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Transport to Tailainia; The Great Discovery

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The Lime Green Crayon

Tailainia! A wondrous place filled with magical creatures that you’ve only dreamed about and heard about in children’s bedtime stories. Seeing as Tailainia is under water, not many people can find it. Yes, I’m guessing you think I’m crazy, well I’m not. In Tailainia you’re never too sure what’s around the corner. Too bad I learned that the hard way! But Tailainia wasn’t always a happy place. Actually it was quite far from it. A couple thousand years ago Tailainia was a dangerous and scary place. That was during the great war of Tailainia. It was disastrous. Queen Bee, an evil and dangerous villain, she started it. She was living in Naraha when she and her cousin Hornet had the idea to collect a couple minions and ambush Tailainia. Queen Bee is actually quite terrifying, it is Ivy’s magic that did this to her, (you’ll learn more later); she is half woman and half wasp. Her hair is grey and wispy and her skin is a pale grey, scaly and wrinkled. Her scaly black antennae stick out from her head wiggling with every step she takes. But the scariest thing about is the stinger she removed and uses as her sword, it is still filled with the deadly venom that can kill you in seconds if injected in the right place. Like I said, Queen Bee is quite terrifying, (but very stupid). Well she and her minions, the Drones, a bit bigger than an average wasp and the tips of its wings and antennae are pointed and sharp enough to cut through mostly anything, the Gully’s, seagull like creatures with a bit of a larger wing span to carry its load of bombs that are dropped from its abdomen, the Scroungers, almost like gophers that invade territories underground without being noticed and the Manti, an enormous version of a Tarantula but stronger and with no hair. It’s bald human head their armour is a Black iron, with ancient Tailainian symbols of war printed on different pieces and they can be vicious, but without Queen Bee would perish because of their lack of common sense, along with the rest of her creatures of war. They attacked Tailainia by surprise. Many innocent people were either killed or tortured; the lives of many valiant soldiers were lost in the attack and the long battle afterwards. A year had passed and almost all hope was lost, until two girls arrived, Holly and Ivy. They fought Queen Bee and Hornet, and Ivy cast a curse upon them, they became part human part wasp, and they then ran off, back to Naraha and hid. The Tailainians crowned Holly and Ivy has Queens of Tailainia for saving the realm. Queen Bee was never seen again. As for me, I was born a couple thousand years later. My parents, Jen and Alan Louis, were nature photographers; they were always traveling at which point I would stay with my aunt Carol. When I was 1, they left on a trip to a small Island in the Pacific to get pictures of a type of monkey indigenous to the region and never came back. They were well known and their disappearances did not go unnoticed, millions of dollars were spent searching for them, after 2 years of searching they were proclaimed dead. Since then I’ve had to live with my Aunt Carol who’s really nice, and a clean freak. She has a very sharp personality. But she has two daughters, the toxic twins, a.k.a. my blond haired, blue eyed, pain-in-the-butt twin cousin’s Crystal and Ashley. Did I mention they are complete pea-brains??? But (sadly) you can’t choose whom you’re related to. Still, I am always going to hate them and they are always going to hate me. Don’t get me wrong, other than the Toxic Twins, I have a good life. So there you have it. Well, it seems boring but that my friend is my life. Hi, I’m Arika Louis; I am 10 years old and in grade 4. At my school, Bennett Burns Elementary it was the 8th of April and my teacher, Mme Elena was teaching us Math. I, for one really hate math, like come on that‘s what calculators are for, and when in life are you ever going to sit down and count your bills with all this stupid mathematical stuff anyway?!?!?! Screw the value of X, why can’t the Feds figure out “who he” is? Whoever invented math is at the very tippety top of my hate list. I personally think that the people who invented math are stupid, (yet smart at the same time) and thought that everyone in the world had an enormous mathematical brain and understood everything in a few seconds, (ha, like that’s ever going to happen) and if they did I think they are a bit conceited. But the person who invented calculators is a really awesome person and someone I would like to meet. Come on Arika I thought, concentrate; math is dislikeable but I you can survive the last few minutes before the recess bell. Just a few more minutes, I thought, come on Arika you can do it. BRRIIIIINNNNGG!!! The bell rings, I had told my friend, Thalia that I would meet her at the tables outside for recess. So I grabbed 2 pencils, 1 eraser, and a pile of white paper and my box of wax crayons from my desk and rushed outside to meet her. There she was, by the table on the left.
“Hi Arika.” She calls.
“HI.” I call back.
Thalia is a bit shorter than me. Her hair is short and dirty blond unlike mine that is shoulder length, plain and brown. Her eyes are brown like mine. Her face is free of freckles, unlike mine, which is covered. When I got to the table I put down all the stuff I had brought on the table and dumped my box of crayons. I took the seat beside Thalia and took a piece of paper and Thalia did the same. I took a pencil and drew a big coral castle, piles of sand at the bottom of the page, seaweed, some rocks and the waves at the very top of the page. I colored it all in. A rather small breeze blew, the crayons were rolling everywhere. But one in particular caught my attention. The lime green crayon was rolling toward a small hole in the table. The hole might be deep, I thought. The Lime green crayon was my ultimate favourite crayon. Thalia seemed to be thinking the same thing. We both reached for it but, too late, it fell in. So I stuck my hand in that hole where spiders and their webs lay waiting and felt around for the crayon. I felt it and pulled it out with great difficulty seeing as my hand was a smidge bigger than the hole. Once I got my hand out, the Lime green crayon seemed a bit more neon, then a few minutes later it was glowing. Weird, I thought, crayons aren’t supposed to glow. The breeze was more of a strong wind now scattering papers and blowing around leaves. The crayon was glowing much brighter now, almost brighter then the sun; I shielded my eyes with my hand. As the crayon got brighter it got hotter and it was making my hand sweat. It got so hot I had to drop it. I looked at the crayon and it blinded me, so I closed my eyes seeing has I couldn’t see anyway. I could hear Thalia screaming. I was getting dizzy, the table was spinning!!! We spun faster and faster, it seemed there was no end to the spinning. Thalia was still screaming, a high pitch scream that could have broken glass and I didn’t think it was helping. Her screams were getting fainter because either she was losing her voice or she was going farther away. It got colder, it was suddenly freezing, and I was shivering uncontrollably and then, it all stopped. The endless spinning the bright light, that was almost as bright as the sun, maybe brighter, was gone, just like that. But I was still cold, still freezing and I was still shivering uncontrollably. Now my head ached and my lungs burned. I tried to open my eyes, but it stung, I couldn’t really see anything because everything was blurry. So I closed them tightly, wishing it would all end. I felt like I was floating, on a cloud I liked to think. It was almost as if there was no gravity, like in space or underwater. There I was, just floating in who-knows-where land. My little, “Ride” lasted forever it seemed. But after a while I felt ground, it was hard and grainy, like sand, or small pebbles. I was exhausted, I tried to fight it, I tried so hard. But I couldn’t do it, I was just so tired. After a few more minutes I let the darkness take me. I think I dosed off because all I remember is darkness swallowing me up, or being sucked into a black hole
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