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Jackie Jones; The devils daughter

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I can’t believe him! She thought, I may be his only daughter but I’m fourteen now... I can handle myself; I just need to convince him. I ran down the corridor, towards my father’s study. The soft red carpet and Beige walls of this house had always been my home, that was about to change. As I opened the door I could hear my father talking to someone over the phone. A business call no doubt, I thought. I heard the clink of the phone being put in its cradle and father sighed. I slowly slipped
The Characters, or most of them are based off of real people in my life; the descriptions, personalities and names. Though some are from my ever expansive imagination. If you know me, (which you most likely won't) you might reconize them, if not... well thats just too bad. So I really want to thank a few people. First, Elena, (Yes she is a real person) for changing my life and always being there even if it wasn't purposeful, just like her character. Jaya for the amazing editing, (If there is an extremely good creative line it was most likely put there and created by her) and my best friend ever Ashlyn for amazing feedback on how to improve the characters. Finally to Colleen, one of my teachers for helping me realize my potential in writing. THANKS EVERYONE!!!
into the room,
“Dad, are you there? Can I talk to you?” I asked.
He turned; he had short bristly black hair and pale ice blue eyes, cold eyes that matched his hard outside and stone cold heart.
“Jackie, we already talked about this, I said no. You are NOT ready!!!” He said scolding me, as he turned his blue eyes melting me from the inside, out.
“But dad-” I started, before he cut me off
“No!!!” He said sternly.
“I am ready, I’m fourteen. I think I am old enough to go to the surface. Mom would have let me.” I said.
But I knew I had crossed the line.
“Jackie, no... Do not bring mom into this. I know you’re upset. I miss her too, but you can’t just leave. You can’t go looking for her and you know it!!!” he replied.
“You treat me like I’m a baby!!! I can take care of myself! I’ve done it ever since she left!!! Ugh! I HATE you!!!” I screamed.
I turned and slammed the door in his face. I stomped down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs I turned and screamed up to him.
“I’m going! You can’t stop me!!!”
I ran to my room pulled out a leather rucksack and filled it with things I would need. Some clothes, a brush, some knick knacks, a picture of mom, money and a few other things. I paused staring at the familiar face in the photograph; I didn’t remember anything about her. I would find her, once I got out of this hell hole, I would find her, I would see her again. I left the house, it was a normal house, and with the white wooden barn siding, brown flower pots that held no flowers, the olive green door with its creaky, rusted hinges and the chipping paint, and the baby blue shutters that’s hinges also creaked and were rusted, which paint also chipped and cracked. It could’ve easily passed for a haunted house. But the barn siding made it look somewhat like a detention center. I passed by The Room, and tried to ignore the screams and the moaning. The Room, it was known by many other names. The chasm of death, the Hell hole as I called it, I was told never to go near it. The Room was really a hole in a huge red-gray rock face, I fiery light cast shadows through its tunnel, the screams of all the damned souls could be heard throughout. I ran towards the rickety wood rope bridge, the only time someone had gone over this bridge was one my mom left. The bridge passed over a deep chasm in the ground, millions of feet below me lay my fate if I fell. The unmoving river of brimstone and fire. It cackled and bubbled, spewing and hissing. I crossed the bridge carefully it swayed and creaked. I closed my eyes and walked forwards, I was afraid of heights and the swaying of the bridge was making me feel kind of queasy. I inched forward, step after step getting farther from my prison and closer to freedom. I was a foot away from the other side. I jumped to the edge and held my breath for a moment, inhaled and exhaled a few times to calm my queasy stomach and continued on. A few feet in front of me was the door, I walked towards it, unsure. Then, there it was, the door, the one I wasn’t supposed to enter. It was a simple wooden door in a wall of red and gray stone. The door was a colored grey; it was plain and simple, made for keeping things out. A little to the right was a rusty brass handle. As I looked behind me at my old home I saw my dad open the front door, he paused looking for me with his eyes, then began to run towards me.
“Jackie, don’t do it!” he called.
“You can’t stop me.” I shouted back
He said something else but I ignored him. I grasped the old rusty handle, turned it, and was engulfed by a white light as I walked forward into the world before me, I heard him speak again.
“I will find you!” He shouted.
I was going to the surface and no one could stop me. It was the first time I ever left home, but going to the surface wasn’t an option. Not when your father, was the devil, and your birth place, Hell.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next »

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SmileyPixar said...
Oct. 7, 2011 at 7:00 pm
This is actually really good!
LightWarrior2010 said...
Oct. 7, 2011 at 1:39 am
Pretty good. I'm actually wanting to read more! :)

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