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Love Sucks

By , Wilmington, NC
Author's note: I wrote this before vampires and werewolves were the "It" creatures. It took me a couple of years...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this before vampires and werewolves were the "It" creatures. It took me a couple of years to write and edit, so the beginning I wrote when I was around 11 years old.  « Hide author's note
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The Middle

Just then, the bell rang that signaled that first period was starting. “Bye Ayslinn! I’ll see ya later!” Shayne said as she started skipping down the hallway to her first class. Ayslinn smiled and walked across the hall to her first class.

Ayslinn thought that school was easy as pie. After all, she had taken these classes in different cities every year for 50 years. She walked into the classroom of Mr. Miles, her science teacher. She sat at her desk and pulled out her book. It was The Shining by Stephen King. She thought it was wonderfully written even though it wasn’t very scary. She had read this book more than 25 times, and it was one of her favorites. She had been reading for about three minutes when Mr. Miles started class.

He cleared his throat, walked to the front of the class, and said, “Class, we have a new student joining our class today. I’ll let him introduce himself and then we shall start class.” He then opened the door and let a student in. Ayslinn stared at the new student. She smelled the air as he walked in and he still didn’t smell human. She thought about it then she finally realized what he was. He’s a Vampire, she thought, just like me! As soon as she thought that, he said, in a voice that was as smooth as velvet, “My name is Vladimir Washington, I’m 15, my favorite time of day is night, and my favorite color is black.” Mr. Miles turned to him. “There is a seat over there beside Miss. Tudor, Mr. Washington. Take it.” Vladimir sat down at the desk and Ayslinn put her book back into her bag.

Mr. Miles turned on a video for them to watch, so Ayslinn risked it and sat next to Vladimir away from everyone else. “What do you want?” he asked. She leaned in a little bit closer so no one would hear her but him and asked, “Vladimir, are you a Vampire?” He smelled the air near her. “Are you, Miss. Tudor?” he asked with a smile. “Yes. I am. You never answered my question, so here is another. May I call you Vlad?” she replied happily. “Yes I am a Vampire, and yes you may call me Vlad. Now a question for you. What is your name?” “My name is Ayslinn, but you may call me Ay or Linn.” “Ayslinn is a very beautiful name, so that‘s what I shall call you.”

Ayslinn and Vlad talked for the rest of the class period and they soon found out that they had all the same classes. Before they knew it, it was Lunch period and Tony had just arrived at school. They met him at the rock that Ayslinn normally met him at in the morning. “Hey Tony!” Ayslinn said as she gave him a hug. “Who is this Ay?” he asked almost immediately. “The name is Vladimir Washington, age 15, my favorite time of day is night, and my favorite color is black.” Vlad said as he shook Tony’s hand. “He’s new here. And guess what!?” now Ayslinn was practically hopping up and down. “What?” Tony asked patiently. She leaned in and whispered in his ear, “He’s a Vampire too!” she squealed. “Prove it Vladimir.” he said with all seriousness in his voice. “Fine. Meet me at the school fountain at midnight tonight and I will.” Vlad countered.

<> <> <>

At 12 a.m., Ayslinn is flying towards the school carrying Tony by holding his arms. When they got there, Vladimir was waiting for them. Ayslinn dropped Tony lightly on the ground and flew a little further, then landed and buckled onto her hands and knees. Vladimir zoomed towards her and knelt down beside her.

She was breathing irregularly and was trembling. Tony was then standing beside Vlad. “So you have her fly you all the way here?” Vlad said with bitterness in his voice. “We couldn’t take my Mom and Dad’s car and her parents don’t drive. What else were we supposed to do?” Tony replied matter-of-factly.

“I don’t know, but look at her! Vampires have immense strength and stamina and even that was barely enough for her to carry you here.” Vlad said with the same bitter tone. Tony sulked over to the fountain and sat down next to it, leaning against the cool tile. Vlad picked Ayslinn up and she didn’t even have the strength left to fight him effectively. He carried her over to the fountain and placed her in the freezing cold water, careful to keep her head up. He rubbed her arms and just sat in the water with her. The cold water gradually gave her strength, until she sat up, and said to Vlad “Thank you Vladimir. I have enough strength to get to where I can get the rest of my strength back.” she said while holding Vlad’s hand. She got out of the fountain, and jumped into the air. She hovered next to where Tony sat. “I’m never going to do that again. Next time, we’ll take the wagon.” she said with a wink.

Vlad and Tony watched as she flew up and up and up. She stopped when her silhouette was completely in the moon’s light. She threw her arms open and welcomed the light of the moon. Then she drifted slowly back down to Earth. As soon as she landed she said, “Now, weren’t we here to see Vlad prove himself a Vampire?” Vlad and Tony smiled.

“Yea Vladimir. Prove yourself.” said Tony as he moved over to Ayslinn’s side. “Ayslinn, would you mind being my assistant?” Vlad asked as he extended his hand to her, his palm up. “Sure!” she said laying her hand in his, her palm meeting his. He pulled her to him, as if they were dancing, then pushed off the ground. They spun around in the sky and then twirled back down to earth. Ayslinn’s hair had fallen out of its ponytail during this so she quickly fixed it. “There young Tony. Does that prove it, or must I throw Ayslinn then catch up to her before she falls to the Earth and catch her in my arms?” he said in an amused tone of voice. “Yea whatever. Now how the hell am I supposed to get home?” Tony replied moodily.

15 minutes later, Ayslinn and Vladimir were carrying Tony back home through the air. Once they got him to his house, Ayslinn turned to Vlad. “Can you come to my house and meet my parents? They would love to know that there is another one of us in town!” she said excitedly. “Sure. How old are you by the way?” he asked. “Oh, I’m only 50. How old are you?” she inquired “Older than you.” he answered smiling as they flew to her house.

When they arrived she rang the doorbell. Her parents answered the door. She walked in, with Vladimir by her side. “Mom, Dad, this is Vladimir Washington.” she said smiling. Vlad stepped forward and bowed. “Mr. and Mrs. Tudor. Very nice to meet you both and your amazing daughter.” he said when he straightened. “Hello Vladimir. How old are you?” Mrs. Tudor said as her husband went into the living room and turned on the TV. “I’m 75.” he said as he went back to Ayslinn’s side. “Where were you two tonight?” “Tony didn’t believe that Vlad was a Vampire, so we went to prove it to him. I had to carry Tony all the way to the school and it took away so much of my strength that I could barely move when we got there. So Vlad helped me out by putting me in the cold water of the fountain. That helped bring some of my strength back. We just dropped Tony off, then came here so Vladimir could meet you.” Ayslinn explained in a hurry. Her mom laughed, then looked at her watch. “It’s only 1 a.m. so you two can go have fun. But you both must be back at this house by 5 a.m. Am I understood?” Mrs. Tudor said. “We will Mom! Don’t worry so much!” said Ayslinn as she ran back out the door with Vladimir’s hand in hers.

<> <> <>

“Vlad, do you have anywhere in the town you would like to go?” Ayslinn asked. “No. Do you?” he asked in reply. “Not really. Well, I guess we could always go explore in the woods on the other side of town. Do you want to?” she said while flying around in circles above him. He reached out towards her and grabbed her waist. He pulled her out of the air and closer to him. “Lets go to the woods. It sounds like fun.” he whispered in her ear. She leaped in the air and took him with her since he didn’t let go of her. He laughed and released her. Then they raced towards the woods.

They flew above the trees looking for a clearing. She found one with a waterfall and even a cave. They landed and she immediately went to the top of the waterfall and jumped into water below. He dove immediately to the bottom of the pool of water and met with her there. He grabbed her hand and together they raced out of the pool and onto the grassy area of the clearing.

“Lets play a game Ayslinn.” Vlad said with a twinkle in his eyes. “Sure. Do you have a game in mind?” she inquired. “Have you ever heard of Hunter and Pray?” he asked her while stepping closer “Yes. Lets play that! I‘m the Pray first! See if you can catch me!” Ayslinn said as she ran away faster than a cheetah. Vladimir ran after her.

As she was running, Ayslinn looked ahead for an overhanging tree branch. “There’s one.” she mumbled. When she was below it, she grabbed it and swung herself up into the tree that it was attached to. She sat perched like an owl looking down at the path she had taken for a minute then she jumped from that tree to the next one. She continued this way until she decided it was faster to run, so she hopped down from the tree and ran the way she had come.

As she was doing that, Vlad waited in the shadows near where she had jumped into the trees. As she zoomed past he stuck out his arm and caught her by her wrist. “Gotcha.” he said and grinned as he spun her around to face him. She grinned back at him. She brought her wrist up to her eye level, looked at his fingers there, then…… she bit him gently to make him let go. He did and recoiled. He got a glint in his eyes as he said “Why you little…” and began chasing her towards the water.

When she reached the waters edge, she turned to face him. He stopped at least a yard away from her and looked at her curiously. She smiled as she jumped into the air, did four and a half spins in the air and dove into the water. He dove after her and they met at the bottom. She swam over to him and took his wounded fingers in her hand and inspected them. She nodded towards the surface so they swam up to lay in the moonlight together.

As they lay there, in the grass together, she inspected his wounds more closely. “I didn’t hurt you did I Vladimir?” she asked nervously. “It only hurt a little bit Ayslinn. No need to worry about it.” he said reassuringly while looking at her with a soft expression on his face. Just then her cell phone started to ring. It played the theme from Jaws. Vladimir started to laugh. She answered it. “Hello?” she said. “Ayslinn… I’m sorry! Please take me back! Please!” The person on the other end sounded desperate. “Hold on a sec Greg. I have to put you on hold for a minute.” she said calmly. She put him on hold. “S***! I have got to learn to check the damn caller id before I answer the phone!” she said crossly. She put Greg back on the line. “Greg, I will not, I repeat, will not take you back. You are an asshole and you need to go away, before something bad happens.” she said with a fierce tone in her voice. “Fine. Whatever. But what I said is true.” he said before he hung up in defeat.

She put her phone away. “Who was that?” Vlad asked inquisitively. “Oh. Umm… just my ex-boyfriend.” she explained apologetically. “Come on Ayslinn. Time has flown. We need to get back to your house.” he said as he helped her off the ground and tossed her lightly into the air. They both flew to her house holding hands.

<> <> <>

They both stood on her porch a little while later. “Goodnight Ayslinn. I will see you tomorrow.” said Vladimir as he bowed to her. “You don’t have to bow to me Vlad.” she said softly. He looked into her eyes as he straightened. He reached behind her and undid her ponytail. “Please wear your hair down tomorrow at school. It’s beautiful.” He said gently as he ran his fingers through it. Then he pulled away and flew off.

Ayslinn went to her room and pulled out her laptop. Much to her astonishment Tony was signed on. She hurriedly sent a message, seeing that he had sent her some while she had been gone.

IBYTE: umm… hi

PIERCINS: where hav u bin!?

IBYTE: why do u wana kno?

PIERCINS: where u with HIM?

IBYTE: wht is ur issue w/ Vlad!? An yes I ws. We were explrin the woods.

PIERCINS: whatev. Im goin 2 bed. ‘nite L

>PIERCINS has logged off<

“God damn it!” Ayslinn yelled. She turned off her laptop and crawled under her bed covers. Soon she was dreaming……..

She was running, running. She came to a split in the path. At one end was Tony. At the other Vladimir. At her back was a killer. Which fate should she choose? Pain with Tony? Forever with Vladimir? Or death? She turned around and was face to face with the killer. Tears began to stream down her face. “Please spare them and take only me.” she said in a strong voice. “Oh God Ay! Don’t do it!” she heard Tony yell. “Ayslinn! No! Don’t do it! We can fight her off together!” she heard Vlad shout. And those six sentences said by them both, were the last things she heard.

Ayslinn woke up screaming, and with tears spilling down her face. 15 seconds later, her mother was in her room with her. “Ayslinn! What is it sweetie? What happened?” her mother said in a fluster. “N…nothing Mom. Just a bad dream is all.” Ayslinn said while still trying to regain her composure. Her mother left and Ayslinn looked at the clock. 6 a.m. Time to get up and get ready for school.

Two hours later and she was just arriving at the rock where Tony and Vlad already were. She went straight to Vlad. (He was sitting on the rock again) “Let me see your fingers.” she said firmly. He held out his hand. She took it and looked at where she had bitten him. “Only a few faint scars. That’s good.” she said feeling relived. “Scars from what?” Tony said in interest. “Oh. When we were in the woods, we played Hunter and Pray. I was the Pray. He caught me and I bit him gently to make him let go. I was worried.” she explained. Tony sighed in aggravation.

Then Ayslinn felt a tap on her shoulder. “Ayslinn? Can I please talk to you?” She spun around and was now facing Greg. “Why won’t you just go away!?” she cried. “I just wanted to talk to y-” he started to say, but Vladimir had gotten down from the rock and had moved in-between Ayslinn and Greg. “I think she said for you to go away.” he interrupted. “Dude, this doesn’t involve you, so back down.” Greg said in irritation. “It does involve me, and even Tony here, if you are an asshole to Ayslinn.” he said in an extremely calm tone.

“Move it you little punk.” Greg said as he shoved Vlad. Vlad was pushed back and into Ayslinn, who fell against the rock. She gasped as a point of the jagged rock face dug into her lower back. Tony helped her up and she went over to Greg, while shoving Vlad out of the way. Vlad realized what she was going to do, and followed slightly behind her to pull her away if she lost control. She continued to Greg until he was forced to back up a few steps.

“You bastard!” she cried as she jabbed him with the nail of her left index finger. “Remember what I said early this morning. I said that if you didn’t leave me alone, something bad will happen. Something bad will happen. I don’t know when, maybe now, maybe later, but it will happen eventually. You had better watch it Greg.” she said terrifyingly.

Tony, Vlad, and Ayslinn had all the same classes so they were inseparable all day. Wherever they were, Ayslinn was in the middle, Vlad to her right, and Tony was to her left. Since Tony was never behind them, he couldn’t see that whenever they would walk in the hallway, Vladimir and Ayslinn held hands. But other people did notice. They would point and whisper between each other. Tony couldn’t hear them, but Ayslinn and Vlad could.

<> <> <>

Tony had to go to work after school so it was just Ayslinn and Vlad as they walked to her house. “We caused many disturbances today just by us holding hands.” he said in wonder. “Of course we did. We’re two freaks with pale skin holding hands in the hallway. But most of the whispers were because the big rumor this year is that I was with Tony. Oh and the thing this morning with Greg and all.” she said matter-of-factly.

A few hours of walking around later-- “I have heard of Vampires having special abilities. Do you have one?” Ayslinn asked from her back yard up to Vlad who was already sitting in her windowsill. She gracefully floated up to him, and then sat beside him. “Yes dearest. I do have a special ability.” he said looking up at the moon. “So do I! Tell me what yours is!” “My special ability is to be able to be in the sun without what normally happens to Vampires happen. Not that cool.” “That’s amazing! Mine is being able to soak up my power from the moon. So I’m strongest on nights of the full moon.” she smiled up at the moon and her skin seemed to glow as she looked at it. “My mom said that I was probably blessed by the moon goddess herself.” Ayslinn said happily.

“Mrs. Tudor, my parents have decided to leave town for a length of time, and I was wondering if I could stay here while they are gone. May I?” Vlad asked Ayslinn’s mom 15 minutes later. “Yes Vlad. You may stay here for however long you need to. The guest room is across the hall from Ayslinn’s room. But you will have to share a bathroom, sorry if that is an inconvenience.” she replied before floating back out the front door.

Vladimir ran home, gathered everything he would need, and came back in less that half an hour, organized his wardrobe in 15 minutes, and organized all of his things in the bathroom in 5 minutes. Then he went back to Ayslinn’s room. She was in her closet, “What’re you looking for dearest?” he asked. “Get out. It’s a surprise for tonight.” she said smiling at him. “Ok. Where are we going?” he asked. “Same as last night.” she said turning back to her open closet.

Ayslinn tore apart her closet until she finally found what she was looking for-- her one black bikini. She put it on under her outfit for tonight-- a red mini-dress over skinny black jeans with big black leather boots. “That’ll surprise him.” she mumbled to her reflection. She brushed her hair, then went across the hall to Vlad’s room. He was already waiting at the door for her. “Wow. Very beautiful Ayslinn.” he breathed as he spun her around. Then they left for the clearing.
They were at the clearing 20 minutes later, and already there, was a picnic basket and a blanket. Vlad spread the blanket and they ate a fine meal of blood bags and raw meat. When they had eaten their fill Ayslinn stood up. “Want to go for a swim?” she asked mischievously. “Sure.” Then Ayslinn took off the mini-dress. Vlad’s breath caught in his throat. She took off the boots and her jeans. “Ayslinn…” Vlad’s voice held a warning. She ran, and dove as gracefully as a swan, into the water. Then she climbed out, wrung out her hair, and stood before him. “What?” she asked pretending to be innocent. “You were warned.” he said. Then he kissed her. Not softly like Tony had. Vlad kissed her hard, and it felt like lava was spreading throughout her whole entire body. When they broke apart, they were both gasping for breath.

They both sat back down on the blanket. “I was thinking that maybe I would skip school tomorrow. Would you be kind enough to join me?” Ayslinn asked with her voice full of hope. “Sure. I would love to spend a day playing hooky from school with you.” he said in response. She smiled. Then Vlad began rummaging around in the basket. He grabbed a bunch of rope, then motioned for her to get up. “Where are we going?” she asked in earnest. “We are going to make a swing.” he replied with a smile.

A little while later, they were in the woods, looking for a tree to make a plank-seat for the swing. Ayslinn spotted the perfect tree, and chopped it down with her bare hands. “Ouch. There are tons of splinters in my hand.” She said, looking at the side of her left hand. “Maybe you should get those out Ayslinn.” He said agitatedly. “No, I’ll be fine.” she said, so he pulled a knife out of his pocket, and began to carve the tree into what they needed.

Ayslinn had gone back to the clearing once she was dry and put her clothes back on over her swimsuit. She noticed that she had left her iPod in these jeans from when she hid it from her parents. So she put the earphones in her ears, turned it on, and Decode by Paramore started to play. She returned to Vlad and sat down on the ground, watching him work. The next song on her iPod came on. It was Supermassive Black Hole by Muse. This was one of her favorite songs. By the time that song was over, Vlad had finished the seat for their swing and had even attached the rope to the tree and the plank to the rope securely.

Vladimir and Ayslinn were both laughing as they both stood on the swing and swung back and forth, going extremely fast and high. “Ready? One, two, three!” shouted Ayslinn as she and Vlad jumped from the swing to the ground. “Look. It’s dawn.” Ayslinn pointed out. “Come on! I have to get home!” she exclaimed as she got ready to run off. “Why?” he asked. “Really Vlad, look at our clothes.” She said with a laugh. He did. Their clothes were torn and covered in partially dried mud. “I see your point. When we get home, can we take a nap as well?” he asked earnestly.

When they were back at her house, Ayslinn headed to her closet. She threw open the door and peered at what, for a normal teenager, should have been a mess. She wasn’t normal, so neither was her closet’s neatness. She went over to her stack of t-shirts and picked out of one of her favorites, did the same with her jeans, and arm-warmers. The end result was this—a black shirt with a big white skull on the front and with the words “Beautiful But Deadly” in red gothic letters, a pair of black bootleg jeans, and fishnet arm-warmers. She opened her door and Vlad came in. “That shirt states both the obvious and the not so obvious.” He said with a shine in his eyes. Ayslinn yawned and crawled up onto her bed and as she fell asleep, she saw Vlad getting a blanket for them both.

When she woke, she felt Vlad’s arm wrapped around her shoulders lightly. She opened her eyes and got up slowly, as not to wake Vlad. “No need to be quiet. I’m awake.” he said. Ayslinn went noisily down the stairs still half asleep. When she got to the kitchen, she saw a steaming hot mug of blood on the table for her. “I thought you might have wanted that.” Vlad explained from behind her. She grabbed it and took a sip. She sighed contentedly. “Thank you Vlad.” she said with appreciation. “You’re welcome. Now, what shall we do today?” he responded. “I wish I weren’t a Vampire just so I could go where I want to go today.” she complained. “Where, if you weren’t you, would you want to go today?” he inquired. “Oh, just the beach.” she sighed as she raised her arms above her head. She glanced at her left hand as she did so and saw something that caught her attention. ”Hey! I had a ton of splinters in my hand! Where did they—” she stopped as she saw Vlad’s face. He was looking at her with a huge smile on his face and his eyes were smug. “What did you do to my hand?” she said as she put her hands on her hips “Well, while you were asleep, I took out all of the splinters that were in your hand.” Ayslinn gasped as she heard this and then threw her arms around his neck. “Thank you Vladimir.” She murmured in his ear.
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real_saxman said...
Aug. 17, 2014 at 4:54 pm
I should start off by saying, it was a great read. You're writing is more vibrant than many others I've seen. However, I should draw your attention to simple, grammatical issues. When your writing dialogue be sure to indent when another person's speaking, that way the reader doesn't get confused. It's a minor fix, but one worth looking into nonetheless. Thanks again for your writing.

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