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Love Sucks

By , Wilmington, NC
Author's note: I wrote this before vampires and werewolves were the "It" creatures. It took me a couple of years...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this before vampires and werewolves were the "It" creatures. It took me a couple of years to write and edit, so the beginning I wrote when I was around 11 years old.  « Hide author's note
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The Beginning

“Ayslinn! Come on, you know I didn’t mean it! I was just kidding around! Ayslinn!” yelled Greg down the road. “F*** off Greg! It doesn’t matter what you say to make up for it, you still said that I was a loony and that I’m disturbing!” Ayslinn screamed back. Well, I guess I really am loony, just like he said. But I know that I’m disturbing in ways that my classmates wouldn’t even believe possible, thought Ayslinn as she walked away from Greg and the biggest party of the school year.

I have a secret, she thought, a huge secret. I wish I didn’t, but I do. As she was walking, she felt a familiar burning at the back of her throat. “Oh s***!” she said as she started jogging home. When she got to her driveway, she walked, and then burst in the door. Her dad looked up in worry. “Ayslinn! What’s wrong sweetheart?” he said. He was about to walk over to her, but then he saw her eyes.

They had gone from being gray with splashes of gold, to being gold with flecks of black. “You know where the bags are right?” he whispered. “Yea Dad, I know.” Ayslinn said as she ran to the giant freezer/fridge that was in the basement. Once there, she grabbed a blood bag and a raw chunk of meat. She then promptly ran to the kitchen. She threw the blood and the meat in the microwave for a minute. Once the microwave beeped, she grabbed everything and sat down at the table with a cup and straw at her place already.

She ripped open the blood bag, tipped it into the cup, put the straw in the cup and drank. Her dad peeked around the corner, and seeing that it was now safe to be around her without the threat of her “thirst”, he sat down across from her. She drank the juices and blood from the meat, then cleared her place. “Thank God I was already on my way home, and not at the party!” she said as she sat down again. “Why weren’t you there though?” her dad asked. “Oh, um… I’d rather talk to Mom about it…” she mumbled while looking at her lap.

“Well, she isn‘t home yet. It‘s only 9:30 after all. She‘ll be back around 10:00... Why don’t you go upstairs and wait for her.” whispered her father. “Okay Dad. I’m sorry about not wanting to talk to you about this. I love you.” said Ayslinn while walking up the stairs. When she got to her room, she sat down on her bed.

It is so not worth any of my abilities to be a bloodsucker, she thought. I hate being a vampire, I just plain hate it, she screamed in her mind. She got up, grabbed her laptop, and then returned to her bed. Quickly she logged on her IM service and saw that her friend Tony was online. She quickly sent him a message.

IBYTE: hey PIERCINS… whts up?


IBYTE: I lft the prty of the century…


IBYTE: gt the “thrst” L

PIERCINS: Holy sht! Did any1 c anything!?

IBYTE: no I ws alredy on my wy hme

PIERCINS: wht!? Why?

IBYTE: Greg was tlkin sht bout me L

PIERCINS: tht SOB! Well I g2g… c u 2night

IBYTE: kk. C ya.J

Talking to Tony always calmed her down. Maybe it was the fact that he was the only human alive that knew her secret, or maybe it was just that they had been friends since before she could remember, but who cared? Ayslinn looked at the clock. It was 9:58. Thank God, there is only 2 minutes left until Mom gets home, she thought. I really need to talk to her about the crap that Greg was saying about me.

Ayslinn went over to her window and opened it as far as it would go. She sighed. She stared up at the stars and the moon. Wow, she thought, they sure are pretty up there. She climbed up on the window ledge and sat there with her feet dangling over the darkness of the lawn below. “Oh! Mother’s home!” she suddenly cried as she turned around and hopped down from the ledge and into her room.

She bolted down the stairs and met her Mother at the door. “Hi Mom!” she said while skidding to a halt. “Hello Ay! Wait a sec… it’s only 10:00. Why are you home early from the party?” she inquired. “Um… well I told you about Greg right?” she mumbled. “Yes, you did. What about him?” she asked. “Uh… well, he was saying things about me to the other students at school…” Ayslinn said while looking at the floor. “What sort of things Ayslinn.” Her Mother said, now completely serious. “He was saying that I’m a loony and that I’m disturbing…” Ayslinn shuffled her feet. “Oh thank the moon goddess!” cried Ayslinn’s mom while throwing her hands up above her head. “Mom… What am I supposed to do about it?” Ayslinn whined. “Lets go into the kitchen and talk about this so your father can watch his football game.” said Ayslinn’s mom. “Ok Mother…” Ayslinn said happily.

“Ay, why does him saying these things affect you so much?” asked her mother politely as she sat down at the kitchen table. “I don’t know… I thought I could trust him to not make fun of me… that maybe I thought that he liked me…” Ayslinn stated as she sat down as well. “Well Ay, if he’s making fun of you, then it just shows that he is immature and that he doesn’t deserve someone like you. Do you understand?” her mother said softly. “Yea Mom, I understand. Thanks for your help. I’m going to go shower ok?” Ayslinn said as she got up and headed towards the stairs. “Ok dear. I’ll see you later.” said her mom.

Just then, Ayslinn’s father came into the room. “Victoria… what are we to do if she falls in love with a human?” he asks worriedly. “I don’t know Jonathan… I don’t know…” Ayslinn’s mother replies also worried.

<> <> <>

Ayslinn ran up the stairs and back in to her room. She got out her “night clothes” that are for when she goes out during the night. Then she ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower. She then realized that she was still in the dress she had worn to the party. She looked in the full-length mirror and was surprised that the black and red dress still looked like she had just put it on. She gently pulled it off and hung it on the back of the bathroom door.

Ayslinn jumped in the scalding hot shower and was relishing the heat on her icy skin, when her cell phone rang from in her bedroom. She jumped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around herself, dashed to her room, and flipped open her cell. “

Hello?” she answered. “Ayslinn?” the other voice said. S***! I should really check my caller ID from now on! “Greg, why the hell are you calling me? What makes you think I want to talk to you?” Ayslinn said angrily. “I guessed you would say that… You have a right to be a little angry abo-” “A little! I’m not a little angry! I’m a lot angry Greg! Good-bye!” yelled Ayslinn and hung up.

Ayslinn ran back to the bathroom, dropped the towel on the floor, and jumped back into the shower. “Greg deserves anything that comes at him…” she muttered to herself. She washed her black waist length hair, turned off the water, dried off, and then got dressed in her “night clothes”: A black tank top, black jeans, a set of black lace arm-warmers, and black Converse high tops. Then Ayslinn ran down the stairs, and to her mom. “Is it ok?” she asked excitedly. “Yes dear, it’s ok.” sighed her mom. “I’ll be back before dawn! Bye!” cried as she ran out the door and into the ever-darkening abyss of the night.

Once she was outside in her element, Ayslinn took a while to look up at the moon. “I would like to thank the moon goddess for the chance to see the moon tonight.” she prayed. As soon as she was done, she ran to Tony’s house. She ran about two miles until she came upon it. Tony’s light was on, so she tossed a pebble at his window.

He appeared at the window gave a thumbs-up signal, and then disappeared from sight. She heard him say good night to his parents, and then run upstairs and turned off his light. She waited for an hour as she normally did on Friday nights, then rose silently up to his window.

She opened it and slipped into his room silently as well, then asked in a whisper, “You ready to go Tony?” “Holy s***! You really are quiet Ay! I barely even heard you come in!” Tony whisper-yelled. “Come on! Lets go!” she said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him out of his bed. “Ok Ay… I’m ready… Lets get going…” he said chuckling quietly. Ayslinn, as normal, grabbed Tony’s waist and hauled them both out of the window and back into the sight of the moon and its goddess.

“Where do you want to go tonight Tony? It‘s your turn to choose.” Ayslinn asked once they were safely on the ground again. “Um… why don’t we go to the park?” Tony said looking up at the moon and smiling. “Sure! Lets go then!” said Ayslinn as she leaped up, doing a graceful spin while coming down from the tree she was perched in. “Always the show-off you are Ay!” said Tony while laughing. “How do you want to travel this time?” she asked him. “Um…how about by wagon?” suggested Tony. “Fine… go get the wagon…and the rope…” sighed Ayslinn.

A few minutes later, Ayslinn was running through the night pulling a wagon behind her with rope. Tony was in the wagon and was trying not to laugh as he zoomed down the streets and towards the park where they first met so many years ago. Then, all of a sudden, Ayslinn stopped the wagon. “Ay… Ayslinn… what is it? What’s wrong? Why did we stop?” Tony asked worriedly from the wagon.

Ayslinn shook her head. “Nothing’s wrong. I just smelt the wind coming from the park, and someone is there.” Tony sighed. “Jesus Ay… you scared me half to death.” he said. Ayslinn continued moving towards the park as she said, “It’s someone I don’t recognize though…”. “Then lets go investigate!” said Tony as he jumped out of the wagon and sprinted past her. She reached out a hand, grabbed his wrist, and pulled him back. “No. You are going to sit behind the bushes and watch from here.” she whispered. “But what if he… Listen Ay; I just don’t want you to get hurt, ok? Please be careful.” he whispered as he gazed into her eyes. “I will Tony… I promise.” she whispered back.

Ayslinn walked forward into the path of the stranger a few moments later. “Hey girly! Why are you out here by your lonesome? Isn’t that dangerous?” the man said. Ayslinn ignored him and continued walking. “Hey! I was talking to you!” he snarled as he grabbed her and pulled her closer. “Ow! Get off of me!” she cried in fake pain. Ayslinn struggled to break free with human force instead of her actual strength. The man grabbed her wrists.

He put his face to her wrists. “Nice perfume girly.” he said and chuckled. Just then, Ayslinn whipped her foot up and it connected with his shin. He dropped one of her wrists, but dug his fingernails into the other one. He must have expected this to hurt but it doesn’t, Ayslinn thought as she kept a straight face and stood up straight. “Why aren’t you screaming? Doesn’t that hurt?” he asked with an evil grin. “No sir… you can’t hurt me… no matter how you try.” she said with a smile.

The man got out a knife and held it to her arm. “Even with this?” he asked. “Even with that.” she replied with yet another smile. He slashed at her skin but then looked at his knife. Instead of blood, his knife was all disfigured. He looked at her arm and saw not even a scratch. “What the f*** are you?” he asked shocked. “
“If I tell you, I will have to kill you sir.” she stated calmly. “Yea right. As if you, a teenage girl, could kill me, a fully-grown man! Just tell me!” he laughed maniacally. “Fine. I will.” she leaned in to his face and allowed her thirst to become known to her mind. Her eyes changed and her fangs came out. “Y…your eyes just… changed!” he gasped. “

“Sir, you wished this upon yourself… I… am… a… vampire…” she said as she showed her fangs and backed off slowly. The man turned and ran as fast as he could down the street. She ran as fast as she could and appeared right in front of him. “I don’t like when my food is tired sir…” she whispered in his ear. She zipped around to his other side and poked his shoulder. “Boo!” she squealed as she tripped him. He fell. “No! Please no! I beg of you!” he cried. “You wished this upon yourself sir…” she whispered in his ear just a second before sinking her fangs into his jugular vein.

<> <> <>

“Damn Ayslinn… that was seriously freaky!” said Tony after Ayslinn was done and came back to get him. “I know… I got a bit carried away didn’t I?” she said hanging her head in shame. Tony put his hands on either side of her face and lifted her head back up. “Ay, it’s ok. It really is. That guy was a bad person and he deserved to die.” he said comfortingly. “God… I’m such a monster… a horrible, horrible monster…” she said as she began to cry. Tony wiped away her tears with strokes of his thumbs. “Ayslinn… it’s ok… it’s ok… don’t cry…” murmured Tony as he dropped his hands from her face. She curled into him as she cried and he wrapped his arms around her as he hugged her close.

When Ayslinn woke up, she was wrapped in Tony’s strong arms on a bench in the park. She looked up at his face. He was sleeping too. She pulled out her cell phone and looked at the time on the display. “Tony! Wake up! It’s almost 2:00 in the morning!” she said as she gently shook him by his shoulders. “Huh? What?” he said sleepily. “Wake up! We fell asleep!” she cried as she got the wagon and the rope ready to go. “I thought vampires didn’t have to sleep…” he said, still half asleep. “We don’t have to, but we can. Now get in the wagon!”

“I’ll see you Monday, right Tony?” Ayslinn asked expectantly. “Of course Ay. I can’t skip anymore days or I’ll get suspended again.” he chuckled. They were sitting in his room 15 minutes later and Ayslinn had to leave to get back home to her Mother and Father. “IM me later ok?” “Ok Ay. Go home before your parents ground you.” he said jokingly. “Bye!” she whisper-yelled before she dove out the window. She flew back up to the window, waved, and then flew towards home.

When Ayslinn arrived home, it was 2:45 a.m. “Hey! I’m home! Mom? Dad?” she called throughout the house. Then she found the note, in her Mother’s handwriting, on the fridge:

Dear Ayslinn,
We had to go to a spontaneous convention for the weekend. All the food you’ll need is in the fridge/freezer. Have a good weekend dear. Oh, by the way, you may have Tony over anytime we are gone. Except if we say no beforehand. There is money for food you-know-where. We’ll see you Monday night.

Have A Wonderful Weekend Without Us,
Your Loving Mother and Father

So my parents are away all weekend, I can have Tony over anytime I want, and I can buy ice cream, this is going to be the best weekend ever, Ayslinn thought happily as she flitted up the stairs to her room and hopped into bed. She set her alarm for 7:30, sighed of joy, and then fell asleep.

<> <> <>

Ayslinn hopped up and turned her alarm off a split second before it was set to go off. She grabbed her laptop and was astonished to see that Tony was logged on already. She sent him a message.

IBYTE: Hey, guess wht!?

PIERCINS: um… idk… wht!?

IBYTE: my prnts r out of twn all weeknd! And u cn cm ovr 4 the whol tme thr gone!

PIERCINS: thts fricn sweet… Ill be ovr in 1 hr.

IBYTE: sweet! Meet u hre in 60!

PIERCINS: LOL… ur guna bye ice cream rnt u?

IBYTE: duh! LOL!

PIERCINS: Ill c u l8r k?

IBYTE: kk… bye!


She logged off and ran to her parents’ room. She opened her mother’s jewelry box and found the money that her mother was talking about in the note. She stuffed it in her pocket, put on her shoes, ran out onto the porch, and locked the door behind her. Then she ran to the store, bought 4 things of ice cream, and ran back home so fast, that the ice cream didn’t even have time to melt. She had about 30 minutes left to spare, so she ran to her closet to choose an outfit to wear for the day.

Ayslinn rooted through her closet and finally found what she wanted to wear: black sweatpants, a red tank top, and some red and black socks with skulls on them. By then, it was 8:30. She ran to the front door and threw it open right before Tony was about to ring the doorbell. “You’re allowed to walk right in Tony. You don’t have to ring the bell anymore.” Ayslinn laughed. “Good to know Ayslinn.” Tony laughed as well. Tony looked at her outfit and said, “Very cute Ay. Like the socks by the way. Nice touch.” he said as he smiled at her.

About 10 minutes later, they were curled up together on the couch, eating ice cream and watching a Scrubs all-weekend-marathon. That was how they spent their whole weekend together. On Sunday at 4:00 p.m., Ayslinn suddenly got up and said to Tony, “I need to go out and hunt. If I don’t, I won’t be able to control myself all week. I’ll be back around 11:00, so if you get tired don’t wait up for me.” Tony got up and grasped her hands. “I will wait up for you no matter how late. But before you go, can I give you something?” he said softly. “Yes Tony… you can give me anything.” she replied in the same soft tone. Tony grabbed her and kissed her softly on the lips. It felt like ice was spreading throughout her entire body. He pulled away and looked into her eyes. They hadn’t changed, so that was a good thing. “Tony… can you just tell me you’re going to do that next time?” she whispered. “There’ll be a next time?” he replied. “Does this answer your question?” she said and kissed him back and had the ice feeling again. Tony pushed her away. “You have to go hunt Ay.” he reminded her with a stern look. “Right… I don’t want to kill our friends.” she said over her shoulder as she ran out the door.

When Ayslinn got back, Tony was asleep on the couch with the TV. still on. She sighed, turned off the TV, then picked him up and put him in her parents’ bed. She kissed his forehead, and then glided up the stairs so not to wake him. She went to her window, and once again sat on the ledge. Looking up at the moon while deep in thought, she didn’t hear Tony come up behind her and was only aware of him because he climbed up beside her. “Boo!” he whispered in her ear. “Tony! That’s dangerous!” she said as she flew out in front of him. “Chill Ay. You wouldn’t let me fall from here.” he said as he grabbed her hands and pulled her back to his side.

“Why aren’t you downstairs sleeping?” she asked curiously. “I can’t really sleep recently…” he said. “But you fell asleep at the park…” she prodded. “Without you there, I can’t sleep very well…” he admitted sheepishly. “Oh… well… you’re welcome to sleep up here with me…” she offered him. “Ok… thanks Ayslinn…” he sighed as he crawled into her bed and almost immediately fell asleep. Ayslinn went into the bathroom, took a shower, got into some pajamas, curled up next to Tony, and fell asleep.

Ayslinn got up before Tony and she closed the blackout blinds that she had for the daytime. In all the years she had known Tony, she had never shown him what her skin looked like in the sunlight and she didn’t plan to this morning. She got dressed and was downstairs eating her breakfast (vanilla ice cream with blood mixed in, a cup of warmed up blood, and a small hunk of raw meat), when Tony came downstairs just woken up. “I made coffee for you.” she said brightly. He poured a mug-full and sipped it slowly. “mmm…Thanks Ay… That’s exactly what I needed this morning.” he said and gave her a kiss on the cheek as he walked past her towards the stairs.

Tony went upstairs, got dressed, and came back down in time to grab a quick breakfast before he and Ayslinn had to start walking to school. As they headed out the door, Tony’s mom drove up and told him to get in the car. “What’s wrong Mom?” he asked. “The family has called a meeting and you need to watch your sister for us.” she said hurriedly “But Mom! I can’t miss another day!” he said exasperatedly. “You won’t be absent… only about an hour and a half late Tony.” she said hastily. So he jumped in the car with a wave to Ayslinn, and was off.

Ayslinn continued to walk to school, deep in thought. When she was just crossing the street that her high school was on, she smelled someone that was different. “What the hell?” she muttered to herself as she reached the rock on the front lawn of the school where she usually met up with Tony. On that rock, sat a boy with skin as pale as hers, and shaggy blonde hair that hung in his eyes, which were blue with green around the pupils.

She sniffed the air slightly as she walked passed him. He smells like something I should recognize, she thought as she walked pass the flagpole and into the school. When she got to her locker, she saw that someone had scrawled the words “loony”, “disturbing”, and the usual “outcast”. She opened up her locker and took out the paint the janitor had given her because he was tired of painting her locker everyday, and painted over the words.

Then, her one other friend came over. “Hey Ayslinn. How was your weekend?” Shayne asked. “It was perfect. My parents went to another convention and they said that I could have Tony over, so he slept over all weekend and all we ate was ice cream!” Ayslinn said in total joy. Ayslinn looked at her friend. Today, Shayne had her hair died red, and was wearing all red clothing. “So red is the color this week Shayne?” Ayslinn asked with genuine curiosity. “Yep. So where is Tony? He’s not skipping again is he?” she asked while looking at the crowd around them. “Nope. He would get suspended if he skipped again. He has to watch his little sister for a while, so he’ll be late.”
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real_saxman said...
Aug. 17, 2014 at 4:54 pm
I should start off by saying, it was a great read. You're writing is more vibrant than many others I've seen. However, I should draw your attention to simple, grammatical issues. When your writing dialogue be sure to indent when another person's speaking, that way the reader doesn't get confused. It's a minor fix, but one worth looking into nonetheless. Thanks again for your writing.

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