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"You know, you don't have to always be a smarty pants you know," my friends Carter said. He was mad that I beat him in the Academic Team challenge today...as usual.

"Whatever Carter, it's not like you don't have any brains. You just go to use them," I said, playfully shoving him. I looked up and saw a green light flashing in an alley. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at the light. A tall shadowy figure was in the light. The figure looked as if he were facing
And the last white coated freak I saw, was a one with very, very, very red eyes.

"Hey, Car, can you see that?!"

Carter turned around and looked towards the alley. I continued looking at the strange light, almost intrigued. "No? Well what should I be 'seeing' Angie?"

"You don't see that big as crap, light over there," I asked getting a little nervous.

"The streetlight?"

I sighed heavily and frowned," No Carter."

"Well, no clue," he said waving his arms in surrender.

"Fine, well, I have to go meet someone before I get to my house. So you can go ahead and go home," I lied, basically trying to make Carter leave.

"Sure, see you tomorrow," He said, pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose. He turned around and walked up the street.

I stood there and waited until he was out of sight and slowly walked over to the alley. I wonder why I was the only one who could see the light and not Carter. Do I have powers or something?!

I finally stopped around the corner and peeked my head over. I gasped at the sight. There were scientists in white lab coats...EVERYWHERE! My chest tightened when one of their eyes fell on me. "Get her."

My eyes grew wide but my legs wouldn't move. I was stuck! I soon felt big burly arms around me and I started to scream. "LET ME GO! PUT ME DOWN YOU WHITE COATED FREAKS!"

They set me down on some weird looking chair. I tried to sit up but I Was soon strapped to the seat. I felt like I Was going to have a spaz attack.

Then another white coated person came over and smiled evilly at me. Well, I'm guessing it was evilly, I can't really tell, they had these white masks on. He pulled out a needle and gas mask and said,"Don't worry little girl. It'll only hurt for a few seconds."

Soon the needle was in my left arm and a strong pain shot up from the tips of my fingers on the left arm all the way up to the left side of my head. "AH--,"my muffled yells were barely audible.

The men finally got another needle and struck my right arm. I held back my cries. I looked around and saw all these white coated freaks staring at me. And the last white coated freak I saw, was a one with very, very, very red eyes. Then, I passed out.
Chapters:   1 2 Next »

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