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Chapter Two

Its was a bright day in Limerick Ireland. The sun was high in the sky and the birds were chirping in the park nearby a public school. Kiara McNeil flashed down the dirty halls, into the bright welcoming sun outside. The rays bathed her in warmth.
School was out for the summer.
Kiara whistled a joyful tune. Her curious, watchful eyes scanned the grounds for her best and only friend, Lucy. The soccer field, playground and basketball court were empty except for a few of the ‘cool’ guys fooling around. Lucy was nowhere to be found.
Kiara stopped whistling and tensed. She immediately knew what must be keeping Lucy.
Kiara and Lucy were often picked on and made fun of for being orphans and for just being too normal. Kiara frowned and a worried crease formed on her forehead. She dropped her bag in the school yard and hurried back inside the school. She checked the girl’s bathroom, and the halls. Then she checked the back of the school and sure enough, there was Lucy with a gang of unfriendly looking girls pushing her around and throwing insults at her. Lucy was near tears.
Kiara couldn’t let her friend be humiliated the least bit. She pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes angrily. Kiara didn’t even think of what she was going to say or do she just marched right up to the crowd of girls, grabbed the leader’s ponytail and yanked so hard that the girl fell over backwards. Kiara smirked, “You wanna have a fight? Pick on me!”
It took a while for the girl to pull herself back together but when she did she balled up her fist and took a swing for Kiara’s nose. Kiara dodged only because she had been expecting it. Then she went head first for the girl’s stomach, taking her down with ease and knocking the breath out of the girl.
Kiara stood up and turned around to see where Lucy was and just at that moment she received a hard punch from each and every one of the unfriendly girls. Kiara fell backwards on top of the leader who was still on the ground moaning. Kiara felt warm blood gush from her nose. She ignored the pain and stood up again. The girls laughed at her, “You think you’re so brave, the orphan, without any love. Tsk tsk. Poor baby!”
Kiara could tell they were intimidated, “Do you really think I’m going to listen to your lies? You can’t bring me down with empty threats. I’m loved!”
The girls just laughed mockingly and walked away. Kiara turned to Lucy, “Why do you listen to them? They don’t know what true beauty is…” The two friends walked around the school and said their good-byes on the street.
Kiara was left alone, thinking hard about what she knew of her parents. Her encounters with the popular crowd always left her searching her mind for any memories. The unfriendly words had hurt her but she never dared to show it.
Her mom and dad had died in a car accident when she was barely a year old. Now she was taken care of by her Grandma whom she called Patricia. Patricia was very old and nearing death. Kiara didn’t know what was going to happen to her, Patricia was her only relative. But Kiara knew somehow that it wasn’t going to be too bad.
Kiara was fifteen years old. She had auburn hair and her eyes were silver. She didn’t have the most beautiful face. It was rather thin and she had a small delicate chin that jutted out stubbornly.
Kiara walked slowly down the street. As she was walking she noticed the dark alley way that lead to her street. She debated with herself whether she should go down or not. She didn’t usually but she was running late and it was a much shorter distance to walk.
She decided that she would.
Kiara quickly disappeared down the bleak, cold alley way. Garbage was strewn everywhere and shadows stood frozen and black waiting to swallow her up.
As she was walking she felt a hand suddenly slip over her mouth and strong arms grab her from behind. Kiara screamed with all her might but the hand on her mouth muffled it. She elbowed the person in the stomach, but she was met with solid muscles.
The man pulled her down the alley way to where a van was waiting. Kiara struggled and kicked but the man held her fast. The man yanked Kiara into the back, gagged her and then tied her with strong rope. He left her and slammed the door behind him. Kiara’s thoughts went wild, How could I have been so stupid. I should have never gone down that alley way. Who knows what’s going to happen to me now. Kiara struggled against her bonds but she only ended up hurting herself.
She looked around to see if there was anything sharp that she could cut her ropes on. But there was nothing. Finally Kiara gave up trying and fell into a restless sleep.
When she woke up it was to a bright blinding light. The doors of the back of the van were opened and the man stood there watching her curiously. For the first time Kiara got a good look at the man. He was tall, strong and handsome. Kiara could bet many women had fallen all over him. The only strange thing she noticed about the man was that he had clothes that reminded her of Star Wars characters. It looked almost exactly like what the Jedi wore, a plain brown outfit with a long brown cloak.
The strange man pulled the small girl violently out of the van. Kiara slammed against the concrete ground. She quickly stood up, her arm brushed against the man’s, suddenly a spark rushed through her body. Kiara gasped and jerked away. The man looked down at her with the slightest look of surprise in his eyes. Kiara looked up into the man’s face. One of the first things she noticed was his eyes. They were strange eyes, cold icy light blue and they seemed to hold all the power in the world. They were so icy; they could freeze the whole Pacific Ocean with one glance. His hair was a pure blond color and a slight beard grew on his chin. Kiara didn’t try to struggle for she knew it would be of no use against those strong arms. The man met Kiara’s eyes only for a second. In that moment Kiara felt like prey, helpless, and basically dead. Those eyes could kill her. They were so deep, like pools of blue frozen water. But that water was not only deep and frozen, but entirely poisonous.
Kiara looked away.
They seemed to be at a dock and the man was dragging Kiara towards a huge old fashion ship. It was nothing like the ships that people used in today’s age or past ages. He pulled her on board and thrust her into a small room. There he untied her and left her to be alone, locking the door behind himself.
Kiara rubbed her ankles and wrists where she had been tied. She lay down on the thin mattress that served for her bed and fell in a deep sleep filled with dreams of drowning in icy blue pools of posion.
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Ladywarrior123 said...
Dec. 31, 2011 at 1:08 pm
This was actually really amazing. I was looking for something good to read all week!!!! well I found it!!! Nice work. Keep reading.
Klassian said...
Jun. 4, 2011 at 8:41 pm
I liked the cover it made me curious about what it could be about. Your book is awesome, please check mine out. It's call My Life As A Goddess
manbilongpng said...
Feb. 17, 2011 at 8:53 pm
This book is amazing, but the cover needs some work.
Timekeeper This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 1, 2011 at 4:22 pm

I liked this, teh cover didn't do it justice.

Please check out my novel SuperNOVA and leave your thoughts on it. Thanks


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