Dwelling in the Shadows

March 11, 2011
By princessfidget BRONZE, Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania
princessfidget BRONZE, Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania
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"Life wouldn't be life if it didn't suck."
-One of my friends from FF


Shadow Dwellers have come from the Shadow Realm, now taking a huge step from just observing humans from the shadows to living and adapting to being a human.
Damian, the one who was assigned the mission, is finding new capabilities than he ever had. What happens when just one girl turns his world upside-down?
Jezebel; one of the most powerful Shadow Dwellers is having trouble maintaining her powers. Is our world making her weak?
Minus; Jezebel's brother and the quiet, dark guy. Noticing Jezebel's sudden weakening of her strength, he will do anything to find out what's happening to her.


Dwelling in the Shadows

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