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May 22, 2011
By Missirules BRONZE, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
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Missirules BRONZE, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
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I was standing next to my sister. Everyone we knew was here in black. I watched as my parents walked down the aisle, down to the pyre, down to their death. Just before they walked into it my father turns around and waves at me like he will see me again. When they walk into the pyre it is silent. That hurts me almost as much as it would if they were screaming. As the pyre returns to it’s normal height I whisper to my sister.
“We’ll get out of here. Go to America were the Regents aren’t.” I whisper.

I wake up gasping for air. I look at my alarm clock. 6:01 AM.
“Urg.” I grumble. I get up quietly so I don’t wake up my sister who is in the room next to me. I go into my closet and change into a shirt and jeans. When I walk back into my room my sister is sitting on my bed.
“How are you up this early? This can not be good for our health.” She says.
“We’re vampires. We don’t have health. We’re practically immortal.” I said.
“Still, it’s six o’clock in the morning. I don’t get it!” She says getting up and walking out of my room. I smile as I walk down the stairs. When I get there my adopted siblings Matt, Andrew, Jamie and Andrew’s girlfriend Lisa were all sitting around the table whispering.
“What’s going on” I asked.
“The Regents have decided that they are going to pay us a visit.” Matt said.
“What do you mean? How... no not how, why would the Regents come here?” I asked, my panic signal going off in every part of my brain.
“Well if you think about we pose kind of a threat. With the Twins of Legend and a human who knows the secret?” Matt said.
“Well one of those can be dealt with.” I said before I was knocked against the wall by Andrew.
“NO!” He growled.
“I wasn’t talking about her but you know just as well as I do that she will be changed. Even if you don’t want her to be.” I said.
“Your visions aren’t always true!”
“This one was pretty concrete. Now will you let me down?” I asked as my sister came down the stairs.
“What’s up?” She said surveying the scene.
“The Regent have decided they wanted to visit.” I said as Andrew let me down.
“What?,” My sister cried,”When?”
“In about 10 minutes.” Matt said.
“What about her?” I said nodding to Lisa.
“What about her?” Andrew said his voice taking on a dangerous edge.
“How are we going to protect her? I really don’t want to get in a fight with the Regents today.” I said.
“I’ll take her home. They won’t want to waste the time tracking me down. Your the ones they want.” Andrew said.
“Fine. Just be sure not to come back before they leave the state. They have stronger senses then a normal vampire.” I said.
“I know that.” Andrew gave me an annoyed look.
“Just making sure. People have died because someone made that mistake.” I said.
“Like who?” Andrew asked.
“Like me!,” Jamie said,”’Cause the last time that the Regents visited I was turned because someone brought me back to the house early!”
“I said I’m sorry.” Matt said.
“And I accepted your apology. Doesn’t mean I can’t be bitter about it.” Jamie said.
“Guys? They’ll be here in about 5 minutes. You better go.,” My sister said. Andrew flung Lisa on his back and ran out. I started out the door. My sister caught my wrist,”Where are you going?”
“To catch a rabbit. I’m hungry and they’ll probably bring feeders.”I said shaking my head in disgust.
“K. Don’t be long.” My sister said letting go off my wrist.
I ran out the back door and towards the woods. I grabbed a deer. As it ran dry I sensed the Regents near. I stood up and straighted my shirt. I started back.
As I got to the door of the house it opened before I could. My sister was standing there.
“Your back.” She said stiffly.
“Said I would be.” I said in the same tone.
“Come on in” She said. She moved to let me in. I nodded to her and sat down on a couch. And in front of me. Dave, Elaina, Luce, Micheal, and Justice.
“Hello” I said
“Missi. It’s been such along time. Now we won’t be long but I just want to remind the both of you that it has been 100 years-” Dave said before I cut him off.
“Yes we know. Now if you will please leave.”I said.
“Why are you in a hurry for us to leave?” He said narrowing his eyes.
“Because I don’t like you. And you should remember that you don’t rule this territory this is free land.” I said standing up. They followed and someone I don’t recognize stood up with them, “Who is he?”
“This is James,” Luce said enunciating his name,” We found him when we were on our way here.”
I studied him. Both physically and mentally. I went through his memories from when he met the Regents to now. Nothing to suspect that he was working with them.
“Well with my siblings consent I would like to invite you to live with us.” I said looking at my family and they all nodded.
“Now see here Missi, it is not your place to influence-” Dave started.
“His life, his decision.” I said, glaring at him remembering when he spoke those words to me.
“Fine. Who do you choose James?” Dave asked turning to him.
“Well if y'all don’t mind I’d like to stay with Missi and her family.”James said.
“Fine if that is what you choose we will leave now.” Justice said.
“If you come back we will kill you.” I said as they went out the front door.
“We expect nothing less and offer the same courtesy to you if you were to ever come to Germany.” Micheal said and then they were gone.
We all sat down on the couches. It was silent for a long time before I spoke.
“So James, where are you from?” I asked.
“North Carolina.” He said.
“So I guess you’ll be needing a room. You can have my office.” I said.
“That's OK Ma’am. I’ll just sleep on a couch or something or not sleep at all.” He said.
“No you are part of this family now and everyone in this family needs a room and don’t call me Ma’am, I’m Missi. And you need to know how we feed, we only eat animals not humans.” I said.
“That is how I ate in North Carolina. It’s a little easier for me to restrain. I haven’t had a human since when I first changed.” He said.
“Good. Come on I’ll show you your new room.” I said getting up. I bounded up the stairs and he followed. I opened the door for the room.
“Wow.” He breathed.
“I’ll get the pottery if you want to get the masks.,” I said. He didn’t move,” Or I’ll get the masks. Either way.”
“Missi...this is awesome, and expensive. I can’t let you take this all down. It must of took you forever to put up.”He said shaking his head.
“It took me half a day and it only took me that long because I was fooling around for most if it.,” I said,” Besides it will take no time at all with you helping me.”
We were done in 10 minutes, but we just shoved the furniture in my room.
“OK, we are done. Told you it wasn’t going to take us that long. We can go to IKEA and get you some furniture later today.” I said.
“I have a question and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to but why do you keep looking at me like you know me?,” James asked. I was silent for a long time,”You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”
“It’s not that it just caught me by surprise. I didn’t even know I was looking at you.,” I said,”But I will answer you question. You should get comfortable. It’s a long story.”
“I am.” He said.
“OK. Well my sister and I were sentenced to death by the Regents because of a decision that our parents would of made. So our parent volunteered themselves to die instead. So afterwords I was so depressed and I met Nathanial. And he patched, no stitched me up. And he asked me to marry him. But then he decided to leave. He said that he was leaving and I said that I’d come with and he said that he didn’t want me to come with him and I asked why and he said that he didn’t want me to so I said I was coming anyway and then David came in and said that it was his life and his decision. I ignored him and look at Nathanial again. He just shook his head. So I ran into our room. I waited for them to leave. After they did I saw a note on the counter that said ‘I left my heart with you’ in Nathanial’s hand writing. So I took a note a piece of paper and a pen and I wrote ‘I have destroyed your heart just as you have mine.’ Then I put in on a big rock under my engagement ring and set the house on fire. Then me and my sister went to America and met my family that we live with now. But the thing is that you look exactly like him.” I said.
“Hey it’s OK.” He said wiping away tears that I didn’t even know I was crying.
“I’m sorry. Here I am crying like an idiot and I met you only a hour ago.”I said.
“Your not an idiot, just a girl that’s been hurt.” He said. My sister knocked on the door and leaned in.
“Breakfast’s in 10 minutes.” She said.
“OK, thanks.,” I said. She left.,” We should go down to breakfast. I don’t know about you but I’m starving.”
“I thought vampires didn’t need to eat.” He said.
“We don’t but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to.” I smiled as I stood up.

Chapter 2
We got down stairs Matt and my sister were arguing.
“I just think that it’s not a good idea.” Matt said.
“What? That we have someone else to protect her?” My sister said.
“No. You know that I would never think that Ginny, It’s the fact that he is N-”Matt broke off as he saw me.
“No my all means continue. Don’t let me interrupt.” I said walking down the stairs,“Is breakfast ready yet?”
“Not yet. Almost.” My sister said.
“Is Andrew back yet?” I asked.
“Yeah. He’s the one cooking. Because we all know that Jamie can’t cook.” My sister laughed.
“Yeah. Anyway, James this is my sister Ginny. This is Matt.” I said.
“And I’m Jamie. The one who can cook perfectly fine thank you very much.” Jamie said coming down the stairs.
“No you can’t. I’m sorry but it is true.” Matt said draping his arms around her
“Yes, yes I know.” She said.
“Those two are dating if you haven’t noticed.” I said.
“I however remain painfully single.” My sister said putting her hands over her heart and looking up at the sky.
“Only ‘cause you scare every guy you meet.” I said and she stuck her tongue out at me.
“Breakfast is served” Andrew said coming out of the kitchen with a pan of pancakes. We all sat down.
“Can someone pass the syrup?” I asked.
“Let us all get some before you take it all.” My sister laughed.
“That was not my fault. You guys were distracting me. Come on” I protested.
“Fine but what’s the magic word?” She said.
“Can I pretty, pretty, please have the syrup?” I smiled.
“OK.” She said handing me the syrup. The whole rest of the meal was like that.
After breakfast was done James and I washed dishes.
“Um... I know this is an awkward question but do you have your driver’s licence?” I asked handing him the last dish.
“ Yeah I do.” He smiled. I looked at him and really studied him. He was muscular no doubt, but it wasn’t in an over the top way. He had brown hair that was a little long and chocolate brown eyes. He was taller then me which was something that I was not used to being 5’7”. He looked up at me and I looked away quickly. He smiled.
“Like something you see?” He asked.
“Maybe just a little.,” I smiled back. He stopped drying and looked at me. Then, slowly, he bent down and kissed me on the lips.
“Or a lot.” I breathed
The kitchen door opened and my sister walked in.
“Just getting some water. It’s in here.” She said.
“Out. Now.” I said pointing the the door.
“Fine, fine. Andrew took one of the pick-ups so you’ll only be able to get the some of the furniture today.” She said before she walked out the door.
“We should probably go. Before my family bombards us.” I whispered. We ran to the garage. We climbed into the pick-up and James got in next to me. I started the truck and we got out of there.
“So where are the best furniture stores around here?” James asked.
“IKEA.” I said.
“Anywhere else?” He asked.
“No. Not really. Comes with living in a small town.” I said. He smiled.
“So we should probably enroll you in school. Because if you don’t go to school then you can’” I faltered trying to come up with a reason he should go to school with me.
“I can’t see you?” He asked. If I could blush I would have been bright red but I nodded and smiled.
We pulled into the parking lot. I got out of the truck and he followed.
“So you need bed, desk, dresser, um... do you want a mirror? Because there is one in the bathroom right across the hall.” I asked
“No I’ll be fine. I thought vampires can’t see themselves in mirrors anyway.” James asked.
“Total Hollywood stereotype.” I said gritting my teeth.
“That’s a little bit of a sore subject for her.” A voice said behind me. I whirled around to see Nathanial, Nathanial who had made me cry myself to sleep for so many nights, Nathanial who left me 200 years ago, Nathanial who, after all he put me through, I still loved.
“Nathanial.” I whispered.
“ Hello love.” He said
“No” I said.
“What?” Nathanial asked.
“No. You can not come here thinking that after all you put me through that I still am the same old girl that I was.” I said my voice getting louder and louder. Some people were looking at us now.
“Missi.” James whispered in my ear. I turned and looked at him. I took a deep breathe and turned back to Nathanial.
“Go. You have 30 seconds to make it out of my sense range before I kill you.” I said to him. Apparently not wanting to test my patients today he left but as soon as he was gone I felt something against my ear. I pulled it down and it was pure black rose. My favorite flower. I looked up at where he just was.
“Come on. Let’s go.” James said, pulling on my arm. I let myself follow him. We went into IKEA. We got all of his furniture and piled it into the truck.
“I guess we didn’t need two trucks after all” I said. He nodded and the rest of the ride was in silence. I kept sneaking glances and every time he looked like he was deep in thought. When we got to the house my sister was waiting by the garage door. I turned the truck off and got out.
“We’ve got a problem.” She said.
“I know we do.” I said smelling Nathanial.
“I didn’t know who he was until I let him in. I thought he was James and that something had happened to you.” She said.
“It’s fine. It’s not your fault. Does anyone else know?” I asked.
“No. No one else is home. They left for lunch.” She said. I nodded and went inside.
“Nathanial!” I called. He came down the stairs.
“Yes love?” He said casually.
“Do you have a death wish?” I asked.
“Nein, natürlich nicht” He said in German. It meant no, of course not. Well then two could play at that game. I was aware of James behind me.
“Dann warum bist du hier?” I asked.
“Then why are you here?” I could here my sister softly translating for James.
“Weil ich Sie suchte” Nathanial said.
“I was looking for you.” My sister said.
“Zweihundert Jahre und jetzt Ihr auf der Suche für mich? Ich kaufen nicht es.” I said
“Two hundred years and now your looking for me? I don’t believe it.” My sister said.
“Ich habe für Sie für den letzten hundert Jahren gesucht. Sie sind sehr schwer zu finden.” Nathanial said.
“Can we talk you two talk in English? I’m getting tired of translating.” My sister said.
“Ja, I mean yes,” I said,“You wouldn’t of had to look for me if you never left.”
“I didn’t want to!” He said.
“If you didn’t want to then you wouldn’t have.” I said
“Love,” Nathanial started.
"Οχι!," I said,” No, you can not just leave for two hundred years and come find me expecting that I won’t be hurt! Leave, aφήστε, verlassen” I said. He looked at me and then he was gone.
“Do you think he’ll be back.” My sister asked.
“Yes. I know he’ll be back.” I said.

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