The Activist Theory

December 21, 2017
By bigsteve, athens, Alabama
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bigsteve, Athens, Alabama
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Author's note:

It was really hard to come up with.

I was very young and I do not remember what had happened the day that my life had ended. But this is how it had happened. I was really young and happy and free as a child growing up but I had a gift and did not know how to handle it. And by the way my name is Gage I live in a home town called Arias it off the coast of our distant planet Ogre and its oceans are off the chain. When we first moved here we came from earth it was dying so we had to move here because this planet could sustain life. Ogre has very much pleased us but the people look kind of different from us though they have funny shaped heads it kind of scares me and my family. We go to a school called faction city it is a school that the people of earth and ogre have collaborated on. Some of us have gifts and as in gifts (Powers) that we have to learn to train with. My current power that I have developed is titulus it means I can shapeshift. When I first got granted my current power I did not know I really had it, it was just there. And the people of ogre have a current power too, they have the power to pick up off our current powers and retain all of them at once.

When I woke up the next morning my head was throbbing and my stomach hurt really bad. My current power was turning off and on it was like I couldn’t control it today. But I still had to go to faction city school today this was the day I go on my first trajectory mission. This is when we would go on a ship to other planets just to scavenge their thrown away junk and turn them into things that we could use for our current powers. And that is when I had met my first and only best friend Steven he was bold and very brave he had the exact same current power as me titulus the power to shapeshift. I met him on my first trajectory, we were out on the wastelands of earth and that is when things went all wrong.

We were on earth and are suits had radios had went out this wasn’t the first time this had happened but this was not the best thing either. We had just heard of our ship preparing to take off in the distance, Steven said to me come on we mustn’t be late and that is when things went to hell. Our ship had just took off and left us on the wastelands of earth we did not know what to do. But that is when Steven made a discovery he said to me come over here let’s see what this is. What it looked like and what it was would change our lives forever.
We had found a secret bunker but how do we open it said Steven I guess maybe we will just knock and see who answers I said. We then knocked and to our major discovery someone said Who Is there, we did not know what to expect this was unheard of there had not been anyone on earth for over a thousand years.

We have discovered the old Raven Rock Mountain Complex. I had remembered my father working here before we had to move to ogre when earth was dying. We met the president of the complex and he said we could reside there until our party came searching for us, we thanked him and then we entered. We asked him how many people are here and he said 200,000 people live here plus that. We did not know what to expect that was nearly the half of the old states population and then Steven asked what state are we actually in. The mayor said by the way my name is Caleb and we are in the mountains of Pennsylvania, the government put us here because the world was dying, and said we would be safe if we come here. This is not the only bunker that has people alive in it Mount Weather in Virginia also has are friends and family in it too as well with many other bunkers across the states. We have a highly teachable and very high tech communications system Caleb said this was interesting said Steven, he then asked may we use it to contact the alpha space ark he said yes. We went to the communications center in Raven Rock it was so cool nothing like ever before. We then dialed the right dial and our ship had been destroyed by the earth’s atmosphere when it had refracted back into space. We were like s*** that’s f***ed up. We have not seen any of this happen for over 2,000 years. We then went to sleep in our assigned quarters and went to sleep.

I dreamed of ogre that night I was 2 years old at that time. I was just coming to ogre from earth, we had just landed and the wind was cold on my face. I remember my mom thanking the ogre Ian society for letting us stay and live here for the remainder of our lives. That was when my mom was young and not as smart as a legal parent of earth should be. And that is when I woke up and found myself not on ogre but on the ravaged earths bunker Ravens Rock. When I woke that morning I was so tired that was the best sleep I have had in so long. Caleb came into our room and asked to get up he said we had to get our job assignments. When Steven asked about the jobs there were many to choose from wasteland missions to deliveries to the other bunkers to pick up and drop off supplies. Caleb then asked will Steven and me take the jobs as wasteland missions since we can breathe in the toxic air without containment suits on. And that was the day our life on earth got started.

We took a break and then got to work on our wasteland mission we were to travel to Mount Weather to pick up high tech supplies that were needed for Raven Rock. We then stepped out of Raven Rock and into the ravage wasteland of earth. This was really hard because we had to travel 85 miles to mount weather and 85 miles back a total of 170 miles in all. When we got out of the mountains we got to see what the city of Pennsylvania looked like, I wanted to know if my house was still there in the old neighborhood with all my memories still in it. So Steven and I decided we were going to see if my old neighborhood was still intact. When we got to the outskirts of the neighborhood we were surprised to see all the houses still there. When we got to my mom and dad’s old house it still looked the same as it did when we first left earth. When I first entered the old house I was surprised to find all of my stuff still in tacked my old toys and my clothes and everything was still there this is where we were we would spend the night.

When we finally got up the next morning we set out again. And then we saw the entrance to mount weather it was big and glorious something we heard of but had never seen in our lifetime, and that is when things went all wrong. The mountain men of the wasteland came out through the bushes and tried to take us but that is when we heard a laser gun shoot out and then the mountain men of earth ravage wasteland all died. That is when we met Caleb’s sister Veronica she was the president of mount weathers bunker. She said we have heard of your becoming and we welcome you to mount weather. When we entered the inside was very big and spacious. Steven asked how many can Mount Weather hold and Veronica said we can hold 200 thousand and plus more people in this facility we are much more bigger than Raven Rock and wish you would leave them and come live with us. There is some conspiracies about Ravens Rock about how they have been experimenting on their people and the mountain men of earth and have been trying to use their blood to survive outside of their bunker such f***in stupid people.
So we made a deal with Mount Weather we were going to help them take down Ravens Rock and save the majority of the people that we possibly could without killing ourselves.

So Veronica, me and Steven had made a plan to take down Ravens Rock. It was going to be tricky we were needing a whole lot of high powered explosives and high tech weaponry systems to take down this particular bunker. We were scheduled to leave with veronica at the crack of dawn we were going against the trust that we had gotten from Caleb. Steven was freaking out what if he knows it is us, what if he knows it was going to happen. Veronica told him this is what was going to happen all along and then he calmed down. We got to the mountain were ravens rock was located we were going to plant explosives all around the mountain and then go back to mount weather rand hit a button and kill all of them. But then Steven said I thought we were going to save all of the people that we could and veronica said we cannot do that we have to kill them all it is the best thing to do.

When we got back to Mount Weather it was heaping with energy all the cameras we had set up were facing toward ravens rock. Veronica had told Steven to hit the button Steven then hesitated and then hit the button. The cameras showed raven rock blowing up we did it we finally did it. The mission was accomplished and that is when Veronica came back with important news. We had just got word back from the ark they said they are sending a ship to pick you up if you want to go back. Steven said but I want to stay and Gage said I’m leaving but you can stay and that was the last day I saw gage for a long, long time.

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