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The Last Kingman: Ardennes

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There was a knock at my new room and I looked over as Vladimir walked in. He was in dress pants and a white dress shirt. He stared at me as I smiled. I had on the flowing white dress and had my hair straightened and flowing down to my shoulders. I walked over to my bed and picked up Tyler. A bell quietly rang and Vladimir walked over to me with curiosity. “What is that on Tyler?” He asked as he saw the collar I had made. I lifted up the red ribbon to show the bow at the bottom that held a small gold bell.
“I thought he should have something special to wear for tonight, so I made him a collar. He really has enjoyed the bell.” I said as I slowly looked from Tyler and back to Vladimir. He watched me in a stunned way but then smiled. “Shall we go?” I asked and he nodded. He took my right hand in his left as I held Tyler in my left arm. Vladimir brought me down the hall from before and stopped in front of a dark black door. He opened it to show a bed with a handsome man sleeping there and three people standing beside the bed. The people were Vladimir’s sister, mother, and who I presumed to be his father. They looked over at us and Vladimir led me to them. I curtsied and they smiled. “Good evening.” I said formally as I let go of Vladimir’s hand and held onto Tyler in both arms.
“Good evening, Ardennes.” Vladimir’s mother said and then looked at her husband. “This is the last family member you have not met. This is the father of the household.” She explained to me and I nodded.
“Good evening, Sir Hale. It is a pleasure to meet you again.” I said and surprised myself. I was not acting like my usual self anymore. I was acting like I did in my dreams. I looked over at Michel and was stunned to see him resting so quietly. “How long until Sir Michel will be waking up?” I asked the mother.
“Any moment, my dear. But he has requested that you be at his side when he does awaken.” She said and I nodded. I handed Tyler to Vladimir and he held him. I walked over to Michel and sat at the edge of the bed. He seemed familiar and for some reason I slowly held his cold hand in mine. I lifted his hand from his side and up to my face. I kissed it very softly and then watched his face as I held his cold hand in mine.
“Please awaken, my love.” I whispered and his eyes slowly opened. He immediately looked at me with surprise as his hand slowly held onto mine. He smiled at me in a longing way. “Michel.” I whispered in happiness.
“My sweet Ardennes. It is a blessing to see your face once again.” He whispered in a deep voice that struck my soul. I felt tears start down my face as I smiled. He sat up and set his cold hand I was not holding on my cheek. “It is okay, my love. Do not cry.” He whispered and then I let go of his hand as he hugged me. I cried even more even though I did not know why. I was just so moved by the return of this man. He lifted away from me and looked me straight in the eyes. Then he leaned in and kissed me like no one ever had. I cried even more but was then shocked as my mind was filled with every memory I had lost. When his lips left mine I gasped as I realized my true past I had missed and wanted so badly to know. I remembered the night I was killed, how Tyler used to look, how much I had loved Michel and Vladimir, and how much I hated slayers like Mr. Dean. I now knew who my mother and father were and where I had lived. I remembered how fond I was of Vladimir’s sister and of Dimitri. I knew who I was and what I dreamed for. I was Ardennes Roza Violet and was never to re-pretend to be Schyler.
“Everything has comeback to me…” I whispered and Michel nodded.
“You gave me your memories before we were killed so that we were assured to meet again.” He replied and I nodded as I slid my fingers through his hair. He was my fiancé and the man I loved. I looked over at his sister and she seemed eager.
“It is good to see you again, Dahlia. It has been a long time. I’m sorry I did not remember you.” I said kindly to her and she jumped with glee.
“I knew you hadn’t forgotten me!” She yelled in happiness and then looked over at Vladimir with an evil smile. “Ha! I told you she wouldn’t forget me!” She bragged and Michel laughed. She looked over at Michel with a smile.
“You are too funny, Dahlia. I have missed that about you.” He said kindly and I let go of him. He looked confused at why I had let go of him.
“Go hug your family, my love. They missed you.” I said kindly like a delicate woman and he nodded. He stood and went over to them. I looked over at Tyler and he jumped from Vladimir’s arms. He came over and hopped into my lap. I scratched his ears and he purred. He let out a meow and I received his words.
Are you all right?
I nodded to him. “You may not look as handsome as you used to, but the bow does suit you, Tyler.” I said kindly and Michel walked over to me. I looked up at him and he smiled as he then looked down to Tyler.
“This is Tyler?” He asked and I stood.
“Well this is his form until I find a way to bring him back to human ways.” I replied and then scratched his ears again. “I’m just blessed he is here with me.”
“I don’t think death could ever separate the two of you. You are too close.” Michel said as everyone watched us. I looked down at Tyler and he twitched his whiskers in response and I laughed quietly.
“He agrees with you on that.” I said and Michel smiled. He leaned down and petted Tyler who purred loudly.
“It is good to see you, Sir Tyler.”
That night I spent time with the royal family as they celebrated the return of Michel and me. When I went back to my room with Tyler, I was exhausted and quickly went to sleep peacefully.

I walked down the left staircase in my short black dress. Now that I had remembered my past all I wanted to do was wear dresses. This one was the most modern of all of my dresses and seemed suitable for a woman of my era. I had on a pair of dressy sandals that looked good with the dress and had my hair straightened with black hoop earrings in my ears. I carried Tyler in my arms and reached the bottom of the staircase. I walked into the dining room to see Vladimir sitting and eating cereal. He was dressed in deep blue jeans and a black shirt that flattered him. He immediately looked up at me when I entered the room and seemed shocked that I was in a dress. “Good morning, Sir Vladimir.” I said kindly with a smile and then walked over to him. I sat down in the seat next to him and set Tyler in my lap.
“Good morning Ardennes.” He said formally. “By the way you don’t need to call me Sir Vladimir. It is too formal for this day and time.”
“Alright.” I said kindly and was startled when a plate was set in front of me with buttered toast on it. I looked up to see a smiling Michel looking at me.
“Good morning to you, my love.” He said kindly. “I hope you still like toast.”
I nodded. “Thank you.” I said kindly and he sat next to me. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a red shirt. “Why are you up so early?” I asked him and he smiled.
“I am going to school with you and Vladimir now. We are all in the same grade and I have the same schedule as you.” He informed me kindly. “Also my mother will take care of Tyler while we are gone.”
“Oh. I must thank her for the favor.”
He shook his head. “No need. She is happy to do it.”
“Alright.” I said and he smiled. I ate one piece of toast as the two men ate also. When they were done we got up and their mother appeared by the front door we were walking towards. She smiled at me kindly.
“I will take care of Tyler while you are gone, Ardennes.” She offered.
“Oh, thank you.” I said with a smile and she nodded.
“Well the three of you should hurry to the bus stop.” She said and Michel took my hand in his as we followed Vladimir out of the home. He brought us to the bus stop and we walked up to his group of friends. They bowed to Michel and I in respect, but then Michel brought me with him as he walked away. I notice Faith talking to a girl that was in one of my classes. I looked at her with confusion.
“She doesn’t remember you, Ardennes.” Michel informed me. “All the humans know you as a friend of Vladimir’s that is kind and is named Ardennes.”
I looked up at him and slightly squeezed his hand that held mine. “But what about the slayers? They will remember.”
He nodded. “We will just have to deal with them.” He said and I nodded. Speaking of the devil, the slayer twins walked up to the bus stop and looked straight at me with shock. I was in a dress, had a lighter complexion, cold skin, and was thinner than before. I now looked like a super model vampire and not like the Schyler girl I used to be. I quickly looked away from Henry and Kevin but felt their gaze.
“They are watching us like hawks.” I whispered to Michel and he looked over at the slayer twins.
“They are THAT MAN’S sons, aren’t they?” Michel asked and I nodded.
“They are my enemies.” I whispered and he nodded. “They are identical to their father. How could I have thought they were good people?”
Michel set his hand on my cheek and smiled. “They deceived you, Ardennes.”
“I know.”

When I got off the bus with Michel I was stopped when I saw the slayer twins standing in front of Vladimir. I let go of Michel and quickly ran over to Vladimir. I set my hand on his shoulder and he looked at me. “Vladimir?” I asked him curiously.
“It’s fine. They aren’t going to hurt me.” He assured me and then I felt Henry glaring at me. I looked to him and his brother with anger.
“Why are you two bothering Vladimir?” I asked them angrily.
“We’re trying to figure out why no one knows who Schyler is and why your real friends don’t know you anymore.” Henry said firmly and I glared at him.
“Because Schyler doesn’t exist anymore.”
“What?” Kevin yelled at me.
“Schyler has died. Forget about her.” I said firmly.
“But you are right in front of us!” Henry yelled and I frowned even more.
“I AM NOT that Schyler girl you wish I was. I AM Ardennes Roza Violet: your enemy.” I hissed at them. “I am a Kingman once more.”
“What?” Henry yelled and I frowned.
“My love, why are you associating with these slayers?” Michel asked me and I looked up at him with a sigh.
“They are harassing Vladimir.”
“Ignore them.” Vladimir said with a slight smile to me. “They are just angry they have lost Schyler and won’t accept that you are with us.”
“But you hate vampires!” Kevin yelled and I looked at him.
“Neither Schyler or I hated vampires. She was told they killed her family when truly it was not a vampire that did it.” I said and then set my hands on my hips. “You children will never understand adult things.”
“Adult? You are the same age as us!” Kevin argued and I hissed at him. My fangs were shown and he was shocked.
“I am older than that damned man you call your father. You are children compared to us and need to accept that Schyler is gone.” I said angrily and then took a hold of Vladimir’s hand. “Come on Vladimir. Let’s leave these children.” I said and he nodded. I walked off with him and Michel as the slayer twins watched. When we got inside the school the bell to go to class rang and Vladimir left us. Michel followed me to our first class and when we went in Mr. Dean’s eyes widened. He stood up and I brought Michel over to him. “Excuse me, Mr. Dean. This is a new student to our school. He will be in this class.” I said as I slightly squeezed Michel’s hand that I was now holding.
“We need to have a word, Schyler.” Mr. Dean said firmly and I frowned.
“I am not Schyler, sir. I am Ardennes.” I retorted and he did something odd. He closed his eyes and chanted something in Greek. When he opened his eyes they were black with swirling gold flakes in them.
“Freeze time for all except for my sons, I, and the three vampires I must speak to. Bring all of them to this room.” He said in a very deep voice as everything stopped around us. I moved slightly but nothing else did. Henry and Kevin pushed Vladimir into the frozen space. Mr. Dean snapped his fingers and everything around us disappeared. All that was around us was whiteness that went on forever. Then 6 chairs formed with three facing the other three. “Sit.” Mr. Dean ordered and I felt something move me to the middle seat of one set of three. Vladimir was moved to the right seat and Michel was moved to the left one. Mr. Dean sat in the middle seat as his sons sat on either side of him. I felt like a pressure was pushing on me that I could not see, but kept me in this seat.
“Where are we?” Vladimir asked Mr. Dean and he frowned.
“We are in my domain, boy. There is nothing other than us here.” Mr. Dean said and then looked at me. “Now I demand you vampires return Schyler to her true self.”
I hissed at him. “I am my true self now! You don’t know who I am, Slayer!” I yelled at him. “My true name is Ardennes Roza Violet! I am the leader of all Kingman that are still alive.” I held back tears of anger. “So don’t even try to demand anything from me you murderer!”
“I am not a murderer, the vampires sitting next to you are. They killed your family.” Mr. Dean argued.
“No they didn’t! The things that killed my family were the feeders and YOU!”
I hissed again. “I have gotten back all of my memories from before and now know what you really are! You are a murderer! You killed my uncle and cousin in front of my own two eyes! You killed them just because they were Kingman!”
I stood even though the force pushing me down fought me. “You killed Sir Grant James Violet and his son Samuel James Violet on July 18, 1943! I remember! I was the young girl with them! We were walking in my garden while talking when you and other Slayers attacked us! You killed both of them with your own hands and then tried to kill me but were stopped by my father!” Tears ran down my face. “Schyler trusted you! I trusted you! But you tried to kill us!”
“Let us go, slayer.” Vladimir said firmly. “You have upset Ardennes enough.” Mr. Dean got up and in a split second he had a knife held up at Vladimir’s chest and was jabbing it quickly towards him. For a moment, time seemed to slow or I quickened. I ran in front of Vladimir and hugged him tightly. Time started moving at a regular pace as I felt the hand knife pierce my back. I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt blood start down my back and everyone was silent for a moment. I felt weak quickly and my grip loosened on my embrace of Vladimir. I slowly slid to his lap before Vladimir grabbed me and tried to keep me from falling. I couldn’t open my eyes but heard Mr. Dean whisper something.
“Dear god. What have I done?”
Then I heard nothing.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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