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Chapter Three

The dark of the night cloaked three people as they tiptoed down a street avoiding street lights.
It was the most unlikely group of people. The reason why it was is because they hated each other. It was like having a group of alpha wolves working together in pack. There was Winda, Hilary and Ivan, the worst enemies in the whole world. But, they needed each other because each of them was one of the smartest and swiftest people known to humans.
That night they were robbing the most intensely guarded bank in the world.
Another thing that was to their advantage was that no one would ever suspect those three to be criminals.
Well, maybe Winda cause she was the most famous criminal in the world but Ivan and Hilary didn’t usually go around stealing things… they were already flat out rich but of course never satisfied with what they had. They had now come to the foot of the building and were ready to move in.
They heard a movement to their left and all three of them looked. But, there was nothing except for a few trees, leaves rustling in the wind. Suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere in front of them, “Excuse me… I hope I didn’t scare you.”
Winda made a funny face when she heard his accent. It was very strange and like nothing she had ever heard before. The words were so precise and A’s were pronounced as U’s so ‘scare’ sounded like ‘scure’. Ivan noticed this too and chuckled.
The man’s blue eyes seemed to glow in the dark and his very stance showed power and dignity. Winda glanced at Hilary who was near tears because of fear from her first glance at the man. Winda nearly burst out laughing.
But instead she held it in and turned back to the man while stepping up, “Who are you?”
Ivan smirked, “What? Cuspia?”
The man, whose name was Casper, let his grin fade and his eyes became much brighter, nearly illuminating their entire hiding place. Ivan grew serious he looked at Winda uncertainly. Winda nodded and then took a step forward. They both advanced on him slowly but with the same motive. These two were the best fighters at that time and they thought for sure that they could defeat this man easily. Winda made the first move in a flash; her fist flew for Casper’s stomach and then took a sharp turn upward and went for his face while the other hand went for a bone breaking blow on the shin. A hand stopped the first fist and then another hand stopped the other. Winda’s hands were nearly crushed in its grip. Winda spun and twisted herself kicking at his leg aiming to break it. One of the hands reached down and twisted the leg back. Winda screamed in pain. Ivan made his move then. He dove for Casper’s legs.
While he was trying to grab Casper’s legs his feet went up and tried to kick Casper’s face, so that his body was in a arch. Casper moved Winda in the way of the feet and so she got the blow in the head and then he twisted around Winda, dodging her lash-back and making Ivan fly into the wall with Winda cushioning him. Winda and Ivan sat on the pavement stunned with Casper’s fast movements. Casper grinned, “Now, will you please give me a chance to say what I was going to say.”
Hilary nodded nervously, “Of course, whatever you like!”
Casper smiled, “Thank-you.” He reached into his cloak and brought out a huge hand full of money. Winda sat up and stared at the money with eyes that were glinting with greed. Casper saw this and put the money away, “I know how you all love this junk called money… well, I have already robbed this bank on my own and I have all the money in a van near here. I can give you the money but you have to do something for me first.”
Winda and Ivan and Hilary all nodded eagerly and so Casper continued, “I need you three to come with me on a mission. It will take a long time and it may be dangerous but I’m sure you three love danger. I will give you the money now but you have to promise me that you will come with.”
All three promised to. Hilary was thinking that she could probably get out of the promise. But unfortunately for her, as soon as the three promised they were bound to that promise.
When Kiara awoke it was pitch black and someone was shaking her awake. “Who is it?” She asked in a frightened voice.
A deep voice with a thick accent that Kiara could not recognize as British, Irish, American or anything familiar replied, “It is your captor. Come, you need to meet your other companions on this journey.” Kiara rolled from her bed and followed the man out of her little cabin.
A gray fog covered the deck painting a haunting scene. As they moved through the fog Kiara could make out three figures, two were women and one was a man. They watched her with cold, hateful eyes that seemed to darken the scene even more. Kiara winced and stepped closer to the man that had captured her. For some strange reason she felt more safe around him than the others. The man let the people introduce themselves to Kiara.
Winda, Hilary, and Ivan were their names. Winda had jet black hair and she wore a tight fighting black outfit. She watched Kiara with an unimpressed look on her face. Hilary was a prissy looking blond. Her clothes looked extremely expensive and she watched Kiara with a pout on her face. Then lastly there was Ivan he was a black man with huge muscles and a very serious look on his face. He wore a camouflage outfit with a heavy loaded machine gun resting on his back. Kiara liked none of them and she could tell that they didn’t like her either. Kiara introduced herself to them and then stepped back quickly.
Then their captor introduced himself, “My name is Casper. When we reach Sillvados you will get supplies and then we will leave on our quest. Our journey will be very hard and most of you will die, get severally wounded or captured.”
Hilary spoke up, “I have never heard of Sillvados! Where is it? I know almost every city and town in this world but never have I heard of a stupid name like Sillvados.”
Casper glared at her and that was all he had to do to silence her, “Sillvados does not exist in this world. But I can tell you no more than that. Do not ask any more foolish questions. I cannot believe that you are supposed to be the smartest girl in the world!”
Hilary’s mouth dropped open but she closed it quickly. Apparently she had never been insulted before.
Casper smiled to himself, “Now, if you please, go back to your cabins and get some rest.” Hilary, Ivan and Winda left. Hilary looked back at Kiara as she walked away. Then she leaned over and whispered something to Winda. Winda glanced back and smirked.
Kiara shifted and quickly turned to the rail.
She leaned on it and watched the waves lap against the side of the ship. The sun was rising and she could see better. She looked up, only a little dot served for the land. I wonder what’s going to happen to my guardian. How will she take it? Will the stress and fatigue lead to her death? What about Lucy? Will she give up without me there to encourage her? Kiara felt lonely on this ship. She didn’t have a friend who would listen to her problems and fears, but somehow she knew that where she was right now was where she was supposed to be. It seemed to be her destiny, her fate. She gazed at the bright yellow ball on the horizon. The strokes of yellows and oranges colored the sky and washed over the sea in a wave of light. Kiara smiled and took in a deep breath of the salty air. A gust of warm sea wind blew her loose hair back.
“Did I not tell you to get back to your cabin for some rest?” Kiara jumped and whirled around. Casper stood legs apart and arms folded across his chest.
“I wanted to see what the whole ship looked like and besides, it was getting boring in that dark squishy cabin.”
“That is fine I guess. But don’t try to swim off somewhere… you won’t get very far.”
Kiara smirked. She couldn’t get used to Casper’s accent, “As if!” Casper stared at her with a blank expression. Kiara turned back to the sea, “I’m not that stupid.”
Casper cleared his throat, “I realize that.”
Kiara turned back to Casper, “Why did you pick me for this journey? I mean, all the others seem to be skilled in their own areas but I’m so simple, I’m not even pretty!”
Casper looked at her, and then after a long pause said, “You seemed different then so many people in your world.” He said, “They all seem so greedy, selfish, and mean. You care more about others then yourself. You also have courage… I saw you standing up for your friend the other day. That took courage, against all those girls. You should be proud of yourself, and even if you couldn’t see the fear in their eyes… I could. Your courage frightened them.” He paused and seemed a bit embarrassed about all the compliments he had just given her and so then he added flatly, “I was also commanded strictly to find someone like you.”
“Why didn’t you just tell me that you needed me? You didn’t have to throw me in the back of your van and tie me up!”
“You wouldn’t have come with me if I asked you nicely and you would have had too many questions at the time.” Answered Casper, “The other three I bribed easily though they won’t be able to use their money where we’re going, but you, I knew you didn’t care about money so I had no other idea on how to get you to come.”
Kiara changed the subject suddenly, “How old are you, no older than 25 right?”
Casper shifted uncomfortably, “I think it’s time for you to get back to your cabin.”
“I said its time for you to get back to your cabin!”
“Please tell m…”
Casper’s glare stopped her mid sentence. Those icy blue eyes bore deep into her. All Kiara saw was deadly burning blue. Kiara tried desperately to tear her gaze away but it was no use, those eyes had so suddenly captured her. They refused to let her be free.
Those eyes revealed every thought, all of her past, and Kiara could not stop it. She felt like screaming as they bore deeper and deeper tearing into her thoughts and threatening to kill her.
Never had she thought that a simple gaze could bring so much pain. It was tearing her from the inside out. It seemed to slice through her thoughts like a sharp jagged blade, unmerciful and deadly. Kiara whimpered in pain, a slight tear slipped down her cheek, she could not bear the pain anymore. A piercing scream hurdled itself from her throat.
Casper let her go.
Kiara fell back against the rail breathing hard. She slipped down the rail slowly into a sitting position. Casper’s eyes filled with pity for her and he reached out his hand to pull her up. Kiara pushed his hand away and ran off into the darkness.
Casper stared after her. He kind of liked that girl. Casper's eyes glowed and flashed bright in the darkness, he slapped himself for the thought. He couldn’t risk any sort of friendship though, with any of the members of his company, he had to maintain control over all of them and not let any of them find out his weakness or any sort of important information about him. They could turn on him if they wanted to. He didn’t expect them to get far but he had no idea what these people were capable of.
Casper trusted no one except his master and he would never trust anyone else. No one else would find their place into his life… no one.
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Ladywarrior123 said...
Dec. 31, 2011 at 1:08 pm
This was actually really amazing. I was looking for something good to read all week!!!! well I found it!!! Nice work. Keep reading.
Klassian said...
Jun. 4, 2011 at 8:41 pm
I liked the cover it made me curious about what it could be about. Your book is awesome, please check mine out. It's call My Life As A Goddess
manbilongpng said...
Feb. 17, 2011 at 8:53 pm
This book is amazing, but the cover needs some work.
Timekeeper This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 1, 2011 at 4:22 pm

I liked this, teh cover didn't do it justice.

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