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May 16, 2011
By Delta365 BRONZE, Chadwick, Missouri
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Delta365 BRONZE, Chadwick, Missouri
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Author's note: No joke, a pair of boots from "The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess."

Darkness swirled all around, like a thick fog. His heart raced, feet pounding the ground in a rage. Anger from the fiery depths of hell propelling him forward.

A loud yell could be heard down the hall, William Malcolm was sitting up in his bed. Back rigid, sweat soaked, eyes wide.

Had the dream again. Why can I not remember any details? it’s just running, and… Senseless anger.

Will shook his head.
I’m getting to old.
Two feet landed on the floor as he swung his legs around outta bed. He stood.
“Good morning Mr. Malcom”

“Morning Cortanna.”, Will yawned.

“Did you sleep well sir?”

Will walked to a place in his room, pressed his hand next to the panel, it slid up.

“Im afraid not cortanna.”, Will proceeded to relieve himself.

“Why not sir?”

Will finished his business, then went through the rest of his bathroom morning routine.
“Sir?”, Cortanna asked again.

I’ve really got to get that AI to only repeat the question ever ten minutes.

Now dressed and ready for work, Will started walking down the hall.


Will stopped and sighed. He looked to his left, a showcase within the walls; suit of armor. Colored in gold and grey it hung, a few scratch marks here and there, a few dents. Fighting knives displayed to the left, an assault rifle on the right, a few clips ready for action along with it.

“Sir is everything-“

“Everything is fine Cortanna. I’ve just been having dreams, that’s all.”

“Would you like me to schedule an appointment with a psychologist?”

Will shook his head, ignoring the question and giving one last glance to his showcase.

“Is the Firebird ready to go?”

“Yes Mr. Malcom”

A smile played across his lips.

From outside the garage, the old downtown district was in full view. Rumbling could be heard. Not a soul was in sight. The place was abandoned. A plastic bag tumbled across the drive in front of the warehouse garage door, like a tumble weed from the days of the wild west. The door slowly opened, it was barely open when a piece of red American muscle flew out the door, drifting the corner.

Will checked his mental checklist. Work, then date with the fiancé. She’s gonna love this car. Ahhh, tonight outta be good.

The sun rose to its peak in the sky, a bright ball of flame. Seemingly unchanged unlike earth. Earths so much easier to tell if something is changed. Landslides, earthquakes, urban expansion, earth changes, as does man.

“Mr. Malcom?”

Will looked up from his work. Slightly irritated, eyebrow quirked. “Yes, how may I help you?”

The two gentleman pulled out badges, “We’re from the Agency of Genetic Research.”

The genetics lab is upstairs. Will frowned.

“We’re here to ask you some questions pertaining to your father, including your childhood.”

Will’s temper somewhat flared. There had been enough investigation in his childhood, speculation he’d been experimented on.

“Gentleman.”, Will rose, “This issue has already been dealt with.”

“We’re aware of this. But, new technology has become available. We do have reason to believe you’ve been experimented on.”

“What’s your point gentleman? My father’s dead, are you going to put him in jail if he did?”

“We have reason to believe you have been.”

“Why’d you come here? I’m sure you didn’t just come to bring up the fact you have new evidence.”

“Let’s just say Mr. Malcom that you need to stay in town. You could prove to be quite valuable.”
“Get out.” Will was furious, but kept his voice calm.

“Have a good day Mr. Malcom.” The pair left, shutting the door as they left.

Will stood, both hands on desk, head down, an empty, plain coffee cup on his desk. Two seconds later, it was lying in pieces on the floor. One second earlier Will threw it, outraged at the door. Will sat down, head in hands, a slight groan escaping his lips. His chair squeaked somewhat as he leaned backwards.

Now that I think about it, I’m somewhat different than everyone else. I was the best in my outfit, those days of glorious fighting. Never surprised, never beaten, always the best. One round per dead enemy. Strength unmatched to. I don’t know if its old age or lack of exercise. I’m probably getting old, I exercise enough.

Will stared at the monitor. The aircraft on screen exploded in his head. How every part would work, how each motor turned, how each piston fired. If anything could cause wear on parts, Will was looking for it.

A noise drew his attention away from his mental analysis. Ms. Potts was at the door. Will frowned, she never physically came into his office without either introduction from herself or request from Will via telephone. A look of concern was on her face.

“Mr. Malcom?”

“Yes Ms. Potts?”

“Your fiancé’s been in an accident, she’s at the hospital.”

Will’s heart started racing. “What happened?”

“I was told it was a car wreck sir.”

“Where is she?”

“She’s at the Oak Hill Hospital.”

The keys jingled a bit as Will ran out the door. Ms. Pott’s was yelling something, but Will couldn’t hear her, his adrenaline was pumping.

Dear lord, I hope she’s alright. Please let her be ok.
Will waited for the elevator to reach the basement level, the parking garage.

Hmmm, this morning, the agents, they were a bit suspicious. Oak Hill hospital is in the gang side of town. There’s gotta be a bit of a connection. Especially since Sara’s in a wreck.

“Your home early sir. Everything ok sir?

“No Cortanna, no everything is not ok. I need you to initiate Program Delta.”

“Yes sir.”

Will walked to his room, pressed the wall with his palm. A keyboard lit up. Will punched in a passcode. A panel slid up the wall. A table slid out of the wall, a briefcase, silver slid out.

This is my father’s gift to me. He told me to keep it safe and only open it if something or someone was in danger. Well…. Lets go.

Will popped the latches and opened the case. Inside was an assortment of colored vials and a letter. Will looked at the vials, but opened the letter.

Dear son,

This is to ensure you, and if you have a family, safe. These vials are apart of a super soldier project. The project was scrapped. But these vials contain the working solutions. You must take them in numerical order. One through five. Son, only take these if absolutely necessary, you’ll never be the same afterwards.


Your old man.

A slight tear slid down Will’s cheek. It always made him a bit sad when he found stuff from his father. Will looked down at the vials.

A hundred years ago, crickets may have been chirping at this spot, but now cars and sirens could be heard in the distance. An occasional gunshot rang out. A shadow was in the scrubby bushes.

“Cortanna, how’s it look in there?” Will crouched in the bushes ready for action.

“It appears there’s seven agents, hardly any patients, two in the same wing as Sara, there’s an agent in the room with your fiancé. Also they’re all armed, all are carrying sidearms, .45 caliber rounds. Also there appears to be a case with a high powered rifle with shredder tank rounds.”

Will shook his head. This is gonna be easy.

“Any preferred plan of action Cortanna?”

“Would you like a shock and awe plan sir?”

“Yes, Yes I would Cortanna.”

“I recommend going through, your wife’s window, taking out that gentleman, then proceed to take out the man with the shredder rounds. Have fun with the rest.”

“Thank you very much doll.” Will smiled, he shouldn’t be happy, but he hadn’t had a good fight in years.
Will snuck towards his wife’s window. A slight breeze was blowing. Will checked the window, it was locked.

“Cortanna, fix this please.”

“Yes, sir.”

A magnetic wave emitted from the fingertips of Will’s suit, altering the lock’s orientation. Will lifted the window soundlessly, the breeze went in. Will bent down underneath the window. A second later, a figure opened the curtains and stuck his upper body out, pistol at the ready. He was looking for the perpetrator who opened the window. A large hand grabbed his collar and pulled him down from the window.
The man hit the ground with a thud. He attempted to get back up, a blow to the face, crushing his nose put him down and out.

Will crawled though the window, looked to his fiancé. A beautiful thing, she really was. She looked horrible in this hospital bed. An even worse thought came to Will’s mind, we can’t get married. I don’t know what this serum I’ve taken will do to her. The side effects… Will hung his head. The time now, is for fighting. What they did to us as a happy couple. They’re gonna pay for it.

The door opened, a man in a suit came in not seeing Will. Before his second foot was in the door, a knife appeared in Will’s hand. Half a second later the man the man had only one color change to his black and white suit. A nice flood of crimson ran down his shirt from his cut throat. Will shouldered his assault rifle, and ran into the hall. The one closest to the door received a round to the chest, it exploded, leaving a crimson splash on the grey and gold armor, he proceeded to slump over in his chair. Down the hall to the left, an agent speedily tried to open the rifle case of the high powered rifle. One second later, the government would have to either identify him via fingerprint, or ID card. Half second afterwards, Will was already turned around. Three shots flew from his barrel. Three more bodies dropped, holes in their chests the size of a man’s fist. Will smiled, a small sadistic little smile.

“Nobody messes with a yellow jacket.”

“Really sir? Must you use old mascots as a name for yourself?”

“Fly off Cortanna. Should I leave a calling card?”

“No sir, I think this work here is enough of a calling card. Besides who else has these illegal rounds?”

Will smiled. He was the only one who probably had explosive munitions in the country.

“You must admit they’re quite effective.”

“Sir, I’m glad your having fun, but do you realize the peril we’re in?”

“Point taken Cortanna. Let’s go.”

Will opened the door to his fiancés hospital room. Two seconds later, a combat knife that was thrown found its target in the man’s chest. One second earlier the man had pulled the trigger on Will’s sleeping fiancé. Will dropped to his knees.
She’s gone. Gone. Everything I fought for, just now. Changed my life to save her.
Will turned stone cold. I’m gonna kill em all. They gonna pay for this.

“Sir? I’m sorry to interrupt you but unfortunately I’m detecting perimeter movement. These gentlemen appear to be all armed with high powered rifles, with shredder rounds. Soft Kevlar armor.”

“It’s fine Cortanna. Do they have any optical systems?”

“No sir.”

“Disable the hospitals lighting system. Let’s put em in the dark.”

“Yes sir.”

A moment later, the hospital was in darkness. A few nurses and doctor’s ran out, pushing the few patients from the run down hospital out. Evacuating them.

Will moved quickly. He ran down the hall towards the cafeteria. He hid near a door and waited for his prey.

The teams moved in. Two through he main entrance, one going towards the east wing, the other towards the west wing. One went through the back. Will watched his internal screen, within his helmet. Sonar is such a nice feature he thought. Team two had just encountered Will’s first challenge. Will could see a few men stiffen. He shook his head. He was about to kill poor young men, who had no training at all whatsoever compared to him. A recon explosivesman. All well they were trying to kill him. Team three was nearing him. They were coming from through the kitchen.

“Switch to thermal imaging Cortanna.”

The image of the hospital, turned to blues and greens. Red hot spots showed up behind the cafeteria counter.
“To easy.” Will muttererd.

At the sound one of the men, threw his hand up in the stop position.

His head exploded. The other two took it in the chest, but instead of simply falling over and flopping like a dead fish, the other two just flew backwards. Will could see patches of heat on the walls rapidly cooling from exposure to air. The fourth member of the team slid around the other side of the counter and opened fire on what he thought was Will’s position.
Will had already moved. He was ten feet away from the agent. Taking a knife from his sheath, he watched the agent get closer. Will stepped forwards, grabbed the man head, covering his mouth and stabbed the artery in the neck. He thrashed but, to Will with his enhanced strength, it was nothing. The man eventually stopped flailing, and Will set him down.

“Cortanna please pull up the sonar.”

Blue’s and greens turned to a sonar map. Both teams were converging on his position. One team to each side door. Will saw that team one was closer to a door than team two.

Will smiled. Time to play a little game.

“Night vision please.”

The world was now black and green. Will rushed quietly out the door that team two was suspected of coming to. He ran down the hall and waited. He saw the lights down the hall when he was in position. Will had a bedpan with him. He dropped it. Four flashlights turned in his direction.

Ahh, the little quirks that come from being very special in the army.

“Cortanna, turn the cloaking on.”

Now, Will couldn’t even be seen. He backed into a little inlet where a patient room was. The men moved down the hall. Squad style, single file, everybody looking a different direction. They passed Will, he stepped behind them, quiet as death. His knife made no noise as it was unsheathed. He ran up behind the last guy, grabbed him around the mouth, slit his throat, and dropped him to the ground. The team turned around.

“Holy mother of-“ Will cut the man short, as his knife made sure the man never said the name of christ’s mother again.

The other two flipped out. One team mate killed without a sound. The other right in front of them. They opened fire in random places. All except for right behind them. One received a stab to the back, the other hug from behind knife in the front.
“Cortanna let’s finish this.”

“Yes sir, lets.”

Will saw the lights from team one down the hall. He could make out the four different team members head’s. Three seconds later, all would have to identified via ID.
Will walked past the remains of team one. Towards the entrance.

“Sir, I recommend waiting for another day. They have too many men. Despite taking the super soldier serum, your not invincible.”

“Cortanna, I can handle this.” Will was nearing the door.

“Don’t get a big head. If you die so do I.”

Will still had his cloaking on. He neared the door.

“The cloaking system is about to fail.”

“Cortanna, I don’t exactly have much to live for.”

“Then live to fight them more than tonight.”

“I will. But I’m a gonna kill em first.”

“Lord, your going to die.”

Will opened the door and opened fire. Yelling, adrenaline pumping in his veins. He saw at least three men go down to his onslaught. Then it all went blank.

Will woke up, eye’s wide, sweat soaked, but he couldn’t move. Will tried moving, but he couldn’t move anything, he was secured to the table, even his head. Doctor’s were all around him, from what Will could see he was attached to various tubes. His anger rose, and he started straining his restraints.

“Well, look who’s woken up.” The man pulled out a large needle from a drawer. “Mr. Malcom why don’t you just go back to sleep…”

Will’s eyes bulged as he strained and stared at the needle nearing him. His arms pressed against the leather straps, needle neared. The upper body restraints snapped. Will shot up, faster than the doctor had time to move away, with a fluid movement Will’s hands shot towards the doctors neck, a snap resounded afterwards. The remaining doctors and nurses fled for their lives.
Will undid the straps restraining his legs. He jumped off the table and surveyed his surroundings.
“You were so much more useful to us without brainwashing you. All well.”
Will turned, face twisted with hate. One flash of a gun barrel, then he slumped to the floor.

“I need a medic. For cristsakes somebody get in here! We have a very valuable investment here.”

Various men and women came to receive the near dead William Malcom. Agent Walker shook his head. Why are these ex soldier types so angry? All well, “Doctor take him to the mental rehab ward, implant some type of new memory, make him very loyal to our country or something, you know the drill. Just make sure he doesn’t lose his fighting edge.”

Agent Walker stood a moment longer watching them take Malcom away. Hopefully he doesn’t die. Frig, he took out three of our best squads. We could use him in South America.

Agent Walker lit up a cigarette, and walked off.

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This book has 5 comments.

on Jul. 29 2011 at 8:22 pm
Authorgal98 GOLD, Frankort, Illinois
17 articles 0 photos 195 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Let your mind sart a journey through a strange new world..."

So sad! Especially how they brainwash him into fighting on their side. I mean, they killed his future wife! I love it, though. You have a lot of talent and creativity! Keep it up!

on Jun. 22 2011 at 7:03 pm
Brayaparis BRONZE, Amboy, Washington
3 articles 1 photo 14 comments

Favorite Quote:
Life is not measured my the breaths we take but, by the moments that take our breath away.

wow, you really have talent(:
I am trying to find the coarge to put my stuff up. Reading yours inspired me thanks!

on May. 30 2011 at 4:06 pm
leaf44 PLATINUM, Rehoboth, Massachusetts
20 articles 0 photos 38 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense."
"Be careful, or you'll end up in my novel."

No, I like the ending.  It's kinda sad, but it's good.

on May. 27 2011 at 4:49 pm
Delta365 BRONZE, Chadwick, Missouri
1 article 0 photos 10 comments
ya, that'd probably help. Think i should add more to the end?

on May. 19 2011 at 3:07 pm
leaf44 PLATINUM, Rehoboth, Massachusetts
20 articles 0 photos 38 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense."
"Be careful, or you'll end up in my novel."

That was great!  Really interesting and fast paced, although it was a little confusing at times.  You might want to add a little more about his fiance too.

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