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Water in the Fire

May 26, 2011
By Zazawish777 GOLD, KC, MO, Missouri
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Zazawish777 GOLD, KC, MO, Missouri
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life isn't passing me by, it's trying to run me over!

Author's note: This is based on a dream i had for 3 nights!!!! I'm still adding more and it was so vivid i had to write it out. Its not that complicated and i hope you can tell me what you like about it. Thanks so much. my dream was based on a lot of TV shows i watch like, Doctor Who, Haven, and Torchwood.

The author's comments:
different points of view to give the reader a different view.

I’m dancing in the water, the water glides over my arm when I push it out towards me. A mini tornado appears when I spin rapidly under the water. My long brunette hair glides behind me, not heavy with the weight of the water but not dry. I smile for under the depths of the lake I can see the shimmers of light reflect upon the surface. In the cool water the heat soaks in my skin, and I absorb it. The water should be pouring into me. For I should look like a sponge but my skin breathes in the water but does not catch and soak it in, even though a normal person’s skin would have. But me, normal? Only in your dreams. There something different about me, I have been swimming and dancing on the lakes floor for about 3 days now. Not coming up for air once. Oh, I can breathe yes, but I can also breathe underwater as well. Water, just the thought of water can get me in high spirits. I dance and bend with this fabulous liquid. I love to control it and move with it. Water is powerful and can transform into wondrous creations. I start to concentrate though with my practice I have had, it’s not hard and I easily create a water orb and toss it between each hand as if it was a water balloon so light yet it pulled down with gravity. But there is no gravity. Not for me, and I toss the orb still consternating in the back of my mind so the water is contained moving rapidly in circular motions. A shrilling scream starts to get louder and louder, it disrupts me and I get startled. The water orb then breaks and water rushes out and blend in with its surroundings. Startled, all I can do is just float in the middle of the lakes water and listen. The shrill of the yelling is getting closer, and then a huge splash of bubbles appears blurring an object that has approached into the water. The bubbles head for the surface and disappear, clearing the objects its hiding. A man is slowly sinking down in the lake.
He then opens his eyes. He seems to be staring at his hands he then opens his mouth and screams. He does not choke but just screams into the water, muffled through the thickness of water. The man then gazes in front of him; a good 35 feet away from him… was me. He gazes at me, turning his head slightly as if he was seeing what he thought he saw. As If he was imagining a girl in the water. I gaze at him, then turn around and start to swim away. I’m a fast swimmer since I spend most of the days in water. He is amused and swims after me. He yells in the water.
“Wait, please!”
What is wrong with this man? Is he really thinking he can out swim me? I gave a small laugh. But then the image of him screaming into the water shocked me. He had breathed the water and did not choke. I did not notice this before; I came to a quick stop even though I was still 10 feet in front of him. I then take form of the water. Call it becoming one with the water if you wish, it’s almost like being invisible. The man halts. He looks off into the distance and stares. Concentrating as if he might be able to spot me if he were to look harder. Being the form of water AKA invisible I slowly move towards him. It’s not hard moving in water it’s just like air. I walk towards him and get face to face with this man. He still is staring off into the distance. He can’t see me yet I see him crystal clear. It gives the feeling when one looks through a dark glass window and can see everything while the other one is blinded. I glare into his hazel eyes. Light chocolate with flecks of yellow. They mirror the shade of a forest. I start to get lost in them drowning in their depth. Then the man shakes his head. He breathes out his nose and wrinkles form on his temples. He is thinking hard. I then swiftly move around him and examine him. His legs were average but strong. Legs like that are good for running. He had the perfect body he wasn’t fat or skinny. He must work out to keep a figure like that. His hair was raven black which glimmered under the water. He had some thick bangs that moved across his face. Almost on cue, the man then took his soft but strong hand and swept the wet bangs to his right side. His hair was fine but it was also thick like. He had medium size side burns and his hair ended on his collar of his polo shirt. It was almost shaggy looking but under the water it was hard to tell. The man then turned around and swam back to the edge of the dock.

My legs were moving faster than I have ever moved them before. I was running at a speed I never noticed I could run. I ran as if the boogie man was chasing me. It scared me so often when I was little. I screamed and held the note. Still screaming I run on to the side walk and make a rapid right turn and head for the lake. The old wooden dock held a scent of maple and sea salt. But it didn’t matter now. Those were just memories when I knew how to smell. My lungs would burst if they still pumped. My throat would be soar from my continuous screaming. But they weren’t. I ran on the wooden path that led to the dock and jumped in. While holding in my breath. The water gushed around me and I slowly began to sink down. My eyes popped open. I looked at my hands; a long cut still slashed into my skin was there. It would not heal, and no blood would come out. I realized that.

The truth hurts, I knew that but it just now sunk in. I couldn’t take it. It was too much. It can’t be happening to me. I kept telling myself over and over. I screamed once more. My eyes slowly pulled them apart from looking at my hands. Instead they darted to a figure in front of me. The figure was blurry under the water but in a few minutes it became clear. A girl stood in front of me, floating upon the water. She glares at me then swiftly turns around and swims away. I chuckle, thinking that this girl can out swim me? I run after thieves; I have strong built legs that are made for swimming. The girl has a head start, and I can see her legs, they look like a boat propeller, kicking up speed. I yell, though muffled from the water.
“Wait, please!” I gain speed and start to catch up. She is about 10 feet in front of me when she comes to a halt. I too, stop and wait. Watching to see what move she will pull off next. She then vanishes. I gasp. My eyes practically pop out of my head. I stare into the distance. Wondering if it was just my mind that was seeing things. I scan the waters scenery. I still stare off into the distance when I get a feeling that something was close to me. I shake my head, getting the outrages thought erased from my mind. My thick bangs start to hang in front of my eyes. I swiftly move them to my right side. I never liked my jet black hair. I always wished that I born with amber brown hair and sandy highlights. Random thoughts rushed in my head. I then slowly turned around, knowing the girl wouldn’t appear again. I swam back towards the dock, gripped the edge of the rough edged wood. I pulled myself over using the muscle I still had. My soggy clothing stuck to my skin when I reached the surface. I gasped for air, when I realized I didn’t need to. It was a feeling as if I was stuck in time. Not dying and yet not living. It was immortality, and it felt like hell. It’s not some blessing that everyone is craving for, it’s a curse. My own prison. I opened my mouth to yell, when instead, I turned my self over on my back and just laid there. I basked in the blinding of the sun for as long as I could. I closed my eyes and played back the cursed memory.
My team and I were on a chase to get this lanon. A monster. We hunt and chase monsters that escape through rifts in space. It was really an ordinary day… for me.
Woke up at 7:15 in the morning, made some eggs sunny side up and hash browns that were slightly crispy. Still on my sleeping clothes I got dressed in my light blue polo shirt with my jeans that fit rather snug on me but would stretch out later in the day. I grabbed my ID badge and walked out the door. I was eager to see what this day would hold for me. I walked out the door with my car keys in hand. The sun rays danced on my skin, the wind rustled the trees. It was so nice out; putting the keys back into my pocket I walked to work. My shoes picked up small pebbles that lay on the gravel road. Little dust clouds seemed to be eating at my shoes. I made a small left turn and in front of me was my entry. An old dusty brown and burnt red brick wall. This wall stretched for another mile to two. I pulled out my ID card and pushed in to the darkest brick that was in front of me. The brick pushed out and the section of the wall slid open reveling a stair way. I headed down the stairs and the door closed behind me. I used to be afraid that people would see me entering and I would escape inside looking like a thief. Tall coat, little hat tilted and a head that would constantly look left-right, eyes keeping watch. That was before I knew there was a blend cloak. I stopped worrying; we were in the middle of nowhere yet in the center of it all. It was a puzzle with two sides to it. I walked and walked, going down and down. It was a drag, to walk so many stairs but my legs grew accustomed to it.
I soon entered the HQ lair. The headquarters to my job, I was picked out to be the Saver and monster catcher. It turns out I’m pretty useful with a gun and doctor tools. My friends and workers greeted me. I smiled back.
“So, any new rifts open, odd weather?” I asked with hope in my voice.
“No, not today Riki, but we have something odd going on...” Responded my boss Scott.
Riki was my nick name; my full name was Rikimaro woods. I really hate my real name; I like my pet name that my friends gave me.

“Odd, what type of odd…Strange odd, normal odd. Shall I go on?” I responded
“Were getting calls from the police, there hearing about strange activity down by the redwood forest? They say the people who were on a picnic who saw a small hairy bear walk on its hind legs and was snooping around.”
“Maybe its yogi bear going evil. If there’s a picnic then yogi is sure to be around.” I gave a small laugh and smiled. Scott grinned but responded with a serious tone.
“I don’t think so. It appears to be a lanon.” He smiled and looked at me
Scott knew that my favorite was a lanon. They were fun to hunt. They put up a great fight but fall down hard. Now, we don’t go murdering every living monster that comes and goes. Sometimes we pull the trigger. Not for fun, but if it’s the only thing to do. We stun them and inject a sleeping liquid that knocks them out 3 hours. We then bring back to HQ and hold them in a chamber till the rift opens and we can throw them back over to the side they belong.
“Bryfly! Move out” Scott gave the orders. He was the leader, the one in charge. He was the man that made Bryfly, He made the organization. We all rushed in to places. We grabbed the stun guns, and are normally loaded guns that were meant to kill. We grabbed the health kit,and moved out to the big black Van. We put the cases in, along with the equipment still in the can. A computer, GPS and many other objects. Now normally a big black van might be suspicious but this van is very helpful. It can blend in with its surroundings easily. We drove off to the red wood forest. Once there we jumped out the doors grabbed out GPS and headed out with guns tucked behind us in our pockets. We reached the scene and heard growling and sounds being made. We ran behind a tree. I slowly turned my head and got a view of the lanon. He was a brown hairy beast the size of a dwarf. Don’t let their size miss-guide you. They can move fast and they aim for the legs. They zoom in and out and scratch at your legs and arms with there dagger like claws. Then once weak… they take a big bite out of you leg and they chomp down, Not letting go. The lanon was eating what was left of the food from the earlier picnic. Rebecca, my team mate started to stalk closer. The stun gun needs to be close to its target, so it will have a greater effect. We all watched. Then a man came running in to the scene. Rebecca then walked back to the closest tree, and hid in the shadows. The man looked like he was 45 or so. His blackish gray hair was combed to one side. He got closer to the lanon. We all watched prepared to attack. He called out in a sweet but rough matter.
“Alex? Oh Alex. Come back to your papa.”
The lanon looked at him and recognizing his voice, started to move closer to the strange man. It was something we have seen a few times. It’s a race obsession. It was an unlucky luck. A person may come across the animal that comes out of the rift and take it in under their wing. Raising it and keeping it as a pet. But when they get older they get lose and run free and end up killing innocent people.
Rebecca soon stood out of the shadows of the tree and spoke to the man.
“Sir, do you know what you’re doing?”
“What? Who are you? Where did you come from? He responded his eyes darted from Rebecca to the lanon.
“Sir, I’m Rebecca from Briefly. I need you to step away from that creature.”
“Briefly? I heard about you. You take god’s creatures away and lock them up and test on them!” “You wanna take away my Alex! I knew it. You’re not gonna take him away from me. He doesn’t hurt anyone!” He spoke with a rasping voice.
“No, not yet… but he might! He can’t be tamed. Please sir…” Rebecca soon reached behind her to take out her stun gun, but the man was no stranger to moves like that. He soon took out his gun and pointed it at her.
“You just keep those pretty little hands where I can see them!” he shouts.
It was getting out of hand and soon Scott steps out of the other side and presents himself.
“Sir, you better listen to the gal. You think what you have been created by god? It’s called a lanon and it fell through a rift in time.” The entire time he spoke, he had a serious face placed on him, he was looking at the lanon.
The creature then jumped about and was running away. Rebecca then pointed the gun at the Lanon. The strange old man then pointed his gun and aimed at Rebecca. I ran from my hiding place and jumped in front of Rebecca, pushing her further back. The man pulled the trigger and I took what was coming for me. It seemed as if it was a slow moving bullet, the ones they show in the movie theater when it’s about to hit the bad guy. The bullet then impacted me and I could feel it shredding inside me. I was the jello and the bullet was the fork. I gasped; fell sluggishly down to the ground. Time seemed to end. My friends looked at me then at the astonished man. The man dropped the gun and ran. Scott got ahead and with Thors help chased after the man. Rebecca took a perfect aim at the monster and knocked him out. She then went by my side and brushed aside the wood ships on my shirt. Thor and Scott came back with the man in cuffs. They went and got the medical kit. They then wrapped my side up and tried to stop the bleeding. They loaded me into the van and headed to HQ. I knew I wasn’t gonna make it. The bullet made a deep impact and I was losing too much blood. I saw everyone staring at me. I managed to speak up, though it pained me every time I took in a breath.
“I’m sorry… I didn’t do anything before. I should have snuck… up.” I gasped.
“Shush. It’s ok. Your gonna make it” Rebecca’s voice soothed me.
“Not in time… HQ is so far…” My voice started to fade “I’m a doctor… I know.”
“Riki, don’t say such things. Just hold in buddy.” Scott spoke in.
I closed my eyes and saw darkness. No light or passage. Just darkness. I was falling and drowning in the pit of despair. It never ended. I had died in the van 35 minutes away from HQ. I just kept falling and falling.

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