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strike: a faerie tale

Author's note: This a sequel; check out the first. This second book took me one month during a summer vacation...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This a sequel; check out the first. This second book took me one month during a summer vacation to complete. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this one.  « Hide author's note
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I QUICKLY MADE MY WAY TO THE GATES WHERE JAKE STOOD, LEANING AGAINST THE BARS, WAITING. He smiled when he saw me, then he frowned as he noticed my angry expression.
"Do you really have to ask?" He looked taken aback at my sudden outburst. "Sorry," I sighed. "It's those girls again. I swear I thought I was going to have an aneurysm trying to keep from killing them all." As we started walking to the cafeteria, Jake for some reason, laughed at what I'd said.
"What's so
I'm rarely satisfied with the second chapter too. I CAN USE A BIT OF CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM PLEASE!!!
funny?" I asked a little loudly. I honestly did not find what would be. He chuckled. "Never thought I'd be worth fighting over," he replied. I punched him; people immediately looked up at the sky at the loud boom that occurred.
"Get over yourself," I muttered. "You don't realize how hot you've become over summer, haven't you?" I admitted sadly. It was disheartening, and a blow to my self-esteem.
Jake laughed again. "Sheesh. You like me too much," he replied. "You won't believe what the guys were--and are--thinking about you. I wanted--and want--to hurt every single one of them." He punched his palm threateningly, only to look adorable.
"Ah, sweet," I cooed as I floated up quickly to give him a peck on the lips.
He sighed. "Do we have to get lunch or can we go behind a building or something?" he said as we arrived at the very long lunch line.
I laughed. "You're crazy. I don't know about you but I'm starving." We got our pizzas and headed to our usual spot. When we reached the quad, we found Liz and Josh sitting under the tree with their lunches. I was a little surprised Josh hadn't brought Roxanne. They were eating quietly; no talking, which was unusual. We said our hi's as Jake and I sat down with them.
"Have you seen Roxanne?" Josh asked. He constantly kept looking around for her. Liz sulked beside him.
"No. Why?" I resisted the urge to peek into his head. He blushed quickly. Liz continued to pout.
"No reason. I just wanted to make sure she found her classes okay, that's all," he answered innocently. All I saw in his head was Roxanne, and the newness. Liz was thinking of Roxanne too, but not in a nice way. We ate in silence; Josh was still on lookout and Liz was super quiet. Lunch today wasn't a good lunch.
Jake and I had U.S. History for fourth period. We sat in the back where we had the most privacy. Fourth period was the most disruptive and my second favorite class. Almost every day we watched a movie. Of course, it always related to history, but they were still entertaining.
And, as you must know, when the class is watching a video, they turn off the lights.
For fifth period, we had English. Today we had to write an essay or short story about our favorite something. Jake wrote an essay about his dream car. I wrote a short adventure story about Jake, though names were changed.
When everyone had turned in their works, we had forty minutes left so we started a film about a book we had just read last week. Jake and I leaned against each other on the desk and took a nap just as everyone followed the same suit. We had been
really asleep when the bell rang, so mine and Jake's head shot up instantly to the amusement of those sitting close to us.
"Man, I feel exhausted," he yawned as we walked out of class.
"Same here," I replied. "I just hope I have enough energy left for the tryouts."
"Don't worry. We can sleep in sixth."
Because we no longer had Spanish, we had to fill a period with something; only in our senior year could we have a free period. We had decided on Study Hall for sixth--again; the counselors didn't mind. Liz and Josh didn't have a class at all with us this year, which was fine with me.
We found seats in the back and slumped on our desks. The teacher didn't mind. No one bothered us.
I opened my eyes but closed them instantly; the light that seemed to come from every direction blinded me. The light seemed to stay in my eyesight; in my peripheral vision, I could only see pitch black. I blinked a couple of times, but it was difficult to get used to the brightness. When I was able to open them again, I noticed someone standing in front of me… a girl by the looks of her silhouette. She was walking towards me as I realized it was Roxanne. She wore black clothing like she did at school. Her face was vacant, no expression. Then the light flashed brighter, making me turn away, then it faded back as my eyes readjusted.
Roxanne was gone. Instead, what stood in front of me was a huge black wolf. It came above my waist, its teeth reminded me of Ezekiel's fangs, except its mouth was full of them. The fur stood up, making it seem bigger, more vicious. Its mouth was open, salivating. The black eyes…Roxanne's eyes stared at me with anger… or hunger.
I couldn't move, couldn't move or feel my body. I felt frozen with fear. I couldn't believe this was Roxanne. She crouched slowly; I knew what was coming next yet I stayed where I was.
She lunged--I jumped up violently--my eyes flashed open--the bell rang… simultaneously.
"Whoa. You okay?" Jake and I had been leaning on each other over the desk. He must have been sleeping until the bell and I woke him.
"I'm fine," I said. I was fully awake now, thanks to that dream. I wasn't sure what it meant or what the wolf represented, if there was even a hidden message. It was difficult to shrug off as we filed out of the classroom, going towards the tennis courts instead of the gate exits. Jake waited for me as I quickly changed in the girls restroom. When I had come out, he raised his eyebrows at my exposed legs, which were tanner and slightly toned.
Jake and I walked hand in hand as we made our way across campus. The coach, Miss. Johansson, greeted us at the gate. She looked like she was in great shape; her blond hair in a ponytail pulled through her hat, made her look sporty. She had the body of a runway model; long legs and thin figure.
"Name, grade and permission slip please," she said, looking at her clipboard as she spoke.
"Amy Santali. I'm a junior," I answered, handing her my form. She checked the slip then marked something on her paper then looked up to notice Jake standing next to me.
"Son, this is the girls season."
Jake turned red quickly; I stifled a giggle. "I'm not trying out," he said quietly.
Miss. Johansson just laughed. "Only kidding. Spectators on the other side of the fence please," she chuckled. She walked away to greet other girls.
"Ha ha," he muttered sarcastically to her back. "It's not that funny, Amy," he snapped. I was still laughing at his red face.
I kissed him quickly. "'Spectators on the other side of the fence please,'" I mimicked. He rolled his eyes as he walked away. I headed over to where the girls were stretching. I simply took out my racket and leaned against the fence, waiting for the tryouts to officially begin. A mousy-looking freshman, who was stretching her legs with a pained expression on the ground looked up at me.
"You're not warming up?" she asked incredulously.
I shrugged and shook my head. I didn't need to.
She raised her eyebrows and resumed her exercise. A whistle blew as Miss Johansson beckoned for us to gather around her.
"Good afternoon. I'm Miss Johansson, you can call me Miss Jo for short. I will be your coach for this season and hope you all play one-ten all the way. I--" she stopped; a girl had raised her hand. "Yes?" she asked.
"What does… 'one ten' mean?" she asked timidly. I realized it was Maria Moreno. She had been in my biology class last year, and was very smart, though very shy.
"It means I want you all to play one hundred and ten percent in every game, Miss Moreno," she replied. "I appreciate your eagerness to learn," she added with a smile. Maria blushed quickly. I was going to like Miss Jo.
She continued. "I want freshmen and sophomores up first, you'll make up the junior varsity--unless you're really good. Juniors and seniors are going to be varsity--or junior varsity if you're… not so good." Perfect. Varsity.
She paired us up according to whoever was standing next to us. The freshmen were okay, the sophomores only slightly better. Miss Jo was constantly checking things off of a long list she had. After they had finished, Miss Jo said she would post the junior varsity list on the Student Government (or Stud-Gov, as we called it) center window, same with varsity. Then it was our turn. Luckily, I was paired with Maria, and we went first. I was to serve, which was a huge advantage for me. Maria wasn't doing so well, but I didn't go easy on her. When we finished, we were able to leave.
"Good job, Amy," Maria congratulated.
"You too," I replied politely. I gathered my stuff quickly. Jake was waiting by the entrance. He tried his best, but we both could not ignore all the girls glancing at him in awe and at me in envy.
"I told you," I said as he took my hand. We were walking away but I still felt everyone's eyes on us.
"You're over exaggerating," he scoffed. "They're just jealous and you know it." I nudged into him. We stopped at the girls bathroom so I could change. Then we headed towards the gates exiting the school.
"Do you still want to go to Alloid's place?" I asked as we crossed the parking lot. We both looked at our burns; mine was barely noticeable then. I didn't expect anything wrong since I felt fine and none of our abilities were fading away either.
He shrugged. "I'm in no hurry. Want to just walk around instead?" We were still holding hands. Jake was still carrying my duffel after refusing to just let me carry the damn thing myself.
"I'd rather fly," I replied. I hadn't been able to use most of my abilities all summer. I had the feeling that if I didn't use them I'd lose them.
"Why don't we?"
I prodded him in the ribs with my elbow. "You know we can't. People would see us."
"People would see us in daylight," he said. "But what about at night?"
I raised an eyebrow. "What about airplanes?"
He rolled his eyes at me as we crossed the street. "We don't have to go hundreds of feet in the air," he countered.
"What if my parents catch us leaving or notice I'm not home?" He was quiet for a moment. I wasn't sure what put him in the mood to debate, but he looked cute when he was thinking hard.
"I could come and take you somewhere else to fly."
"But you make noise when you disappear. What if my parents hear you?"
He blinked. "I make noise?"
I nodded. "A little popping sound." I popped my lips.
Jake raised his eyebrows. "Why didn't you tell me?"
I shrugged. "I thought you knew." We were on Main Street, walking by Radio Shack and Payless.
"So, you want to fly tonight?"
I sighed in pretend irritation. "If you really want to, we'll fly tonight."
"Yes," he exclaimed. After about thirty minutes of walking I asked Jake to take me home. I was tired enough as it was, what with the suffocation in order to be in my room. We fell onto my bed, laughing, when--
I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. "Shh! Someone's coming. Leave now!" I hissed to Jake.
"I don't hear anything," he replied, looking at the door, confused.
I made him stand up. "But I do. Hurry." He kissed me goodbye, then he disappeared with a cute pop. I softly glided to my bed and pretended to have been lying there the whole time when there was a knock on my door.
"Amy?" It was Daddy Dearest, Mr. Frank Santali. "Are you in there?" Knowing he would never barge into my room, I drifted to the door and opened it. My dad must've changed when he got home, wearing a T-shirt and jeans. A cap hid his messy brown hair. It felt like I hadn't seen him in a very long time.
"What's up, Pop?"
"Have you seen my glasses? I can't find them anywhere," he asked; he was nearsighted. Josh got that from him, but he doesn't ever where his glasses; I think he lost them but doesn't want to tell anyone--mainly the parents who paid for them.
"Nope. Haven't seen them."
He turned to leave when he stopped and turned around. "What are you planning for tonight?"
I thought for a moment. "Uh, I was planning to go out with Jake tonight--if it's okay," I answered. He frowned a little at my response. "Something going on tonight?"
"I was just wondering if you wanted to see that new adventure movie tonight, but I see you already have plans--"
"Well, I could still go with you. I mean--"
"No, no. It's alright, you go on ahead. I know you kids need to do homework or something." He walked down to the kitchen as I shut the door. Jake was sitting on my bed; apparently, he hadn't left.
"Why did you tell your dad no?"
I leaned against the door. "I didn't say no. He wouldn't let me say yes," I sighed. We were quiet for a couple of minutes. For no apparent reason, an image of a black wolf flashed in mind; I jumped a little. Jake didn't seem to notice.
"You should have insisted," he said. "I mean you're a lot stubborn than you give yourself credit for," he chuckled. "At least you used to be," he said under his breath. I wasn't supposed to be able to hear that, but I did.
"What do you mean I used to be?" When I wanted to be, I could be as stubborn as a mule, then I would get my way. It worked 98% of the time, practically a guarantee. He looked up, a little shocked expression across his face.
I rolled my eyes and pointed at my ears.
Jake rubbed the back of his neck like he always did when he was embarrassed. "I don't know. It's just that… ever since what happened in May… you seemed… I don't know. You seem to always be on your guard, you know? Like you expect someone to attack you any second of the day," he said awkwardly. I went to look out the window so he could continue; I couldn„t look at him whenever we hit something serious. "I guess you never noticed but whenever we walk out around town… you always look over your shoulder every once in a while." He remained quiet for a minute or so. Had I started to go subconsciously paranoid?
Jake walked over to stand behind me. He wrapped his arms around me as I rested my head on his shoulder.
"I know that was rough," he said softly. "I never pointed any of those things out before because… I didn't want you to think you were going insane."
I closed my eyes as he stroked my hair. "Oh, Jake," I sighed. He was too good for me. Sometimes I felt like I didn't deserve him.
I didn't think I was crazy, but I had no idea the events in May had affected me so. Being bitten by a vampire and then later being stabbed by him isn't an everyday occurrence, but I had just shrugged them off as if they weren't a big deal. I had other things to worry about at the time. I guess I was having a delayed reaction or something.
"What about you?" I turned around so I could rest my head against his chest. He held me and continued to run his fingers through my hair.
Jake chuckled. "What about me? I was only on the sidelines," he said simply. I wanted to ask how did those things happen. What did he see exactly? Wasn't it supposed to be horrible watching someone be stabbed? Especially when that was someone you cared about? I was so close to bringing those things up, but I know I would just start feeling bad.
"Why don't you take a nap? You look awful," he chuckled quietly.
I glanced a the clock, it was six o'clock. We walked to my bed so I could lay down. Jake laid next to me and held me in his arms; we usually did this every night.
Pretty soon we both fell asleep.
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star2brite This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 3, 2011 at 3:37 pm
Interesting idea. I started reading it then realized that it's a sequel so I should probably read the first! I like the voice. I think this has potential--the title definitely caught my eye. Keep writing :)
WhiteWidow replied...
Oct. 4, 2011 at 9:38 am

Thank you.  The prequel---the first, rather---is 'choice'.  There's a third installment, but I'd like to see how the first two do

Also, if you've got the chance, take a look at 'complex'.  Part One and Two of this book are online already.

WhiteWidow said...
Sept. 20, 2011 at 12:36 pm
Someone read this please....

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