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Sweet and Savory

Author's note: I originally wrote this peice for a site called Nanowrimo. Nanowrimo is a website that holds a...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I originally wrote this peice for a site called Nanowrimo. Nanowrimo is a website that holds a challenge every Novemeber. The challeng: to write 50,000 words in one month. SO this is what i wrote.  « Hide author's note
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“Sweet or savory?” A flight attendant in a blue uniform and a ridiculously high ponytail asks me.
I glance at the packets she is holding out do I have to choose? “Both please” I smile up at her.
“Definitely the best answer” she laughs handing me the packet of cookies and another of pretzels, “how about to drink, we have sodas, juices, tea or coffee”
“May I have a cranberry and sprite please” I ask her, she nods and hands me a can of sprite a can of cranberry juice and a glass of ice, just how I like it.
“Thank you” I tell her pulling the tab on the mini cranberry can.
“No problem” she turns to the seat on the other side of the aisle and passes those passengers their snacks.
I pour the cranberry juice into my glass and then pull the tab on the sprite can. Opsie-daisies the sprite gushes out and sprays me with sticky fizz. I probably shouldn’t have shaken it I grimace at the mess. The girl next to me hands me her napkin, “looks like you may need this” she smiles.
“Thanks” I reply taking her napkin and my own I attempt to mop up the mess. When I’m finished I turn to the girl and thank her again, I notice she ordered the same drink as me.
I point to her cransprite “definitely the best choice” she laughs.
“I totally agree” I notice she has an American accent like me. “I love your nails by the way” she points to my left hand which is still holding the sprite can.
“Oh thanks” I glance at my nails and notice that they are now pink, hot pink. I know normal girls know what color their nails are but see when I left my house this morning they weren’t pink, I wonder when they changed.
“So are you going to Paris to?” girl next to me asks, well duh I think. Why else would I be on a plane to Paris?
Instead I just smile “yup I’m so excited it’s my first time, have you been before?”.
The girl beside me (who had blue nails in case you were wondering) shook her head “nope never I’m just going to visit some friends but I’m so super excited!!”
I laughed girl-beside-me actually speaks with two exclamation points in her voice despite the fact that we have nearly five hours to go till we arrive in Paris. She also manages to say ‘so super excited’ and not sound weird. I look over at her.
She looks to be around my age maybe a year or two older. She is wearing black jeans with an in love with Paris t-shirt and her blond hair was tied into two pigtails.
“My name is Lucy” she holds out her hand.
“Kaitlin” I tell her shaking her hand “I’m 15 you?”
“16” she says me “yay now I have a friend in Paris!!! So how long will you be in Paris for?”
“A semester” I reply.
Her eyes get really wide and her long lashes seemed to grow longer “really? That’s so amazing, we should hang out I’m going to be in Paris for a semester as well!!”
Oh really? Well this could get interesting. See if Lucy intends to go site seeing with me she may be surprised to find out that most of the girls at my school won’t be taking the metro, or walking, see we tend to do things our own way.
“I thought you were visiting friends” I say cautiously her hoping I have misunderstood.
She nods her head vigorously “I am staying with them for a few days, school doesn’t start till next week for me”
“Ohh” guess I didn’t hear wrong.
“So what school are you going to?” she asks her eyes full of innocence, oh dear now what? I could tell her I was attending the international school of witchcraft, but she might look at me a bit funny.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 32 Next »

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