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November 8, 2019
By Atlas17, Alpine, Utah
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Atlas17, Alpine, Utah
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Author's note:

I love all things fantasy! I love to read books and watch movies that are either set in the far past, futures gone wrong, or other worldly adventures. This book has been an idea in my head for so long its been begging me to write it, and so here I am! Finally beginning to crack down, and get this started.

Red Heart Laboratories. The people of the world don't know much about them. Not even the children that have been taken by them. They weren't taken; no, they were stolen. From all that they knew, and loved. For what, you ask? To become experiments to a new drug that they created. A drug that enhances all known senses, whilst creating more. They give you powers that were only the stuff of legends; until now. It turns you into something else. Something that isn't human. All children are different. Depending on who you are, what life you lived, and what the Red Hearts want you to be, is what kind of "power" you will gain.

Everyone's reaction to the drug is different. Sometimes you live, and learn to control your power. And other times ... you don't. Once you learn to control your new found power, they turn you into cold blooded killers. They force you to join the army, or kill off criminals secretly, like an assassin. If you disobey them, or try to escape, they kill you. Erase every evidence of your existence. Family members, friends, photos, videos, voice recordings, anything that has even a small trace of you in it.

You must be wondering how all of this came to be. Red Heart Laboratories was first created to bring the world closer together. Every country big or small, rich or poor, were all forced to build a lab. They began trying to create robots that had this drug in their system. But all of them, every single robot failed, or exploded. Unable to cope with the complex structure of the created chip that held the information of the drug. So the Red Heart Labs began to test animals, turning the chips into liquid. Again, all of the animals died. So, they brought people into the equation. They asked for volunteers, and many came, but after they too began to fail and die, people stopped.

The Red Hearts brainstormed for new ideas, ready to give up. Until Heather Keinsworth, came up with the idea to use children. To force them out of their homes and families, to take this dangerous substance into their systems, and have their bodies grow up with, and adapt to it. Families were torn apart, children devastated. Red Heart Labs was no longer considered to, "bring the world closer together". Almost all the kids, tested positive to the drug. Learning well to control their power, and how to use it.

So, they continued their actions after decades of work, children growing up thinking all of this was somehow ... normal. They ended wars, famines, brought down crime rates, any political disagreements. The world seemed perfect. But not for the families chosen to give away their children, and live in the most terrible of conditions. While everyone else, the High Societies, lived in beautiful penthouses, had everything they could ever dream of. Not even aware of who had to suffer for all that they had. Worrying over little things, such as how well their gardens looked, or how dirty their homes were if someone were to show up for dinner.

They never had even a small hint that children, children were being forced out of their mother's arms by armed strangers. Thrown into army vans, hearing their families screams, and the sounds of the trucks driving them away. Away to a lab that injected poison all over, every parts of their bodies. Their screams echoing throughout the small room, as men and women in strange lab coats analyzed them, and worked them tirelessly, until they could no longer move, and were then thrown into dark and cramped cells. Fed nothing, and given no drink. They felt terrible pains every night, all nerves in their bodies being overtaken by this new drug. One can only imagine how much pain these children felt, for years. Never resting, never stopping until the day of their death.

But one day, it all came to a stop. The Earth was wiped clean. No one knows how, or why. But it happened. The world rose to unimaginable temperatures. It killed all crops, and animals, drying up all sources of water. People began to grow hungry, but were unable to create any source of food or water. That, in fact is not what ended the world. It was much more than what some called, "global warming". An infection spread, wiping out millions upon millions. Along with wars, started by panicked and starved people. But not even the strongest Red Heart children were able to stop them. So, the government did something about it. They gathered together all manner of weapons, bombs, and poisonous gases. And blew it all up. In hopes of a new start.

But what they didn't understand, was that it would wipe out everyone. Every known thing on the entire planet. Even them. How am I telling this story then? Well, it's because there was one thing that was able to live through it all. ... The Red Heart children, the ones that were still kept in their "cells". Inside the labs. They, survived every bit of it. All because of some drug. I was one of those children.

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