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Hunted: Book one of the black Magic Series

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The candles flickered lazily; their soft glow brought the only life to this sullen room. As if in a trance my finger brushed over the flame. It had been three days since the hunters had invaded my home and now I was stuck in a small underground cave.
"Sis I'm hungry," my little sister, curled up in old bed sheets, moaned. I quietly crawl over to her and start to stroke her hair.
"Shhhhh…..I know, I know….but the hunters are still in the house." She squirmed at the sound of the word "hunters" To tell the truth I my mouth felt foul just speaking of them.
"Are we going to die?" She asked in pure innocence. Her voice was sad and I knew what she was thinking of.
"We all die eventually."
"I mean like mommy…." I stayed silent, unwilling to tell her that we probably would.
"I don't know." She sniffed loudly, and then curled back up in the blankets. I continued to stroke her hair till I knew she was emotionally stable. After all I was the only thing she had anymore.
I sat quietly and listened to the scraping above, praying it would stop. My little sister, Leanne, complained about the noises a lot. So did I….. But then again I probably shouldn't. After all, the fact that they were still making those noises means that they haven't found us yet.
"The noises….when will they stop" Her voice was slightly muffled by the blankets but I could still hear the yearning in her voice.
"When the hunter's go away," I answer quickly.
"When's that?" My gut drops. I knew what I could tell her. I could tell her that they wouldn't leave till they have devoured our mom completely…every limb, organ, and bone. I could tell her how we might not even make it out of here alive because Hunter's have a talent for finding hidden witches and were flesh eating monsters who take pleasure in killing. I could tell her everything but I kept it from her. I didn't want her to become terrified, I wanted her to believe we were going to be okay. I couldn't make her suffer.
"I don't know….I guess after they lose interest in our house."
"I want my dolly…," She whimpered. I had to instantly push away my gut instincts to help my poor baby sister. If I went up to get her dolly the chances of me coming back alive were slim and if I died I would never be any help to her.
"When the hunter's leave I'll get it" Her small hands clenched the thin sheets. Slowly and unsteadily her back rose and fell….was she crying? My heart drops to my stomach. Maybe I could get her doll. It was only across the hall. Maybe I could even get some food on the way. I was going to have to get some soon anyways; we were dreadfully low on non-perishables, and the perishables "perished" already.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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Pretzel..Dream said...
Jul. 10, 2011 at 7:59 pm
Wowzers! You are an incredible writer :). Its sad that the main character dies but I like your ending, usually the heroes win in stories but it isn't always that way in real life. Please keep writing I really love your work!
Meko8195 replied...
Jul. 11, 2011 at 10:29 am
Thanks :D actually I wrote the book that way because I was sick of the cliche happy endings. :) Im glad you liked it :D (I did save the little girl though. I didn't have the heart to kill her )

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