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The Adeventure of a Lifetime

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Chapter 1- A Dashing Start

Chrys dashed off into the street, running from the guards chasing her, their purple plumage thrown back with their speed. She sprinted faster to narrowly avoid falling off the sandstone walls and looked up to see she was running towards the end wall. Looking closer at her peripheral vision while maintaining her speed, Chrys found a suitable clay roof that her shoes would grip on, but the soldiers would most likely fall. She waited until right before the wall and jumped, twisting her body in a catlike manner to land on her feet as she crouched, trying to absorb the fall. She sprinted to the next roof and turned her head a bit, watching two of the four guards fall off. She rushed away, trying to lose the guards through the house roofs.

Chrys briefly thought of how it must feel to be in the houses and feel the pounding of her and her chases feet, but her thoughts were interrupted by a ‘whoosh’ suspiciously close to her ear. She fingered near the sound and was shocked to find her blond hair had been chopped right off, leaving only the hair inside her hat. It was only when one guard snatched at her that Chrys remembered she was on the run, and jumped off, once again nailing the landing. Both guards fell and Chrys slinked into the night, thinking of the girl she had just lost her hair for. Said girl had been watching her friend from the tower where she was kept, and sighed as she waited anxiously for the night when Chrys would slink in there, retelling her harrowing escape, adding a bit of dramatic flair as always.
“I’m telling you, they chopped off my hair.” Chrys said as Siren took a few steps away from her, eying Chrys’ weirdly cut hair before sighing. “go to my vanity and sit.” She said simply before grabbing scissors and a spray bottle filled with water. Chrys silently obeyed, sitting down as siren went to work on her hair. She had to make it a pixie cut since it was too short for anything else, but after styling and snipping away her hair for a bit, she stepped away as Chrys got out of the chair and shook herself free of hair, looking at the cut happily. “How are you so good at this? I would’ve just let it be that way.”
“That’s why I’m the one with scissors.” Siren said and they laughed. Chrys offered a cheeky smile to Siren before climbing up her tower on ivy, going to the top where they would look at the stars. With some difficulty due to her dresses, Siren shimmied up to Chrys as they looked out at her parent’s kingdom. Siren was a princess, forced into seclusion and nobility as she was raised to be the ruler of this kingdom, but that wasn’t what she wanted. Chrys spoke of phones and computers, and Siren wanted to see it, wanted to be in a city and try a ‘hot dog’ or ‘ice cream’, but alas, her dessert kingdom made it impossible.
“Chrys, could you tell me more about the cities?” Siren asked as she looked up, thinking how so many other people saw the stars, how they were so different them these two. “You’re in the mood for that, huh? Well then, let me tell you about planes. I got into one once. Theo helped me since he got relocated to another orphanage-”
“What’s relocated?” Siren asked, her cocoa-brown eyes looking at Chrys for a fleeting moment. “That’s a good question. Relocated is when you have to move kingdoms.” Siren shook her head at the thought. As much as she wanted to learn about the outside world, she couldn’t bear the thought of not having this tower be hers, it was inconceivable.  “Anyway, He was getting relocated so he smuggled me into a suitcase. I can’t tell you anything about the sights, just that it was loud and bumpy, and I could feel us going up or down. That’s pretty much it, except that Theo complained of how heavy I was.” Chrys said, ending the story with a chuckle that turned into a yawn. “I should probably go sleep, I’ll see you tomorrow, maybe we could even start planning for your escape.” Chrys said as Siren nodded, trying to envision an airplane. Chrys went back down to her wooden shack near the town’s wall where there was no patrol’s regularly and turned on the gritty ground until she found a content position.

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