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The Last Kingman: Ardennes

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I woke up in my bed in the royal families home and just lay there. I was on my side and could see the doors to my room were ajar. I heard footsteps but was surprised to hear a quiet bell also. The right door to my room slowly moved a little wider open and a familiar black cat with a ribbon and bell around his neck trotted in. He meowed loudly.
Tyler quickly hopped onto my bed and came over to me. He purred and pushed himself against me. He followed with licking my nose, which tickled. I laughed quietly to myself and then scratched his ears. I looked up when the door to my room opened even more as the Queen walked in. She smiled and seemed surprised to see me. “Hello.” I said.
“I’m glad to see you awake, Ardennes. You took a long nap.” She said kindly.
“I did?”
She nodded as she sat on the edge of my bed near me. “You have been asleep for a little more than 3 days, my girl. After the incident with the slayers at school, you have been asleep.” She brushed a small hair out of my face like my mother used to.
I gasped. “Oh god! Is Vladimir alright?” I asked frantically and started to sit up but the queen quickly stopped me. She made me lay back down.
“He is perfectly fine, dear. But don’t move so quickly. You will re-open your wound.” She said and then calmed slightly. “When the boys came home with you passed out they were so worried you were not going to be okay. Vladimir took it horribly and felt like it was his fault. He is extremely worried.”
“Where is he?” I asked quietly.
“He is at school with Michel.” She said sweetly. “They will be getting home any moment and will be extremely pleased to see you awake.”
“Can I go meet them?” I asked her and she was surprised.
“What do you mean?”
“Can I go meet them at school? I want to see them as soon as I can.”
She smiled. “I don’t see why not.” She replied. “I will have someone drive you there.” She said and I nodded.

The Honda slowly came to a stop in front of the school and I waited for the butler to open the door. He then helped me out of the car slowly. I had on a pair of loose jeans and a baggy t-shirt so that my cloths would not touch my back. I walked over to the school slowly as the bell for the end of school sounded. I got into the main hall as kids started walking out of their classes. For some odd reason everyone stopped when they saw me. I smiled slightly and kept walking as everyone stopped and watched me. I went to Mr. Dean’s room as the door opened and a student stopped in mid-step as I smiled. “Ardennes?” The student asked me and I nodded.
“Yea.” I said quietly. “May I go past you?” I asked and the boy nodded. I slowly went past him and everyone stopped what he or she was doing in the class. I walked over to Vladimir who hadn’t noticed me yet. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned but immediately stopped. He stared at me with amazement. “Surprise.” I whispered kindly.
“Ardennes…” He whispered and then quickly hugged me. I winced as he accidentally touched my injured back and he quickly moved away. “Sorry! Did I hurt you?” He asked me with concern and I smiled.
“I’m fine.” I whispered and then someone ran into the classroom. It was the only sound other than Vladimir and me. I turned to see Michel watching me with amazement. “Surprise, Michel.” I added and he came over to me. He hugged me and made sure not to touch my injury. Everyone around us luckily left and I smiled at the two guys.
“When did you finally wake up?” Michel asked me curiously.
“About 20 minutes ago.” I whispered and he seemed happy. “I couldn’t wait for you two to come home to surprise you, so I came to meet you.” I added but was stunned when the slayer twins ran into the room that only held them, Vladimir, Michel, their father, and me. They sounded out of breath as they watched me. I ignored them and looked at Vladimir. “I heard you were really worried I wasn’t going to be okay.”
He smiled slightly. “You looked dead for a while.”
I smiled back and then looked slightly away. “I’m used to the look I guess.” I replied but was startled when Mr. Dean walked over to us.
“Schyler how is your back?” Mr. Dean asked me and I watched him. I turned to Michel and Vladimir.
“You two can go to the car waiting outside for us. I will be there in a minute.” I whispered and Michel nodded, but Vladimir didn’t.
“You sure?” Vladimir asked me and I nodded. He left with his brother as the slayer twins walked over and stood beside Mr. Dean. They watched me for answers.
“It’s healing.” I replied quietly and he nodded.
“Schyler…”He started to say but I interrupted him.
“It’s Ardennes.”
“Ardennes, is there any way we can go back to the relationship you, my boys, and I had just days ago?” He asked me and I watched him with uncertainty.
I shook my head. “Don’t you understand? Those relationships I built as Schyler were not real. I was not myself then so it wasn’t me you had the true relationship with.”
“But I can’t go back to hating you…”
“Then what do you propose, slayer? That I forget everything you have put me through and just say it is fine and dandy? I can’t do that.” I looked at his sons. “And why are you involving your children in deadly matters? I could kill them.”
“But you were friends with them. I know you could never hurt them.”
I hissed. “I have wanted to kill your family for as long as I can remember, slayer! What makes you think I will spare your children from my hatred! You killed my family!” Tears ran down my face. “I had to watch my uncle, cousin, brother, father, mother, and friends die because of you.”
“I know, Ardennes. But I want to prove to you that I have changed from the teenager I was. I want to help you with the feeders hunting you.” He said quietly.
“I want to prove myself to you. Please Ardennes, let us help you.” He explained and I was stunned. I didn’t know what to do.
“I…I don’t know.” I said quietly and he nodded.
“I understand. Take time to consider the offer and you can answer us whenever you want.” He said and I nodded.
“I should go.” I whispered and Mr. Dean moved out of my way.

I sat in my room and gently scratched Tyler on his back. He purred like an out of control motor, but stopped when the door to my room opened. Michel slowly crept into the room and locked the door behind him. He came over and lay on his stomach like I was but to my right side. He scratched Tyler, but the cat left after a while with a twitch of his nose. He was glad that someone was here to reprieve him from staying up with me. I smiled over to Michel and he kissed me kindly, “Is you back doing better?” He asked me sweetly and I nodded.
“It is healed pretty much.” I replied and Michel sat up, but I felt a sudden cold flash go through me as I felt my shirt lift by my back. Michel caressed the area around my cut and I then felt his gentle, cold lips kiss my scar. He then leaned down towards me and kissed my neck. I laughed lightly and turned over as he kissed my neck more. He suddenly moved and I felt a sharp pain in my neck. I quickly pushed him away from me and he was shocked with confusion.
“Ardennes?” He asked as he tried to get closer to me but I moved further from him.
“I think it is time for you to leave, Michel.” I whispered and he just watched me. When he realized I was serious he slowly got up and left my room with a quiet shut of the door. I quickly turned off the light at my side table and slid under my covers. I squeezed a pillow in my arms as tears seeped onto it. I could not believe what had just happened. Michel had just tried to bite me…but even worse was when he did that I had to keep myself from moaning Vladimir’s name. I had wanted it to be Vladimir piercing my neck. I wanted him to kiss my scar and play with my body so late at night. But I loved Michel. I was going to marry Michel. Yet I still had wanted that to be the touch of Vladimir. Without know it I had fallen for Vladimir, but why? Before my family died I had thought nothing like this towards Vladimir, but now I wanted him to hold me and kiss me like he had before Michel woke up. I am in love with Vladimir, not Michel. Now what should I do?

I sat at the table quietly and just looked at the meal in front of me. I could feel Vladimir watching me with concern, but I could not make myself look back to him. If I did I would either start crying or fall under his gorgeous spell. I heard someone stop at the doorway of the room and I looked up to see Michel watching me. I quickly stood up and got away from the table. I walked past Michel on his right and he quickly grabbed my arm to stop me, “Ardennes, please.” He whispered and I shoved his hand away from me. I took a step to the side and then looked to him again.
“Don’t touch me, Michel.” I hissed and I felt his heart freeze for a moment. He was stunned by my anger and I could feel my instincts kicking in. I wanted to break his neck in half for what he had done, but the presence of the man of the home distracted me. I smiled towards the man and he watched me with concern.
“Is something wrong, Ardennes?” He asked and I quickly shook my head. I stood straight to show I was perfect.
“There is nothing wrong, sir,” I replied kindly and then took a step towards the man, “Please excuse me. I must get ready for school.” I added and then left the three men. I went up to my room and cleared my mind of anger and sadness as I changed into a navy colored dress that was very short. It just barely covered my underwear, but it was what I needed today. If I wore this I would be a hit with the guys and that would infuriate Michel. It would also attract the attention of the Dean twins so that they craved my companionship more. I slipped on a pair of sandals that looked good with my dress and then went to my bathroom. I put on makeup and decided that the deep v-neck of my dress needed a necklace. I put on a necklace with a black gem with sparkles in it and a bracelet that matched. I went over to Tyler’s house and he quickly came out to me. He purred as I picked him up and scratched him. He licked my cheek kindly and I laughed. I carried Tyler downstairs to the woman of the house and then went to the front door. I saw Vladimir sticking books in his backpack by the door and Michel was not near, so I took my chance. I grabbed my bag from its spot by the door and quickly left the house. I walked down to the bus stop and Faith smiled to me. She ran over and hugged me like old times as I hugged her back and realized my powers had worked. This morning I had figured out how Michel had changed the minds of the humans around me and changed it back so that everyone knew me as the old me, except the only difference was they did not think I ever lived with my old family and knew me as an orphan that lived with her fiancé’s family. Faith poked my cheek with a laugh and I looked at her curiously.
“Your face is going to get stuck in that frown you had on earlier!” She laughed and then sighed as she stopped poking me, “So what is wrong? Boyfriend problems?”
I nodded, “He’s been acting like an ass lately.” I agreed even though I knew Michel was standing just a few feet away with Vladimir. I turned when I heard familiar footsteps and then looked back to Faith, “I’ll be right back.” I said and then jogged to the Dean twins. They were surprised by my appearance, but seemed to enjoy it. They both kept looking at my skimpy dress and I felt my spell falling on them, “Hey you two.” I said in a giddy way.
“We saw you hugging Faith, how did that happen?” Kevin asked me quietly and I got closer to him.
“I fixed the memories of all the humans in the area to make it so they know me as an orphan living with a close family friend,” I replied and then looked to Henry, “By the way I have decided to accept your assistance in my situation right now. So now we can try to reach the place we used to stand at.” I added and they both smiled to me, but Kevin’s smile slowly faded.
“But we can’t touch you without hurting you…” He whispered and I smiled to him. I kissed his right cheek quickly. He became flustered with confusion and I laughed slightly.
“We’ll work it out.” I replied in a sweet way and then turned away from them. I happily walked back over to Faith who smiled to me.
“What was that about?” She asked in a naught way, “Is there something going on between you and Kevin?”
“Maybe.” I said in a taunting way and she laughed.
“Oh Ardennes! You naughty girl!” She mocked and we both started laughing. I felt the longing gaze of the Dean twins and the angry gaze of Vladimir and Michel, but for just a moment I ignored it. For just that second I only focused on my best friend and my happiness. The dangers and problems in my life were out of my mind and I loved it, but when the bus came the moment of joy was gone as fast as it had come. I craved the feeling to come back as badly as I craved blood all the time now. I went onto the bus and sat in my seat behind Faith’s seat. Suddenly Faith sighed in a lovesick way and I was curious so I gave her a questioning look, “God,” She whispered as she looked in front of us, “I don’t think Vladimir could get any hotter.” For the first time I actually understood what Faith was saying. I then realized that once Vladimir was surrounded with his large group of vampire friends he seemed to glow with comfort. How could I be so selfish and want to take him away from all of this? If I told him my feelings towards him it might wreck his whole life and make that glow never come back. I slid down in my seat with a sigh, “Something wrong?” Faith asked me as she leaned over the top of her seat and into mine.
“Nah. Just tired.” I replied with a reassuring smile to her. She sat down in her seat and I suddenly heard music. She must have turned on her MP3 player so that she would not be bored on the ride since I did not really want to talk to her. Even if I was her friend again she still did not know me. No one could relate to me, not even Tyler. The bus stopped at the school and I stood. As I guessed, Faith put away her MP3 player and stepped in front of me. We waited for others to get off and time seemed to creep by.
“So did you take that quiz in history last week?” Faith asked me in a very out-of-the-blue kind of way.
“Yea.” I replied, as we finally started moving. Faith took a pause to look where she was walking, but turned to me once we stepped off the bus.
“That was so hard! I got a D!” She complained in a whine.
“Really? That stinks,” I replied but before I could add to my words I was stopped when a familiar hand lay on my shoulder. I turned to see Dimitri watching me in a very concerned way so I looked back to Faith, “Hey Faith, I have to talk to Dimitri so I’ll catch up with you later, okay?” I asked and she nodded. She quickly walked off to give us privacy, but Dimitri still seemed unsure to talk. He grabbed my hand and led me to the side of the school where there was very few people, “Something wrong?” I finally asked him and he sighed. He pulled his fingers through his hair.
“Vlad is really concerned something is wrong with you, but he refuses to come talk with you. I thought maybe if we talked I could help out.” He said as he put his hand back to his side and looked directly to me.
“Nothing wrong, Dimitri. Really,” I replied with a smile, “I’m just angry at Michel, that’s all.”
“Did Michel do something?”
I shook my head, “I would prefer to not talk about it if you don’t mind,” I replied, “Could you tell Vladimir to not worry?” I asked and he nodded, “I’ll see you around.” I whispered and then quickly left. I scurried into class and smiled up to Mr. Dean as I took my seat. He persuaded his two sons that I assumed had shared my news to go to class before smiling back.
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