why did he have to be so selfish it hurt me deep? I just wanted to scream and shout. Punch somebody in the face really, really hard. I could feel the fire burning inside of me like I was going to erupt into a sheet of flames. My eyes were hurting. I tried not to cry. All the stress of the last few months. It had built up. Hurt me deep down. I didn’t think I could. Could ever be the same happy person. Never. Never again. I could tell slowly my hurt was changing. Changing into anger, into frustration. I should of known I was simply a ticking time bomb. Waiting to go off. I needed a distraction and one soon came.

Rory entered the room now just wearing a t-shirt and jeans. He was definitely a ladies man! With his dark born thick long hair and facial features all proportional. His only words were “Jam the plan is a go”. I twisted my face; I didn’t even know the plan. He was a wind up merchant like. I then asked him and with a sly win said I will explain o n the way. Being my gullible self I followed him out of the room towards whatever we were planned to do. “Jam I have a surprise for you mate. All my problems were gone for a second. A dream comes true. It was my Dad, last time saw him he was I the hands of the man in the white suit. A true friend Roz was. I knew that now. A salty river ran down my face. I had my father back. Nothing else mattered anymore. Screw saving the world.

He was laid in a bed drips attached. A hospital obviously wasn’t safe enough. This was al my fault. My dad looked me straight in the eyes, he was mid 50’s losing his hair and getting a bit overweight however was a looker back in the day! He grabbed me buy the arms and looked me straight in the air. “Your friend saved me, your on the edge of becoming something glorious, something amazing, you must save the world, there no longer your friends, they have changed, Son I am proud of you, now be the hero o were born to be for me”. I could tell he was weak, it was weird. He had always been so strong. I admired him so greatly. I lay him back n the bed. My father had inspired me. The idea of just being normal was well land truly out the window. I needed to make him even more proud of the man I was becoming. It was then I told Rory Scott was in Tokyo” I had just remembered the entire trauma. He was like “okay lets go” then and I was like right now? He said, “Hell yea lets pack the car up.” It was time to go be a hero stop him before he kills more people and the little of the Scott it knew which could still be there.

Japan the richest country in the world. It may not in money but definitely in crime, it is everywhere. People may say USA but really ha, the crime there is baby crime compared to here. I literally said screw you to U.S.A I am way to powerful for them. It would be way to boring for me like not even the slightest challenge to me, unlike here. It’s a pure battlefield for territory. Power comes in handy like. Steal really sort’s people out every so often. I remember this one freak Clarkey was his name some colored bloke who crossed me. Lets just say has not with us anymore. His body is pretty crumpled as well. Nothing left to berry man. I am amazing, end of. The Triads however are proving a tough lot to deal with though.

I had to leave the other three, they were boring. Totally cramping my style. I was more powerful anyway. I am steal man. Nothing better. Friends, who needs them. Drugs, sex and money do it for me like. This guy in a white suit approached them. Long hair, swiftly sunglasses, thought he was it like. I wasn’t having any of it left them came here became a legend. My battle with Triad boss Wilko rages on but that middle-aged bearded man has no chance. I am invincible. I can only wonder what happened to my friend Jamie after I left him. That however was all in the past I must look to the future.

I was now set in my mind. My dad had inspired me. We had travelled to Newcastle airport via Ferrari so life was not all bad. One thing I really wanted was a Ferrari. So classy. To bad I am still to young to drive being sixteen, actually what was the date? I actually had not the slightest idea. We then got to the airport. No boring customs for us, Roz had a private plan. I knew he was well off but this was on another level man. The bigger surprise was when he told me he could fly, which he could to some extent but the ride was as comfortable as a rollercoaster ride. Yeah it wasn’t a relaxing trip to be honest didn’t trust him but within a couple hours we had touched down at Narita International airport in Japan Tokyo. It was game on.

True friendship is when two friends can walk in opposite directions, yet remain side by side and that’s what I thought me and Rory had as we prepared ourselves for what I anticipated to be a fierce battle against Scott. Tokyo was amazing. We were staying in Hotel Okura. We were staying in a penthouse in the South Wing. Think the Morris knew somebody because when we got there Rory was welcomed with some handshake, god knows what it meant. I asked him but all he said was “just a polite hello Jam, howay you know you can trust me man” I believed him and w went on up to our penthouse. There was an amazing view of a Japanese garden so beautiful, so tranquil; it made me feel at peace and calm. The luxurious interior was classy I could tell I was in for a relaxing stay, when I wasn’t out searching for a man made of steal who could crush me with his hands. Apart from that very relaxing stay I thought was set up for. At least when I was at the hotel.

Rory then thought it best we rack open the bevvys and opened the mini bar. Knew the old Roz was still there dying to get out. I wish we could be back that way. This was an exciting lifestyle, not really efficient though. It was what he did next which truly amazed me even more. He said “watch this, now this is cool my lad”. The walls creaked the shelves rattled. It was like a high-class earthquake but yet it wasn’t. The Japanese art twisted and flipped and a range of guns appeared, ammunition in all. The metal machines of death from small to large surrounded us. It seemed apparent Rory and his father had sent a lot of time. It was that well kitted out. Then another surprise, life had been full of them recently. At least it kept the wheel of life spinning. The wardrobe span round dramatically and there was the sit Roz had worn. The suit of Persuader Piece. One of them guns to my face would persuade me to do anything. His steal mask was menacing. It was then Roz unleashed the surprise on me.

Another suit was next to it. It was as cool or even cooler! Black leather with red flames laterally down the side. They were amazing the boots were just as awesome black with a devilish red soul and red straps. A good friend always knows your shoe size and Roz obviously did. This stuff had been specially made There was no mask though how would hide my identity? This would quickly be answered mind. I said to him it was great and all but like how would hide who was. “ Do you think I am stupid jam, always rely on the Roz” he reached into his bag and pulled out some blacked out lenses sunglasses with extremely bright red frames. They were so cool. I could feel like a proper hero. He went “jam would i ever let you down like”. I thought that at time but after all I had been through could he really e ever be a true friend who ticked all the boxes for the million different things that come together create friendship. In all honesty does anyone? Is anyone anywhere a perfect friend or maybe I had been too picky.

There was a knock at the door and they did not wait for us to answer. I immediately worried but the Roz stood noble and strong I always greatly admired him. Actually maybe he was like that because he knew who was coming. A head popped round the door. It was a beautiful young girl with long brown hair but what was she doing here in Tokyo. It came apparent Rory was still himself and somehow found an amazing good looking European here. She went “Rory erm… my father wishes to speak with you” the accent was distinct definitely Danish I knew straight away. He introduced me sternly; I found it weird she knew about all the guns and that. Her name was as beautiful as her face Cassandra Asbjørn. She had the slim figure of an angel and beautiful legs fabulously showed off by a knee length white dress. She looked stunning. Rory then said “Jam ill be back soon look round explore; have a few bevy’s, overall just chill man”. She shone me a cheeky smile as she shut the door. I needed to know more about her. Its not like Waterlas loved me. I had a right to move on. Not like anything had happened anyway, thanks to somebody. I needed a Jammy Dodger but yeah they seemed to have everything but in Tokyo.

The last thing my mother said however stuck with me, you are not fully dressed without a smile. I wish I had my mom longer. It hurts but to be honest nobody really cares if you’re miserable so you might as well be happy with your life. Least I still had my Dad for now. I was sat on a white leather sofa staring into what was an unbelievable garden, reminded me that there was a lot of good still left roaming the earth despite the hurt and crime. Could I personally ever be happy, live a normal life, wife and kids. Incredibly doubt it.

It had been half an hour or so and I had still been sat thickening endlessly about my future when the door swung open and Roz excitably said,” we’ve got him Jam; I know exactly where the wee warrior is and hiding! Time o kit up and lit the fuse for a amazing night.” I was nervous I felt my chest pounding rapidly I was going to come into contact with Scott for the first time since that dark day, how would react. I could of tried and predicted but really I had no idea. I would just have to wait and see but try with all my strength to be as brave as I can. I needed a haircut it was getting to long and in the way especially my fringe I had really thick hair it was so annoying.

The suit felt so right. This had definitely been made for me. It fit so well, made me look skinny to, felt really good to be honest. I was ready in mind and body for the fight. Well at least though I was it was set up to be a very interesting evening as the sun set in Tokyo. I looked at Rory and in a silent room he simply nodded his head and handed me the glasses I placed them on. They were more then just glasses they were so much more. It as Pyro-Flame and Persuasive Piece going out to save the world or at least do as well as we could!

We were rushing, it was a thrill. The thought of doing something to help the world. The glasses had so much technology, they allowed me t keep in touch with Roz at all times and as he explained in an emergency could be used as a grenade this was some cool stuff. It was then I saw the car. It was magnificent worthy of a superhero driver. It was a neat coupe sports car. It was a solid black with white racing stripes. There was a massive P in the stripe, which I guess stood for Persuasive Piece. As we approached due unlocked it and devious red highlights shone. The car was mysterious. The windows were blacked out to conceal our identities. I wish I could just show off being a hero like would be mint but Roz seemed apparent to making sure his identity remained secret. I wondered how long he had been doing this sort of thing, had he always been doing it or had he changed into the guy I was with. He clicked a button on a tiny gadget he had and the doors swung open. He went to me “Jam you better be ready to ride this is serious business. I nodded my head rather convincingly but to be honest In the space of a couple of seconds I had went from thrilled and ready to go to amazingly nervous, even a little bit scared.

He applied his foot to the accelerator and it roared like a vicious untamed lion now this was a machine, a Ford Gt I think it had just been supped up to be amazingly cool and unbelievably fast. It was the dead of night and the streets were still packed. Lights from the buildings gleamed high into the sky from the exceedingly tall skyscrapers. They actually disappeared into the sky they were that tall, you wouldn’t want one falling down lets just say that. The speed was immense. The roads were lit up into all the colours of the rainbow; this was like a dream city so amazing, so advanced with technology. Free ways crossing over each other it looked like a verb complicated knot and the sound of the trains rattling overhead as fast as a speeding bullet. Roz then went “Jam check this out” Te sat nav flipped and a computer was there and one button that he was going to press came apparent. Super nitrous and with that simple click the car literally took off like a rocket with green smoke fleeing out of the exhaust. Where had he got this thing it was hard to believe how brilliant it actually was what would it do next fly? Roz just had surprise after surprise lined up; well that’s what it seemed like. I asked him where we were going and he replied in a cool witty way “The Blue Note Bar, its time for our reunion with Scott or Mr. Steel as he calls himself these days”. I didn’t know how he could be so excited about trying to capture a friend. At the end of the day he still felt like a close friend, could I really do this?

We pulled up opposite and it seemed very quiet, it looked very classy. The entrance expanded outwards out giving it the red carpet effect. There was dense blue glowing light around the outside with small black cartoons emphasizing the Jazz theme of the club. It was a Jazz bar but Scott didn’t like Jazz. Well at least I didn’t think he did. We couldn’t just walk in. We stuck out like someone wearing yellow at a funeral. I had no idea how we were going to get in. I shared this with Roz but I knew the confident Roz was still alive and kicking “Jam where there is a will there is a way and I am the Roz my friend” with a confident smirk filling his face. I guess I would just have to trust him and see what happens. We drove off and pulled up in the back alley. It was dirty and full of rubbish but most importantly nobody was in sight apart from one guy smoking a tab innocently next to the exit of the Blue Note.

Rory slid the window down slowly pulled a gun from behind his calf and shot him with one quick click of the trigger sending him to the floor in a heap. The gun was a silenced pistol made from a shiny metallic steals. I turned and looked at Roz with shock and horror. Was he the same as the rest? I should have not been so quick to judge. They were not steel bullet but tranquilizer. He was a proper hero, no killing involved unless they were trying to kill him, like them guards at Haroon’s. He was honorable, he was brave, and he seemed perfect. Somebody I hoped I could replicate when I had some experience under my belt. We got out the car and made our way to the back door it was time for an unfriendly reunion. I thought it was time for me to be a hero. It seemed that simple.

There were two chefs working but before they had the chance to speak Roz had pulled out his silenced pistol and sent them to the floor, his aim was unbelievable. One banged his head off the workbench as he fell and split his head open. Blood spewed all over the floor, Roz said just to leave him and I wasn’t sure if he was intent on getting Scott or if he honestly did not care, the first sign. I got a towel and wrapped it round tightly ensuring he did not die. The guy was innocent. I could hear the Jazz, so peaceful, so tranquil; it put an image of heaven in my mind. Rory then pulled a shotgun out from behind his back using it to explode the door off its hinges and into pieces all over the floor. Now that was a persuasive piece. Think he was looking for a big entrance. The jazz stopped and everyone was sat staring at the door. There was a stone cold silence. Was he there? I could not see him at first.

Then I saw him, not in his steal form. He was back in a slim fitted black suit with a red tie. His hair was neat for once; he had gone up in the world. His hair was still the same straight brown and swept to the right. Men all wearing the same black suit, but had matching black and white ties surrounded him. He was well and truly in the middle of the crime that was swept across Tokyo. His eyes twinkled as he saw us; like he was happy to see us but he couldn’t tell who we were maybe he just knew he had met his match.
Rory went to raise his gun and as he did all the guards who surround Scott swung at their weapons facing us. Having about twenty guns pointing you is very, very off putting. Scott giggled it myself “HA Persuasive Piece at last we meet but to be honest I have all my guards here you idiot, you actually have no chance. Scott was stood right in the centre to the side was two large windows which faced onto the street. There seemed no escape for us. No way we could possibly get him. Then I saw Rory sneakily sneak the small gadget he had used earlier; he looked Scott straight in the air, “ mistake number one Scotty. Scott looked at him wickedly “ how do you no my nameeeee…” as everyone in Japan knew him as the famous Mr. Steal however he never finished that sentence. The windows at either side exploded shattering the glass with a tremendous crackle causing millions if particles of glass to float to the floor. The wall split and cracked causing it to give way falling bringing down great weight of bricks onto the guards leaving most only injured I think. It was phenomenal. He had taken down every guard leaving the floor to just me him and Scott standing as everyone not involved had already fled the club. The beginning of the epic battle was coming.

“So who’s your sidekick, he doesn’t talk much and you do realize you will never defeat me I am pure steal!” I just stood anxiously, I was unsure of what to do, butterflies roamed my stomach. Rory then said “bring it o you big metal shell, obviously not much brains in there you little bar dweller, bit of a beer belly on you”. Anger was wiped across his face like an erupting volcano, he was going to explode. It was then he transformed into his beautiful metallic steal form. His beautiful slim linen suit tore and ripped falling to the ground. He had however some sort of spandex underneath, which expanded with him, was probably sick of the embarrassment. I can imagine his face if he were left naked bright red cheeks would flourish.

Rory went to lift hi special gun I had seen however I still didn’t know what it did and I would of found out but just before he could fire Scott lifted his Foot and stamped violently causing the ground to shake and the ground to splinter up sending Rory and me to the floor helpless. It was that moment a policemen rushed in and tried to face him. Brave or stupid? Probably more the first one> he held out a gun, simple pistol and said “法律の名前であなたの手を置く” which I think meant like but your hands up In the name of the law. Scott being the new Scott laughed and sniggered punching his head clean off his body decapitating leaving a pool of blood all over the floor. This however was a distraction, which allowed Rory to get a step a head and was able to fire the gun, which fired a alien like green beam hitting him straight In the back and knocking him to the floor His steal power had vanished, he was normal. He screamed in anger fisting the floor causing his knuckles to drip blood. Then I the blink of the eye he was off scrambling through the rubble and off. We chased him. He headed straight into Taro Okamato Memorial Museum jumping straight through the single pained door. He was running like a desperate prey trying to get away from a hungry predator. We followed closely behind, I had the heat flourishing through my veins and I used my power hen to create beam of flourishing flames to bring down a pipe knocking him off his feet trapping him n the floor. He could not move, he struggled but even with all his strength he could not move it. Water was sprinkling down as I had burst the water mains causing there to be a loud water sound meaning I found it really hard to hear. Rory then looked at me, I could not see his face but I knew behind the mask he had a feeling f regret. He pulled out his shotgun and aimed it at Scott. This was not part of the plan!

I remember that trip to Tokyo; I had been there a lot trying to take down Scott/ Mr. Steal, which I thought would be easy considering I am mint. I had met some decent bird’s like Cassandra but yeah she’s the head of the triads secretary, been working with them they have all the latest info of everything going down in Tokyo. They could help me find and take down Scott. I never intended to try kill him or lie to Jam it just happened man, it was out of my hands, not my fault I the slightest. The triads were offering money I couldn’t refuse how do you think I bought all that stuff. Were well off, but not that well off losers?

That’s not even half of it either because I wasn’t really going to go through with it then they told me some bad crack. They had Joe and Lewis two of my close friends and if I didn’t kill him they would die a very slow painful death. I wasn’t going to let that happen like! They were my boys and sacrificing one evil friend is worth to good one anyway of the week sorry like. I knew Jam would not see it that way I couldn’t tell him. I just had to get it over with and be the hero. Hero’s cant always is perfect I guess! Fate leads the willing, which is I, and would have to drag along the reluctant, which was Jamie in my mind like. I had saved his dad he should have been kissing the ground I walked on. I t was only as we were getting ready like when Cassandra came I in found out about Joe and Lew if not I don’t think I would of went through with it. I had to in the end though didn’t I? I had no option man. I had to do it for the lads.

It soared through the air. Its target was secure. The shot perfect. He was trapped, he was helpless, one thing for is that he was not used to it, he was Mr. Steal. I stood frozen; at first I was wary, sure of helping him maybe it would be better for the pullet to pierce his brain killing him. I had seen him kill but maybe this was a chance to show how I was bigger and better then he, by saving him. I loved Rory but I would not let him kill my friend!

My veins tingled it was flowing again but it felt different, life slowed down. If I was going to act, I had to act now. I hardly remember what happened next, it was as if my inner power took over and I was a complete different person. I fired a glowing beam of intensely hot fire turning the bullet from an object of death to a pool of steal leveling our on the floor. Steam Rory quickly turned his head to me in utter disappointment. Even though I could not see his face I could sense it, feel it in the air. It was then I decided to exit. Escape saving myself from guilt, Scott from death and Roz from making the biggest mistake in his life. The museum was full of old sculpture mainly made of wood, bright idea number one was to pick them up and throw them off Rory allowing me to escape with Scott, that’s before I remembered I was superhuman.
I was living on the edge again. Scott was laid out cold; there was a line of ancient wooden sculptures between him and us. Very dry wood, perfect for burning! HE then looked at me and shouted in an incredibly angry voice “what the actual…. Are you kidding me he has to die man, I know he was one of the lads but he has to die to save Joe and Lew who you lost so step off man you cowardly chicken”. I didn’t even think about what i was doing just replied “ coward on this! It was then I created with both my hands a wall of flames fuelled by the sculptures and the floor, which was a cold brown wood. I could no longer see Rory, just a shadow, full of darkness and evil. That well and truly creeped me out!

Scott was still trapped, he had remained quiet. He seemed stunned in fact, probably did not expect me to save his life after all the evil stuff I had saw him do but I guess my love for my old friend lived on and I dreamed that the old Scott was I there somewhere, one which wasn’t fueled on power. He didn’t know who I was either. I used all my strength fluctuating my muscles, that pipe would not move, I shouted push, and then joined together as one the pipe shifted away and rolled into the fire melting. The fire was spreading, I could see no exit. We were trapped. I had not thought this through very well. I could see stairs. I tried to pull Scott up, but he was injured. He could not walk. I got him on my shoulders. I made my way to wards the stairs. He wasn’t too heavy, would have been in Steel form mind. Smoke was filling up the building; it was becoming hard to breath. My energy was decreasing considerably. The stairs went on forever. Why did the Japanese feel it clever to build building so dam tall. I heard a joke about this actually

A Brunette, a Redhead, and a Blonde escape a burning building by
Climbing to the roof. The Firemen are on the street below,
Holding a blanket for them to jump into.

The firemen yell to the Brunette, "Jump! Jump! It's your only
Chance to survive!"

The Brunette jumps and SWISH! The firemen yank the blanket
Away. The Brunette slams into the sidewalk like a tomato.

"C'mon! Jump! You gotta jump!' say the firemen to the Redhead.

"Oh no! You're gonna pull the blanket away!" says the Redhead.

"No! It's Brunettes we can't stand! We're OK with Redheads!"

"OK" says the Redhead, and she jumps. SWISH! The firemen yank the
blanket away, and the lady is flattened on the pavement like a pancake.

Finally, the Blonde steps to the edge of the roof. Again, the
firemen yell "Jump! You have to jump!"

"No way! You're just gonna pull the blanket away!" yelled the Blonde.

"No! Really! You have to jump! We won't pull the blanket away!"

"Look," the Blonde says, "nothing you say is gonna convince me
that you're not gonna pull the blanket away! So what I want you
to do is put the blanket down, and back away from
I could see the top. We were nearly there. The building was now becoming to crack. The infrastructure was becoming unstable. Every step seemed more painful. Cramp was starting to star. First my arms, then my shoulders, then my back, then my legs. I could see the fire escape onto the fire escape then all of a sudden the stairs give way. I managed to heave Scott not other final floor. I grabbed a hold of the ledge. Hovering above the fire, cooking slowly. My arms still in dyer pain. I tried to pull myself up. My strength really needed replenishing form the about 15 sets of stairs. I thought it might be the end right there. The end, killed by something I had created. How ironic it would have been. I felt my hand slipping, finger-by-finger second by second.
Then just as I was about to go a hand grabbed me and together as one was able to get back up. Another beautiful girl I thought it was my lucky day two in one day. She was wearing a full green leather suit with deep purple stripes across the arms with a blindfold like mask, which had again the deep purple frames with a gardenias green centre. She then screamed, “ What do you thin your doing Lets get out of here!” I went to grab Scott but she had already pulling him onto her shoulders, she showered unbelievable strength and bravery. She had beautiful short brown hair and a memorizing figure. Probably couldn’t decide between her and Cassandra at that point like. As Peter Andre sang about mysterious girls, I would defiantly like to get close to her! She had glittering brown eyes, quite beautiful. They stood out due to thick layer of eye shadow, trying to conceal her identity I guess. I asked her name and all I got was a hero name “I’m Green bean but threes no time for introductions you freak lets get out this smoke ridden place.” Her eyes had turned stony set on what she needed to do. There was no messing with her. Her cape flapped in the quickly rising smoke as she hurried me along out of the exit and onto the roof. We seemed trap, I looked from side to side there was no obvious way off that building. We were once again trapped.
also wasn’t sure how we would do this, that rope could not take all three of us. She tied the end around Scott. “ She said to me “grab this quickly you freak” I grabbed it then seconds alter she shoved me off the building sent swinging to wards the skyscraper. It seemed that at any second we would bounce of the glass being left hanging like a sitting duck. I then acted without thinking using my metal to melt the glass into a extremely hot liquid allow us to swing in but as I jumped off I had to bur through the rope so Scott would just fire back out the window. We had been saved, but who was she, why did she save us? How did she escape I did not know. I lay on the floor helplessly but I needed to move, the police would be up here any second, I also needed to ditch this uniform it was probably being tracked. I stole a slim dark blue suit, was a perfect fit. Then left the Dirty Pyro Flame outfit to rot on the floor. So as much as I liked it I had to ditch it leaving me with shorts and a t-shirt, probably made me equally as obvious to pick out a crowd to be honest. We needed to get somewhere safe and quick. I decided to take the stairs, as cops were lazy no matter where you go so they would be in the lift. We needed an escape plan, which was quite a lot better, then my last. That one was rather poor. Lucky to get help off that mysterious girl. We managed to get down the stairs with out a stumble, He was still out cold. We got to the bottom and peered around the side, the lobby was full of police, no easy way out of here. That was such a trauma filled night nothing was simple. I hope Rory was all right, I just couldn’t watch him kill someone for a reason I don’t really know I cared about.

He seemed his old self when he was asleep all innocent. I could not just walk out Scott was notorious now in these parts according to what Roz had told me on the plane. Getting into gang wars, dealing lots with drugs. I bet he didn’t use them himself he was always very antidrug and smoking, loved a drink mind never rejected a chance to have one. Always a steal pale look when he drank, so from the guy I could tell he had been drinking that night. His breathing seemed steady and okay, must just been off the drink because he looked sick as a parrot. Thinking of a plan so far had not been very constructive. I didn’t fancy the roof again; it was an experience I do not particularly want to experience. Still no sign of Scott coming round, cold of done with another mysterious saver.

Then an idea sparked. It would avoid hurting people. The wooden stairs on the opposite side of the lobby were currently vacant. It was time to create a distraction, which would help fuel, my escape. I felt weak; I still could not control my powerfully. I fired another beam of glistening fire with one great heave of my strength setting the stairs alight. It was just a simple distraction. My perfect opportunity opened up as the police flocked like sheep towards the fire trying to put it out. I moved fast, well as fast as could with Scott on my shoulders. Purely on adrenaline I ran across the lobby as fast as I could. I could feel I had little energy left in my system. I needed a Jammy Dodger theory just would not leave my mind for a second.

Into the sea of people we burst out the door. They had surrounded the burning museum. Sirens filled the air, flashing lights blurred my vision. Then out of the crowd I could see a taxi. Yellow with rust and oh yeah a red racing stripe, must have been a personnel colour choice, seemed a bit weird. I opened the door, chucked Scott in then collapsed in myself, I instructed him to drive. The car struggled but started and well pulled away. We were escaping slowly in a heap of scrap junk. At first I just told him to drive, this was my first time in Japan I did not know where was safe. I was lost in a pool of self-doubt. All I knew is I could not go back to that hotel.

I still don’t know what I was thinking. I am Roz, meant to bet he cool thinking good looking one then next minute I tried to kill my friend. No matter how evil and twisted he had become he was one of the lads and I shouldn’t have done that, but not succeeding had dreadful consequences, which I can only start to describe man! It was bad crack I will tell you that. I didn’t know what to do like, after he made that big wall of flames I just ran away, simply ran away got in my car and drove away. I left my mates to burn to death. It was my entire fault. I thought I was the hero, the one who everyone would love. I remember getting back to the hotel in rage, unlike my usual calm self. I stormed like a rhino to my room. I hated the man I had become. Was my father ever a hero? He had accepted money from the triads and then they had captured my friends, I even betted he was on it. Betrayal is the only truth, which sticks, sticks like a leach sucking the life from me.
I remember sitting with a bottle of whiskey crying, I never cry it’s not my thing but this was different. I had been so stupid. My dad had never cared about me unit l this training, should have realized he was using me. I was been so stupid. I was drinking shot after shot after shot, acting all hard, but it was going to my head. All my emotions were just getting stronger and coming out mort dramatically. I remember hooking the wall, breaking all my knuckles pretty badly man I wrecked the whole apartment pulling things off the walls, tearing down the curtains, putting my fist through the flat screen. I was on a rage, an unstoppable one. I can only imagine the noise, must of sounded like a wild animal or something had been set lose, was that bad man not nice to look back on. The adrenaline came to an end I sat on the floor cross-legged In the middle of a giant mess with my shotgun at my chin wondering, should I shoot?

I remember that night, it was like so weird, Proper barmy. I met that lad Jamie pretty quiet bloke seemed canny but I could tell he was totally checking me out but to be fair they always do. I could tell Rory wasn’t happy about it, screw him I thought. He thinks he is a “ladies man” well I’ll be a gent’s woman. I could tell there was something majorly wrong with him though; he stepped out my Uncles office with a pale ghostly look about him and quiet. The creep doesn’t usually shut up. Yeah I work or worked for Wilko head of the triads or as I know him Uncle Matty or Wilko, as everybody seems to call him, jsut seems a little daft to me. I was just a heron girl, a pointless job in context but to me it felt, and it felt even more pointless actually. I spent that night curled up, hot of coco and the rubbish Japanese TV. The bed was so big and yet I was so lonely. Yeah I am pretty and good-looking but boys wouldn’t dare come near me. They would probably end up with a bullet in their head compliments of Uncle Matty and his thugs. Think they fancied is as well can’t keep the creeps away.

I had been out doing some private business work. I came back to hero the send of mashing and that, it was scary. It was coming from Rory and Jamie’s room. Some handbags were being thrown I was quite sure of that. Then it all got serious. I opened the door slowly peeking round as I always did, had caught him with girls loads of times. Obviously didn’t know I liked him or could have had him obedient. I loved his long thick brown hair, it was amazing. Didn’t think I loved him mind.

I opened the door and there he was in such a state, I find it hard to put it into words. His eyes bloodshot like he had been possessed by the devil, tears streaming down his face. What had happened? I had no idea. I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. He had a gun to his head, I needed to stop him. He was too perfect to die; I would of given my life for him even though I probably have a bigger future then him. What happened next I never intended, all I was trying to do was stop him but it only took seconds from the moment I glazed into his deep blue eyes to no it was going to happen. We kissed; it was different to ever before, beautiful even. I hen sent the night with him, comforting him if you know what I mean. He had me and I don’t know how. I was usually in total control. I guess it must be love. I felt like a freak, love isn’t real is it well it’s never ever lasting, it is always at risk and it was too premature to say we were in love. I guessed I would be finding out ad probably sooner rather then later.

The taxi driver was very talkative and not the nice talkative as he spoke with a high-pitched squeal which reminded me of a turkey. The streets were packed we had entered the very centre of Tokyo. There was no way Rory would find us now we were well and truly safe. I had saved a life tonight and for that I am proud but I fear deeply I may have lost another friend, a friend who has my father at their control. I feared what he could do. They might use him to get to me. I can’t trust anyone, everybody just breaks my heart, I am too gullible, I need to stop trusting anyone end of apart from my Dad I feel I can forever trust his wise and wonderful words.

This car was the definition of slow and Scott was well and truly out for the count, leaving me with this Japanese buffoon. He told me about how people shouldn’t “mess on him” because he had “friends in high places” which was probably a load of rubbish. He seemed pretty informed of the streets mind he knew every turn and every shortcut, but this was not aided as he ahead an astronomically slow car. He very much liked talking and to reiterate it was all about him. I wish he didn’t speak such good English in all honesty. He was annoying me a lot. The flames were fuming out of me but I had to stay at bay. “So where do you want to go gayboys’s”. He squealed and I went just a hotel anywhere. “Double bed for two yes?” I reacted in fury this guy was getting under my skin. I just told him to shut up on dry then he did it he pulled out a gun and started holding it to my face, Where were the nice people in Tokyo seriously? “You mess with wrong guy white boy” I sat and thought in silence staring down the barrel of the gun, then it hit me, and then it seemed so simple. I held out my hand and felt my flames rushing through but this was different. He dropped the gun, I had heated it up there was no way he was keeping a hold of that would burn his little hands off

It was getting hot in here. I rolled down the window and then thought it may be best to get rid of the gun. He stared at me like I was a freak. I looked him right in his little Japanese eyes “back off you small imbecile” and he replied surprisingly “yes sir, anything for you sir, there’s one just round the corner sir”. Why did he suddenly have such respect for me? I thought I may have spooked him but this was a complete personality change it was really weird. I would find out soon. He then decided to talk again, as he liked doing “hey I will be your driver, free of charge, just for you, yes?” I didn’t know what to say so I replied with no great enthusiasm maybe and had a little laugh as found the change e in his attitude amazing. These days were mad; I had gone from a normal sixth form student to a freak to a prisoner, to a hero, to some sort f demy-god to some odd Japanese man. He pulled up; we were here wherever here was. He didn’t even charge me for the trip what was up with this guy, he had changed.

I scrambled out of the car onto the dirty litter-filled sidewalk. Then dragged Scott out laying him against the wall. I looked round The building was tall very tall with a red banner saying Mercure hotel Ginza, this must be a hotel, I thought we better get inside quickly incase the police were on our trail. I got the story in my head, we had been out on the drink and he was a little bit worse for wear. I got him up to the room but at the sight of a bed I collapsed into a world of sleep. My dreams had turned into nightmares recently, I thought it would pass. The sun glimmered through the blinds. I turned over to see a shock.

Firstly Scott was still there, secondly Rory was there to and neither was at each other’s throats. They were even before we became “super” as some people call it. It all used to be a fun a laugh and a joke but now it could have been much more serious. I am glad Scott didn’t know Rory was Precision Piece or the roof yet of been blown off this place. They were just chatting generally side by side facing the window, they did not know I was awake, it as beautiful to see but would have to tell Scott. They were talking bout the time we were drinking at the beach and Scott facepalnted the floor like a dropping bomb that was such a funny day! They laughed the in did causing them both to turn round. I just waved my hand as a friendly gesture, I was absolutely knackered. Rory just laughed and went “toi-oi good to have the lads back together like”. I t was unusual, everything felt normal. It touched me indeed I loved it. Had Rory told him? That in fact he tried to shoot him, it was a sensitive subject. He needed to know; we needed to either stay enemy’s r sort this all out. Then Rory stepped back “Scott, Jam I have something’s to tell you both”. His face had gone all serious it was out of fantasy and back into the real world.

The world could have suffered a great loss that night. What is earth without the Roz? I think I actually went mental like a weirdo. Then soon as I saw clunge I was back to normal looking for the slot. No strings attached best way to live it, only honor my friends me. A hoped she wasn’t getting attached because the Roz sides solo nobody ties me down. After that is what all clear to me, a night of physical action put my mind back in focus objective one finds the lads. If they were trying to hide, they were not going to win hide and seek player of the year anytime soon.

I only knew one person smart enough. Someone I had found a while a go when searching for my friends. One of my best friends Martin, he was never the same though. Not the lad I know the hilarious kid I played football with, went to scouts with, shared my secrets with. I had been trying to find a cure to bring back his personality he was literally one hundred percent brain, brain, brain. Couldn’t understand the words coming out of his gob. I had found him sitting under a tree talking to himself it was odd, his eyes sparked up when they as aw me like Martin was still there somewhere, somewhere deep inside vast knowledge had now the brainy lad. He was under my Dad’s control though so needed to tell a little lie, but everybody believes whatever I as, remember I am the Roz. So I said I needed to find them t knock them off but that was never my plan, these guys were my friend ends of, just needed help finding them.

The results came through I had them located, it was then time to put things right even if it meant going against my fathers will, nobody controlled me anymore. When I got there they were flat out on their backs the lazy lads. I thought about waking up Jam then Scott stirred rolled and fell out the bed, what an idiot. Obviously not sued to such a small uncomfortable bed being at the head of his own criminal organization. Looks like I was going to have to face the lad, but should I tell him the truth…

The look in Roz eye was one full of nerves and stress. He needed to swallow his pride and explain himself. He suggested we sit down. Scott and me sat side by side on the single bed on which he had slept. Roz sat in the beautifully decorated armchair; it was just like story time in nursery again. “Right lads, I’ve been a absolute natter and not listened to the right people so Scott mate I am Persuasive Piece, it was me who shot at you last night but it was my Dad, he made me feel like I was weak, like I needed to do this to become a man, to uplift the family honor but now I think we should work as a team giving us a better chance of saving Lewis and Jo” I then interrupted mentioning Waterlas even though I am sure she liked Joe she had a place in my heart, I couldn’t get her off my mind. Her ravenous beauty had enchanted me. Scott gives Rory a cold spine-chilling stare. Thought things were going to kick off and bad however Scott always had an angry temperament abut him and this didn’t seem much worse then usual, nothing like when David stole his Kit Kat. I saw murderer in his eye with the loss of his chocolate treat. “Roz your a cretin you, I hardly ever kill anyone look at Dan and than, News every flipping day and hey what’s happened to my power you dunce”. In a loud tone of voice, quite intimidating even though it was not directed specifically at me. Rory stood up and took a step back. “ Scotty man basically the T-R-I-A-D-S were black mailing is and my Dad thought they were more important then you, he wants s to put together a team and you will have you powers back soon you moron”. The tension had become side splitting, I needed to get in there and split it up!

I stood up quickly placing myself between them. This was a dangerous place to be as these two; Scott was like a bull, Rory a man covered in red and me an innocent by stander. I went “guys man calm down, we were all good mates this is a chance to simply forgive and forget, lets put our god dam differences apart at least to save our mates, aye?” They both had wandering eyes looking at themselves, at each other and at me, the little engines in their heads at work. First time they have both done that in a while. They agreed, and then out of nowhere hugged each other, the friendly love was electric, and I felt proud of myself. Scott then “so what’s the pan guys how we going to take down this prison, should be easy for powerful guy’s like us. Rory then twisted his face “Nah it’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It’s built to keep super people in, Jam, Lew and Joe were the only people to escape, so where going to need help. I then butted in “and who can help us” and Scott’s eyes lit up “ Dan, David and Cory?” and Roz went “exactly”. I was bemused. I wasn’t sure we could trust them but I guessed it was our only shot and kept my opinions to myself. Roz went ”well that’s sorted then, New York here we come!”…
New York; we had made it. We new to defeat the man in the white suit we would have to search this concrete jungle high and low. To find our once friends Cory, Dan and David, they were our only hope. Lights shone brightly all around. We were in another classy car; it was a deathly black with tinted windows. It accelerated like an untamed beast. We approached the high and mighty and famous Brooklyn Bridge. We knew they were in New York. All the money they had been stealing they must certainly be in Manhattan. I thought to myself was this really a city of dreams because in all honesty it felt like nightmares as we had visited here on school trip, constantly reminiscing of the good times, when I was normal. The streets were packed, honking filled the air mainly coming from our car, Roz was a pretty angry driver but never this bad there was defiantly something up with him I just didn’t know what it was. We passed Central Park an oasis of greenery amongst the concrete and tarmac. I had no complaints we were touring round New York in luxury and stylish Bentley so to be honest life was good compared to what it had been.
We pulled up. The Marriot so it was a hotel again of the highest standards. My air miles must be racking up. Know rubbish room like Scott and me had got ourselves, no surprise we had the penthouse, this was a class above Tokyo. This place was well and truly loaded with Rory’s stuff. I couldn’t be sure if it was lay his main base. Full of technology, I would not dare touch could of been anything.
We were exploring and then I heard Roz shout, “Jam you were right made I had you tracked but have your outfit back, if you still want it”. I shouted back sure in a happy tone. I love the outfit makes me look well buff. Scott the peered round the corner “ what costume with a cheeky smile on his face, obviously excited by the suggestion of us having our own looks. Then the words he was waiting to hear ”Scott I got you one to mate”. Had never seen Scott run so fast, like a little excited child-getting ice cream. I then waked in to see a frown on his face “Oi Rory it doesn’t even fit you moron. Rory then looked at his watch”5,4,3,2,” and the saggy outfit was then tight against Scott's rock hard metallic steal chest. Mr Steel was back. His pants were black leather. A deep purple then his spandex top was a deathly black with a massive S embodied into it. He had a helmet, which was the same deep purple, and a black visor hiding his identity. He looked absolutely unreal. “I have you another toy Scotty said Rory” Scott was buzzing you cold sense this act of kindness from Rory was rebuilding bridges between the two at least on the surface. We had had a full day of travelling and it was time to hit the sack, one big sleep before we approach them, we knew we might need all the energy we can get. I’ll tell you one thing, these beds were comfy! Silk sheets softened the skin. It took a while to get their mind Scott didn’t want to take his costume off but eventually rescinded and turned back to his normal self. It was to a dream world, a world what again was not even safe, the faces of the men Scott killed haunted my mind, and like there was something they needed me to do before they reached peace. Since I met Scott again they were getting increasingly worse. Like I was getting warmer to the task I must complete. I felt like it was taking over my mine. Like I was going crazy. I just got up and made myself a coffee trying to keep myself awake. The air was cold, the sky was black, evil was afoot. Did it want me to kill him?
Hours past, light began tinkering through the blonds, morning was finally upon us after a restless night. Rustling from one of the rooms, it was Roz as I expected. Scott had always been a little lazy lad. It wasn’t like back home in Gateshead where the singing of birds gently woke you up it was horrendous sounds of engines and hooting horns. I gazed out the window and as expected rush hour equalled deadlock congestion, we were getting nowhere any time soon. Plenty plan-to-plan for the… oh wait we don’t have a name yet, something to do while we waited. What would you call a team of superheroes, actually unorganised superheroes and yeah unexspeierenced not much was going for us.
Then in an instant the main window of the penthouse shattered and crumbled, glass falling like shining raindrops. The wind blew through me, a helicopter hovered, and I simply stood and stared but was soon joined by Roz and Scott. We then all looked each other with clueless eyes and shapeless shivers. We had no idea what to do, and then we saw him, a man in white. He was different though a shorter more large gentle men but the same annoying grin and slick haircut. Being slicked back with gel, like a 1980’s lover boy. He however had a perfectly shave beard, I then knew who it was and Rory’s cries confirmed it. “Wilko leave us be, I don’t want to kill you!” then Scott went “how's that still lying with your fat bum on board mate” which wasn’t helpful. He laughed to himself sarcastically, we were in trouble here I could feel it in my veins. All men boil at different degrees, I had remained calm. As long as Scott and Rory had there fists clenched there was o way they could think clearly.
Wilko stumbled nearing the wide-open exit of the helicopter. Guards surrounded him. The normal black clothed with big guns. Were they about to shoot us, blow us up well of course not Wilko was clever and sly. He then stated. “Rory my son, your dad told me where you are, we now have Martin well we call him Dextrous now much more effective name, so you join us, or I have them all killed Fade Away (Joe) Shooting Star (Lewis, waterlas and now your clever friend Dextrous, so what’s it going to be my little friend?” Scott then felt the need again to but in with a funny but badly timed one liner “I’m impressed, I’ve never met such a small mind inside such a big head before.” He sniggered sarcastically to himself, I knew he had more to try and make us go with him. Back to the prison, I was staying quiet but I was enraged, I just didn’t know what to say. I never stepped up to the mark; I guess I was weak in comparison to them. Not a hero compared to them. Then the mood was about to take a dramatic swing, new lines had been drawn, and may the battle commence.
Wilko was tugging at heartstrings; the guards viciously pulled two girls from the front of the helicopter, one was Cassandra the radiant blonde I knew had a thing for Rory but wasn’t sure how he felt for her, he was always on the pull twenty four seven so I was unsure. The other girl I didn’t recognise at first. She had short brown hair, dressed in a blazer shirt and a decently length skirt unlike Cassandra’s which was half way up her thigh, obviously not floating her stuff around for the lads, I guessed correctly she was connected to Scott. I saw lines of frustration burst out his forehead. I never thought would ever see Scott care for anyone so much. Advantage Wilko. “I think its time to get on board gentlemen”. Rory stared him down “HA we were not born yesterday you fat oaf that’s your own niece, you wouldn’t kill her.” Deuce. “Ah you got me you clever sod but guess what poor little Abbey isn’t related to me at all so unlucky gentlemen. Then n a second of evilness they pushed her sending her towards certain death below. We were 100ft or more high. Then out of the blue Scott charged towards the now glass free window from thanks to Wilko’s arrival. He leaped with all his might, without fear, without thought, my friend was still alive after all with more bravery then I ever expected. What would happen next? Would Scott be able to survive and save he? Could we get away?

I always knew there was room for love; you just have to move a few things around. It takes a couple seconds to say Hello, but forever to say Goodbye and I was simply not ready to say goodbye, not before I told her I how felt. Watching her getting thrown out of that helicopter made it go ping in my head. There was no way I was letting the little penguin impersonator because of his little waddle. No way was he going to get one over on me, I am Mr Steel man. Hated his guts me, I wanted him dead. I knew the lads wouldn’t agree to it like but it was something I knew would have to be done with or without their approval.
I remember the air was bristly cutting into my face; sediment rebelling off my face and that is when I turned. Into Mr Steal instead of the weak defenceless long Scott, the more powerful stronger version of me. I needed to catch her, I wasn’t sure if I could take the impact but it was worth a try. Why was this simple bar lady causing me to do this, no offense but I’ve known her for ages and it hasn’t stopped me floating round women like different isles in a shop. So many kinds to pick from. Also I always thought Better belly burst than good liquor is lost not exactly the words of a man in love but why else would I risk my life, she meant nothing or did she. All these thought went through me head it was proper confusing is! The sounds of the cars below were dreadful, I love quiet me, a lovely smooth piece of Jazz does it for me but honk, honk just boiled me right up over the edge.
I was getting closer; we were heading straight for the desert of concrete. I screamed grab my hand. She held out her little stubby hands, never noticed how chubby they were. I pulled her close to my chest, I felt her heart close to mine, it made me feel, well happy but before I could properly think I crashed into the floor. The noise way unbelievable. Te steal mad me quite a lot heavier, so added to the distant I fell the damage to the road was massive and the unlucky taxi I fell on. I may be stealing, but it hurt like lying on a bed of extremely sharp nails. We luckily had just hit the backend of a taxi. just taking the bumper off, very lucky guy. Good job it wasn’t the gridlocked rush hour, actually to be honest I had saved Abbey that’s all that mattered, she mad e a mean cup of tea. Then a squawky little voice “ooh you mess on me once make me angry, mess on me twice, get ready for an ass kicking”. I had saved her, now my friends needed help; I stood up in the gigantic crater, steep all around. It was some impact I had created. I wondered to myself, what should I do now? I was never very good at planning ahead. Howay everyone loves me banter because I make it that quick like a ninja with lightening reflexes, so cool.

Scott rifled into the floor. Collided with an almighty crash. An extraordinary sound echoing between the tall skyscrapers filled my ears. A massive cloud of dust arose. I didn’t know whether he was okay. Had he saved her? Is he hurt? I as worried about him, not sure why he had become a monster, only glimpses of the friend I held dear once upon a time. Rory sniggered confidently “hmmmmm, game over Wilko”. Then an outburst of laughter from everyone par Cassandra flourished out, this was trouble. “Game over? Really thought you were clever well let’s says both your Dad are well and truly tied up at the minute, thanks to our inside agent no to her then Mr Robert Morris…tell your Dad thanks Rory.” I exploded. Anger filled my body and mind. Heat filled my blood, steam literally coming out my ears. I couldn’t lose my Dad, not this way. I had already come close to losing him. He was my only family. I could tell Rory was in shock, this had rocked his world. I knew he loved his father but it was more than that, the respect he had for his father was immense, it was truly unbelievable like something I have never felt and probably will not in my lifetime.
I knew to be a best friend I needed to share the good times with him and help Rory out by stepping up and acting during the bad times. Anger fogged my mind but I had to do it, for Rory, for my Dad but most of all but before I acted it suddenly happened.
A glimpse of yellow, a stripe of black, flying up at an astronomical speed like a rocket taking off at full powers, boosters alight! It was dead not o smash into the helicopter smashing it into pieces, sending the people aboard for certain death, including my Dad! It was a moment I had to act especially because Rory did not; I think he was still shocked. What was Scott doing he was such an idiot, we didn’t need publicity and that is what destroying that helicopter would bring loads of publicity we did not need, life was already pretty hectic. I wanted a normal life doing a normal job with a loving family; all the commotion was not doing it for me. I was living the life of literally one million people. I was sick of it. I then with all this built up fury with a fist of flames fired a beam of extraordinary temperature exploding the car into ash, which descended upon the people who stood far below gazing up at proceedings, this spelt t-r-o-u-b-l-e. I saw the flashes of cameras, life was about to get worse, but in that instant Roz snapped out of it and back into action Grabbing his sniper, and attaching his scope prepared to shoot, I screamed no don’t kill! He never answered and then he shot three times bang…bang…bang. He looked at me and winked “cameras eliminated” I was grateful but yeah this New York cameras everywhere there was no way we got away with a stunt like that. I tickled Rory’s back, it had a secret meaning and said yes lets give ourselves up we need to, to keep them safe”. Rory turned to Wilko and admitted defeat they hovered a lot closer and we climbed aboard. Time to put my new plan into action; we would have to hook up with Scott later. Punishment for nearly killing my Dad, so I guess it was fair.
We were pulled aboard violently and checked/ searched violently they seemed pretty intense on making sure Roz wasn’t armed; persuasive piece was called that for a reason. A big search but Ro was clever as they were about tot find out. We were sat strapped in, Cassandra and my Father sat opposite, and my Dad still looked unwell Pale with deep red bloodshot eyes. I asked him if he was okay but his condition had worsened so he simply shook his head and looked down in a disgraceful. He had always been such a stronger powerful man so to be in such discontent and weak state. It saddened me. It slowed down my heartbeat as if him and me were somehow connected even more so then 23 chromosomes he passed through to me seventeen years back down the line. Wilko stood up above us like the big cheese as if he was the top dog, like he had won…ha had he hell. We of been a man down but I knew Roz would still have his head in the game, if I knew him right and or once I judged a friend correct, the attack was imminent.
Wilko then sniggered “He’s missed you a lot, the guy you keep seeing in the white suit, he misses you Jamie he way a amazing part of his collection and Roz well you will prove a fine addition”. We were now lying over the rough Pacific Ocean as we left the beautiful shoreline. Waves flung themselves upwards as if they were dragging us in, dragging us toward the dastardly Davey Jones locker, the hell of the seas. Didn’t fancy it, not the hell it would just be unbelievably cold, icy chills all over, we were still in our pyjamas to! And then I realised Roz, Roz had his boots on. Knowing him he would have a couple of aces ready to play. I noticed something shine in Roz hand then like that his ropes slackened. Here we go lets get ready to rumble. He did one quick and swift violent stamp and an arrow sharp blade appeared out the toe, ready to shed some skin.
He looked at me and nodded, I returned the gesture but really I had no idea what I was doing, absolutely clueless. He kicked out at the guard with the blade entering the back of his ankle making bones crack, ligaments to snap. Blood flowed out onto the floor but before he could let out a scream, Rory grabbed the gun out of his belt. HE raised it quickly firing the bullet straight into his brain killing the guard stone dead, collapsed on the floor in a heap. He then raised the gun shooting down another two. Straight in the head, piercing through there skulls killing them instantly can’t say painless fortunately never had a bullet hit me anywhere fortunately for my health.
Two more guards entered the cabin but now Rory had two guns as he had rolled and grabbed one of the deceased guards gun and fired the guns parallel at the same time taking them out before they had even caught a glimpse of us, amazing shooting from persuasive piece. He turned to us “I am going for that fat moron wait here he ran through the door with such great enthusiasm, he hade view to a kill on his mind. “Cassandra screamed no don’t!” don’t know how she could still love her uncle he was such a devious swine. I heard a gasp of frustration Rory ran back in immediately cut my ropes. He wasn’t so enthusiastic about cutting Cassandra’s; the trust between them had obviously faltered as of late. There seemed to be some tension. Something must of happened between them, not the time to ask questions. He looked me square in the eye “Don’t want to alarm you mate but Wilko has gone and the pilot to, so where in a bit of a sticky situation.” I was getting sick of these situation just wanted to be in bed updating the Facebook status and having a glass of milk with a good old jammy dodger. Good old quiet boring times. A instantly ran over to my dad and cut his ropes, his sole seemed to be depleting.
He was weak, look as if he was in a windless sleep heading towards the light but there was still a pulse we needed to get him to a hospital, he needed help. Helicopter plus no pilot equalled problem though. Things got worse. Roz had disappeared for a bit then came back in an almighty rush “time to jump Jamie this thing is going to how do I say it BLOW UP!!!” My Das was in no state to jump into those icy seas but there was no time he had even finally freed Cassandra who had a dark and frightening scowl on her face she didn’t seem impressed. I didn’t even want to know what had happened between them. There was no time had to jump, I ad my Dad in my arms, Roz jumped followed by Cassandra, I paused then jumped heading at height speed towards the rough and freezing water below. Then what?

I thought life was looking u man, me and the boys saving the world together. That imbecile just won’t leave me alone what on earth had Scott done to boil his blood so much! He obviously doesn’t like me either cannot handle the Roz am way to whets the word mint I guess. He needs some new guards there undertrained morons who always get a cap in their skull for their trouble, way to easy man. Locking the controls to that helicopter was sneaky like. Icon tells you one thing Cassandra was ticked off. Maybe I should have told her I was leaving Tokyo? Well I am not used to being with people creeps me out, used to riding solo or with my boys.
I was always suspicious of my Dad but thought he was just doing all he needed to do to be a proper hero like the one in the story’s he told me. Every day, every night they were part of my life. What was I to him a son or pawn in his bid to win power, maybe the fog had been lifted from my eyes, maybe was seeing clearly or maybe Wilko had just clouded my judgement. Maybe my Dad was not the hero of the story, maybe he was in fact the villain, I needed to fid him to get the facts, it was killing me not knowing, I am a curious lad all the time always want to know what is going on.
Cassandra looked nice, not the time to be throwing out the chat up lines. I wasn’t sure how I felt unsure, I felt a great silence I was never silent, always had something. As we went to jump I grabbed her by the hand, she made me feel safe, it felt strange.

Felt cool being a hero like. Give me a buzz better then nay drugs you can smoke or sniff. I thought might as well finish off the job takes out the whirlybird saving me two buds. So I picked up that unconfident taxi driver and using my amazing Iron strength launched it full pelt up in the air, was going to definitely be a direct hit.
Then Jamie blew it out of the Sky what was the crack up there, stuff must be going down, I’ll have to get back up there and quick. I went to Abby I’ll be backing soon I have got to help, but as I ran she grabbed my strong metallic steal hand. And jumped up and kissed me upon my iron lips. How could she find that attractive. It was just metal, like the tinman In the Wizard of Oz but obviously a lot cooler with bigger guns. Abbey was a beauty though, I would, maybe we could be something, and if she cared about me after knowing all the bad stuff I had done in Tokyo over the last two months. She was some student I met in a bar, was always about work, this was the first time she had seen me as my steel self, most judge me or fear me se did not. It was odd like.
Then I staring change of events, they simply got into the helicopter, some serious stuff was going down. I needed to chase them down! I couldn’t drive, needed some help. That taxi driver was screaming in my ear “you sleep in my car in Tokyo, I come to help you, you throw y car away, whets with that?” this little Chinese guy was someone with the sought of voice which drives you right round the bend
We needed to get on the tail of that whirlybird so I ran ever to a red Ford and ripped the door off and through the driver out and screamed at the top of my voice “Okay you little Chinese/Japanese whatever you are get in this car and chase that car. I jumped into the passenger seat with him surprisingly doing what insisted. “You’re mad, I like that”. Abbey got in to and I was like whoa! Get out this is too dangerous and she simply shrugged her shoulders, usually I wouldn’t care but something inside of me wanted her to be all right like. I really think I was starting to like her from then. We were racing through the streets of Manhattan, trying to keep my eyes on the ever-rising whirlybird, why are they so fast? Dam technology all I would need sis my brute strength if isn’t for it, be a god among men. He may be annoying, but the man can drive accelerating like a formula one racing car. He was making this bucket of bolts really move. He pulled into a one-way street it was amazing avoiding and swerving round every car; he was a man on a mission. We reached the coastline of the island however managed to swing round a couple of corners reaching a bridge taking us towards the edge of the island. We seemed trapped the whirlybird was on course for Europe. I was stumped…he had got away with my friends.

We plunged into the water, subsiding beneath the surface. The sound of a fierce explosion battered the foggy air; the helicopter fell like a ton of bricks iced with a thick layer of smoggy smoke. It was a good job we weren’t on that thing. It fell like the express train on route to its destination. We were trapped like a rat in a trap; land only a minor speckle in the far distance. The water was bitter. The waves were choppy. I still had my Dad held closely to me, I would not let him go. He was my Dad the person I turn to in a time of need, my shining light. I could not see Ro or Cassandra, it felt as if we were on our own, a personal battle for survival.
My Dads eyes were dimming, his sole was fading. I was losing him, not again I couldn’t lose him again. I needed him even if eh did not need me. My burning desire to save him then started something magicful. The arctic feeling which numbed my body was evaporated, the feeling of heat wrapped my body in a coating of power I could not imagine. My powers were becoming more extraordinary from day to day of when here active but this I never imagined, it was truly mind bowing, My fists started to tingle, before exploding into forceful infernos. “ I shouted “Hold on Dad” his eyes closed, with the last of his strength he gripped hi once strong arms around my waist, calling upon the strength he once had.
I had always dreamed of flying, but this was amazing. We came out the water with great power. I did not sure what I was doing but what I was doing felt marvellous. I twisted my fists to head to wards the land; we curved swiftly then started to accelerate at a rapid pace. The wind blew through my hair and his. I had managed to shift my Dad onto my back. The speed was tremendous, but how do I slow down. I was just getting faster and faster, the land was coming out of the distance and becoming more significant. We were heading back to American soil. It was arguably a good thing or not? I missed my home; I then wondered whatever happened to the dog? So many things I left behind. They were now a distant memory of past I have now well and truly left far behind in a bewildered past. My Dads grip was loosening, not just on my back but life, he needed care somewhere he could be safe. I needed to hustle. We were getting close but I felt my power draining, the flames within me had become exhausted. I was well and truly drained physically; I tried to push myself, to go s far as I could. I came crashing down scraping along the ground. I was in severe pain. I had held my Dad above sacrificing myself to the throbbing soreness.
The gruelling eyes of people around were all over me. I felt they were judging me, like I was different. People were scared to help me, nobody stepped up. People even took a step back. It was disgraceful. They just simply stood leaving me to scream in excruciating pain. Then out of the crowd came something I did not want to see… the fuzz, yet I could not move. I was completely trapped. My back was scraped and cut, blood filtering through the cracks onto the dry solid pavement. The stinging was immense like somebody trampling right over my back in steep high heals. Never-ending torture.
The police surrounded me. Only one dared edge closer and he did it very nervously. Did they fear me? I was unsure. He was mid forty’s with a big hairy tash dominating his upper lip with wide framed glasses covering the majority of his face. A typical American cop. Gun in hand but I doubt he would shoot as his arms shook. Was he a coward? No I just do not think he would shoot, one of them nice family guy looking for justice not blood. Yet I could not drag out even on miniscule word from the deep underside foundations of my lungs. His eyes squinted as he stared at me, wondering what he should do. Another member of the police force went “Peely shoot the freak, he nearly killed all them innocent citizens” he then looked between me and the other officer. The other office was skinny lean, with an excuse for a moustache and a quickly receding hairline; he was much younger lacking experience to judge a situation. My life was in his hands, but it could as quickly be taken away from him. It is truly amazing how event can turn in a matter of seconds. A car engine roared venomously, it approached quickly, there was no stopping it as it began to get louder, louder and even louder.
The police officer dived out the way, Peel crashed to the floor with a bang but he seemed okay. The other guy looked in a bit of pain, so he should the judging dim-witted chap. The window scraped down making an excruciating crackling noise. Then a face I did not expect, the Chinese taxi driver with white-framed sunglasses with a significantly smoky cigarette hanging from his bottom lip “you want to mess on my friend, you make grave, grave mistake my friends”. He pulled out a machine gun and laughed hysterically. The cocky slim police office then said confidently “there is only one of you and seven of us!” The door swung off its hinges and smashed down into the deep blue sea. A powerful figure emerged; the powerful figure was Scott in his astoundingly striking steel form. It left everyone around jaw dropped. Dad and me were currently still left on the floor in pain though we had no time for this action movie like scene. “Fat Americans…such spuds, step away from my friends right now! Or you will feel the consequences mate.” Peel was very quiet; he seemed stunned there was more of us F-R-E-A-K-S as they were calling us. The skinny one raised is gun, prepared to shoot. Scott was quick to act connected his solid steel fist disintegrating the pavement into a mini earthquake sending all the officers to the floor, some even stupidly slipped over the railings and into he sea below. They had been disarmed without violence so I guess Scott was learning, slowly.
We all climbed into the car I put my Dad in the front and scrambled into the back with Abbey and Scott. They seemed to be getting close, could feel the love in the air but what was the little Taxi driver from Japan doing here in New York City? Stalking us maybe or was there a greater reason. He did seem very fascinated in me especially, a very odd character. I was suspicious of him but the majority was on getting my Dad to a hospital as soon as possible. I was losing him. He was a very over enthusiastic driver skidding round every corner like it was the final bend in a championship race. He had the radio right up, with a base strong enough to shake the world. It was like being in a club at the height of the night when the dance floor comes to life. Scott leant forward slowly and cautiously making sure we didn’t all a sudden crash and he flew straight through the window from his mental driving. “Why are you here mate, thanks and all but why follow us to New York”. He just laughed and shouted “Ah Steeeeely boy always so full of questions, when we get to hideout reveal all my secrets!” We never got the chance to ask him anymore. A bullet flew at expeditious speed and§ unbelievable accuracy ending the life of our new friend spreading his blood all over my Dad. The Car swerved dramatically before smashing straight into a skyscraper denting the front significantly.
The seatbelt jerked hurting my chest but at first we all seemed in tact. Then my world was about to blown, a battle had been lost. The car great speed had caused a high momentous impact. Cushing the car and what was left of my father’s life. Blood dripping down his face, it blew me away. Tears ran down my face, screamed in repulsive horror. The car alarm was ear splittingly loud and very repetitive drawing unwanted attention. The police again and this time better prepared. Scott looked up for a considerably difficult fight but is was in no mental state for one, I told him “lets just give up, we can always escape later, and we need to get our bearings”. He surprisingly decided to agree. I really couldn’t breath, he had raised me, made me into the young man I have become. I think he would be proud of me. It was Peel, who looked at us in a very odd sort of way, confused even. He knew we could escape if we wanted. He knew of our vast power. There was that other guy to, Clarke he was called. A sly rat like character with brown freckles dominating his face. Over enthusiastic about his job, he was probably just a junior. We were shoved in the back of a cop car viciously with all three of us in the back and unsurprisingly Peel and Clarke would be our hosts for the trip down town. A journey I was not used to, I had usually stayed out of trouble but Scott new it too well from back home. The key entered the car, the exhaust growled and we pulled away, they had assured me they would take care of my father’s body appropriately and for some reason I trusted them. Clarke turned to us “Where going to lock you away and for good!”

The water was absolutely bitter. It was not cool. I hate it to be honest. Couldn’t give anything away, didn’t want to look soft in front of the bird if you know what I mean. That copter blew into as many pieces as a jigsaw puzzle, surprised none hit us. Would have ruined my beautiful face… eh. Cassandra always looked much better when she was wet flopping that long blonde hair about.
She looked into my eyes and I shared her fear, it was like we were connected emotionally but I couldn’t be in love. I am the Roz and I ride solo me with my long dark brown hair and my ridiculously hair chest. That night we spent together was however always on my mind. Usually I barely remember the girls name getting myself about for the lads. She it’s speak when we were in the water just hung to me tightly like I was her world her life ad she was not letting go. Probably more to with the fact she could not swim. She was ice cold and shivering, I needed to help her…
We had a tiny problem though, we were stuck in the middle of this ocean and there was no sight of Jam and his Dad. We needed a little assistance, as even I am not mint enough to get out this sticky situation by my own means. I had her in one arm, brought my hand up out that sub-zero water and open my wristband to communicate with Martin “Martin need a little assistance ring the lifeguard. Quick as you no it the boat arrived but their no sine of my mates, I never actually saw them get off the copter. I needed a plan of action and quick. The police would have all our stuff from the hotel. We needed it back to keep us safe when negotiating with our old mates, extremely dangerous chaps nowadays. Things were never simple when it came to me, I was sick of it, maybe no plan would be better because they never work some dense person steps n the way of them succeeding. We were back on dry land though so it was time to get to work.

The light was dim, probably them stupid energy efficient light bulbs. It made the hospitality at that super gifted prison look luxurious hotel on the coast of Dubai. The smell was atrocious and reminded me of the sick smell of rotting fish guts. It was the exact sort of cell I predicted that imbecile Clarke would take us to. Abbey and me sat quietly on a bench while Scott strolled back and forth anxiously. He liked everything his own way so this was not the sort of place he deemed appropriate for a guy like himself. He scratched his skin; there was a lot of thinking going on in his brain. It was good to see he was for once.
He turned to me and asked quite politely “Jamie mate why did we give ourselves up” and I stood up and just said “basically Scott we are in a heap of trouble, we needed to get our heads together”. He laughed “Jamie where stuck in a trampy cell…not really getting things together is it pal and who is that Chinese guy why did he follow us here?” To that question there was no answer because I did not know but he did seem heavily interested in me from that taxi ride after that night at the Taro Okamato Memorial Museum which resulted in that museum having a great loss of trade as most of their exhibits now have moved beyond existence due to the fire I caused, I would need to pay them back some day. A tension filled silence was now dominated proceedings. Then Abbey looked up with her short brown hair still somehow looking neatly, wouldn’t think she fell of a 100-foot plus skyscraper only a hour or two ago.
She pulled out some machine “Mr Henderson I kind of grabbed a hold of that guys Sat-Nav before we vacated the car”. The great deal of thinking had obviously wore him out as he looked puzzled “and that helps how Abbey you silly girl?” Where had the love gone, he had became quite aggressive but guess that just Scott one minute a little angel the next minute a servant of the devil. An unusual guy but I loved him either way. It was my time to but “think about it Scotty, we know where has been lately it might give us the answers where looking for”. He had a overconfident smirk on his face “but we changed cars remember I launched that bad boy at the whirlybird!” I thought he was right but Abbey had an ace to play, a winning manoeuvre. “Excuse me boss that would be correct, but I removed this from his pocket not the car”. He ran over kissed her on the forehead and went “your extraordinary Abbey”. Shows how quickly things can change. The angel in Scott was coming out; I knew he had a thing for her straight away it was like him and Faye all over again, little of that mentioned the better. I knew him like the back of my hand.
There were no windows we were completely conserved, trapped. Well I would say that if we were still ordinary humans but our powers meant we were only trapped as long as we deemed necessary. We were in no rush to be honest, trying to work out how that contraption worked. I heard a beeping on the wall. It began speeding up, I then realised it’s a bomb and before it blew we all dived t the floor. The wall came crumbling down. A figure I knew a long black leather coat with a clean polished steel mask, Persuasive piece was back. A big machine gun in hand with smoke dribbling out the top, he had definitely been busy.
He looked at us and nodded his head and said “lad’s… lets get our stuff and get the hell out of this god forsaken place and back on track” in a confident tone, he definitely enjoyed this, I rather just be at home watching TV. He envied this lifestyle I could tell. We walked out to see police guards scrambled in a heap on the floor, I looked up at Roz in shock before he reassured us “ there just knock out dart’s, no bullets for the police lads, I am the Roz not Scott” Scott snapped back “shut up you I could of killed them all you little freak”. I then jumped in “where on the same time so why don’t you both just shut up” before Abbey then added “Mr Henderson is the bigger man say nothing”. Then I knew she cared about him. Love was a magicful thing, it was electric and it was by no shadow of the doubt it was present in the instant. I was extraordinarily happy for him. We climbed through the rubble and into the corridor and followed Roz around to where we needed to go; it was like a maze I am surprised the police don’t get lost when roaming about the building. Police were running about but being persuasive piece he picked them off easily sending them to the floor, they were still in an annoying place never the less having to hop over them as we ran. It felt like the walls were closing in, like we would die if we didn’t pick up the pace.
We reached the room and there it was the Pyro Flame costume and the Mr Steal one looking as mint as ever. “Roz then went “Lads lets get kitted up and get out of here.” We got ready in record speed. Scott wore His black leather pants, his deep purple then his spandex top, which had a deathly black S, embodied into it. He had a helmet, which was the same deep purple and it was so heavy like trying t lift a car. It had a black visor hiding his identity. I was almost ready I was once again wearing my Black leather suit with its red flames laterally down the side. The amazing black boots with its devilish red soul and red straps. I lifted the sunglasses examined them picking out the million cool things about them then put them on.
We turned round. We had sent Abbey out with Roz when we got ready but then something I did not expect. The girl on the roof who I had suspected to be Cassandra was indeed Abbey. She looked at us and went “well I always like to keep a change of clothes or every occasion. Scott was jaw-dropped “was it in shock that she was in the same profession or how attractive she was in a full green leather suit with deep purple stripes across the arms with a blindfold like mask, which had again the deep purple frames with a gardenias green centre. “Yeah sorry Scott she was my spy mate, we were at war”. Scott being Scott didn’t take it well, he felt seriously betrayed. He went “Okay lets get out of here then” and walked straight past us while I asked her what power she had. She shot green vines out her wrist, they were amazing, strong to butt here was no time to ask her how she got her powers we had to get out before we gained any more attention. Our numbers were growing by the day. Hopefully three more soon when we get to Dan, David and Cory. We were like a squad now. Scott carried the bags packed to the brim with guns and ammunition, as he was undoubtedly the strongest in his steal form. Roz then told us “Abbey give me that sat-nav and I have sent all the information to Martin he will narrow it down and send Cassandra the exact location.
Plenty police tried to step in our way but did they ever stand a chance? Probably not with our wide range of power we took any individual who stepped in our path out instinctively. Rory’s bulleted knocking them back, Scott strength sending them flying, my fire blocking there path and Abbey vines squeezing them until the passed out. They had no chance of getting us. We were indeed invincible. The supreme team. We were just getting into reception when I saw that Clarke fellow and Scoot didn’t hesitate hooking him straight into the wall with his almighty potency. Peel just stood and watched, he was sensible knew he was no match for us. Then as we approached the door there was a blaring boom and a car hit straight off Scott reflecting back out leaving not even a scratch. That was some hard steel he had there, it was definitely impenetrable.
We froze as the cloud of dust rose from the crumbled door two figures appeared in grey fitted suits. One very big, full of muscle a body like Arny Schwarzenegger. It was Cory with a new hairstyle, Spiky blonde hair, actually more white like the fur coat a polar bear. Then David looking not that much different with his long brown hair was cut to the left with a wearing however I think it was now real diamond rather then cheap plastic one which replicated the expensive stone. Cory went “Bonjour amigos” thinking he was cool obviously not realising half it was reach the other Spanish but whey we had found our mates. David then went ”Oi-oiiiiiiiii boys and oh hello looking at Abbey”. Scott then stepped forward “step off David or I will kill you!’ Great way to start the meeting between us…not! David then replied, “Shut up metal head”. I once again played the role of peacemaker stepping between them and telling them to calm down. Cory then stepped up “right are you creeps going to argue all day or get out of here, get outside put the bags In the back of the hummer and lets get out of here. Everybody listened I couldn’t help to hug Cory as we left I whispered in his ear “it’s good to see the Cory I loved back mate” he then stopped me “I regret that day Jam I will tell you more later but this…this is not the place to do it.”
We hurried on. Cory scrambled quickly; even with the extra bulk of muscle he could move quickly like his good old football days. He was an extremely good player with a first touch, which could dazzle even the best. I scrambled into the back with Scott, Abbey and Roz and even in a massive car it was a tight squeeze especially with Scott being so big when he was expanded. Cory put his CD on highway to hell by ACDC full blast; this was going to be an enjoyable experience. Cory always was an enthusiastic driver treating a normal road like a rally track putting his full aggression into the corners. Least we would be safe in the large tough beefy car, which reminisced its driver in that sense, being physically powerful. I thought the Japanese driver was fast; Cory was in a complete other league. The sound of sirens distanced, they were not caching us especially as he clicked the red button and flames exploded out the back, an extreme turbo as you could barely catch your breath. It was time to leave New York in search of a safe place, somewhere to talk about our options and tell David and Cory the plan. Where was Dan? That question filled my mind but thought it best to let Cory concentrate on the driving.
The song changed Beat It by Michael Jackson, definitely a homemade CD by Cory himself. Everyone was tired; there was little chat just loud music and the open road to entertain us. A long journey to freedom began… somewhere to get all the fact established and make plans, some people may have forgot but I remember we still have friends trapped. Waterlas to, I may of come across some smoking hot girls but none compared to her she was perfect in every single way even down to the finest detail, even if she like Joe that didn’t change the way I felt. I had already lost my Dad I could not lose someone else I love. The pain would overcome me.

This prison is making me rather fashed; I have not missed these dire white walls. He seems to have plated the walls to block our powers. We are not gannin anywhere for a while. I am hoping he might giveaway sometime soon; give us a tiny chance of escaping. Not sure what’s happening. I thought Jamie would be angry, I knew he liked her. What was I doing! Doubt he’d bother trying to save us. Lew won’t talk to me, proper gone off on one. She won’t stop crying, not sure why, I don’t want to ask. Haroon just sits and stares hoping to find an exit, but we know there is none. The light bulb flickered and popped. Darkness everywhere.
The man in the white suit only had one thing to say “that was easy punks, and Pyro Flame it won’t be long before he is back with us”. So don’t get to comfortable. Days passed and I began thinking about me missus, she must be so worried and all I have done is throwing myself about, I can’t believe how stupid I am. The food here is awful to, just get some paste thing, I wouldn’t usually eat it but I am starving.
Then as Lew and Waterlas were sleeping everything changed the door opened, the brightness hurt my eyes. There he was someone I trusted, and then he turned on us a giant icicle formed in his hand far sharper then a knife. I feared for my life…

The house is absolutely amazing, walls of glistening glass. Shiny black leather sofas beautifully polished wooden coffee tables. Darts, pools, big TV’s all added up to being one great place but there was no time to enjoy it. My friends needed my help and that was the only thing on my mind. Soon as we got there Scott and Abbey went off by themselves, probably to talk and then well what happens next is none of my business although I will probably ask him later. Curiosity gets the better of me.
I sat very sociably like that night about six months ago instead of a fire a coffee table filled with our drinks. Strongbow Cider oh how I have missed ye. Cory and David sat opposite me, Rory in his own chair with his feet up just like the good old days. “So Jamie what’s happened last time we saw you, you were walking alone in a wet woodland area”. There was so much to tell so I thought I better get started. “It’s like this Coz, you remember the man in the white sit yeah? Well he managed to catch Joe, Lew and Joe can teleport but me so we managed to escape but now they’re captured again, and that’s how I got reunited with Roz. Scott has been dealing drugs ad things getting in trouble with the Triads. The triads have been working with the man in the white suit and tried to get us hours ago in New York… so basically we need your help to save them and stop this guy from doing any more damage.”
Cory turned to David; they started whispering to each other, and by this point Roz were asleep. He’d had a hard day I don’t blame him, all that rubbish about his father, well I hope it was rubbish. David stood up “I’m off to bed but Jamie count me in and by the way I found out my power... but I’ll leave it to be a surprise.
Cory sat up straight staring at me like a hawk “Jamie that day in the forest, I was scared and kind of drunk on power but I no its no excuse…me and Dave we have changed but I need to tell you something, something you might not like” I edged him to go on comforting him he was an emotional wreck. “Dan… he wasn’t scared or drunk on the power has actually gone insane we thought it would be fun robbing some banks and that, got us this sweet pad but overall it was going to far he wanted power, enjoying every kill more and more… so we left him and he disappeared like that, just a click of the fingers… then that guy turned up but he was not alone, Dan was there”. I jumped in this was extreme change in events “Dan has been captured? Or no he can’t be working for him? Cory looked down in disappointment; it was then I knew the vicious truth. Cory got up “you rooms second on the right. Don’t stay up to late we will need our energy as tomorrow is another day”. I then sat alone apart from a snoring Roz. Everyday brought more of the truth forward and more evidence that my life will never ever be the same. I flicked my fingers and the log fire alit, each spark of ember reminded me of the good times no matter how boring they seem in context. The family days out, even the school days even Mr Lamberts maths lessons was good compared to this and they were good enough to send you into dream world. I wished myself dead but killing myself would have been selfish my friends needed me. I got up wandered… this was a very nice place really kitted out, finding the bar was to great delight needed something stronger then a cider, a scotch on the Rocks would hit the spot, that sweet burning sensation. Makes me feel calm, feel at peace. I quickly drifted off to sleep on that sofa soon after next to the glorious fire.
Then as quick as you like the beaming sun halted my peaceful sleep bringing me back to reality. Also the sound of battering heavy metal may have had a key part to play with its power chords and screaming rubbish. It was coming from the kitchen, the clock had only just struck nine in the morning, could of done with some more sleep. I was so tired, aches and pains shot down my legs and arms. Using my power takes it out of me completely, makes me feel like I am going to faint. I scrambled to my feet and used the energy I had to creep while stumbling towards the kitchen. The sound of singing, Damn Cory why didn’t he stay in bed I knew that voice anywhere. Quite talented but I still wish he would shut up and let me get back to my peaceful sanctuary. Then I got to the door and a breathtaking smell filled the air, it was absolutely delicious divine even. Beautiful succulent bacon filled a tray, most luscious sausages another and so on of all the wonderful things you relate with a British fry up.
I had one word alone and it was “WOW” I was glad to see Cory had taken up a very good hobby since they packed in the crime. He was so happy “Morning Jam butter that toast pal”. It was amazing we just danced around we sang. The positivity in the air was electrifying. It was as if we didn’t have a care in the world about our problems as if life was well…normal. The solo kicked in and our air guitars came out, all the tiredness went away and the forces of fun prevailed, I don’t even like this music yet I enjoyed it. Then an immediate halts Scott in the doorway with his hand on the pause button laughing hysterically. “Ha-ha what are you brain-less boys doing? Then we all laughed, good times. I however knew on the next mission there might be strains put on our friendship if we are forced to choose sides. Dan can be a very sly convincing character when he wants to be but remained hopeful we could show him the errors of his ways. It wasn’t long before everyone up and plan began to come together as we sat round the large glass dining table, which was surrounded by rock stars memorabilia it was like a museum. The lights were bright shying a strong white light from every angle. Prefer chandeliers to dam wall lights.
A loud ear jerking buzz, the doorbell. Well I wasn’t going to move there might have been a large amount of food but with us it was every man for himself. Like a pack of animals when it comes to food us actually probably less civilised. It was that Cassandra, not sure about her to be honest she’s to close to Wilko to have this close in my opinion. Roz seems to trust her, so I should to I guess. Then a better sight, my skinny dark haired friend Martin but he looked pale, he looked very unwell. As he entered it was like England winning the world cup everyone out of his or her seats in an instinct. Gentlemen my research signifies we did not expand our capable abilities due to the evening at the lake, it was indeed preserved inside of us waiting to be unleashes”. He spoke with no emotion just like that day at the lake. Everybody took a step back in fear I think this didn’t seem possible. I thought where is the evidence for such a ridiculous claim. I could tell everybody else even Roz thought the same. Then Cassandra added another piece t the puzzle,” what he says, is erm correct I found these pictures at the Japanese gentlemen’s apartment with some very old books”? There were twenty symbols ten for boys, ten for girls.
Hoarfrost- Daniel
Vigor- Cory
Marine- David
Precision- Rory
Fortify- Scott
Intellect- Martin
Shock- Electrobe
Swift- Lewis
Evaporate- Joe
Multiply- Unknown
Invisibility- Unknown
Convert- Unknown
Flutter- Unknown
Detonate- Unknown
Vegetation- Abbey
Aqua- Waterlas
Gale- Unknown
Soar -Unknown
Prospect- Unknown
We The tale told that if one of the twenty tried to gain maximum power and rule the world you would need all nineteen to return peace a prosperity to Earth. It was all-confusing stuff just little pictures but Martin being “”Intellect” quickly worked it out” one thing he didn’t know. Why we had the powers and another thing we had no idea where the rest of the team were. We had no time and Roz said it perfectly” guys this is a stupid story our friends need our help man so its time to stop listening to fantasy and get to that base we have located and save them! It seemed our only option. The tale also told that one day a greater evil would rise and we would need to unite to defeat it but was only going on the stuff I could understand as Martin spoke so scientifically with terms I did not understand at all.
Roz turned back to Cassandra “Call Josep Bartoni he is the best pilot in the business get him here as soon as possible!” His name sounded like a gangster out an old American movie but I guessed I shouldn’t judge Roz seemed confident. It was time to prepare; a fight was about to begin. I prepared by having a steaming hot bubble bath myself, calm myself down and on an other not its good for your skin too. I just lay and think, do we have followers like the Japanese bloke. Are we some sort of religious prophecy, which has been around for years? Did someone in my family have these powers? My Dad? All these curious questions wouldn’t go leave my trail of thought would not leave my mind. Steam clogged our room sweat dripped from my chin I was at peace then a massive shout of my name JAMIE! It was time to get ready, it was time to fly, and it was time to get my friends back once and for all.

The planes engines started powerfully, you could feel the sheer force of it from your seat and they were extra padding. I had my sunglasses on, the Pyro Flame suit which looked cool but it was a bit tight round the crotch, bit uncomfortable. The pilot Bartoni didn’t just sound like a Russian gangster he looked like one to the sneaky smile, the perfectly formed moustache with dark framed sunglasses hiding his eyes. He was a strange mysterious person but if he were the best we would have to deal with it. I was sat next to the isle, quicker to get to the toilet and I never so the interest people had with the window all you can see am blue, blue and bluer. I had butterfly flying around my stomach, I expected the security to be top stuff and to be honest I wasn’t confident In using my powers and I bet I wasn’t the only one Abbey looked scared but she’s a girl at even David someone usually so confident was showing signs of fear having a tight grip of the arm of the chair like he would never let go.
We each had a mike and headphone connecting us to each other but more importantly back to Martin who had took up a command post waiting for us to hack the security camera network on arrival. Oh and David and Cory had made there own costumes from there biking gear, yes they had picked up lot of hobbies with that bank money. Cory Wore tight leather shorts and had Yellow boots with a black vest, which stuck to him like glue with his enormous muscles hanging out. He had decided to take his name from the tale so had a massive V on the back standing for Vigor. David was different and had a big jacket but when using his power he would remove it i was guessing and tight wetsuit like trousers with a for Marine. We all looked the part, but in all honesty we don’t know what we were going up against. I knew they had gas so we had got some modern day as masks bit smaller then them bulky world war two ones you see on the old War programmes on TV. The jet was lightening quick and astonishingly smooth, you didn’t even no you were flying.
Time past slowly but so we were finally nearly there. The buzz had gone now everybody was nervous as an awkward silence filled the jet. Nobody knew what to say, our lives were on the line. I had expected Roz to step up he usually did but even he sat glued to his seat. It would have to be me. The once quiet one was now leading the group, oh how times had changed. I got to the front I stood up straight and faced my friends, don’t get me wrong, I was scared. We needed confidence, as believing you can do something gives you a far better chance of succeeding.
I went “guys look at us, we have been blessed with this and now people who we love need us, lets get at it take whatever they throw at us we can take it because together, well together we are stronger then any one daft punk in a white suit. Come on we are a team, the, the Supreme Team and nobody and I mean nobody can stop us from achieving justice, we may just be young but we are wise, we are heroes” They all exploded into a crowd of positivity. My words had worked perfectly; the energy was back the determination to succeed.
It was time for Marine (David) to do his part of the plan. The base was located right on the coast overlooking a steep cliff. It was Marine’s job to dive down and swim and destroy the motor, which powered the place on the sea surface to our knowledge. That would give us time to hook up to the security cameras giving Martin a full view of the complex and them a static filled screen. This was relying on them having a back up motor but such a place with what seemed endless means of technology was bound to have one. The locks on them doors seemed unbreakable, thinking about all this made you realise that this could possibly turn into a suicide mission rather than a rescue. Couldn’t say that if we had any chance everybody had to believe we could do it.
It was the death of the night; the only light came from an even darker place the prison. Then it went out, it was time to land, time to put our plan into action. We lowered dramatically crashing onto the floor with an almighty crash; we were definitely not flying first class. The walls seemed impenetrable, Cory and Scott both tried punching it but this caused little damage to the tough unbreakable outer wall. Rory then came out the plan “boys there is nothing better then the good old Bazooka? Clear the way. “ The wall splintered but did not crumble, what on earth was this thing made of. Then a genius idea Cory picked up Scott and used him as a steel battering ram and that final blow knocked the wall for six sending it into pieces, we were in. I knew Scott big head would come in useful one day. We were then in no mans land the land between the wall and the actual building but there was a catch they expected us. An old face Electrobe but he didn’t look friendly, his pupils were no existent his eyes all white he was at the centre of a line and al there eyes were like that, the man in the white suit must be controlling them, our friends were not part of the line, they must be somewhere in the building. Cory turned to me “Jamie get in there find them we can take this scrawny lot to the cleaners” I turned and began sprinting to the door then turned back “ Coz! Aim for the collars they are usually alright guys, try not to kill them.” He nodded his head the battle against the man in the white suit was about to truly begin and hopefully end this murky night in Japan. The events, which happened soon after nobody, would believe

I was in a corridor, it was thin, and if it ever got bus round here congestion would be an absolute nightmare. I had no idea where I was going, plain w white walls give me little idea where I was or where I was going then al la sudden I broke through two giant doors and there I was the courtyard, the very courtyard I had thought gain Electrobe before we became allies all them months ago. Various cells which one, then I heard a scream, so high pitched that I thought everyone in the world would hear it.
The blood started pumping harder generating the warmth of my power towards its top end; it was waterlas the girl I loved. I got to the doorway, a sorry sight. I lost a friend in that moment or even two. Lewis/ Shooting Star had blood dripping from his lip and a spike spearing through his chest. So sharp, so jagged, a spike of ice. A look of peril filled his eyes. Shooting Star was dead and my friend Lewis was dying, same person maybe but powerful he no longer looked.
The man standing over him, Spiky hair, strong build, to realise his identity hurt me more then the death of my friend. It sickened me beyond belief. Haroon sat shocked Joe stood strong and Waterlas curled up in the corner tears poring from her eyes. I was not going to let him hurt any of them or anyone again, I was willing to break my own rule. He just sniggered and laughed, he had his back to me, and it was about time he knew I was here. I shouted “Joe get them out of here the force field is down”. Dan turned into my flying fist connecting sweetly with his jaw, blood dripped from his lip but he quickly got himself back to a parallel position. “Jamie you were my best friend, please step out of my way, you have no idea of the great power I have, yes me Wintero” and for once it was my turn to laugh, it was time to stop running from my problems so my reply, to balls of combusting fires appeared in my palms. So I guessed my reply to his bold statement was obvious, I was finally going to get my hands dirty although I don’t condemn violence to this day, as much as Scotty loves it.
I went to strike, but before I could he was gone. And a hit to the back of the head took me down to one knee. How? His power was ice, Joes was teleporting. Then I knew it, what this place was for, taking our powers, to make one super human. The wall behind me exploded (they had detonator here), but wait if has outside and just liked hat I heard a massive explosion, like a doesn't nuclear bombs going off at once. He was outside; I had to trust my friends could take him. He then started running round like a shooting star, making it hard to breath. I stamped my feet violently starting off a fiery spark of and eruption sending him crashing through the gap he had made in the wall. He may have been stronger in power but had something he didn’t. Something to fight for, to channel my passion towards. I stepped into the opening, I could not see him, and he had disappeared.
“Rory then said on the mike, watch out they have cloaking devices!” which couldn’t be timed better. I set my glass to if-red but a second to late. His razor sharp spike of dripping ice was in my leg and causing major damage. I was on the floor like a beggar, but I would not beg for mercy, I would not give him that satisfaction. He appeared first a blur, then his full evil self. “Jam, Jam I told you not to mess, I am a super soldier, actually the leader of the super soldiers picked by the man in the white suit to lead a team looking for global control, so give up join us”. I put my heads on the floor, I grabbed his ankle and started to burn him, scolding his leg, put his on equal grounds! One leg only, might as well be a fair fight. He went to kill me with his power but I melted it into a harmless puddle of water as I had that day at the reservoir, then in a instant a fired a beam of fire which collided with his beam of ice, a battle of will.
However he was winning, obviously had trained harder I felt the cool frost air of his power moving towards me, certain death awaited me, a icy grave coming up. Then a friend or something helped me and al la sudden Dan crashed to the floor like he had been shoved; yet I saw nobody. It was like that night in the forest, like had a guardian angel. Protecting me forever and always. Then I saw him, the info red sight on my glasses but only slight as he ventured round the corner but it was a slim figure I knew, Thomas Dunn or Tommy D as I know him, the boy who never turned up, the boy we all presumed dead, the boy we though could not take the transformation however I realised he was the boy who had been the real hero not blown his cover.
He had give ma window of opportunity I needed to take, but yet, I could not do it. I could not kill him although I deeply wanted to. I knew then this was not the life for me surely, the dramatics, the pain, the violence I didn’t want it, I couldn’t lie to myself anymore but I couldn’t just stop D was getting back up. I pulled the ice 1out my leg leaving a nasty wound pouring with blood, I could barely sand I had to dig out all the courage I had. We both found it hard to stand but we had intent, intent to win the fight. Then with one scream of our passion our beams collided again, this time even more violent, the ground shook even began to crack. This was my moment but. I pushed and I pushed but his power was extraordinary I could not hold it. I flew through the air smashing into the outer wall. The wall was undamaged, my back in a world of pain. He walked over confidently. I thought this was the end, a very sharp icicle in his hand. Certain death. “Jamie you were always week always a coward, I never liked you, you absolute…LOSER! Only enough room in this life for winners Jamie.” He raised it eyeing up the kill like a prehistoric predator. Then it was snatched from his hand and drove straight through his back and into his chest killing him instantly. Falling on top of me. I through the body off me and crawled away, the scent of death rotted my nostrels.
I looked up with a great heave, it was Waterlas. Her beautiful was unmistakable. She covered her mouth in shock at what she had done, like me she wasn’t the violent kind even though it was for the great of good. I could tell it rocked her mind. “Waterlas thankyou and i, and i..." is all I could say, I was losing blood and that’s where I blanked out, falling helplessly into a deep sleep, I knew she would offer me protection.

It was an amazing day. A day to make my father proud. Well the father I knew… Persuasive Piece. Not the one Wilko suggested was a traitor. I stood with my friends ready to battle, to put my life on the line for the great of good. Also put my lead to good use. I had Cassandra, but I didn’t know how I felt really so I had nothing to lose really only honour. To go for the kill was my aim the collar ha, these bad boys and girls are dangerous either way. I had some special guns for this. I armed my self then all of a sudden… they were gone and my gun was snatched from my hands and snapped in front of me, maybe I underestimated these morons. It pinged off my steel mask, this accessory was definitely a great addition to my costume or that would of hurt I can tell you that!
There were five of them. Electrobe or whatever Jam called him. He had one shiny head, baldy idiot. There were three babes, one particularly caught my eye, to bad she was trying to kill me and Cassandra may brutally murder me. I lifted my gun, I had changed my mind might as well go for the collar but as I went to shoot, it electrically jumped out of my hand… guess that’s why he’s called Electrobe. One cool power I must admit.
I had my pistols at my boots and I managed to shoot the beautiful red head right in the collar making it crack and fall off. She screamed and curled up in a ball she was so scared, Cory ran over managed to crush the collar of the other blokes. Before knocking him out with his mighty fist. He got them on his shoulders and made his way towards the plane. It was I, Scotty and Greeny against Electrobe and his two girls…Electric pimp.
A shining light wads coming from the distance another plane. An announcement sounded “Hey Punks I am out of here I hop the American Marines are kind…Chao”. Then In seconds a plane took off from the far side of the complex, the man in the White Suit had got away this time. We had our own problems to deal with. Where was Jamie? Was one and then their was the monstrous looking man in front of who destroyed any weapon I produced. Then all of a sudden Cory charged spearing him to the ground, he began electrifying Cory, it was sick! I ran over but the force just blew me away man. I felt helpless like a loser. Cory with still with his strength managed to tear the collar off but he was out of cold and disfigured. He had sacrificed himself to save us. He has proved to be a hero. Electrobe stood up “thou has done a foul deed, let me carry him from the battlefield noble sirs”. A gent he was now but in my ruthless anger I said n
“No! Mr Steel will Carry Him”. He looked stressed but my anger overpowered my mercy, he had practically killed my friend.
The sounds of helicopters approached, we needed to get to the plane or trouble was inedible. The other collared people had flown away. No chance of getting them now but there are 365 days in a year plenty time to hunt them down.

My chest ached but my heart pounded, I had awakened with no idea what had happened after I passed out. Silence dominated the airwaves. I struggled and turned, there sat Cory head in hands. He wore a black suit, a symbol of death. How long had I been out? He looked up at me. No longer the man I thought he was, he was now indeed a broken man. My shoulder was bandaged but apart from that I was just stiff. I went to pull myself up. I sat on the bed. I then realised we were back to the house in New York. I knew what he had to say would blow my mind and not for the better.
He grabbed my hand, gripped tight cracking my fingers by accident. His emotion was making him lose control of his powers. I had to shake him off quickly. He said tenuously “Jamie I have to tell you something. It was eating him up but he was the brave one, he had the guts to tell me what needed to be told. “Jamie I don’t know how to say this but….” I assured him and revved him to tell me more. “Well Jamie Waterlas is…erm gone with the wind”. He then looked me in the eye, his face covered in scars, what had happened to him?
Then a thump to my stomach as it hit me. It began to work up drilling through my insides. I felt sick, empty, lonely and lost like I would never feel 'good' again. What a horrible feeling - I guess that's why I do not want to be 'in love' again - it hurts too much... Heartbreak was temporary insanity; I would go on to distance myself completely. Everything became irrational. First my father and now the girl I loved with only more bad news to come.
Cory looked devastated, I hate the fact he had to tell me but somebody needed to. “David and Lewis…they did not make it, David was shot by Joe Bartoni… who also shot Waterlas we think… well that is what I think I saw”. I twisted my face, I knew that pilot was dodgy, why didn’t I do something. A stunned silence filled the room, a one of distress. I screamed at Cory to leave, I needed to be on my own. Think through my future, I knew one thing I did not want these cursed powers to be part of it. I wanted a normal life back, whatever the costs, whatever the sacrifice.
I lay there for hours, the door creeped open and it was Scott popping in with his brown hair styled quite well, a woman’s touch came to mind because he could not do his hair like that! He in context to what had one did not look too bad. “Jamie life will be tough mate but I would do anything for you to be my best man”. A smile, well an attempt of a smile from me, I knew him and Abbey had something but never this much. I exclaimed “WOW I had no idea you were that close…happy for you man”. He smiled “well Jamie she’s well kind of pregnant and we do love each other so I thought why not you know, so what will it be bud will you be my best man”. I said “well as happy as I am for you, I will have to decline your request, I am going to leave you all, I want a fresh start”. That well and truly wiped the grin off his face “how about this Jamie we berry Waterlas, Lewis and David then you stay for the wedding…then I guess you can leave. I guess I had no chance ”okay Scott I guess that’s okay”. I knew what I had to do. This was not the life I deserved or wanted, it was time for a change.

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Great, a bit abrupt starting, and mabye a lot of close attention to minor details, but still, good. I think it will go far.

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