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Author's note: I've always loved astrology, and that's basically what this book is based on.
Author's note: I've always loved astrology, and that's basically what this book is based on.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 4

“Let’s start with the simplest of moves.” The water girl-Pisces-said. It turned out that she had been chosen to train Elyon. She concentrated and suddenly Elyon blacked out. When he awoke, he was staring up at her face. “Too hard?” Pisces smirked.
“Why do you hate me?” Elyon grumbled, rubbing his temples. He was starting to get a headache.
“Because you’re not Scorpio.” Pisces snarled.
“I am Scorpio.” Elyon was really confused right now.
“Not you! The old Scorpio.” Elyon paused, and Pisces smirked. “He was better than you in everything! He would say that this was nothing. You’re not half the man he is.”
“He’s dead!”
“Not to me. No one else says it, but can’t believe a simple farm boy was chosen to take his place. He would sacrifice anything to save this Earth. And you won’t even try!”
“Well, maybe if you told me what you were doing and how to block it, I would’ve tried.”
Pisces glared at him. “Fair enough. In order to block me, you need to focus on one thing. The one thing that you’re fighting for.”
Elyon nodded, and concentrated on Matte and Rhea. He started to feel pressure building up in his head but he wouldn’t let his guard down. He ignored the pressure and continued to think of his friends.
Finally, the pressure went away. “Excellent!” A voice crowed from behind the arches that surrounded the courtyard that Elyon was currently in.
“Wonderful!” A man in yellow robes bowed down. “We didn’t get to speak yesterday. I am Gemini, the twins.” He sighed wistfully. “I remember my twin.”
“When did you last see him?” Elyon asked.
“Oh…must be 600 years. Maybe 900. Time is quicker here than in the mortal world.” Gemini scared Elyon slightly. Gemini saw the expression on Elyon’s face. “Go do whatever you do Pisces. I need to have a talk with Scorpio.”
Pisces shrugged and turned into water. “Everyone makes it sound so serious.” Gemini said, throwing his arm around Elyon’s shoulder.
“Make what sound so serious?” Elyon was mystified by Gemini. He sounded so positive, like a ray of sunshine. The yellow robes fit him, mused Elyon.
“The fight against Chaos. We’re gonna keep fighting it, for all eternity. Of course, we never get a thank you for our work, but that’s our life.”
“You sound so enthusiastic about it.” Elyon noted.
Gemini shrugged. “Hey, this is all I have. Might as well make it happy.”
“Fighting for all eternity?”
“You lose people. The only ones I lost were Pisces, and of course, Scorpio.”
“Pisces is a replacement?” Elyon was startled. He didn’t think the rumor was true.
“Yeah. Scorpio was her tutor. She loved him like a father.” During the time that they were talking, they were walking around the palace, which was more like a small city.
It was devoid of people though. There weren’t people running around. It was just how Elyon imagined Mohali, the big city, would be. Mohali wouldn’t be as grand though. It couldn’t have precious jewels lining every wall and every wall being made out of gold. The city seemed semi-alive. It had beautiful courtyards, paved streets, light shining down, and grand houses. But it was also dead, in that there was no one to enjoy them. Sometimes, Elyon would see a fellow stargazer, but they all seemed used to the silence.
Now he and Gemini were standing at the edge of the city. Beneath them were clouds, but they could still see the landscape. It was breath-taking. Elyon could just stare at it forever. The plantations were divided into farms that were large green pockets of land.
The mountain was ringed by an enormous city. The buildings were tall, but they never were close to half-way up the mountain. Or even a quarter way. Elyon used to think that Earth was a flat plain. He was proved wrong when he saw mountains in the distance. They ringed the entire Earth. Gemini saw where he was looking.
“That is where Chaos reigns.” He said.
“The mountains?”
“No. Beyond the mountains.”
“What does he look like?” Elyon asked curiously.
“He?” Repeated Gemini incredulously. “Chaos isn’t a he. It’s an it. That’s what gives Chaos its power. It’s an idea, not a thing, not a person. This is the last safe haven.”
“What happens if Chaos wins?”
“Then we all die.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 9 Next »

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imagonner said...
May 19, 2016 at 11:15 am
this is very well written! if you would like some advice id say, that you shouldn't rush things so much. an average novel is 64,000 words long. around 2000 words for the average chapter in a novel. unless, this is a novella than it is great.
guesswho said...
Oct. 13, 2011 at 3:15 pm
Great story again!!! Wonderful ending...
DreamingOurWorld replied...
Oct. 13, 2011 at 8:45 pm
Mom...please change your name...

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