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Author's note: I wrote this novel to tie into more novels I plan to write (this is book 2 or 3ish). I hope for...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this novel to tie into more novels I plan to write (this is book 2 or 3ish). I hope for this series to have something for everyone, almost all the fantasy creatures, action, romance, deceit, and so much more!
Please keep in mind, if I put something in *words...* it was originally in italics, but since that isn't an option, I use *words...* Thank you!  « Hide author's note
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Wolves Will Be Wolves

“You need to go apologize. Now,” I tell Daniel as I grab some of the laundry from our basket and head out the door.
“If he had done his job I wouldn’t have had to yell at him!” Daniel defends himself.
“If you weren’t constantly piling him with jobs and expecting him to become Sara’s mate, he could actually be of some use!” I snap. I pull back my anger a bit as I knock on the first door toward the stairs, “Girls, laundry.”
Dakota and Annabelle open the door
Sorry it took so long to post this! I finally got inspiration!
wide and give me the second largest load of laundry I had ever seen. “Girls, I did laundry last week; how could you possibly have this many clothes?” I ask, stunned. They shrug and slam the door, giggling in their girly way.
“He shouldn’t slack about! If you and I leave I want to be able to put him in charge of the chores and the house. He won’t know what he is doing if he won’t do the chores I give him!” Daniel argues.
“He-” I stop and knock on Thomas and Justin’s door; they toss out two shirts and three pairs of underwear. “Guys, that’s gross!”
“Then don’t go to Davy and Randy’s room!” Justin yells through the door.
“Great,” I drag the word out, and then continue my argument with Daniel, “He is trying to get the most difficult she-wolf we have ever heard of! Cut him some slack, he’ll step up to the plate if it is necessary.”
I arrive at Sara and Amanda’s room, who hand me their small basket of clothes. I throw the now enormous pile of clothes into their basket and haul it onto my shoulder.
“How do I know that?” Daniel yells.
I stop in front of Randy and Davy’s room and turn to Daniel. “We do not yell in this house unless someone is dying, ” I growl. Davy cracks the door open and hands me a shirt, then closes it again. I bang my fist on the door until I hear the latch open, then I storm in.
“Dear Lord!” I cry, covering my hypersensitive nose. The room is covered in old pizza boxes, rotten food, rat droppings, and a heaping amount of mud. Randy isn’t in the room, but Davy looks like a guilty child as he tries to push some of the boxes under the bed.
“Uh… Randy and I had a thing going…” he mumbles.
“A thing?” I say cautiously.
“A thing…bet…” he mumbles even quieter.
“A bet?” I ask unbelievingly. He doesn’t respond, just becomes submissive. “Sara!” I yell throughout the house. I hear Daniel mumble about my yelling rule, so I turn and say, “Someone is about to die.”
“Yes- oh my gosh! What is that smell?” she yelps, hiding her entire face in her hoodie.
“Sara; find Randy, drag his puppy butt back here, and do so in the next five minutes. Davy, I want that dirty underwear in my basket, now,” I shut his door and watch the clock down the hall. Exactly three minutes and forty seconds later Sara was dragging Randy toward me.
“Dang it Davy, why’d you let ‘er in?” Randy rants.
“Cuz I can’t ignore her forever!” Davy replies.
I shove Randy in the room, then give them twenty minutes to have the room sanitary again. Grabbing my laundry basket, I realize Daniel disappeared. I call for him as I head to the laundry room, but not until I have finished loading the washing machine does he appear.
“Hey, sorry, I hear Lila wake up, so I went ahead and ran with her,” he stutters, trying to make a good excuse.
“Oh! I didn’t realize how much you cared about Lila’s needs! I have a great idea,” I say deviously, then continue, “How about you get diaper duty for the rest of the month!”
His eyes grow wide and he shudders in horror. I grin and take his hand, leading him up the stairs. We are about to open the door when a high pitched yelp cuts through the air. I drop Daniel’s hand and sprint across the house, up the stairs, and right into the play room, where the yelp came from.
“Momma!” Lila squeals, though we all know I’m not her real mother. I grab her small porcelain colored arms and hoist her up to my hip. Her adorable sun colored curls hold tightly to her head, giving her an afro.
“Hi there Lila Bear!” I squeal in the same baby like tone.
Her big ocean blue eyes gaze into mine, and she puts both of her tiny hand on my face, talking in such a fast high pitch voice I don’t understand but the first and last words. “Can I Momma?” she asks, much slower this time.
“Can you what, Lila bear?” I reply, hoping she isn’t asking to go buy something. Or stay at a little friend’s house.
“Can I Sift? I wants to Sift wit Wandy!” she exclaims, just as buoyant and bouncy as ever.
“Randy? Well, he has to clean his room. Why don’t you tell him if he hurries and finishes, he can take you for a run?” I answer, setting her already in motion body on the ground.
“Wandy! Wandy, huwwy up! I wants to go wunning!” I hear her cry from down the hall.
“Well, it appears I finally have a free moment with my mate,” Daniel whispers in my ear.
“What makes you think-” I am about to finish when I hear the door close, and suddenly; silence. Not in my head, because their thoughts were always going to be there, but none of them were near the house. They had either gone to friends’ houses or were deep in the forest doing whatever they pleased.
Daniel grins and nudges me toward our door, but I firmly stop him, “Daniel, we’ve already been over this, I-”
“I know what you said, but I have the solution!” he says as he picks me up and takes me to the seldom used dining room.
The old cherry-wood dining set is sprinkled in rose petals and there is a candle lit dinner romantically set on the table. He sets me down in one of the seats, pushing is in before he goes to his own seat.
“Let’s eat,” he says, serving me my food.
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Jellybeann said...
Nov. 26, 2011 at 7:38 pm
This story sounds nothing short of amazing. Nothing too obvious as far as grammar mistakes go. Go deeper into the story and stop looking at the "mistakes," but at the "improvements" you can make to allow the story sound better. Only the author of his/her own story can do this. Keep the work up!

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