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For centuries Angels had been awaiting the call. Each second of every day an Angel was being placed as a human in the mortal world. Each Angel was chosen specially for the mission they were destined to complete. This was the cycle. But as time went on, and Angel after Angel completed their missions, a rift in the balance became known. No longer were newer Angels assigned in the human world, but the old; the ones who had fought, the ones who stayed loyal. They were assigned to the end; each Angel and every pair. To guide themselves and others back to the grace of God. To protect the innocent, and to love the ones who felt left behind.

Part 1

Age 11

The soft hills rose and drifted father and farther away. The new in bloom cherry tree was slightly planted too left of our little but big white house. Mama was cooking in the kitchen something that smelled as sweet as the cherry blossoms, and dad was tinkering in the garage. Even a mile away I knew everything that was happening, like any other day. But today was different, it was my eleventh birthday. I crouched low behind the big willow, peering from left to right. Surely not even Dylan could find me here. I was so caught up in the thought of my brother’s surprise when not even he, the hid-in-seek king, could find me; that I didn’t hear Conrad sneak up behind me. “Anabel,” he whispered. I jumped a mile, Conrad was really Dylan’s friend but I had known him my whole life. He lived right down the street, so of course all three of us had our fun together sometimes, but Conrad always seemed to stingy and mean and from a distance, he looked like a bug. But up close…he seemed better. His eyes were a deep green, as green as the willow tree, and he had slight freckles on both sides of his nose. He was cute. I suddenly felt self conscious of my muddy look. “Conrad you scared the heck outta me.” I whispered. He grinned. “Well I wanted to help you out being your birthday and all.” I sniffled “ I am eleven I can very well win this stupid Childish game” As soon as I felt the words come out of my mouth I knew I was in for it. Conrad was thirteen, he wasn’t a kid anymore and the only reason him and Dylan played was for me; it was my favorite game. Usually hearing this, Dylan would of hit me, but instead Conrad just smiled. “Okay kid, if it’s so stupid than quite.” I looked at him shocked. There was never any quitting. It was just not right and even More childish. Everyone always made fun of the kid who quite. I huffed. He had me there. Seeing the defeat on my face he laughed softly. “Come on,” he gently took my hand and lead me away from the willow. His hand was soft on mine. And it wasn’t sweaty or nasty like Dylan’s would have been. It was the first time I held hands with a boy other than my brother. Thinking this made me shy as he began whispering, “So there’s this spot by the hill, it’s too grassy to see in so he’d never tell. Woa.” He stopped me suddenly. I looked forward. There was Mr. Clide with his shot gun shooting off at the trees. Mr. Clide was crazy, ever since he lost his wife; mama had said. He was just lonely. What mama didn’t know is that Mr. Clide hated us kids and nearly shot Dylan once in the back. Conrad grabbed my arm and dragged me down in the grass. “ Shhh.” He whispered. ”Hang in there Bells.” I felt my body shake. If he caught us…well we’d be dead. I put my head down even more, praying to God to help us. That was the first time I recognized God’s miracles. In the grass with Conrad. Just as Clide got closer thunder erupted from the sky, startling him so much he fell backwards. He got up shakily and looked above. “Dang kids can never stay off my property.” He gave one final look around and slowly walked away. When he finally was ought of sight, Conrad jumped up. ”Oh Anabel I’m so sorry, you must have been scared. I didn’t think he’d be home. I’m so sorry.” Just then he hugged me. A jolt went through my body and I knew he had felt it too. We slowly backed away in time to see my brother run up the hill screaming how he won and that was no fun. I looked at Conrad but he was already by Dylan’s side. But it didn’t matter, the whole way home I thought about Conrad’s hug and the spark I had felt. I looked up at the now raining sky and silently thanked God for what he had done. At age eleven I knew Conrad was the one.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 17 Next »

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ZeRo183. said...
Oct. 23, 2011 at 6:19 pm
Wow, i really liked this it was amazing. The Angels, God, the love. This is original and an amazing story, i look forward to reading more! So please, Please, dont stop.
Jor456 replied...
Jan. 12, 2012 at 8:00 pm
Thank you! I'm currently working on the rest of it so please keep reading! Its great to know someone likes my story, it really helped me keep going so thanks.
JillianNora said...
Oct. 15, 2011 at 11:04 pm

Hmmm... I really like the idea you have going on in this story. It's very creative and it is certainly original:) However, I had a little trouble reading it becasue of some misspellings and grammatical errors. With a bit of editing and maybe some more elaboration, you could have a truly amazing book on your hands.

Good work!

Jor456 replied...
Oct. 18, 2011 at 11:11 am
Thanks! That was just the first part of the book I submitted I'm currently working on the rest of it (theres three parts). I just wanted to get feedback on my idea so thank you for that. I'll defenitly do some editing.

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