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Chapter Six

What seemed like hours dragged by, Kiara continued to walk blindly. Finally she sat and fell into a deep exhausted sleep.
Kiara woke to the sound of soft scurrying. She squinted through the darkness in a fatal attempt to see, but with no success. She shifted her feet and nearly screamed when she felt the searing pain reach up her legs. She reached down and touched the bottom of her feet. They were sticky and wet. Kiara brought her hand up to her mouth and licked it.
It was blood.
Kiara couldn’t figure out where it had come from. She settled back down on the cold ground and closed her eyes. Then she felt something nibbled at her foot. Kiara flew to her feet and then screamed in agony. The scream was louder than anything Kiara had ever screamed before. It echoed shrilly through the halls making her feel even more alone.
Soon Kiara sat back down and waited eagerly for help. Twice she screamed for help but no one answered. Kiara tried to force herself to stay awake but she found her eyes drooping and then shutting.
This time when Kiara woke up there was the soft padding of feet somewhere near. Her stomach growled. The feet stopped walking for a few seconds and then it seemed to come her way. Kiara hoped it was Casper and not some strange man.
A hand touched her shoulder lightly and Kiara jumped. Casper’s unmistakable thickly accented voice filled her with warmth, “Why did you wander off? I did not walk too fast. You were very foolish to do such a thing.” Casper didn’t even let her speak. He pulled her to her feet.
Kiara screamed, “MY FEET!” Casper let go of her arm and caught her quickly before she fell back to the ground.
He started to speak a different language under his breath. He reached down and touched Kiara’s feet making her wince. Casper cursed, “Those rats will eat anything they can. It’s a surprise they don’t starve. It’s so rare when they get flesh to devour.” Casper lifted Kiara gently off the ground and began to jog through thousands of twisting and turning passages in the inky darkness.
Kiara didn’t know how he found his way. He did it without even thinking.
Kiara got dizzy from all the turns.
Finally they came to the most beautiful set of doors. There were two fiery torches on each side drenching the doors in its orange light. The doors were covered in beautiful, golden designs that glowed in the light.
Casper paused at the doors and then slowly pushed through using Kiara’s body.
They went through the doors into a grand throne room. There was a little stream running on the side of the room in a trench and there were many painted pictures of waterfalls, wars, and peaceful landscape. Music floated to Kiara’s ears. She noticed a young girl playing the harp on a soft cushion. She was tall, blond, and seemed very graceful. She smiled at Kiara sweetly and nodded at Casper. Casper nodded back and met her eyes almost angrily.
Kiara suspected they had been lovers, “Who’s she?”
Casper looked down at Kiara and read her thoughts. Surprisingly he laughed, “We have never been in love, Kiara. She’s a peasant girl who I had to punish for sneaking off with one of the guards.”
Then there was the throne. It was silver with blood red designs carved into it. Behind the throne was a small waterfall that splashed little droplets water onto the throne. The waterfall made a small pool behind the throne and then broke off into two streams that went along the wall.
It took Kiara a long time to notice the small man standing silently beside the throne. He was old and in rags. Kiara wondered what such a man was doing in the palace. Casper introduced him to her, “This is Christopher, the prophet of Sillvados.”
The old man nodded and showed a toothless smile “Yes, I am Christopher. You must be Kiara.” His eyes were warm and grandfatherly like, “Yes… Yes… You are the chosen one for this time and age.” Kiara frowned and looked up at Casper’s face. Christopher narrowed his eyes suddenly, “Why are you carrying the girl Casper? You should be ashamed of yourself you are only too carry or even touch women when you are married! Was the walk too long? You do know that we were supposed to have this meeting yesterday?”
Casper glared at the old man, “She was lost and her feet were chewed up by rats. It will take a while for them to heal.”
Christopher nodded and ran his eyes over Kiara, “You are chosen my dear one, chosen to save the might King Tyron from the cold grasp of the Slayer.”
Kiara didn’t have a clue about what he was talking about, “Who is King Tyron and who is the Slayer? You’re not making very much sense here.”
Christopher sighed, “Casper… you were supposed to tell them. Anyways, King Tyron is Casper’s master and the Slayer is King Tyron’s brother who is unfortunately madly jealous of King Tyron’s position.”
Kiara stared at Casper bewildered, “You have a master?!!”
Casper didn’t even try to suppress his smile, “Yes I do.”
Christopher continued, “The Slayer captured King Tyron and so now you have to save him.”
Kiara smirked, “Yeah right! What about the others? What are they here for then?”
“They are here to help you along the way.”
Christopher looked a bit upset, “That was too easy. Usually it takes heroes forever to accept their task.”
“Well I guess I always believed in fairy tales so I might as well believe in this one as well.”
Casper’s eyes flashed, “This is not a fairy tale. There are no fairies!”
Christopher glanced nervously at Casper, “Yes, what he said… Now, you will have a special power… I’m not sure what it will be but it will make you the hero you need to be. There! That’s basically it.”
Casper’s eyes sparked into flames, “What? You mean you made me bring this little pest all the way here just so you could say that? I could’ve easily just relayed the message instead of getting her lost and having to carry her here!”
Christopher grinned sheepishly, “I wanted to meet her just in case she died before I could.”
Kiara looked offended and pleased at the same time. She didn’t like Casper calling her little, or pest but she appreciated the fact that Christopher wanted to meet her. She couldn’t decide what to do so finally she just balled up her fist and pounded on Casper’s chest, “Pest? Little? And who do you think you are oh high and mighty Casper?!”
Casper turned with Kiara to the doors and rushed through them like a furious bull. Kiara could see his angry blue eyes, “Why did you just leave like that?”
Casper glanced down at her. Kiara could see he was ready to kill her with his glare so she looked away. Casper took a deep breath but continued to walk just as fast as before, “I would’ve killed him if I had stayed there any longer.”
Kiara snickered not caring about Casper’s death glare, “You have a really short temper… Are all guys here like that?”
Casper rolled his eyes, “Mainly leaders.”
“Probably because they’re so used to getting what they want.”
Casper didn’t reply.
When they got back to the west side Casper gathered the group together. He told them to prepare to leave tomorrow for a land called Dilplis. He told them it was a long travel from where they were. Kiara was helped to her room and there she packed. After a while she went to bed.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 22 Next »

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Ladywarrior123 said...
Dec. 31, 2011 at 1:08 pm
This was actually really amazing. I was looking for something good to read all week!!!! well I found it!!! Nice work. Keep reading.
Klassian said...
Jun. 4, 2011 at 8:41 pm
I liked the cover it made me curious about what it could be about. Your book is awesome, please check mine out. It's call My Life As A Goddess
manbilongpng said...
Feb. 17, 2011 at 8:53 pm
This book is amazing, but the cover needs some work.
Timekeeper This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 1, 2011 at 4:22 pm

I liked this, teh cover didn't do it justice.

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