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Ancient Power

Author's note: Timmy is very serious about his name because it represents him. As am I. Timmy has been a great...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Timmy is very serious about his name because it represents him. As am I. Timmy has been a great way to illustrate my point. Names mean a lot to me and I only wanted to be referred to as who I am.  « Hide author's note
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How the Power was born

Later the police lock him in the cell he built for me. They know he has the Power. They know I have the Power.

“How did you get in here?” I ask Chief Clancy, who’s slouching against the wall. Chief Clancy is lean and brawny. His muscles bulge like rocks wrapped in stretched tan skin that seems too tight for him.
But with his hands out in his side and his soft, blue eyes staring at me attentively people know he’s not a just some jerk trying to put on a tough show with
his rock-hard muscles. He’s a hero. He’s amazing. No gangster can escape from his police force.

“He doesn’t actually have much protection around his lab. He doesn’t need it. No one wants to come in and experience his wrath. He’s too horrible a person. He’s too cocky to think anyone could steal from him. He’s right no ones brave enough. There wasn’t anything of much value there either... until you came. Then there was you and Power.”

I gasp. My eyes pop.
That’s when I learn that they know I have the Power.

Chief Clancy shrugs it off, “We knew you had the Power the first second we saw you down from the hospital. We had to put on a show that we were trying to rescue you though.”

I remember that police lady. Just pretend you’re scared of me. This is only an act I’m so incredulous I almost faint.

But what he says next doesn’t even compare.

“I know,” he whispers. ”I know because I’m Charles.”

My head lashes back to ages ago. I’m staring in wonder through young, emerald irises. I’m nine-year-old Timmy and there in front of me is Gram dying. I remember like a flashback in a movie. Gram struggles to speak. “Charles,” she says, “tell him for me. Show him the Power. When the time is right.” Then a teen swirls in from the up heaved darkness of my memory, “It will be an honor to be his Messenger.”

I stare at teenager Charles with wonder and then the pixels of light swarm away like bees, fading and I’m left gawking at the muscular but kind Charles he is now.

Charles understands that I understand.
“Timmy, I knew your Grandmother well. I’m one she saved. In her time she was a heroine. She saved people from fires and murderers. She brought me to her home whereas before I was an orphan on the street. Your mother was like my sister.”

He stopped.

Because he saw the tears trickling down my cheeks. I know I’m a cry -baby. I don’t care. My mom who my grandma saved - she died. She left me before I was three because of breast cancer. All I can remember about her is that I loved her. I’d suck my thumb and pull her shirt and I loved her.

“ Gram taught me about the Power. I thought it was a myth but it was to teach you when you were old enough and you are. So I’m gonna teach you. Here it goes.

Along time ago almost every human being had the Power. The Power had rained down from the sky like a shooting star and there was more than enough for everyone. Some got their hands on tons of it but having more than enough Power did nothing. You only need a little dab of a tiny jar for its full effect. People were insanely greedy. But your great, great ancestor put just a little on herself and stored the rest in jars and tubes. At her deathbed she gave them all to her son. He used one. When all the other Powerful people died her son was the only one left with the Power. Her son gave the rest of the jars to his grandson and his grandson gave them to his granddaughter and on and on and on to you.

We waited to tell you until now so you wouldn’t open it up as a little kid who wasn’t ready. When it’s ready it gets to you anyway it can. For you it spilled on you. Some are never ready and Messengers like me have to search for another one to be the Protector of us all. A new Powerful one. The Power has to make sure it only falls into hands that are responsible, honest and will strive to protect the world. It’s learned from the past when greedy ones got hands on it. What you have to understand is it’s not just golden gunk. It’s supernatural gunk and it doesn’t just have Power. It is Power. It can do anything. If it sees there’s something it can’t do it will evolve to do it in a mere couple of days. It’s amazing. Soon it will figure out that Dr.Jackson got his hands on it and bust itself out of there. “

I nod. Even though this isn’t plausible at all, it’s plausible for me after what I’ve been through. I feel the responsibility of protecting the whole world weighing down on my hefty shoulders. The whole world? G-d dammit! “Protect us all?’

Then with shock I gasp.

“What about the next tube for my daughter Josie? I only got one? Do you have the rest?”

He sighs, “You got the last. After all these decades our family has finally run out.”

Then I glimpse Dr.Jackson frowning in his cell and a realization pours over me.
He copied my Power. I’ll copy it for Josie. This will be how our line of Power runs forever. I’m a scientist and finally I’ll figure something out that will benefit the world. People will never know that I did. I’ll never win the Nobel Prize, but I’ll do it.

Somehow I’ll copy what Dr.Jackson learned.

Then I stand up and I whisper, “Thank you,” something I never thought I’d say to Dr.Jackson. He stares at me with his face cringed and his fists clenched and I repeat, “Thank you. You don’t know it but you may just have saved the world.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 6 7 8

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Eliahumandoglover said...
Sept. 13, 2011 at 8:46 pm
Please comment. It really helps. Constructive criticism is good. It makes me feel appreciated when people comment on my work.
Gr8man replied...
Aug. 9, 2014 at 9:53 pm
The story's premise is interesting, but what I think most needs improvement is the dialogue and writing style (it doesn't always flow smoothly). Other than that an interesting read! please check out my story as i'm hard pressed for constructive comments myself :)  

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