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Areus' Revenge- The World of Color

Author's note: i wrote this because I love the Latin language and will always write books with tads of languages in them! Enjoy!
Author's note: i wrote this because I love the Latin language and will always write books with tads of languages in them! Enjoy!  « Hide author's note
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Not Going Home

When I felt his warm, tan skin on mine I breathed in deeply and I smelled his sent, like fresh linen and fruit. He was kissing my cheek; my pale skin was soft to his warm touch. My heart was fluttering and my stomach was soaring with my head in the cotton clouds above us. Only we were in the grassy wonderland of my never-ending dreams, and it was only with him when I was happy. A smile fluttered across my pale, thin lips and decided to stay there a while longer.

He pulled away and I let him, my heart desiring his warm soft gaze. His blue gray eyes met my emerald stare and I saw his perfect teeth show through his beautiful lips. His soft hands rubbed my arm gently and his other hand rested on mine. I had never gel so relieved to be swept away from my life with him by my side and the sun on our backs. I looked away from my life with him by my side and the sun on our backs. I looked away from him to see a ladybug crawling on the sunny grass. I was unhappy with my father for banning me from staying with Shade, the man who had stolen my affecting for two years ago. His eyes were on me, I could feel it.

“What’s wrong?” he asked simply but I could hear the worry in his deep voice and his eyes were quavering; the deep shadows of worry clouding his brain.

“We’re not allowed to see each other, and if my dad finds out we have been together, I’ll be beaten and confined to my room.” I explain, because I tell Shade everything; he is the only person I can trust.

His eyes shone with true understanding. “Then just make sure he never finds out. That’s all that needs to happen. We just need to be very careful.” he smiled halfway, and it made my heart jump. The only time he smiled was when he was with me and even though I had seen it every day for two years it made my heart pound. I shook my head and silent agreement and started to stand up slowly so my bruises and broken toes wouldn’t throb all over again. When Shade saw my attempts to get up he immediately shot up to Help and ease the stress and pain of my weight. His soft hand touched my own and he pulled hard enough to help me but not hard enough to do any damage to my fragile figure. I looked up gratefully at his face that was about three inches above mine and he returned my look with one of his no-problem smiles.

I stared to walk and stumbled; my face showing agonizing pain from feeling my broken toes bending form the small stumble. Tine saw my pain and grief showered his beautiful face; he didn’t even attempt to hide it. He hurried to my side as though an instant reflex, not something you have to think about. He held my delicate arm as to not hurt the bruises and we walked very slowly down the small hill, the blazing grass swords tickling my sensitive feet.

When we were almost halfway down the small hill I fell once more, as I had almost every few steps that I and Tine had taken together but this time Tine fell along with me. I landed on his chest because when he fell he rolled to keep me from falling on the hard ground. His strong muscles tightened from the stress of my weight suddenly on his, but he didn’t even lose his breath. When my head stop hurting I pulled my head up to see two jet black wings with white trimming on the ground on either side of me. I followed them up to see they connected with the back of Shade.

My eyes widened, but not from the shock of seeing wings; we all had those. Just the amazement of seeing Shade’s wings. His wings were the most beautiful wings on the planet, except for mine. My wings were a charcoal black on the down feathers and on the inside they were a pure golden color. I was the only Areus ever known to have any other colored wing than brown, black, or white. I was very proud of my wings and to everyone who didn’t know me personally; I was the one everyone wanted to be. The funny thing is, I wanted to be anyone else.

I rolled to my right and gently fell on the ground. Tine shot up and offered me his hand again, with a look of regret and embarrassment. “I’m so, so sorry! “ I heard him say, his gaze not meeting my own.

“Its fine, you helped a lot!” I say; his smile started to creep onto his face once again, “I’m sorry you have to help me around a lot of the time, I feel week like I’m only a child.” I explain though I’d done it fifty times before and I didn’t see the use in it.

“It’s not your fault!” Shade exclaimed which made me jump a little as I saw his muscles tensing as though preparing for battle, “It’s your father who deserves to die for the pain he puts you in.” His voice starting to growl, and fur started to cover his arms and try to hide his tight muscles.

“Tine, please calm down, there are humans everywhere!” I quietly exclaim, my voice growing urgent. I saw his dark black, soft fur start to hide under his tan skin and his eyes start turning a blue instead of a blood red. I realized that he was calming down and I decided it would be safe to rest a gentle hand on his tough arm. I saw his eyes soften drastically with the only having hair instead of fur. I smiled to myself and saw the ruby grass turning darker as the sun was creeping under the solemn hill in a world of valleys and cities. We looked at each other and in silent agreement and we grabbed each other’s hands while walking into the sunset, not going home that night.

Our hands were getting a little too hot so I pulled mine away and wiped it on my neon orange skinny jeans and started limping down the gray rocky path with my best friend and the man I loved not ever leaving my side, not even for a second. Thinking about that brought a single tear to my emerald eye, but my smile showed Shade that it was out of joy, not despair and anguish as almost every time before. He smiled again and my stomach flipped and twisted, making me feel a little queasy like on a roller coaster or eating too much dessert. It’s something that you’ll never get used to but that I’m totally OK with.

After we had walked maybe ten miles it was about 3 a.m. we never had a tent or sleeping bags so we always sleep in the wild as animals to disregard suspicion and draw the least amount of attention to ourselves as possible. The only animal Shade could change into was a wolf, so I saw his midnight black fur start to keep from his toned arm and his eyes turned purple instead of red, showing me he was in control of his animal nature. I smiled; he was hot even as a dark wolf. I started thinking of a wolf, strong and powerful with razor claws and powerful golden eyes that bore through puny humans and victims that crossed me. My mind saw what I was telling it, and my muscles tensed ready to shift and change to make my body a dog’s skeletal makeup. I felt a tingle jolting through my entire body and I saw pure white fur slipping up from under my pale skin while my teeth started to shape into small daggers. My perfectly dirty fingernails started to morph into sharp, golden claws while my spine started to bend and my legs and arms started to shrink and bow just a little. I felt the strength echo and bounce though my wolfish body.

When in and animal state Tine and I cannot talk out loud but we can send mind messages and all Areus’ can send them to anyone they please, as long as their within a twenty-five mile radius. So of course we thought to each other. You’re hot even as a wolf I thought in a cute tone as I gave him a wolfish smile and lifted one of my angel white eyebrows.

And you are very beautiful, your snowy fur is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I heard a deep voice say in the very back of my mind. He came closer to me and his midnight fur cheek rubbed against my own snow white cheek. We touched noses and started walking towards the sky-reaching pines with our bodies pressed together, creating a medley of salt and pepper. Once we had found a nice pine we curled up together in a large ball and after saying goodnight and a few moments, I had fallen in to a wonderland of dreams, my sensitive mind going wild.
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