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A Fairy's Tale

Author's note: I've already posted some of this, I think, but it's been edited a lot. One of my first novels, as...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I've already posted some of this, I think, but it's been edited a lot. One of my first novels, as far as the idea goes. One of my most worked on novels, too. I hope that this is good. Please give good criticism if you can! I don't mind harshness (though I might defend some points).
I'm not gonna post all of it.  « Hide author's note
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Silversky shivered. Frozen-Ice was especially bad this year. It fit her current mood, though. Icy cold and harsh. Ever since she’d had that one vision, she’d been scared for the future and what would happen. She hadn’t told anyone till she finally gave in to her best friend and Guardian. She’d expected them to be mad at her for hiding it, or at least disappointed in her. They were, but it turned out that mostly they were worried about what the prophecy meant for them.
And now, she’d already presented her story to the Fortune-Tellers of Itari, although shakily and nervously. They had stared at her. Silversky read their emotions easily. They had not at all been impressed with her, and most of them only wanted to keep her around because of her prophecy. Most of them thought that she was an insolent child, and at first thought that she just made up the prophecy to get attention.
And now I have to present it to the entire city. But not just the city. After this, the scribes will record it, and the news will be spread by messenger sprites and falcons, and the whole world will know, she thought nervously. I’ll have to go up and say it in front of so many people? But this is my only chance to impress those Fortune-Telling bigheads. Insolent child, really? I’ll show them. I’ll be the greatest Diviner this world has seen.
For a long time before she had to go up, she reviewed the whole vision in her head, and thought about what exactly to say. She refused to talk to anybody and very rarely left her meditation.
Finally, it was the night. Silversky took the stage and faced the thousands of eyes glittering nervously in starlight.
And the words came to her.
“It may not be soon. It may take millennia, but it will come. The days of darkness. The days of blood. The one that has been wronged will summon her army. She will prepare to rise and conquer in revenge.
“But all is not lost; there will be ten. They will have their similarities and differences…they will each carry different powers, those that they are born with and those that are unique to them. They are heroes that should not be underestimated.”
She looked out to the crowd. They seemed absolutely scared at the days of blood, but now seemed relieved that there would be heroes.
“That does not mean that they will absolutely win.”
The calmed fairies now seemed absolutely startled and muttered amongst themselves.
“They should not be underestimated, yes, but that does not mean that they will win. The powers of blood and the powers of heroes are equally matched. What the outcome is will depend on the heroes. How many will still be in good health? How many sacrifices will be made? And most importantly, how will, not their friends, but the good common people...you...help them?”
The hordes of people in front of her were now completely silent.
“For without the help of others, the heroes’ cause shall be most definitely lost.” Silversky narrowed her eyes and gazed out at the crowd. “Shall you help them?”
At first there was nothing except perhaps some slight murmuring, but then, one brave soul shouted, “Yes!”
It was what humans called a domino effect. After that one yelled out, two others did, then three for both of them, and four for each of those.
A grin slowly spread across her face. They’re good people. They’ll help the heroes when the time comes, Silversky thought.
Standing right there, she was genuinely and absolutely happy. She hadn’t felt that emotion very much. Her Guardian had been well known as a prophetess, and it seemed that the burden of carrying on the family profession was all on her, Silversky. But now, that burden was off her. She was free.
Yes, free, Silversky thought, just as another thought occurred to her. It wasn’t her own thought. It was as if someone was talking to her through her mind, and told her what to say next, what would happen next.
And she spoke.
“Spiritsong has decided. She wants me in her company, to be her messenger. She is watching us now. She smiles down on us, and hopes that you all will follow the promises that you made. And now, I leave you, to be with her.”
Silversky scanned the crowd, and found her Guardian’s face. She was so surprised, probably because she hadn’t expected this last part from her. She was sad, obviously, to lose Silversky, but at the same time happy, because for Silversky to be in the company of a Goddess…!
She closed her eyes. “I leave you now. May the powers of Spiritsong be with you all.”
I’m free, I really am free. I am free even of the earth. I am bound only by sky, the fairy thought to herself.
Silversky lifted her hands into the sky as they quickly turned to dust, along with the rest of her body, and drifted off into the sky, carried by an invisible wind.
Below her, the fairies of the crowd weren’t sure whether to cheer or cry – but the brave fairy who first agreed to the prophecy started a traditional funeral song, and they sang to her passing.

Silversky, dance among the stars,
Lose all burdens among the night.
Let yourself, let yourself be carried afar,
Let yourself be taken by the dark light.

But how it turned out wasn’t meant to be. Slowly, the tradition of telling the prophecy to the next generation died out, and Silversky’s legacy died – although she remained alive in the stars.
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PJD17 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Mar. 25, 2011 at 7:20 pm
love this book great writing keep it up  could you please check out and comment on my story Manso's Shame i'm writing a novel length story featuring the same character and would really appreciate feedback on it
AshTree said...
Jan. 11, 2011 at 9:16 am
This was good. I didn't read the edited version, but I did like this. I'm usually not interested in fairies and stuff, but I'm intrigued. Be sure to say so when the other chapters are up! ( :
Coffee said...
Jan. 8, 2011 at 8:11 pm

That...was....GREAT! I really like this new edited version! it really makes you wonder what the darkfairy is up to, and what will happen next. (ha, i'm pretty sure I know who the darkfairy is, but that's simply because I've read the unedited version)

Write more pleaaaaase!

whispersofthenight replied...
Jan. 8, 2011 at 8:14 pm
Lol you're probably right about who it is :D ...but you've read the other drafts >.> lol. Anyway, thanks!
MirandaFantasy said...
Dec. 20, 2010 at 3:34 pm
love this book :)
whispersofthenight replied...
Dec. 20, 2010 at 3:36 pm
thank you :)

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