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Author's note: Growing up I've always had to listen to people argue over religion with each other to a point...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Growing up I've always had to listen to people argue over religion with each other to a point that's almost nauseating. I’ve always seen religion with the perception that no matter what a person believes, there’s always a chance that they could be wrong. I know what I believe may not match what others do but I’m always open to the possibility that I could be wrong and they could be as well.
This story started after a religious argument between a friend and I. Originally it was meant to be only about accepting that you may be wrong, but after a few months of rolling it through the dust that is my brain, it became more of just a regular story with the original theme watered down to just a single chapter. Please understand that what I write in my stories are not my real religious beliefs – they’re only to make a point.
Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the story and look forward to more.  « Hide author's note
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November 19, 2144

Most of the family has been busy running around in preparation for Thanksgiving lately. Ever since Congress agreed to completely halt chemical usage in food production, many farmers have gone out of business and it’s become more difficult to come across fresh produce. I already miss when it would only take us a few days to prepare Thanksgiving dinner instead of an entire week.
I caught Victor trying to hide something from me earlier while he was talking to my father. I tried eavesdropping but I knocked a bucket off of a pile of tools and warned them on accident. I’m sure he was considering finally proposing to me! The poor man is always so uncomfortable around my father and avoids him as much as possible. What else would he have finally worked up the courage to speak to him about?
Aside from family matters, nothing interesting has happened lately. All that comes up on the evening news anymore are reports on the congressmen who were murdered over six months ago, a chain of nuclear explosions in China, and celebrity break-ups and marriages. I don’t care much for other people’s weddings. I just can’t wait for my own.

January 22, 2146

It’s already been over a year since the accident. It feels so much longer. I’ve finally managed to find my way back home to retrieve my diary and find shelter. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything and now there seems to be no reason to write. Before, I only kept the diary as a way for people to remember me after I died, but now there is nobody left to remember. I can’t stop myself from writing, though. I will write if only to keep what scraps of my sanity remain.
The day after my last entry brought terrible news. The radiation that had been released from the nuclear meltdowns in China had somehow begun spreading across the whole of Asia, Europe, and parts of Africa. I couldn’t quite understand everything but the news said a Chinese scientist had discovered a new form of energy that could possibly be more efficient than nuclear energy. The man had entered a nuclear power plant hoping to compare his new energy to nuclear energy. Whatever chemicals he had used reacted with the chemicals at the plant in some way that caused a meltdown and made the radiation spread at a much faster rate.
After hearing the news, everyone tried to find somewhere safe to evacuate to, somewhere the radiation would not be able to reach. Everything we tried was pointless. The radiation spread all the way to the Americas with no hindrance by wind patterns or natural barriers. Everybody was affected by it.
I was with my parents and close cousins when we fled. Victor had left to try and save his own family. I’m sure his attempts were just as useless as my father’s though. The radiation warped my body, as it did theirs. My appearance has miraculously been left unchanged but I no longer feel hunger or require food or water to survive.
The rest of them were not so lucky. All of them suffered. Some coughed up blood without rest while others became malformed and could no longer function. It was horrifying to watch, knowing I could do nothing to save them and anticipating the same fate for myself.
In the end they all died and I was left alone. I began to overcome fear. I truly had nothing left to lose. Everything I had ever loved was taken away from me and death seemed so welcoming at times, but I could not bring myself to commit suicide.
I couldn’t think of anywhere to go after my family died. I thought I could return home, and after seeing what I expected would await me, would have the courage to finally end my life. So I left for home.
Soon after I left our so-called “safe haven” I encountered another person. I couldn’t believe that another person could have been as lucky as I to have survived such radiation. It gave me a small spark of hope. Perhaps there was still a chance that at least Victor could have survived.
However, that spark was quickly extinguished. He was not human. He was something else wearing a human’s skin, a demon. He tried killing me but for some reason I fought back. I killed him much more easily than I thought I could have ever done. Maybe that, too, was an effect the radiation had on me.
After that encounter I vowed to never trust anyone again. I thought it would be unlikely to meet another one of these demons but again I was wrong. There were thousands of them. Most of them tried to attack me or toy with me when they saw me. But there were some who seemed to want to help. One even fought off another demon who tried to attack me. But I remembered that first encounter and knew it was all only part of some trick.
That is everything I can remember happening in this past year. Life has become so horrific yet I still cannot bring myself to end it all. I will leave for Victor’s home in Philadelphia, or rather what remains of it. I know it is unlikely that he will still be alive and even if he is, he has probably left for better shelter but it will hopefully set my mind at ease.

July 14, 2146

Another miracle has happened! Victor is still alive and hasn’t been possessed! He’s changed a bit – he is more cold and critical – but so have I. We have to change in order to survive in the world as it is now. He attacked me when he first saw me and I can’t blame him. He thought I was possessed by one of these demons and I thought the same of him until he started screaming that he would kill me for possessing my own body. He seems to have been just as worried about me as I was for him.
Perhaps even more of a miracle is that there is a whole settlement of survivors here. The settlement is located out in a clearing about a mile south after the city disappears over the horizon. The settlers are from all kinds of ethnicities and religions and almost all of them account their survival to their devotedness to their gods. There is one exception, however. A Norwegian geneticist named Kjell claims we survived due to a gene in our DNA that normally remains inactive but allows those who have it to thrive from the radiation. I don’t care whether it was a god or nature that saved us, I’m just happy both Victor and I are still alive.
He’s become more of a fighter now than he ever was before. Lesser groups of demons attack the village occasionally and he has been placed in charge of destroying them before they can do any harm. I’m happy for him knowing he has a way to feel useful now, but I fear his hatred for demons may grow out of control…
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Bond... James Bond said...
Sept. 27, 2011 at 10:01 pm
I like the story although it bewildered me at some parts. I especially like the prologue with all it's colourful & descriptive words. I've been dying to say this - cool story bro :3
HI HI said...
Sept. 17, 2011 at 4:49 pm

other than being constantly slammed against walls, i found it rather intersting


meme said...
Sept. 13, 2011 at 4:06 pm
I get lost at like... the 2nd chapter... But overall I like it. Seems like a zombie movie playing in my head. Very well done. : D 

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