The Soldier of The Apocalypse

May 25, 2011
By TheHummingBird SILVER, placentia, California
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TheHummingBird SILVER, Placentia, California
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"If the world was normal what would be the point of it?"

Our story begins with a soldier walking into the throne room of Queen Marie, the overlord of the apocalyptic new world, where he lined up with the other 5000 soldiers in the room. You see after the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam, Russia reopened the cold war and began a brutal nuclear attack against the U.S. and the U.S. rightfully retaliated with nuclear attack of their own. This led to a nuclear apocalypse with dried roads, cracked earth, dead plants, burning air, and mutated creatures. Those who survived were the rich and powerful and the ones who sold everything they owned to start over in the “New World”. No one knows for certain how the Queen came to power some say she was just so beautiful all the soldiers fell under her spell, others say she was just rich enough to buy the returning soldiers from Vietnam and she just morphed them the way she wanted. Regardless she was in charge of this new world and she was ruthless. She was preparing the soldiers to attack a near by village of rebels and refugees. “Now hear me useless drones! I am your ruler and I am to be overlord of the world!!!” all five thousand soldiers replied “Yes your heinous!! What is our mission Queen!?” she evilly replied “You are to infiltrate the near by village and salvage what you can” a soldier in the front row spoke up “What about the population ma’am?!” “Kill them all!!” again the soldiers all replied “Yes Ma’am!” As the soldiers turned around and began to march out into the world the Queen noticed the soldier who spoke up moments earlier. He was different, all the soldiers were; clean shaven, blonde hair, blue eyes, muscular. This soldier was the complete opposite; a few days growth on the face, brown semi long hair, piercing hazel eyes, slim but cut. His uniform was even different he wore a sleeve less olive button up shirt with the top three buttons unbuttoned, he wore on top of that a bullet proof vest, he wore the regular issued cargo pants, but his guns were that of the a different kind, his pistol looked like an old revolver from the west yet three times bigger plus it had a small scope strapped to the top of it, his rifle was a sniper not the standard issue rifle like the other soldiers. This soldier was different, he seem to have a mind of his own. The queen quickly responded to this. “Soldier?” the brown haired soldier turned around the Queen then said “Why do you turn when I do not specify who I am talking to?” the soldier replied “Ma’am I must’ve just heard you first?” “Is your hearing that of an eagle?” “Some say so…Ma’am” the Queen grinned “My good soldier are you skilled in what you do?” “Ma’am I am not sure I understand the question” “Are you skilled as a trained killer?” “I would like to believe so ma’am” “How many people have you killed good soldier?” “I would say fifty to sixty ma’am” “I think you should stay here instead” “Why is that ma’am?” “You have other uses here” “Ma’am?” “Come with me I will show you what I mean” the Queen led the soldier out of the throne room and down a hall. They stop at a wooden door. “This is your duty good soldier” “Ma’am?” inside this room is my daughter “You have a daughter Ma’am?” “Yes she is twenty years of age”
The soldier entered the room and saw the Queen’s daughter for the first time. She was gorgeous; long blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, she stood about five feet eight inches, and had a perfectly sculpted body. The soldier said “Good day ma’am” “Ma’am?” the girl replied “I’m not my mother. My name is Stephanie” “Well nice to meet you ma’a…Stephanie” “Nice to meet you to uh…what’s your name?” “My name?” “You do have a name right?” “Uh I believe so” the soldier checked his shirt, it said ‘G. Gibson’ “My name tag says G. Gibson” “Hmm I’ll make the G. stand for Garth. Is that ok with you?” “If that is what you wish Princess” “Garth it is” she smiled and said “Well nice to meet you Garth”

That night Garth was in his room beside the princess’s and he heard a loud smash. Instinctively he rose from his bed, grabbed his revolver, and ran to the princess’s door. He knocked on the door “Princess?” no answer “Princess are you ok in there?” again no answer. Swiftly smashed down the door and it collided into the ground. He surveyed the room and didn’t see anyone in there. Inspecting under everything he noticed the window open. He ran to the window, looked out, then looked down and sees the princess scaling the walls very slowly. “Trying to escape ma’am?” she was startled by his voice and almost lost her grip she laughed and replied “What did I tell you about that ma’am stuff?” “Sorry it’s a habit. May I ask why you are sneaking out? Don’t you know the dangers of this world?” “Indeed I do Garth, I just wanted fresh air. You see I never am aloud out of my quarters” “That’s a pity, can you climb back up?” “Why?” “So the queen does not have me shot for letting you escape” “Why do I care?” “Well maybe we can make a deal” this intrigued the princess. She climbed back up and shut her window. Garth looked at her and said “Come here princess” in a very sly voice, she listened to him and got very close to him. She placed her hands on his chest and Garth whispered in her ear “Don’t ever get out again” as he handcuffed her hands behind her back and put her on her bed and gently tucked her in. “Now look princess I am not going to deal with you ok? I obey orders and YOU are not in charge of ME. That duty is of the queen.” He then exited the room and the princess whispered to herself “That duty will be of mine very soon”
That morning the princess went to her mother and asked permission to have the soldier assigned to guard her to be under her control. When her mother asked for a reason why the princess said “Consider it practice for me when I become queen” the queen agreed and the princess returned to her quarters with grave news for the soldier.
The princess explained the situation and Garth was not pleased. He was angered at the news but being the good soldier he was, he listened. “What do you wish me to do princess?” she pondered for a bit and said “I want to travel out into the new world” “For how long?” “Just a little while maybe a day or two” “To where exactly?” “Ridge Rock” “Ridge Rock? You are aware that is a rebellious town correct? And they’ll shoot YOU on sight” “I am aware. That’s why I want you to acquire a disguise for me…for my safety” “As you wish princess.” Garth quickly went to his room and began to get ready.
When Garth got back from town he gave Stephanie her clothes and they were on their way. They arrived at Ridge Rock and the princess was quickly set back a step by the chaos that was the real world, men fighting, women screaming, babies crying, kids playing in polluted water, and all the hideous disfigurement of the people. “Garth is this how it’s always been?” “No, these are all the people that haven’t died out, they used to be much worst” “My god” “In this world there is no god.” “So Garth where to?” “Well what would you like to experience” “Maybe a bar?” “As you wish” Garth led the princess through the streets to the nearest bar. The whole time they had been in Ridge Rock Garth had his sniper out the princess asked “Garth why are these people not afraid of you with your gun out?” he replied sheepishly “Uh…all citizens have guns.” They finally reached the bar and when they entered they were immediately met by a smell of bile and strong liquor. The smell seemed nonexistent to Garth as for the princess she almost vomited. A bouncer said “No weapons, put them away or I’ll take them from you” “Hey man no problems here” Garth put his weapons away and guided the princess up to the bar. The bartender said “Hey little girl you got a nice body, you free later tonight?” he reached for her and Garth grabbed his hand in a vice grip and said in a deep intimidating voice “You better be reaching for the Absolut Vodka with that hand or I’ll break it off” the bartender seemed angry then looked at Garth and said “Hey pal…” he locked eyes with him and the bartender instantly looked shocked and said in a scared voice he said “…do you want a double shot?” “Tall glass” “You got it pal.” The princess said “Thank you” “For what?” “Standing up for me. No one has ever done that” “Don’t worry about it” “I think we should get out of this place” “Where to next?” “Home…” “Sounds like a plan” he paid for the drink and led the princess home.
When they arrived the princess seemed a little shaken up so Garth took her to her room put her to bed and said “You’ve had a rough day princess, I’ll be right next door if you need anything” as he walked out of the room the princess said “Garth? Can I ask you something?” “Of course princess” “Can we help those people?” “What do you mean?” “We need to help those people, there’s rebellions around right?” “…yes?” “Can we join them?” “We can try” “Garth?” “Goodnight Princess”

As Garth took off his shirt to get ready for bed the princess cracked open the door, Garth didn’t seem to notice, she was going to ask him a question but got distracted by the plentiful amount of scars on his slim cut body. There was a giant scar about four inches wide and stretching across his entire back and about a 100 other scars through out his body. She then spoke “What are the causes of these mass amount of scars?” he was shocked to see the princess leaning in on him he turned around and it revealed the scars on the front side of him including a circular shaped one right over his heart. She gasped “Did that one penetrate deeply?” “This one?” he pointed to the circular shaped one “The medic said it was about a half inch from my heart” “What hit you?” “Shrapnel” “Shrapnel?” “Let me tell you the story. I was second in command of my Marine Corps squad. We were in a Vietnamese village patrolling, my staff sergeant had a feeling that we were about to be ambushed. He and two more men, I can’t remember their names for the life of me, went into the near by hut to check it out. They went in scoped it out. Apparently it was fine because our staff sergeant sent the other two men out then he stood at the doorway said ‘Men I think we’re fine. Strange I’m never usually wrong about things like this’ as soon as he finished that sentence a Vietnamese women jumped on his back and detonated an explosive. The hut immediately exploded and sent pieces of wood flying everywhere. A piece about the size of a baseball stabbed right into my chest I was instantly taken down and I woke up to my medic, Johnson, telling me how close it was to killing me” “Wait, you’re in the marines?” “Yes?” “All the other soldiers are in the Army” “So?” “I knew you were different!” “What?” “You’re different!! You actually are trained to think by yourself!!!” “Shhhhhh if the queen were to find out I’d be killed. That’s why I don’t know my name. I killed one of the queen’s soldiers when they were killing my rebel troops” “You have Troops!?!?!” “Yes, why do you think that bartender was so afraid of me?” “I assumed you were just intimidating” “No, well yes but no, I am the leader of the NWR” “NWR?” “New World Rebels.” He reached into his bag and pulled out a tattered shirt that had NWR written above a black eagle and said “So princess, are you ready for a rebellion?” she smiled and said “You read my mind”
That night the princess and Garth planned on taking out the queen but first they needed to gather the troops. They snuck out the way that the princess did a few nights ago. When they reached the bottom “Garth said we have to head east from here it should be completely clear there’s never any guards. We also need to get some money to supply the troops” “Way ahead of you” she said as she pulled out a big bag of gold “You’ll be a rebel leader yet princess.” They headed towards the old rebel base in Victor Ville. When they got there the guard said “Halt who goes there?” “Chief Victor Gallagher” “Don’t be bull shitting me kid, the chief died some months ago” Garth took out his sniper and showed the guard the writing on it ‘Red Skinned Killer’ was written on it. The guard saw this and knew that Garth was telling the truth about who he was. The guard opened the door and said “HEY DIP SHITS THE CHIEF IS IN THE BUILDING!!!” the whole camp went silent and Victor walked in and everyone seemed shocked. The interim leader Chief Luke Caawin walked up to Victor and said “Who the hell do you think you are? We all know the outstanding Chief Victor was killed in an attack by the QA. Plus legends say he was a brute of a man YOU are just a scrawny little kid” “Fine then if you don’t wanna believe…fight me. Luke if you don’t believe who I am, challenge me. As chief you can’t refuse” “Very well, I challenge you to a fight right now, knifes only. EVERYONE CIRCLE UP!!” the princess said “Gar…Victor why are you doing this, we need all the help we can get” “I won’t kill him and trust me this won’t take long, he’ll believe I am who I say I am very shortly”
The two fighters both striped down to just there pants. Immediately Chief Luke knew he was in for trouble when he saw all the scars. “Well you do have Chief Victors scars…but I still don’t believe you” the fight was about to begin and Victor dropped to his knees and unsheathed his knife it was an oddly cream white color and had a dark fur like handle and the blade was about 8 inches long Victor explained the origin of the knife “This is made of pure bison bone, my great, great grandfather hunted one of the very last bison in California, this bison bull was believed to be the fastest and the strongest of the bison” he then placed the blade against his chest and cut through his flesh, the princess whispered to herself “That explains the scars…” the blood began to drip and Victor placed his two fingers against the wound and rubbed the blood across his cheeks and down his nose and chin. “I am ready to fight” Victor remained on his knees Luke then announced “Then let it begin” Luke charged at the kneeling Victor, Luke lunged to stab him in the face and Victor ducked it and slashed both of Luke’s knees. Now Luke and Victor were at eye level. Luke seemed to be completely done for and Victor slowly stood up and was in the process of round house kicking his head but he stopped right in next to his ear and Luke looked up at Victor then crashed to the ground. “I think this is over. Anybody else not believe who I am?” the whole crowd of about 300 said “NO!!!”

Newly recrowned Chief Victor explained to everyone the plan and how the NWR had the support of the princess and that the rebellion had a great chance to take down the tyrant Queen Marie. Victor gave the gold to the scouts to get new guns, ammo, and grenades. The pieces were in place, the rebellion was to begin in a week as they were to train.
The night before the attack the four tribes’ leaders gathered with Victor and the princess to plan their attack. Victor explained the basics “Me and the princess shall enter in to the fortress and explain our absence as the cause of rebel attack, afterwards I will need 7 men to climb the tower into the princess’s room to help later, then we shall take the newly acquired C-4’s and place them on the throne room walls where all the soldiers will be stationed at one time, that should take out at least 500 of the 5000 soldiers, next I will shoot some arrows with grenades strapped to this bow and arrow I left here at camp before I supposedly died, then Luke I want you to send your men in through one of the holes made by the blasts and block the front of the thrown room, Ralph you send your troops through the other hole and block the back of the room, there will be still 4500 troops so Scott and Frank you get your gunners high up and fire through the hole and confuse the troops, me and the princess will be pursuing the Queen with our extra troops, she will quickly vanish from the thrown room before we can reach her. Sound like a plan guys?” the rest of the table spook in unison “Sir Yes sir!!”
Victor went to the outside of the tent and said to the patiently waiting troops “To quote the great general Sun Tzu ‘In general, the strategy for employing the military is this: If your strength is ten times theirs, surround them; if five, then attack them; if double, then divide your forces. If you are equal in strength to the enemy, you can engage him. If fewer, you can circumvent him. If outmatched, can avoid him. Thus a small enemy that acts inflexibly will become the captives of large a enemy’ NOW!!! Men we are not outmatched, but we are for surely fewer in numbers, 50-3 to be exact, BUT we shall attack quickly, we shall attack strongly, we shall attack intelligently, and we shall attack to win!!!”
Victor and the princess went through their part of the plan and when they reached their rooms the rebels were waiting. They waited till night fall and put the C-4’s in their respective places. That morning the princess waited in her room with the rebels all ready to attack whoever walked threw that door. The younger looking rebel said “Don’t worry princess we may lose many but we’re gonna win this battle, oh and my name’s Keith if you need anything” she quietly said “I know” “What’s wrong princess?” “I’m just afraid of how the world will turn out if we win this battle “I think you’ll do a great job princess” “Thank you.” Victor then entered the room and said “I’m going detonate the bombs soon, I’m taking position above the throne room to fire the grenades into the center. Everyone it’s about to begin so I wish you all good luck.”
The plan began perfectly, the explosions went off as planned and took out even more then Victor had planned he then fired the arrows and grenades into the crowd of panicking soldiers they began to explode and disappear by the dozen, the rebels began to infiltrate and the plan went of perfectly. Victor checked the throne to fire an arrow at the queen but he was too late he saw her going through her escape tunnel. Victor ran back to the princess’s room and told the men “If I don’t return in 15 minutes have the princess lead you to the queens hide out.
Victor rushed to the hideout and stopped at the door and looked at the shadows showing through the bottom of the door, there was about 5 people, including the queen, Victor pulled out his sniper and blasted a hole in the door and it killed one of the guards. The remaining soldiers came into the hall and Victor let them take a few shots, he was hit a couple times but pressed on. He killed one with his knife and pulled out his revolver and shot the remaining one. He then realized he was shot in the femoral artery in his thigh and was bleeding a lot. He began limping towards the queen’s room and he grabbed his bison knife and told the queen “It’s over Marie, this has gone on for too long. You must be stopped” she laughed “Ah but soldier you can’t stop me” “What’s gonna stop me?” she laughs again “Him” She points behind her at a super soldier, standing about seven feet tall and had what looked like fangs and he looked like he was 300 pounds of muscle. The only thing Victor could say was “Sun Tzu may have wrote a book about winning war but he probably never had to do this” he waited for the Super Soldier to attack, the beast swung his massive hands at Victor who attempted to side step the punch but his bum leg slowed him down to much, he was clipped in the ribs and you could hear every rib crack and he flew backwards about fifteen feet. He couldn’t move, the monster of a man picked him up with ease and threw him into the queen’s room. He was about to punch Victor’s lights out and end it all. The fist was coming down, the life of the rebellion was going to end, their leader was about to die, this was it. Then all of a sudden a bullet whip through the heart of the bear looking man. The reinforcements had arrived they flew in and blasted the man down and then took down the queen with ease. The princess rushed over to Victor and said “Victor!!! Oh my god!! What happened?” “I fought and I almost won…” “Are you gonna die?” “Probably” “I can’t do this without you” “Yes you can Stephanie, you’re the princess that will bring this world back to glory, don’t you worry. Just march on as always. Here I want you to have this” he pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to the princess “Don’t open it until your first speech. Keith, come here” “Yes sir?” “I want you to watch over the princess till she can do this on her own. And watch out for her” “Yes sir” “And Princess always remember, you were born to rule the world, here’s your shot.” And he died, right there, he was the savor, he was the chief, he was a soldier. The Princess went on to rule the world perfectly and peacefully all thanks to that one soldier. And on the day of her first speech she unfolded the paper and it was a poem at the top it said “To inspire the troops, Queen Stephanie. Love Garth” she read the poem

“The soldier that died for us wrote this to inspire us all
‘March on soldiers
Young and old
Happy and mad
Crazy and sane
March on
With the heart of a lion
With the passion of an eagle
With the tenacity of a wolf
March on
Don’t let the world slow you
Don’t let the world hurt you
Don’t let the world corrupt you
March on
When you hate your life
When everything goes wrong
When people seem to change
March on
Never forget to always
Till the World stops spinning
You must forever and ever

March on’”
And they did till every wrong was right and everything was the way it should. With the love of the new Queen the world was rebuilt the way it was suppose to be and everyone was happy once again.

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