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He Found A Way In

Author's note: I had never really thought about writing an action/adventure fantasy, but when thus idea came to...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I had never really thought about writing an action/adventure fantasy, but when thus idea came to me, I found myself wanting to find out more and more about the characters, and what would happen to them along the way...that was when I sat down and wrote this novel!  « Hide author's note
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Brody King walked across the University of Maine’s campus after finishing his lunch one afternoon in early December. The sun was hiding behind the heavy clouds that hung that day. It had just snowed the night before, so he could feel the stacked snow flakes crunch as he walked on top of them.
Brody was a tall man, thin, with glasses. He’s one of those with the curious look in his eyes, the look that intelligent people have, the look that said that he was curious about the world, and wanted to know so much.
He began thinking about the university he worked for and admired its beauty as he walked. The city of Orono was also a nice town, the town in which the university is located. He also liked the town of Bangor, which wasn’t too far from the campus.
Snow covered all the building’s roof tops. It was peaceful and a thing of beauty. Brody has always loved the snow, and wasn’t going to stop that day or any other day for that matter.
Soon, small white snowflakes began falling from the heavy clouds above once more. Brody never picked up his pace; he liked getting caught in a snowing episode.
He was almost to the science laboratory where he taught-you guessed it-science. He liked his job a great deal, and it showed since that was what he had been doing for the past twenty years or so, ever since he and his wife had their child, Max.
A wind began blowing, that was when he began running for the door that led him to the warm inside of the building.
Students walked about with books in their hands talking to friends about subjects Brody supposed was on his list when he was in college.
He walked down the hall, be careful not to slip while doing so, since the snow had turned to water on the bottom side of his boots.
He reached his classroom moments later, where his students were waiting, ready and eager to begin learning. Brody was lucky this year and knew it, since he had no trouble makers in his class. Trouble makers got him all stressed-out, but you can surely tell when he gets made at you for not behaving in his class because he asks you to leave and tells you to never come back.
“I have arrived my children,” he began and they began clapping. He knew that they all liked him, he was nice, but didn’t tolerate any nonsense from any student and they liked that about him. He was also very understanding, when a student had a problem about something, they went to him.
“Now, today class, we’ll be talking about, Einstein’s theory of other dimensions,” Brody began setting his black leather briefcase down on his chair in the front of the room.
“Who is familiar with this theory?” Brody asked, and many kids, almost all of them raised there hands.
“Good, I’m very impressed. But before we get started and jump into the factual part of it all, I want to know all of your opinions,” Brody said as he began passing around pieces of blank white paper. “I know that you all have had a nice break because of all the ice and snow lately, right?” Many people nodded and replied “yes.” “So, now I want you all to gear up and on this piece of paper, tell me what you think-could there be other dimensions out there? And if so-what do those dimensions hold? Are there people like us? Tell me your thoughts and I want them to contain at least a thousand words, and they are all due at the end of this class. Go!”
The students began getting to work, their pencils and pens flying across the page, but some others had to think for a second and decide what they thought.
“It’s okay if it takes you some to time to gather your thoughts, everyone, take your time I want this to be well thought-out!” Brody said as he watched some people look into space, but with questioning glances on their faces.

Brody sat at his desk in the front of the class for forty-five minutes, waiting for the bell rang, he read a novel while he was waiting, and every so often looking out at the many young adults working on their papers.
He looked up at the clock every so many minutes, almost every time being disappointed that class wasn’t over yet, but before long, it was.
The bell rang at forty-five past two, and everyone jumped up to leave, but Brody jumped up even faster.
“Hey guys put your papers on my desk as you leave, and I’ll grade them over the weekend for you,” he said as they all left.
After the class, he glanced at the stack of papers that were on his desk. He let out a sigh, put them in his briefcase quickly, and ran out his door and locked it before walking back out into the snowy outside world and getting into his car to drive home for the day, ready to kick his feet up after a long day of working with college kids. Whew!
He got into his car, sliding the key into the ignition, and turning it right. The engine roared to life, reminding him of all of the lion’s roars he heard while in Africa on a safari trip across the outback.
He turned on the radio, and pulled out of the parking lot, and onto the main road which would take him home, but while thinking about all the nice things he was going to do tonight, (some included watching the Dallas football game, reading some of the new novel he just got, and others) he realized that the excavating men from the company down in Bangor were coming to begin digging for the new addition they were putting onto their house.
“Damn!” he said with a large sigh that followed it, knowing all his glorious plans would have to wait until at least nine o’clock that night, when all the workers would go home.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 44 Next »

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