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Chapter Twenty two

Three years later…
Kiara walked home from her part time job down the street. She had never finished school and knew she wouldn’t be able to get very far in this world, job wise. She burst into the house. Lucy was there waiting for her, “There’s this man in the living room! I think he called himself Cuspia.”
Kiara narrowed her eyes, “Cuspia? What kind of na…” Then it hit her, “You mean Casper?!”
Lucy’s eyes widened as she recognized the name, “You mean that you guy you fell in love with? He has a very thick accent!”
Kiara flew from the entrance and into the living room. She froze in the middle of the room. Staring out the window was a man with long white blond hair. He turned from the window and Kiara saw his eyes. They took her breath away, the piercing, icy, blue pools that drowned her in love. Kiara didn’t know until then how much she had missed those eyes that saw her soul. Kiara couldn’t move. She couldn’t even breathe in his presence. Casper was the first to move. He took a hesitant step forward, “Kiara?”
Kiara nodded. Tears began to brim her eyes, “Casper.” She whispered lovingly. Suddenly she leaped off the floor and into Casper’s arms. Their lips found each other and sparks flew like never before. Casper wrapped her in a most loving embrace. If ever there was a perfect kiss, this was the one.
Lucy peeked around the corner and grinned from ear to ear. She raced through the kitchen and into Patricia’s room. Patricia was resting, but Lucy didn’t care at this moment. Patricia needed to see Kiara and Casper, “Patricia, wake up! Casper is here!”
As soon as Patricia heard the name she bounced from her bed with more energy than any normal old lady, “Finally!”
They raced to the living room together just in time to hear Casper say, “Kiara you can come back to Sillvados now. You can come and live with me forever. And that’s literal. Remember you said, ‘I want to stay with you forever’? That is the very expression that grants you an immortal life, as long as you say it to an immortal person. I lied about the being in the same room with King Tyron when the Witch put the curse on him. Instead later on I said the same thing you said to me. Now you’re immortal and I won’t have to watch you grow old and die.”
Kiara’s mouth dropped open, “That’s too good to be true! I can go back to Sillvados and live with you for the rest of my life? That’s crazy!”
“And I give you permission to go.” Patricia said, “Not that you really needed it. I have never seen you so happy and I could never douse it.”
Then King Tyron walked in to the room from the kitchen. He was eating an apple. He spoke through a full mouth, “Thank-you for your hospitality Patricia. I will reward you, and instead of a real apple I’ll give you a ruby apple.” He took one out of his traveling bag and gave it Patricia.
Patricia’s mouth fell open, “I love apples! And now I get one that won’t ever be eaten, hopefully.”
King Tyron laughed. Then he turned to Lucy, “And you deserve something special for being Kiara’s friend. Here is the one of the original books of the history of Sillvados. I hear you love history. This one is the first one in English so you’re lucky.”
Lucy took the big book and stared at it in awe, “Thank-you! You’re the best!”
Kiara said her good-byes once again with more tears of joy and sadness. Then Casper took one of her hands and King Tyron took the other. The next thing she knew, they were in the big entrance of the castle.
King Tyron immediately turned to her before she could make any exclamations of joy, “I want to explain something to you. I fell in love a couple of years ago when I was visiting Earth for two years, I do this every twenty years. Martha and I married and had a baby girl. Martha died in a car accident but the baby wasn’t there so she was saved. I couldn’t die even though I wanted to with all my heart. I should’ve never fallen in love with Martha. It was that, that sealed her fate. If I wouldn’t have married her, she would’ve lived a much longer and happier life. My advisors killed her because they knew if they didn’t she would become the queen and change my views of certain things.” He turned to Casper, “Remember I ordered you, to kill those advisors? Well it was because they killed my true love and broke my heart.” Then he turned back to Kiara and his eyes sparkled, “Kiara you are my daughter. You have silver eyes just like me but other than that you look just like your mother.”
Kiara’s mouth dropped open and she stared at King Tyron, “You mean you’re like my dad?”
“I would’ve told you before you went back to earth, but then you would’ve felt as though you had to stay. I wanted you to see how much you really belonged in this world.”
Kiara shook her head in dismay, “I felt as though I belonged here ever since we made our way through that beautiful cave of destiny. This is truly my home and I’m glad to be back.”
As Kiara looked at the room around her she remembered the events of the past years. A wave of sorrow passed over her. She remembered Casper slapping the gold ornament out of Hilary’s and she remembered how spectacular the beams of light made the dome look in the summer.
Ivan, Hilary and Arthion were gone and she was back. It was much different but at least she still had Casper by her side. She looked up at Casper who stood beside her. He winked at her and smiled bashfully. Still shy of me isn’t he? Kiara winked back and watched as Casper’s face turned red. She laughed and gave him a slight kiss on the cheek.
It was so good to be home.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 20 21 22

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Ladywarrior123 said...
Dec. 31, 2011 at 1:08 pm
This was actually really amazing. I was looking for something good to read all week!!!! well I found it!!! Nice work. Keep reading.
Klassian said...
Jun. 4, 2011 at 8:41 pm
I liked the cover it made me curious about what it could be about. Your book is awesome, please check mine out. It's call My Life As A Goddess
manbilongpng said...
Feb. 17, 2011 at 8:53 pm
This book is amazing, but the cover needs some work.
Timekeeper This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 1, 2011 at 4:22 pm

I liked this, teh cover didn't do it justice.

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