World of Warcraft Chronicles Book One: A Hero's Beginning

March 19, 2011
By ScottyBoy92 BRONZE, Jupiter, Florida
ScottyBoy92 BRONZE, Jupiter, Florida
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In the magical world of Azeroth,the ongoing war between the mighty Horde and the noble Alliance has grown far worse. People are dying everyday and time is running out before the entire world falls into mad chaos.

But in the steel Dwarven city of Ironforge, a hope can be found: little eight year old human Janacon Firemug. At first, Janacon is a weak, scrawny young human boy who seems to be going nowhere in his life. But, it is only a matter of time before he is cast out of his average, boring city life and thrust straight into the center of the Azerothian war.

In this action-packed first book of the Warcraft Chronicles Series, Janacon will face many great challenges along the way, including powerful leaders, corrupt demons, dangerous foes, and his biggest challenge of all: love.

Kenan S.

World of Warcraft Chronicles Book One: A Hero's Beginning

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