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Ancient Power

Author's note: Timmy is very serious about his name because it represents him. As am I. Timmy has been a great...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Timmy is very serious about his name because it represents him. As am I. Timmy has been a great way to illustrate my point. Names mean a lot to me and I only wanted to be referred to as who I am.  « Hide author's note
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I'm too Young to Die

My head swims. I feel my burning eyes open. Purple vapor drowns my eyes encircling me from head to toe. The mist rises in the air like ghosts shrouding my view.

“He’s waking up, Miggers. Go get Zombie. Then off to ready positions!”
I feel through the cloud of mist more than the crazy scientist Dr.Jackson. I feel
a magnetic pull to him, a similarity. I feel the Power pulsing in him. We both have it now.

Miggers stares at Dr.Jackson.

“Move it! I have the Power! You really wanna die!??”

Miggers trembles. His voice is shaking but he manages to speak. “If you’re so Powerful can’t you just do it yourself???”

Dr.Jackson’s head explodes again, his eyes bulging like giant eggs and his inky, black pupils so dilated he looks like a monster, which he, in my opinion, is.

“Listen here,” he roars. “That’s not the question. The question is: if I’m so Powerful WHY do the work myself??!!!!!!”


“Good I wouldn’t want to have to do to you what I did to Hammy!”
Miggers scampers off.
I stare at Dr.Jackson. He stares back.

“It looks we both have the Power now! But I’ve won. You’ll be dead soon. I’ll be the only Powerful one left!”

Miggers runs straight through followed by a skinny man, brown skin peeling under moss and dotted with fungus.
“See here, Fox, this is my Frankenstein, Zombie. But my Frankenstein is a success. Just wanted to let you know before you die how successful I am and how easy it will be from here to rule the world.”

So downright cocky. So full of himself. Too much confidence. He’ll never succeed.
Anyway how does having this Zombie help him take over the world?

Zombie runs to a switch and Miggers to another. “Any last words, Fox?” sneers Dr.Jackson.

I stare at him. Really this is a nightmare. This is like in a comic book. This isn’t real. Someone would kill people to rule the world? A real human? My species? My race? Is this guy human?


At least he’s allowing me my last words. Maybe to show off or maybe because deep inside him he has a little heart, a little human- enough that he’s allowing me this. These last words I can use to be me. Because I’m Timmy and everyone must call me that. You can call me Fox and I know you’re trying to talk to me but I also know you’re only talking to the Fox in me. The Fox that screams to call me Timmy. People may try to make me someone else. So many people want me to be altered by who they call me… and it almost works. Almost. When Hannah calls me Dr.Fox sometimes I’m almost ready to accept it. But then I come home and I see my daughter, my Rosebud Josie giggling, lighting up like the sun. I see my wife Elizabeth playing Peek-a-boo with her and I remember I’m also a father. Or maybe I see some kids swishing that rust-orange basketball into a hoop and I remember I’m also an avid Knicks fan and I love to play basketball. I realize I’m not just Dr.Fox. I’m not just a Doctor. I’m also a father and basketball player and a husband and so much more. Timmy encompasses it all.
I’m Timmy Fox, not Fox, and you call me Timmy because that’s who I am.

“Alright, no last words, Fox. Lets go!”

“Call me Timmy!” I scream.

Dr.Jackson just stares at me perplexed, “I thought your last words would be a little more complicated ‘Timmy’, like a scientist.”

“No,” I respond, “No. That’s the point. With the name Dr.Fox people just look at me as a Doctor. People like you expect that I’m a mad scientist or a nerdy geek. I’m not like you. I’m not just a Doctor. I’m a father and I’ve got love in my heart for my little daughter Josie and my beautiful wife.”

“Okay that’s enough. Kill him Miggers.”

“One more thing. I don’t believe you’re as Powerful as me. Do you have a wife that loves you?”

“Shut him up.”

“Dr.Jackson, I want my last words to be to my wife.”


“If you’re so Powerful show me-“

“Okay, Miggers, hand him the phone.” That’s all it takes? Questioning his ego and Power?
Miggers quivers with fear as Dr.Jackson looms over him with menacing Power sniggering like a hyena.

Miggers strides over to a sleek metal button and presses it. Then he places a metallic Iphone encrusted with gold and diamonds in a slot. It travels over the dome, hovers as a hole in the top of the dome opens up as softly as clear liquid. It drops in my hand.

“I have an Iphone of gold and diamonds. Machines and slaves to do all my work. Now you see who’s Powerful?” he jeers proudly.

“That’s what you thinks power?” I murmur.

I feel the Iphone slide against my hands, smooth. Glints of diamonds shine like grains of salt.

I weigh my options. The Police station is a few blocks away. Would Dr.Jackson be able to monitor what I say? Would he kill me before they came? Could they stop him? It’s my only hope. Go for it!

You never saw me dial so fast! My fingers fly across the touch screen. 9-1-1.
I cover up the numbers from Dr.Jackson as I dial. I hear a gruff voice in the distance,” What’s going on?”

“I’m captured by-.”

“Huh,” he interrupts. “This is Dr.Jackson’s number.”

He understands immediately. He whispers, “we’re coming.”
That’s all it takes.

“Y’done talking, Fox?- I mean ‘Timmy?” asks Dr.Jackson prominently moving his lips extra as he pronounces the word Timmy.

“I just gotta a hold of her.”

“Hurry up.”

I hold the glossy, polished Iphone against my ear and pretend to talk.
Just need to stall him a little more.

“Okay, I’m out of patience. Miggers, just kill him already. For real this time!”
Miggers doesn’t move. His face just pales.
Then he tentatively moves forward. He pulls a trigger.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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Eliahumandoglover said...
Sept. 13, 2011 at 8:46 pm
Please comment. It really helps. Constructive criticism is good. It makes me feel appreciated when people comment on my work.
Gr8man replied...
Aug. 9, 2014 at 9:53 pm
The story's premise is interesting, but what I think most needs improvement is the dialogue and writing style (it doesn't always flow smoothly). Other than that an interesting read! please check out my story as i'm hard pressed for constructive comments myself :)  

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