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Ancient Power

Author's note: Timmy is very serious about his name because it represents him. As am I. Timmy has been a great...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Timmy is very serious about his name because it represents him. As am I. Timmy has been a great way to illustrate my point. Names mean a lot to me and I only wanted to be referred to as who I am.  « Hide author's note
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“Did you see that hospital turd, Miggers?”
“Yes sir, Dr.Jackson!”
“Did you see that supernatural glow in his eyes? The way he moved with ease like an alien from another planet? Did you see his Power?”
“Well that’s what I want you idiot. That’s exactly what I want!”
Dr.Jackson turned his hideous scarred up face. “I’m gonna get it and you’re gonna help me…and if you don’t...”He shot his perfidious glare in Migger’s
Isn't ironic that the last chapter was called Escape and this one Captured?
face, “If you don’t... let’s not go there...”

Dr. Jackson laughed, beaming with triumph as Miggers backed up, shivering, into a corner. The power he had to scare others! Amazing! Power gave Dr.Jackson energy. The power flowing through his veins made him feel special. But power was his drug now and he wanted more! He just had power and the hospital idiot had Power.

“You better not fail me, Miggers!”
Dr.Jackson leaned close and Miggers could feel his sour breath and his hungry eyes.
“I’d never fail you! Never! Never! Never!”

“What’s the plan, Miggers?”

“Uncover the enemy’s weaknesses and exploit them.”

“That’s what I like to hear!”

This time his scheme was going to succeed.

* * *
I was all over the news. I’ve always wanted to be in the news but not in this way. I wanted to be in the news for creating a cure for autism or discovering some disease. But for escaping a hospital building, I’m considered almost infamous.

* * *
It’s been weeks since the hospital. I feel quite normal. People have dropped the subject on me. Just another new story that adds up to nothing in the end. Doctors have concluded I’m perfectly healthy now. I’m even going back to work next week.

Early in the morning I stroll over to the supermarket to buy some formula for my baby girl, Josie. G-d bless her rosebud complexion and cute little smile. G-d bless her smile that could only be compared to this cool, morning sunrise.

The sun rose in a soft, pastel blend of soothing chartreuse intermingled with a deep blue of early morning.

It would be nice but not for long. There is one bad neighborhood I have to get past to get to the supermarket.
My body shivers and cringes as I make my way through a muddy sidewalk strewn with shining candy wrappers and styrofoam fast food soda cups, murky brown soda spilling across my feet. The wind almost knocks me off my feet. A piece of mildewed, drab paper hits me in the face.
It advertises a new kind of gun.

Then I see a poor schnorrer sagging against the side of a graffiti-stained brick building. His wiry hair is a gray whirlwind of trash. He sits there staring at me, just staring at me... and the whole world as it passes him by. A few coins clink in the plastic cup he shakes as his eyes plead for more. I’m worried if I just give him money he’ll use it to buy drugs, alcohol or something he doesn’t need.
I can’t bear to just walk away. I hold out a tuna fish sandwich lunch. I don’t like tuna so the sandwich lacks fish but that’s okay.

The man yanks my hand. His grip is like steel. He twists my arm and cackles like a lunatic. He’s surprisingly strong. But I’m stronger. Instinctively, I slash him across the face with my other hand, blood spurting from his lip. I stare at the fresh blood oozing down my hand. I don’t want to be violent. I don’t want to. But I don’t want to die either. I latch my hand on to the thing closest to me to pull myself up: his beard. It feels… synthetic. I jerk at its artificial fluff as I hear the screeching of the adhesive being ripped off his skin. I jump to my feet. The beggar screams with agony. His eyes glare with portent, more alive than the sleepy slits I saw before as he leaned against the rundown building.

“I’m not who you think I am,” he seethes. “I’ve got you under control for your sympathy and love is your greatest weakness!”

I kick him in the balls. He holds them, whimpering and then dancing around like a chicken.

Then he just laughs, “You may have the Power and brawn on your side but I have technology and preparation on mine.”

He jumps aside and runs. The ground beneath me rumbles with thunder.
A precisely cut circle with about a three-yard diameter underneath me begins to lower. Suddenly it streaks down with a jolt of blurry speed. My veins pumping with adrenaline, I shoot up like a bullet. In midair I twist so my body is a lined up to grab onto a pipe running down the wall.
I cat hold off it and pull myself up to a window ledge and… BOOM!
I roar with anguish. My head explodes like fireworks. Searing pain charges from head to toe. My back spasms.

“You got him good, Miggers,” I hear someone say.
I strain to hold on. But my grip is loosening. Then dusk engulfs me. In my last seconds of consciousness I feel my hands slip as I fall, my head screaming, down… down… down… into an abyss of torture that seems to just keep going forever.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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Eliahumandoglover said...
Sept. 13, 2011 at 8:46 pm
Please comment. It really helps. Constructive criticism is good. It makes me feel appreciated when people comment on my work.
Gr8man replied...
Aug. 9, 2014 at 9:53 pm
The story's premise is interesting, but what I think most needs improvement is the dialogue and writing style (it doesn't always flow smoothly). Other than that an interesting read! please check out my story as i'm hard pressed for constructive comments myself :)  

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