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The Colorcaust

Author's note: I read the hunger games and it inspired me to write my own story.
Author's note: I read the hunger games and it inspired me to write my own story.  « Hide author's note
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Taken into their hands

I’m paranoid to the point of insanity as I enter city hall. That’s the one thing I’ve been feeling these past few days. They’ve summoned me, or at least who they think is me. Maulie Raybeau, or to them, Maulie Santiago. When it comes to survival, you learn that leaving your identity behind is just a small price to pay. Especially when your true name could mean coming face to face with death. I walk with an uneven pace down the carpeted hall, not egger to get to the summoning, but afraid of the punishment if I’m late. Everything looked so bleak and lifeless, more so than compared to the city itself. It drained every ounce of other color from my face, that the concealer did not already cover up. Is it possible they found me out?
No. I was too careful with everything I did. With every move I made. I Had to many connections to let me know if something was a stir. And out of all the information so far, this was not mentioned. So why would they be calling me down? Calling wasn’t the right word either, more like picked right off the street. There was no point in elaborating any further, because I was initially distracted as I walked into the meeting room. I started at Maur, Techs older brother, sitting and strapped to a chair in front of the city council. Only something was different in the wrongest way physically possible. There was no longer a mop of pale brown fake hair on his head, but his own blonde mattered hair. And I don’t need to get any closer to see his emerald eyes gleaming and glazed with fear against the grey atmosphere. He looks beautiful and shinning though he looks to have been beaten up. And his beauty, is the exact reason he’s here.
He’s bound loosely at the ankles and wrists, the councils small gesture to show that it is us, not them, who are the wrong ones in this situation. I’m motioned to sit next to what resembles a jury of citizens from the city. They all looked like a sea of monotone colors in a sepia photograph. Some I recognize, and that’s when it hits me. And even as I know precisely what’s about to happen, I can’t do a thing.
The head of the council merely welcomes us before addressing the situation at hand. Maur is still trying to hold back his terror, but fails miserably. One look at Maur and you’d think he’d be the toughest and hardest boy to mess with. But he’s just as emotional as a girl on her bad week of the month. The head of the council, Derk Coil, announces that Maur was sentenced to be imprisoned for being an imposter and being a Colorful.
Suddenly we, the jury if you will, are all bound to our chairs. Our wrist strapped to the chairs, just like Maur’s. There is a rouse of gasps from the people as they struggle against the restraints.
“A lie detector test will now take place.” Derk Coil explains. His rough and emotionless expressions remind me of every other council member I’ve encountered. “If you knew of Maur’s treason, or regarding his treason in any form, speak now.”
The citizens who were struggling stopped abruptly. There was a hum of silence as everyone went still.
Derk Coil laughed. “So your telling me, none of you knew a single thing?”
There was still silence. I could feel the one girl next to me tense extremely. Now that I I look, I recognize her. One of us. Katie Hiller, one of Maurs good friends. I prayed that her nervousness wouldn’t set of the detector. Or better yet, Tech was able to give her a Chipverse. She must have felt my staring at her, and turned to meet my eyes. They were pleading, helplessness. I wish I could help, help them all.
“Lets make this easy. Answer yes or no that you knew. Better yet, all of you, answer no. If your lying, we will be able to tell.”
Silence once more, I kept my eyes on Katie.
“If you DON’T answer, you will be shocked. So start answering.” He said simply.
There was a hum of “no’s”’ along with my “No,”, as I seen a tear fall down from the outer corner of Katie’s eyes. We knew it wasn’t a bluff, the shocking. As much as I hoped she wouldn’t, Katie let out a small sigh. “No.”
There was a large zapping shock that erupted from Katies chair, as I leaned away trying to avoid any contact. She let out a blood curdling screech, and hung her head when the shocking finally stopped. This happens three more times to a couple of others, and then council members come to lead them to the front of the room. I can see them twitch with the electrical pulse. There lined up alongside Maur. Derk steps down from his rostrum and pulls on every persons head, Tugging at their hair. The first three can’t help their wigs from being torn off their heads. But when he did the same to Katie, nothing came off. Angry, Derk slaps her across the face, as two lenses fall from her face.
Her eyes glow with the colorful beauty as the others hair do. With a pleased look on his face, he orders them out of the court room. I lock eyes with Maur for just a moment before he leaves. His eyes shinning so brightly and vibrantly, I don’t want to look away. But there turned down in a sad expression, begging for anything, a miracle. My insides want to scream with all my lungs could afford. But I sit, bounded, mouth shut, and just watch. In the moment we locked eyes, I watched Maur flash me a sign. He spreads all of his fingers wide on his hand, and slams them together. Shuts them together like a door. A small gesture, but it makes my sinking heart hit rock bottom. It is a sign all of us use, our own sign language of sorts. It means, “We’re all in danger.”
They lead the rest of us out after they unstrapped us. The moment I’m free I bolt down the empty streets to Tech’s house. Why go home? I don’t have a home after my parents were obliterated. When the soldiers found us in our home in the outskirts of the city, my parents came up with a plan and hid me. The soldiers knew I was there, but somehow couldn’t see me. My parents refused to cooperate with them and were obliterated on the spot. That wasn’t part of the plan. They don’t care much for the Colorfuls, killing two of us and letting once escape made no difference to them. To them we were the people who corrupted their world. I still don’t know why the soldiers couldn’t see me.
The moment I made it inside Tech’s front door I fell to my knees and screamed. I cussed and shouted and cried. Tech came running from know where, and fell to her knees to hug me. It was terrible. I had to tell her, there was no way for her to know else wise. Her brother didn’t live with her. He had the safe house down Arc street with the boys, and somehow got caught doing something. And the sooner I told Tech, the sooner they could evacuate. There was a definite possibility they would search the house. We would need to get Tech’s mechanisms out of the house too, so the councils don’t get a hold of them.
I relayed the story as much as I could with a tear- filled mouth. I didn’t even want to mention the possibilities of what the council will do to him. Surgically take out the hair follicles in his head, replace them with fake ones, gouge out his eyes and replace them with the lifeless ones every other citizen sees through. If he was lucky they could just change the iris colors, if he was unlucky, they would replace them with sensors and make him a half machine soldier like the other able bodies. I’m sure Tech could figure out the scenarios herself. They look like the most inhuman thing in this world, though most are half human. One human arm, and a mechanical leg, and lasers programmed into their limbs. Though. Just as I suspected, once our water works was over, we headed straight down Arc street. There was no use crying, he was already in their hands. And if we didn’t act quick, so many more would be.
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imagonner said...
May 19, 2016 at 11:17 am
wow! wow! WOW! this is a amazing idea!!!! very well written, not rushed. Wow! I'm obviously speechless..........................................................................................................
KjStormy said...
May 2, 2014 at 7:27 am
Wow I love it! I'm hooked :)
Starstruck_001 said...
Apr. 1, 2013 at 9:50 pm
I heart your summary it makes ur piece sound really good. :D :D :D :D :D 
Childofthemind replied...
Jun. 7, 2013 at 6:19 pm
this is a really good novel :D
KjStormy replied...
May 2, 2014 at 7:23 am
Oh wow this is really good :D

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