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Vampires of Antell

Author's note: I wrote this in the beginning of sixth grade, its the only serious piece of writing i have finished.
Author's note: I wrote this in the beginning of sixth grade, its the only serious piece of writing i have finished.  « Hide author's note
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The Girls in the Wood

“I thought I saw something”
“Well what was it” said Mincus to his brother shin. “Well we should get going less you want to find out what you saw. Just then a noise and a shadow where seen in the bushes. “Show yourself” said shin as he steadily drew his sword from his belt. Then a young woman stood up from the bushes, her hair red like fire that danced in the breeze.
“Hello” she said her voice smooth like silk, when the boys heard they where speechless because of her beauty. “I am Sydney, and who might you be” she said her smooth voice once more rolling off her tong.
“I am Mincus, and this is my brother shin we are twins of seventeen”
“What might you two be doing in the forest” said Sydney
“J-just traveling” said shin stuttering for a moment as he got a grip on himself.
“Why are your eyes so…so black” said Mincus stepping closer to get a better look. She turned her head to the side slightly but then turned it back to face him properly.
“I-I” she said her silken voice still beautiful even though she stuttered to find the right words. Then she suddenly coked her head as if someone had kicked her. Her black eyes now almost scared though before it seems the girls’ eyes had only one emotion……serenity.
“What” said Mincus cutting himself off because maybe he didn’t want to know the answer.
“Silence” she said and there was silence between them. “There is someone coming” she said as she pursed her lips as she thought of who or maybe what it could be. “No….not her” said Sydney her body now stiff almost stone as she tried to conceal her emotion. “Sydney” a voice came from the trees, as a young woman emerged into their view. “Oh how delightful it seems to me Sydney, that you have made some new friends” said the girl smiling her voice much more childlike than Sydney’s, though she seemed to say it as if she had an angle on which to use sarcasm. “Well, aren’t you going to introduce me” she said her voice ringing with a question.
“I’d be delighted” said Sydney her face now happy but her voice had no more than a hint of anger towards the question. “This is Mincus, and this is Shin” she said pointing to the two boys.
“Interesting names” said the girl her dark brown hair swayed in an almost frightening breeze. Her sky blue eyes where now revealed and they sparkled from light that escaped the tree branches. The light seemed to come from heaven because only an angle could look so beautiful, so fragile, and so unbelievably real.
“Shin, Mincus this is Artemis” she said her arm now adjusted to the direction of the girl. Then Artemis curtsied her white dress seemed to dance to the wind. “We best be on our way right boys” said Sydney with a hasty smile and a quick turn for the opposite direction.
“Wait, I believe I need to find the town of antell could you help me find it”
“How peculiar, that is where we are headed”
“right then, I don’t suppose I could join you three” she said her voice and facial expression to set on undeniable, which of course the boys said yes……could you blame them?
“The journey is far are you sure you are ready to come on this trip with us” said shin as he looked at Artemis’s light blue eyes. He felt if she asked to go she would be ready.
Boy’s conversation
“They are so beautiful” said Shin in a whisper to his brother as the girls talked in a whisper as well.
“Don’t get your hopes up brother, girls like them don’t usually like guys like us” said Mincus putting quite a damper on the situation.
“I’m just saying that what are to gorgeous girls doing in the middle of the forest and just happen to end up in our path, all I’m saying is that there could be something to them that we should know” said Shin putting a new suggestion out there.
Girl’s conversation
“Oh real smart Artemis asking to tag along now they really know something is up” said Sydney her eyes like a black hole, spitting out anger into her sentence.
“Why are u tagging along with them anyway, and why are you angry when I come….odd isn’t it” said Artemis a smirk flashing across her face, as her logic won their word fight.
“I sense something in the scruffy faced black haired boy named Mincus” she paused only for a moment to take a brief glance at him then turn her gaze back to Artemis.
“He is kind of cute” said Artemis studying the two boys and relocating her eyes to Sydney’s face.
“We are only the girls in the forest to them, and that’s all we will ever be if you know what’s good for you”
“Lay off the rules, just trying to have a little fun with the humans” she said her blue eyes almost hypnotic. She tried to hold her ground against the black hole that was Sydney’s eyes.
“Fine, Just the girls in the forest” she said her voice was toned differently now disappointed but happy, as her eyes sparkled like those of a child.
Why just the girls in the forest, Artemis thought to herself, what is she hiding?
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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