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The Soldier of The Apocalypse

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The Soldier

Our story begins with a soldier walking into the throne room of Queen Marie, the overlord of the apocalyptic new world, where he lined up with the other 5000 soldiers in the room. You see after the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam, Russia reopened the cold war and began a brutal nuclear attack against the U.S. and the U.S. rightfully retaliated with nuclear attack of their own. This led to a nuclear apocalypse with dried roads, cracked earth, dead plants, burning air, and mutated creatures. Those who survived were the rich and powerful and the ones who sold everything they owned to start over in the “New World”. No one knows for certain how the Queen came to power some say she was just so beautiful all the soldiers fell under her spell, others say she was just rich enough to buy the returning soldiers from Vietnam and she just morphed them the way she wanted. Regardless she was in charge of this new world and she was ruthless. She was preparing the soldiers to attack a near by village of rebels and refugees. “Now hear me useless drones! I am your ruler and I am to be overlord of the world!!!” all five thousand soldiers replied “Yes your heinous!! What is our mission Queen!?” she evilly replied “You are to infiltrate the near by village and salvage what you can” a soldier in the front row spoke up “What about the population ma’am?!” “Kill them all!!” again the soldiers all replied “Yes Ma’am!” As the soldiers turned around and began to march out into the world the Queen noticed the soldier who spoke up moments earlier. He was different, all the soldiers were; clean shaven, blonde hair, blue eyes, muscular. This soldier was the complete opposite; a few days growth on the face, brown semi long hair, piercing hazel eyes, slim but cut. His uniform was even different he wore a sleeve less olive button up shirt with the top three buttons unbuttoned, he wore on top of that a bullet proof vest, he wore the regular issued cargo pants, but his guns were that of the a different kind, his pistol looked like an old revolver from the west yet three times bigger plus it had a small scope strapped to the top of it, his rifle was a sniper not the standard issue rifle like the other soldiers. This soldier was different, he seem to have a mind of his own. The queen quickly responded to this. “Soldier?” the brown haired soldier turned around the Queen then said “Why do you turn when I do not specify who I am talking to?” the soldier replied “Ma’am I must’ve just heard you first?” “Is your hearing that of an eagle?” “Some say so…Ma’am” the Queen grinned “My good soldier are you skilled in what you do?” “Ma’am I am not sure I understand the question” “Are you skilled as a trained killer?” “I would like to believe so ma’am” “How many people have you killed good soldier?” “I would say fifty to sixty ma’am” “I think you should stay here instead” “Why is that ma’am?” “You have other uses here” “Ma’am?” “Come with me I will show you what I mean” the Queen led the soldier out of the throne room and down a hall. They stop at a wooden door. “This is your duty good soldier” “Ma’am?” inside this room is my daughter “You have a daughter Ma’am?” “Yes she is twenty years of age”
The soldier entered the room and saw the Queen’s daughter for the first time. She was gorgeous; long blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, she stood about five feet eight inches, and had a perfectly sculpted body. The soldier said “Good day ma’am” “Ma’am?” the girl replied “I’m not my mother. My name is Stephanie” “Well nice to meet you ma’a…Stephanie” “Nice to meet you to uh…what’s your name?” “My name?” “You do have a name right?” “Uh I believe so” the soldier checked his shirt, it said ‘G. Gibson’ “My name tag says G. Gibson” “Hmm I’ll make the G. stand for Garth. Is that ok with you?” “If that is what you wish Princess” “Garth it is” she smiled and said “Well nice to meet you Garth”
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