The Activist Theory

December 21, 2017
By fffff, athens, Alabama
fffff, Athens, Alabama
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I was very young and I do not remember what had happened the day that my life had ended. But this is how it had happened. I was really young and happy and free as a child growing up but I had a gift and did not know how to handle it. And by the way my name is Gage I live in a home town called Arias it off the coast of our distant planet Ogre and its oceans are off the chain. When we first moved here we came from earth it was dying so we had to move here because this planet could sustain life. Ogre has very much pleased us but the people look kind of different from us though they have funny shaped heads it kind of scares me and my family. We go to a school called faction city it is a school that the people of earth and ogre have collaborated on. Some of us have gifts and as in gifts (Powers) that we have to learn to train with. My current power that I have developed is titulus it means I can shapeshift. When I first got granted my current power I did not know I really had it, it was just there. And the people of ogre have a current power too, they have the power to pick up off our current powers and retain all of them at once.

Steven M.

The Activist Theory

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