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The Last Kingman: Ardennes

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Those Eyes

I looked over at my small black alarm clock and let out a large sigh of relief. I had not fallen back to sleep all night. I turned off my alarm clock and stood up. Tissues fell off of my lap and onto the tan carpet below my feet as my book moved slightly on top of the sheets that lay on my bed. I stretched with a yawn and then pulled my loose, red-checkered pajama pants back up to my hips. I slowly walked over to my bedroom door and opened it. My new little sister looked from the end of the hall and at me with a frown of disgust. “You’re wearing pajamas to school? Are you serious?” She complained.
I sighed again and then blew a piece of white hair out of my face. “No because I still have time, Rachel. Our bus doesn’t come for 15 more minutes.”
“Well you better hurry. You don’t have a lot of time and as your sister I can’t let you make a fool of yourself by wearing something ridiculous.” She said with a slight indention in her frown and then she disappeared down the stairs as I went back to my room. I shut my door and looked at my pillow where tearstains were forming. I remembered the nightmare that had made me not want to fall asleep again last night and slightly shivered. I knew the key things of that dream would be stuck in my memory forever. Familiar blood, a burning home, and bodies around me while one person screamed to me, “Ardennes! Help!” A little boy screamed and then he was silent. Someone forcefully moved my body so that I went under a dark willow tree. A man, that was looking the opposite direction, turned to me and I saw THOSE EYES. They were silver, dark, and filled with death. That was where the nightmare ended and sent my head spinning. It had shaken a part of me I didn’t even know was there and frightened me even more. I hated myself for not even remembering my past that could tell me why my family died. I ignored the urges for crying and went to my closet. I took out a torn up jean mini-skirt and a plaid short sleeve button-up shirt that was hot pink and black. I put them both on and then slipped my feet into a pair of black flip-flops while putting my backpack on my back. I flew down the stairs and went to the kitchen where my new mother stood. Her almond eyes, snow-white skin, and black hair made her seem even more different than me just like my new sister and father. She nodded towards a chair at a table and I sat down. She brought over a bowl of rice with a fork and I smiled at her. She went back to the kitchen as I pretended to eat but truthfully slipped the rice into a brown paper bag that I put in my lap. Once I had gotten rid of the whole bowl of rice I stood back up and slipped the bag of rice into the trash. I put the empty bowl and used fork in the sink of the kitchen as my new mother smiled at me.
“Mr. Dean’s sons are at the front door waiting for you,” She informed me, “I will be gone for most of today, so the house will be empty when you get back.”
“Okay. I’ll be going.” I said quietly and then left the kitchen. I went to the front of the house and out the door to see two boys waiting for me. They were the Dean twins: Two boys identical in face and shape but with emotions that were polar opposites. Kevin was a perfect student, had few friends, and was not accepted very well. Henry was barely passing high school, friends with everyone who was anyone, and was accepted by all popular students. Henry was wearing a black shirt and a pair of jeans while Kevin was wearing his soccer uniform.
“Yo, Schyler.” Henry said with a smile.
“Hi, Henry.” I said kindly. “Good morning, Kevin.” I said sweetly to the church mouse staring at me like his brother.
“Hey, Sky.” He said as he slightly smiled. “We should start heading to the bus stop.” He added and I nodded. I started walking as Kevin stood on my right and Henry stood on my left.
“You were running late this morning.” Kevin pointed out to me. “Everything okay? It’s not like you to be late.”
I nodded to him. “I just got up a little late, that’s all.” I replied with a smile as the bus stop came into view. A group of kids stood at the corner of the road we were heading towards. Some turned our way, but a group stood out. It was a group of five made up of 2 girls and 3 boys. They were a few feet from the rest of the group covered in punk clothing. The group went quiet as I walked up with Kevin and Henry as they watched me. I looked away as I felt their gaze of torture, but was pulled back into sanity by the tight hug of my best friend Faith.
“Good morning, Sky!” She exclaimed and everyone heard. I blushed as she let go. She laughed as she touched my face. “You’re as red as a tomato.” She said and I took a step from her.
“Be quiet.” I complained, as I blushed more.
“Bus!” A boy yelled and we all turned as it pulled up. I started towards the bus but was stopped by Faith.
“Wait.” She whispered and I sighed.
“I’ll see you later guys.” I said as Henry and Kevin left me. I looked at Faith as people started onto the bus. “What?”
“I want to get on when he gets on.” She said excitedly. The he she was referring to was the head of the group that watched me. His name was Vladimir and he was very handsome, but turned down everyone that asked him out. Now Faith was in love with him and was completely obsessed. The group of five started towards the bus and Faith quickly pulled me with her towards the group. I went ahead of Faith as she walked onto the bus in front of Vladimir. When I got onto the bus I sat down at a two-person seat in the back of the bus. Faith parked herself into the seat in front of me like usual, but then something different happened. One of the followers of Vladimir named Dimitri came back to us and I realized the regular seating of the bus was changed slightly. Usually Dimitri would sit with Vladimir, but their seat was taken and they needed new seats.
“Can I sit with you?” Dimitri asked Faith and she nodded. She thought Dimitri was cute, so sitting with him was great for her. She looked back at me and slightly smiled, but her face changed as mine did when Vladimir walked to the back of the bus. He smiled at Faith and I as I shivered. He turned directly to me and looked at me.
“May I sit with you?” He asked kindly and my heart raced. Just the sight of him frightened me, but his voice scared me half to death. I looked around the bus to see I was now the only person left sitting by myself, which meant I had no choice.
“Um, Sure.” I said quietly as I scooted towards the inside of the seat. He sat dangerously close to me as the bus started. Faith turned to Dimitri as he talked to her, so I was all alone. I kept my glance from Vladimir as I felt him watching me.
“You’re friends with Faith, correct?” Vladimir asked me and I looked up at him. His eyes sparkled as I looked at him. He smiled and the sight of his sharp teeth scared me. He had the same vampire teeth as the man in my dream last night.
“Uh, Yea. We’re best friends.”
“She seems to be getting along very well with Dimitri.”
I nodded. “She is a very friendly person.” I replied quietly and then looked straightforward. I jumped when something cold touched my left arm. I looked down to see Vladimir’s cold hand on my arm. I looked up at his eyes to see disappointment.
“Your name is Schyler, correct?” He asked and I quietly nodded.
“Yes, and you are Vladimir.”
“How did you know my name when I’ve never talked to you before?” He asked me curiously.
“Faith really likes you and knows a lot about you and since I am her best friend, she has told me everything she has learned.” I explained. “But how did you know my name? I’ve never talked to anyone that you are friends with.”
He smiled in a way that made me tense. “I have heard a lot about you and how you came to live in this small town.”
I looked at him. “All of your kind seems to know something about me that I don’t.” I said with a frown.
“My kind?” He asked me and I became irritated.
“You are a vampire. You make it too obvious.” I said angrily and his eyes widened with surprise.
“Have you told anyone?”
I shook my head. “Do you think anyone would believe me if I said ‘Vampires exist and are watching me’? Yeah right. I would never tell anyone but I do know people who have figured out your secret.” I said and then looked towards the window. “And I also know your kind has the key I need to remember my past. I know you all had something to do with the death of people that haunt me in my sleep now. I also know that some vampire is after me and that is why I am being watched all the time by slayers.” I said and then the bus stopped. I was surprised when Vladimir was quickly pulled up off the bus seat. I looked up to see Henry pulling up Vladimir with his twin brother behind him. Dimitri quickly stood and grabbed onto Henry’s hand. “Henry! Put him down!” I whispered in a hiss. He looked up at me and then looked back at Vladimir.
“Why are you trying to get so close to Schyler?” Henry ordered.
“Why can’t I sit next to her?” He asked, as he acted clueless. Faith looked at me with confusion and I quickly grabbed onto Henry’s arm. He looked up at me.
“Henry, I asked him to sit with me. There is nothing going on here,” I said quietly, “So please. Don’t make a big scene out of this.” I gave Henry a look of sadness and he let go of Vladimir. Dimitri quickly grabbed Vladimir and pulled him away from the slayer twins standing next to me. “Come on Henry. We should go.” I said sweetly and he frowned. He clenched his fists as he spoke.
“But we were ordered to…” He started to say but stopped when I put my hand on his soft face. He blushed and looked at me with confusion.
“I know, but can’t we let him slide? I was the one talking to him. He did nothing wrong.” I said sweetly and Henry automatically nodded like he was in a trance.
“Okay.” Henry said and I slightly smiled.
“We need to get to class.” I said quietly and he nodded. He took my hand in his and then led me off the bus while Kevin and Faith followed. I quickly went to my classroom and then Henry and Kevin left. Faith stayed with me since we had the same first class. My History teacher smiled at me kindly as he looked over the book in his hands. His face was almost identical to Kevin and Henry’s faces, but my teacher was a mixture of his two sons. He was very outgoing, but was very studios. He was a perfect slayer and father. He was the key slayer protecting me right now; with the help of his sons I had not gotten near a vampire until today. He nodded towards me and I quickly went up to him. Faith thought he was my true godfather and that he knew my passed parents so she let me have peace with the man. I went up to him and smiled broadly.
“Well good morning, Miss Schyler.” He said formally as he set down his book. He took his reading glasses off and smiled back at me. “You look a little paler than usual. Are you feeling alright?”
I nodded automatically. “I’m just a little tired. I stayed up later than usual last night because I was still studying for a test I have today. That’s all, Mr. Dean.” I lied in a believable way.
“Ah…” He started to say, but was stopped by a bell ringing. I quickly went to my seat and watched the teacher.

When the bell for lunch rang I left my classroom to see Vladimir and his band of followers outside the door. I stopped in mid step as I felt my blood quicken through my veins. Vladimir smiled in my direction and then started walking towards me. I got a cold shiver throughout my body even though it was hot in the school. My head started to spin, but was stopped by a familiar warm hand that touched my shoulder. I turned to my left to see the beautiful face of Kevin. He smiled sweetly to me and then let go of my shoulder. I looked back to Vladimir and his group, but they were gone. I turned back to Kevin as his smile widened. “Hey.” He said kindly and I felt much better.
“Henry has a test to make up during lunch, so it’s just you, me, and Faith today.” He said and then slowly held my hand gently in his. “Where do you want to go today?”
“I’m not hungry…so where do you want to go?”
“He wants to go to McDonalds.” Faith said as she walked up to us and I smiled at her sweet face. “Isn’t that right, Kev?”
Kevin laughed and then smiled again. “Sure.” He replied and I nodded. “We should put our stuff up and then go.” He added and Faith left. Kevin followed me to my locker and we put our bags up.

When I returned to school with my two friends in tow we sat at a bench outside. Faith had eaten a burger on her way back to school and was now sharing her large fry with Kevin. I sat down and slowly sipped out of my iced coffee. When the five-minute bell rang we all went inside and stopped at my locker. I got out my bag and Kevin’s bag then we all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I went down to my English class and sat down in my usual seat. My teacher did not assign us seats, but everyone had their own spot. I was in the back left corner of the room with a girl I kind of knew and an open seat next to me. To my surprise, as the bell rang, the open seat was sat in by someone. I looked up to see Vladimir smiling at me. My heart stopped for a moment as a cold chill went down my spine. I looked over to see his seat next to his usual friends was empty. I quickly looked away from him and at the teacher, but was shocked by a cold hand set on my shoulder. “Hey.” He whispered in a friendly way.
“What are you doing over here?” I whispered angrily as I turned to him.
“I wanted to sit by you. Is there something wrong with that?” He asked me quietly with an evil smile.
“Unless you want to die by the hands of the slayer twins I suggest you get away from me.” I spat back as I looked at the teacher but still spoke to him.
“You seriously think I’m scared of those two? All they have is swords but I have powers beyond most my age. I could kill them in seconds.”
“Then why haven’t you? If they are such a nuisance then why haven’t you gotten rid of them with your powers?” I whispered in an unpleased manner.
“Because they are your friends, correct?” He asked and my heart stopped again. Those words were familiar but I did not know where I had heard them before. I looked over to Vladimir as my cold sweat kicked in. His eyes flashed quickly from a blue to silver and my head started spinning. He slightly smiled as I started feeling sicker. “You may not know about your past, Schyler. But I know all about it.”
He just smiled for a moment. “You will understand in time. But first you have to learn to trust me. I am one of the few vampires that know of you and was sent here to protect you from the man hunting you.” He said and then looked me straight in the eyes. “We should meet after school today. Can you get away from the slayers for a few hours?”
I nodded. I wanted to know everything of my past. I didn’t care if I would be terrified or if I would have to trust a vampire. I needed to know who that little boy in my dreams was. “My house will be empty from the end of school until 8. You can come over there so that the slayers can’t see us.” I replied and he smiled more, but this time it seemed to be in a more evil way than usual.
“Perfect.” He whispered and I looked back to the teacher.
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