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To A Place Unknown

March 14, 2019
By frxdaaa BRONZE, San Pedro, California
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frxdaaa BRONZE, San Pedro, California
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Author's note:

I write this in my creative writing class at school. 

One hundred years ago, Earth had started losing enough resources and oxygen for humans to survive, leading to millions of people including children to die because of the scarcity of the resources that Earth once had to offer. Scientists frantically searched for ways to help humanity somehow be able to survive, if not on this planet but on another. Scientists concluded that Mars was fit for human life to survive.

I frantically looked around my house for any last valuable things I would have to take with me. Not knowing what to take, I grabbed anything taking as much as I possibly could. The thought of leaving everything behind and leaving to an unknown place and not knowing what lay ahead was still in the back of my head. I picked up the one last thing I had of my parents, an old picture frame now dirty with dust, for I had not had the strength to pick it up all those years and see the happy moments I once had before their death. Five years had passed since my parents had died and the thought of them not being here was still unbearable.

The old tv in the living room suddenly turned on. It was a message from the government. Bright red bold words appeared on the screen,“Citizens of the United States, it is now time to report to your station. Arrive promptly for your departure. Doors will be closing soon.and remember you will only be able to bring one bag. One again report to your stations!”

I had arrived to the station, and I could see the fear in everyone’s eyes around me. We stood in groups separated by age and gender. We anxiously waited for further instructions but none had been announced for  a while. People were huddled in groups trying to keep warm. It was the middle of winter. This time of year was the worst due to the drastic drop in temperature. Food was already scare and winter just made things worse, therefore this was the most dreaded time of year for everyone.

“Prisca!” a familiar voice yelled behind and I instantly knew it was Loukas. I had not seen him in years and the sound of a familiar voice brought some comfort. I quickly turned and gave him a big hug.

“How much longer do you think we’ll have to wait?” I questioned.

“I don’t know we’ve been-” Loucas was cut off by a loudspeaker that instantly caused everyone to quiet down and listen to what it had to say.

“Everyone will now be boarding the ship. Line up against the wall and wait your turn. Once you enter you will be assigned a seat and suit. Make sure to follow instructions for any little mistake can be fatal. Be prepared to board.”

We lined up against the cold dark wall waiting for the long line to advance. We all knew we were headed to Mars, but did not know whether it was actually safe for human life to be able to live. I hated the thought of not knowing, but knew this was the only chance we had left. Life had become too dangerous and each year that passed by things got even worse.

Inside, the ship was brightly illuminated with buttons and lights. Loucas and I were separated. We had all been assigned into groups. Once again, I was alone and the fear I once felt was back again. I was told to line up against the wall where there were some sort of belts attached to the walls and I was buckled in.

The engine shook a sign that we were about to take off. Suddenly the rumbling stopped and was followed by a humming sound that travelled around the whole ship. We had taken off. Everything seemed to be going smoothly for a couple of minutes, but the ship had now started to shake making jagged moves side to side. Heat began to accumulate around the ship. The air in the ship was hot. I closed my eyes hoping for the ship to go back to normal. All of a sudden, the ship stopped shaking and was smooth. I think we had just arrived in space.

The belts were unlatched. I followed everyone out the door not knowing where I was going. All I knew was that I was safe for now.

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