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Author's note: I wrote the story for English during our short story unit. Currently it's 18 pages double spaced...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote the story for English during our short story unit. Currently it's 18 pages double spaced and about 5400 words. I would also like to thank my teacher for not making us write another persuasive essay and letting us really write without structure.  « Hide author's note
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Location: Ukraine, UCAR
Time: February 4, 2018; 1850

“Major, when do we get to attack Russia?” the corporal asked quietly.
“When we are ordered to, corporal,” the major replied.
“I know, but it’s just that we’ve been parked here in this Humvee for two days and haven’t gone anywhere,” the corporal whined.
“Then, why don’t you tell a good joke or something to keep yourself entertained?” suggested the major.
“Okay, so… what do you get when you take the derivative of Optimus?” queried the corporal.
“He said a good joke, not a stupid one,” complained the bored sergeant. “The next stupid joke you tell will get you extra watch.”
“You think it’s stupid because you never took calculus. The answer is Optimus Prime, so there,” retorted the corporal.
The private looking through his binoculars chimed in, “I see something moving in the distance… Wait, it’s only a squirrel.”
“I’ve got another joke for you. Ready? When was the last time the government was creative?” posed the corporal.
“When they hired you!” replied the sergeant.
“Ha! Ha! Very funny. No, it’s the Seven Years War, because it really lasted for nine years,” answered the annoyed corporal.
“That’s enough of the stupid jokes. Do your job and look out for Russians trying to cross the border,” ordered the major.
“Look, the squirrel is coming closer,” interjected the private. They all watched as the squirrel playfully scampered under the Humvee.
Two seconds later, the Humvee exploded into a ball of fire flinging its four occupants into the surrounding shrubs. Three lay dead. Only the corporal showed any signs of life as he slowly faded in and out of consciousness lying in the dirt by the burning Humvee.
Location: A bunker in the Colorado mountains, UCAR
Time: February 4, 2018; 1855
“Sir, the surveillance video feed just picked up an explosion in the Ukraine,” the surveillance specialist alerted the general.
“Can you pull up the last few minutes of videotape sent from that area so I can see what happened just before the explosion?” asked the general.
“Yes, sir,” answered the specialist. He soon brought up the video on the computer screen. In the lower left hand corner, he noted the bumper of a Humvee. He saw a squirrel run under the Humvee, and then the video cut out showing only static on the computer screen.
The general ordered the closest helicopter to fly any survivors to the nearest hospital.
Location: Ukraine, UCAR
Time: February 4, 2018; 1902

The corporal gently stirred from his bout of unconsciousness as he heard the hum of the med-evac helicopter flying overhead.
The helicopter landed. One of the medics assessed the situation and darted over to the barely conscious corporal. The medic reassured the wounded corporal that he would be just fine, and the corporal passed out again.
The corporal remembered nothing until he awoke in a daze at the hospital. He was numb to the pain and could not move. He heard the doctors talking over him but could barely make out the words. He did hear them say that all of his limbs were present but that he had a severe head wound causing increased intracranial pressure. He passed out again.
The corporal could barely feel the needle as it punctured the skin. It contained the medications that would place him in a drug-induced coma.
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