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chapter two

Evenings at my house were mainly boring. A nice evening dinner, a few rounds of cards, and hot chocolate at ten. It was just routine; as it was on Saturday’s that I be the only teen in the house. As I was expecting coming down stairs with nothing but a tank and my brothers old boxers, to see. A full empty house. But instead, I saw Conrad. He instantly blushed and spit out his hot chocolate all over himself.
“Oh. Ah Anabel, hey.” Was all he muttered as he hurried to get a towel. I stood there still shocked. “What are you doing here?” I said coldly. He must have seen something in my face because just then he looked away. Good, I thought, that’s what you get for ditching Dylan. But at the sight of his blond hair, and old freckles, I decided to give. God knew I loved that boy too much. I sighed and finished my walk across the kitchen to get some Oreos, my favorite late night snack. He watched me the whole way. I blushed as I sat down beside him. This was unusual behavior for me, usually I ran away from boys, but tonight, well, it seemed different somehow. Whether it was bad or good, just like Conrad, I was still unsure. I took a bite. Conrad laughed.
“What? I can’t eat Oreos in my own house?” I asked. Not mean but not nice either. He grinned. “You’re in a good mood Bells.” There it was. That stupid childish nickname. Didn’t he even know I now had boobs? I tried to lean forward so he saw me from a different angle. But he just sat staring at the tv. Ugh.
“Probably because she just got the shock of her life.” My brother bounced down stairs, with a happy smile on his face. What was going on? “Hey Dill, what’s going on?” I asked smiling. He just looked at me and then my tank. “Why are you half naked?” Conrad laughed harder than I’d seen in months. Witch made me laugh.
“You didn’t answer my question.” I said. He shrugged.
“You didn’t answer mine.” I felt the urge to run. “I thought everyone was gone, usually I have the house to myself at night.” I looked at him and he shrugged. “Senior party. Everyone’s going.” I nodded like I already knew about the party scene. Truth was I had been invited before, but never by the guy I had wonted. Maybe it was time to step up.
“Yeah I know I’m invited.” This stopped everything. My brother looked at me as if my face had just melted off. Conrad now looked at me stunned.
“By WHO?” Dylan asked suddenly sitting down beside me. He knew I like Conrad so this was news to him I actually had a social life.
“Adam King.” That was the truth, he’d asked me earlier and I’d said maybe. Well now it was a yes. Conrad jumped off the couch. “That snobby rich boy, he’s a total jerk.” Dylan looked to me to Conrad. “Okay,” he finally said. “I am going to be there, and I think he’s actually descent. But you’re leaving with us, no ifs, ands, or buts. Got it.” I nodded, “Go get ready, we leave in an hour.”

A hour in a half later, after I had picked my best skirt and cute tank, we arrived at the party. I had called Adam earlier to tell him I was coming and he said to meet him out back. So as soon as I was out of my brother’s green Chevy, I was gone. I felt bad about leaving Conrad and Dylan. After all, they only wonted me to be safe. Or at least that was Dylan’s intention, but they were honestly getting on my nerves. Conrad was meeting a new girl he was “ talking too” witch of course meant hock up at the party, go screw, then leave with another girl. I felt no need to be around him when he was doing so. So I rounded the now crowded back porch and looked for Adam. Adam was tall and broad, and was on the football team as the lead quarter back. He was also nice and never mean witch earned him points in my book. As soon as he saw me he waved and smiled, making his way across the porch. His brown hair was fixed to hang just right by his shoulders, and his eye’s were a deep hazel brown. Isabel would die if she saw him. Just then I felt a spark between me and Adam, a spark I had only felt once. “Hey,” he said finally reaching me. He smelled like woods, not beer. Nice.
“Hi.” I said trying to hide my nerves. I’d been out on dates before, but of course was never serious; there was only one guy I wonted.
“You look really nice Anabel, I’m really glad you came.” I felt myself blush. He knew how to talk. I felt myself ready for the challenge he now had on me. If I could sit right here and talk to the people’s choice of ‘Most Likely To Be Famous For Looks’ Adam King, I could be with Conrad. “Thanks, I’m glad I came.” He looked at me slyly; like I had a great secret he just now knew and said, “Do you want a drink?” I looked over at the keg they had stashed by the door, “Sure.” He nodded and went to get two beers. I had never drunk before at a party, suddenly I felt out of place. This was supposed to happen different. Just then Conrad appeared, tagging along with a girl who had long black hair and the palest skin I had ever seen. Her eye’s were wide but small, almost cat like. And she scanned over everyone before landing on me, as if taking me in. As a threat, or just stupid, I had no idea. Conrad spotted me just as Adam appeared.
“Here you go, I thought you might like something to eat too.” He handed over a small mini bag of Oreo’s. Just like the one’s I had eaten earlier. “Thanks these are my favorite.”
“Hey Bells. This your hot new date?” Conrad suddenly maneuvered himself between me and Adam, as if blocking him out would help save the world. I looked over at him and smiled at Adam. Adam grinned a wow-you-jerk, kinda grin. “Yes Conrad. It is. But I thought you already knew Adam, so would you-“
“Hi I’m Conrad. I’m Anabel’s brother’s best friend. We go way back.”
“Oh really?” Adam said looking kind of bored.
“I wouldn’t have known with you all over her like that. You seem more the jealous ex boyfriend type.” I felt my face flush. Conrad looked at him for what seemed only a moment, and then took his arm back as if to hit him. I tried to stop him but then something else entirely knew happened. Conrad instead grabbed ME and leaned me back and kissed me. Right there in front of everyone. The sparks seemed to fly, and our lips crashed perfectly together. My first real kiss. Was it suppose to feel this permanent? Like suddenly the answer to all answers was now found? Like God himself was now smiling at the almost perfection of a mere kiss? I had no idea and at the same time did. Yes. For me and Conrad it did. He was now leaning me up. The look in his eye now mixed with shock, and…humor. We blinked back and forth until he suddenly whirled back around and said loudly.
“No, now it’s YOU; how’s it feel?” Now I was sure a fight was coming. Adam was ticked, his face a weird shade of purple.
“Conrad.” I said looking at him. He just kept smiling to Adam.
“Conrad.” Louder. Still nothing.
“I will never talk to you again.”
This made him laugh. Laugh. When it was suppose to be the exact opposite.
“Yea right Bells. Remember when you were eight and said those exact same words? You talked to me an hour later.”
The words hit home. I did remember. But back then, I didn’t love him. Back then I might have meant it.
“You had better leave, Conrad. You had no right, none, to even be here.” Adam said, starting to lose the purple.
“I’m a senior, like everyone else here.” He glanced at me.
“Well, not everyone, but mostly.” For some reason, this made me want to laugh. But I didn’t.
“Leave. Or I’ll be forced to make you.”
“Fine by me. There’s nothing here that I want.” The girl he had been ‘Talking too’ was now by his side looking a little more than mad.
“Oh so you were just going to get in my pants and LEAVE? With a tenth grader?!” she screamed. I jolted back on instinct. Conrad just shrugged.
“I don’t think of her like that, but the other part maybe.” This was all it took; the simple sentence that broke my heart. All these years of hard work, trying to get him to see me for more than just a little girl, was built up to nothing. The kiss, that magical kiss, had meant nothing. Realizing this took me only a moment. A split decision. I suddenly felt my beer can tipping over and onto Conrad. I couldn’t reach his head, but I could reach his face, the girl in black high fived me. The crowed let out a hoot, and Adam looked at me with a huge grin on his face. Conrad sat there staring, as if in shock, but then, just then, I knew he saw something in me. The girl he’d been waiting his whole life for.
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ZeRo183. said...
Oct. 23, 2011 at 6:19 pm
Wow, i really liked this it was amazing. The Angels, God, the love. This is original and an amazing story, i look forward to reading more! So please, Please, dont stop.
Jor456 replied...
Jan. 12, 2012 at 8:00 pm
Thank you! I'm currently working on the rest of it so please keep reading! Its great to know someone likes my story, it really helped me keep going so thanks.
JillianNora said...
Oct. 15, 2011 at 11:04 pm

Hmmm... I really like the idea you have going on in this story. It's very creative and it is certainly original:) However, I had a little trouble reading it becasue of some misspellings and grammatical errors. With a bit of editing and maybe some more elaboration, you could have a truly amazing book on your hands.

Good work!

Jor456 replied...
Oct. 18, 2011 at 11:11 am
Thanks! That was just the first part of the book I submitted I'm currently working on the rest of it (theres three parts). I just wanted to get feedback on my idea so thank you for that. I'll defenitly do some editing.

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