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A Donkey... Or A Cat?

Author's note: I wrote this book for my best friend, Amanda, and gave it to for her for Christmas a year ago....  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this book for my best friend, Amanda, and gave it to for her for Christmas a year ago. The entire book consists of jokes that we had between us. I dedicated it to her and she got the privilege of being the first person to read it.  « Hide author's note
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Prologue: The Land of Animals

Prologue: The Land Of Animals

There is a land, somewhere far away, a land without humans. If a human were to venture to this land, they would find some very odd surprises. It is a land of animals. These animals are able to communicate with one another and there is no such thing as a food chain. Or at least, not the kind of food chain that you will learn about in school in our land. The thought of eating each other has never occurred to any of the animals living in this land. In fact, this idea would completely shock and disgust these animals, if anyone were to suggest such a thing to them. The question of what they eat is rather easily answered. They are all vegetarians. Of course, there are certain plants that are more attractive and pleasant to one animal than to another, just as it is with humans. However, they can all eat very nearly the same foods. Flowers are a favorite among most animals, for flowers to an animal is comparable to candy and other sweets that children (and adults, though adults are far less likely to admit to it) enjoy. Foods like bark and rough grass and bushes are less desirable, but necessary. They could be treated as the kind of vegetables most children dislike, such as spinach or broccoli. Most of the animals are pretty good about balancing their diets, but occasionally someone will get greedy, and then unpleasant sicknesses can occur. There are, naturally, some plants which are poisonous to all animals, as well as some that are poisonous to some and not to others. For the most part, however, the animals all share a similar diet.
Now, these animals all get along quite nicely, without ever having to worry about being eaten by each other (Zebras and Lions get along perfectly well, as do Birds and Spiders), but that does not mean that dangers do not exist in this land. In fact, there are many dangers to each of the animals in this land; they are simply not the same kind of dangers one would expect in our world. There are sicknesses caused from natural things, such as eating too much of one thing, but most of the dangers in the Land of Animals stem from magic. Certainly there is good magic and bad magic; it depends on how it is used.
Even though these animals do not prey upon one another for food, they do still quarrel; and some of these quarrels can prove to be quite serious, especially when magic becomes involved. Not every animal in this land knows magic; in fact, there are very few who do. Of course, magical arguments and disputes are rarely very dangerous; but there are other magical dangers as well. There are natural magical dangers that do not involve a magician and which can prove fatal for anyone who dares to mess with them. For example, one might encounter something that appeals to the senses but is magically poisonous. Or there are a few caves among the sea that contain evil magic that can lure you into its shelter and swallow you up. There have also been incidents where one is led astray by believing some form of magic that does not exist. In fact, most evil magic is based on deceit. If one knows what to look for, however, such magical dangers can be avoided rather easily. The most dangerous incidents usually occur when a magician’s work goes wrong, or someone who has no experience in magic dares to try to capture it. Even so, the animals in this land usually live a rather carefree and happy life.
Now, because these animals are intelligent beings, quite unlike the dense animals in our land, they require a system of governing much like humans do. That is what brings us to the story you are about to read. After many disagreements got out of control, it was decided that it was time to choose someone who could take control over the animals, for the betterment of all. What was not expected, however, was the amount of competition that would be a result of trying to choose a King. You will learn about this in a moment, but first, we are going to start our story by introducing you to two very close friends who will be affected by the election: the Donkey, and the Cat.
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Leann13 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Dec. 16, 2010 at 6:34 pm
Quite Unique:) I like your style.
ChristianCowgirlCC replied...
Jan. 21, 2011 at 5:39 pm
Thanks! :)

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