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complex - part one

Author's note: One of my favorite pieces I've written thus far.
Author's note: One of my favorite pieces I've written thus far.  « Hide author's note
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at peace

S o m e times being homeless has its perks. Not a lot, but they're still okay. For instance, I don't have a curfew or anything like most of the other kids my age—I can stay out all night. I could eat what I want (when I can afford it), go where I want, do what I want and no one will tell me anything—unless I were to break a law or something (which I wouldn't) then I'd have to answer to the police.
I took a bus to the edge of town, which didn't take long since I was reading one of my books the whole way. School had gotten out, so there were a lot of stops to let kids jaywalk everywhere—future hoodlums. When all the expensive-looking buildings and cars disappeared, I ringed the little rope thing. I got off and headed west.
I'd been slow-walking for almost an hour before I came across a small food store. I took out the contents of my pocket and sighed. Good grief. With the little money I had, I managed to buy some food to last me the rest of the day—and Milky Ways (my favorite candy bar). I guess it was a good thing I'd gotten so little, because I had the dull task of carrying it with me the rest of the way. I couldn't understand how people could walk like this for so long, so slow and all—there was a reason to the invention of the car, wasn't there? It was relief—as always—when I'd come to a secluded area of woods that led into the mountains the freeway cut through. There, I was free to go at the speed I wished.
There was an abandoned cabin in the woods. It had been used by many of the miners who'd come in search of gold during the Gold Rush in California. Whoever built it had made it very sturdy to last all these years. It was sort of my home. I don't count it as one since I didn't stay in it twenty-four seven. It was kinda like a storage unit; I kept my basic necessities there: clothes, food, water…. And my books.
I wasn't much of a housekeeper, so the place had a gray tint to everything, and it was always dark. I'd managed to fix an old timey lantern, which I only lit at night. Anything that was furniture had been covered by white blankets with inches of dust on them when I found the place; who could've possibly lived here before me? The little cot thing that was in one of the two rooms was still in pretty good shape. There was a small desk where piles of books I'd bought rested.
What did I do? Not much. Mostly read. Boring? {scoffs} To you. Crack open a book once in a while. Learn something. Spending all your time on the Internet is damaging to your brain, dude—or dudette.
I hadn't slept there for a week, preferring the outdoors usually, but it was pretty hot lately, and the woods always managed to keep cool, which made this a peaceful place, you know? Like a little sanctuary, my secret sanctum….
Still… all the peace in the world couldn't keep the nightmares away.
Pain… a lot of that. The screaming… most likely by me. The chemical smells… the blurry lab equipment… rough hands, needles poking and prodding… cutting and pulling….
Waking up in the darkness of the forest was only slightly reassuring.
They came almost every other night. They consisted of flashing images of horrible things I'd rather not name right now, terrible sounds that made me cringe…. The pain felt all too real; even if they were from the past, they still haunted me. The dreams seemed to last forever, an eternity in my mind. I didn't know how I managed to sleep with all that running through my head….
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 Next »

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WhiteWidow said...
Sept. 26, 2011 at 9:39 am
Part Two is already undergoing the editing process....  Might be up soon....
Kvothe28 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Oct. 3, 2011 at 6:45 pm
Wow I loved the entire first dialogue. I thought it was smooth and realistic and I thought parts of it were hilarious. Your voice in this is awesome. If you have time, would you please read He Went Out With His Boots On (Ch.1) it's posted anonymously. Thank you
WhiteWidow replied...
Oct. 4, 2011 at 9:33 am

Thank you.  ^.^  And I'll check it out.

'complex - part two' is already online, FYI


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