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Author's note: I've always loved astrology, and that's basically what this book is based on.
Author's note: I've always loved astrology, and that's basically what this book is based on.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 3

Rhea was starting to get worried. Elyon wasn’t at the fields, and Matte couldn’t find him either.
“He’s gone.” Matte whispered to Rhea. “No one’s seen him since last night. He wasn’t in the barracks this morning, but he was there last night.” He hurried away with his water, and Rhea was determined to get to the bottom of this puzzling mystery.
Elyon self-consciously stood in the middle of the circular room. 11 people were surveying him, all sitting on thrones. He scratched on leg with the other, wondering if he was dreaming.
“You’re not dreaming.” The girl who had turned into water was talking to him.
A man in turquoise robes cleared his throat. “Perhaps we should introduce ourselves. I am Aquarius.”
A woman in pastel robes overrode him. “We will introduce ourselves later. Elyon, you have been chosen to be the next Scorpio stargazer. From now on your name will be Scorpio.”
Elyon opened his mouth, but no sound came out. Finally, he was able to say, “I am sorry but-”
The water girl interrupted him. “Yes, we know about Matte and Rhea. But the stars have chosen. You don’t have a choice. You will be the next Scorpio. However little we want it.” She muttered underneath her breath.
“Don’t worry.” A man in purple robes smiled at him. “It will be fun. It is serious, but it is wonderful.”
“Can I visit Rhea and Matte?”
A woman in brown robes gave him a sympathetic smile. “No. Stargazers live separate lives from the rest of the world. Our duties prevent us from having worldly relationships with others, excepting those in this room.”
A man in bright red robes cleared his throat. “She means we can’t have romantic relationships. It distracts us from what is important. And friendships with those outside of this room are often torn to pieces.”
A woman in pink robes that sat next to the man explained it a bit more. “We live on another level. They will not understand our life. It becomes difficult after a while to live in the mortal world. It is best to leave those friendships behind.”
A man in silver robes started reminiscing about a friend of his. “I had a friend. He was wonderful, passionate, caring, everything a person could want.”
“What happened?” Elyon asked him, half-scared of the answer.
“He didn’t understand my life. He couldn’t. It was impossible. You are semi-immortal. Mortals don’t comprehend things like we do. They don’t see the things we do.”
“What things?”
“Have you ever seen silver dust scattered across the sky?” A man in orange robes asked him.
“That is Stardust. When you are ready, you will go and absorb some. From then on, you will become exactly like us.” The man surveyed Elyon seriously. “Your actions will have serious consequences. You can do the water trick that Pisces is able to do. You can do many things after you absorb the Stardust. It will become your power, and you must protect it. Enjoy the time you have right now, and prepare for an endless fight.”
“An endless fight against what?”
“Chaos.” A man in yellow robes replied. “The essence of evil is what we fight. Otherwise it will overwhelm Mount Pyle, and from there, it can destroy the world. Our duty is to fight it, to make sure it is controlled, and the world is safe. That will be your duty. Once you absorb the Stardust, you will be able to see agents of Chaos. We have to defend the world from these people.”
Elyon nodded obediently. Secretly, he was planning on escaping to talk to Rhea and Matte, despite the warnings. Nothing will ever come between us. He thought confidently.
“What do you mean gone?” Rhea shrieked at Namath.
“The stargazers have left their sign.” He pulled out a beautiful circle split into twelve sections. Each section represented a sign of the zodiac. Rhea covered her mouth with her hands. On the Scorpio section, a name was carved. The name was Elyon. He had been taken to replace the old Scorpio, who had apparently died.
Rhea didn’t know what to fear more, the fact that she might not see Elyon again, or the fact that someone had been powerful enough to kill a stargazer, and that Elyon might be heading towards the same fate.
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imagonner said...
May 19, 2016 at 11:15 am
this is very well written! if you would like some advice id say, that you shouldn't rush things so much. an average novel is 64,000 words long. around 2000 words for the average chapter in a novel. unless, this is a novella than it is great.
guesswho said...
Oct. 13, 2011 at 3:15 pm
Great story again!!! Wonderful ending...
DreamingOurWorld replied...
Oct. 13, 2011 at 8:45 pm
Mom...please change your name...

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