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Author's note: Started for a school assignment, this piece took off in my mind and became this story.
Author's note: Started for a school assignment, this piece took off in my mind and became this story.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 4

“Are you okay, sir?” A concerned hand touched the man’s arm. He jerked, and opened his eyes slowly. He was lying beside a crystal clear pool. All around him, beguiling females in bikinis smiled and winked at him, offered him a cocktail, with the classic miniature umbrella, a soft towel to wipe his forehead.
“I don’t know,” he muttered. He watched a pretty young woman glide past him, into the water. Her dark purple cover-up tantalizingly hugged her slim body. She turned her head, nodded at him. He swallowed. She seemed too familiar.
The man felt a hand on his shoulder and looked into flashing green eyes, mirrors of his own, though years younger. “Do you need help, sir?”
“No, no, I’m fine,” he brushed off the lifeguard’s concern. “Who is the girl in the purple suit there?”
“Who, sir?” The lifeguard looked straight through the girl. “I don’t see anyone in purple.”
“Yes, there is,” laughed the man. His hands trembled as he accepted the drink offered to him. “See there, boy, you’re looking right at her. The girl in the pool, there, by the fountain of the three nude women.”
The lifeguard turned his head slowly. “Sir, there isn’t a fountain of three women. Are you sure you’re alright, sir?”
“I’m fine!” he snapped. “Find the girl!”
“Yes, sir. Of course, sir.” The lifeguard hurried away from him. He turned to look at the man, and as their eyes met, he tripped and fell into the pool. The man leaped to his feet and made a move towards the sputtering lifeguard, but stopped. Too familiar…NO!
The young woman in purple raised herself from the pool and walked slowly towards the lifeguard. She touched the lifeguard’s shoulder, looked into his face and nodded. The lifeguard, just a kid, cried out and pulled away from her, but her grip was too strong. She touched the lifeguard four times, at the shoulders and at each hip. The lifeguard sagged into the girl’s arms, but terror was still obvious in his eyes.
“Please,” the lifeguard whispered, his gaze begged the man to help, told the man if he would just say a word, everything would be alright, but the man was frozen.
The lifeguard turned his tortured stare onto the girl holding his own life in her hands. “He’s not ready,” the lifeguard pleaded. “Not yet.”
The girl looked at the soul in her arms, cold resolution in her violet eyes. “He has been offered thrice. His time is here.” She then touched her lips to the lifeguard’s forehead. His mouth opened wide in a silent scream, and his back arched with pain. The man watched with horror as the lifeguard, his almost exact copy, slowly dissolved, until there was nothing left in the girl’s arms. The man gasped for the air he could not find, stumbled back as the girl moved towards him.
“Don’t touch me!” he shrieked, fear coursing through his body. He fell back and stared up at the girl. Her purple covering flowed around her body in a wind existent not to the world.
“You have had your chance.” Her voice was beautiful, was terrible. In her hand she held a pair of glimmering shears.
“Do not fear me,” she rasped. “I am fate.”
As she advanced toward him, her body wisped into a fog of greens and yellows and blacks. Her violet eyes turned dark and hard, small and squinty in her oval face. Blond hair grew and grew and turned an unearthly yellow-green, the tips stretching towards the terrified human.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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