Light Within Darkness

October 27, 2017
By Renea42 BRONZE, Minster, Ohio
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Renea42 BRONZE, Minster, Ohio
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In another reality, the world is dark and chaotic. The sun that once shined upon the Earth, is now hidden away by clouds of ash brought about by war. All over the world, people fought in ongoing wars. They fought because they knew of only war. So much war, fighting, and death made the people fine with how they saw the world.
They were fine with seeing a world with no life, a world dieing. The gloomy, dark world had been stripped of its natural color. The once beautiful forests and meadows had become a no man’s land. The land was desolated, very few animals roamed the Earth. Most animals died from the aftermath of war.
With the world so far gone, no one cared about stopping the war and rebuilding a better world. They themselves were truly fine with how they saw the world… all but one. A little girl who was born into the dying world. This girl hated how she saw the world. She wanted something better, didn’t know what.
One day she just ran. Ran to try and escape the darkness, but she couldn’t no matter how hard she ran. When she came upon a rundown shack, she finally stopped running. The girl walked into the shack and fell to her knees. She wept and wept until a light began to flicker in front of her.  The flickering light was a small fire.
When the caught sight of the sudden appearance of the fire, she thought it was there to hurt her all things in the world. She lost her breath and got up to run, but something stopped her… the fire spoke.
“My dear girl, what ever is the matter?”
The girl was hesitant, but replied, “I am tired of seeing a bad world. I know nothing but death, it is everywhere. I hate how I am the only one who sees and cares how the world is dying.”
“Hmm… well if you don’t like how you see the world, how would you rather see it,” the fire asked.
“I don’t know, just better,” she said.
The fire then requested, “Wipe away your tears and sit.”
The girl took a deep breath and slowly wiped her tears and sat down. Once she had sat the fire said, “Now I am going to show you three worlds, ones better than the one you see now. I will show you one today, tomorrow, and the day after that. After the third world I’ll have shown you, you are to pick one that you and others shall she now and forever. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” replied the girl.
The fire engulfed her with its flame. At first, the girl was frightened of the pain the fire might have brought, but none came. Instead she felt warmth. Not the kind that burns and brings pain, but a warmth like the sun on your skin. She looked up and saw the sun.
She tried to stare at it because she was captivated by it, but she got blinded for a few seconds and pulled her eyes away. After she regained her sight, she noticed something else. Blue. The sky was blue and not grey, with white fluffy clouds instead of choking clouds of ash. She felt a breeze that smelled of fresh air instead of it smelling rotten. Beneath her was green. Green grass. She wiggled her toes and giggled. Besides the sun, sky, and grass, there was flowers and berries. Flowers with a wonderful scent and berries that were so sweet, they made you smile.
She was so overwhelmed with how bright the sun was, how vibrant the new colors were, and the incredible new smells and tastes were. She giggled once again and closed her eyes. She breathed in the wonderful new smells, but once she opened her eyes, she no longer saw the sun or the marvelous new things, she saw the fire once again.
“How was the first world,” the fire asked.
The girl tried to find the words,”It was amazing! I saw the bright yellow sun in the bright blue sky! The sky wasn’t gray and it didn’t even have ash clouds… it had big white fluffy ones!! Green soft grass instead of hard brown dirt. Plus the smells of the air, flowers, and the taste of the sweet fruit! It was incredible!!”
“Now come back tomorrow and the day after that and I’ll show you more,” requested the fire.
The girl nodded and left.
The next day came quickly.The girl found her way back to the shack. The shack was dark with no sign of the fire.
“Fire,” called the girl.
A Flicker of light came before her. The fire was now a little bigger than the day before. It said, “Yes child. Are you ready to see the second world?”
The girl nodded and sat down with excitement. Just as before, the fire engulfed her with its flames. The girl flinched a little, but once she opened her eyes, she was surrounded by green. Tall trees that touched the sky. She also smelled fresh air like before. Though instead of just seeing and smelling, she heard.
She heard the sound of birds chirping, not the crows crowing at the dead. The birds were lovely and were exotic colors. They sang alluring songs that made the girl so happy. Her face held a huge smile bigger than ever before. As she was listening to the chirping, she walked through the forest and came upon a clearing where there was only grass for miles around. What was interesting about the clearing, was it held many creatures.
One small creature was orange with a long fluffy white tipped tail. Another smaller creature was brown and had long ears. It also had a small white fluffy tail. Closest to the girl was a tall four legged creature. It had large antlers that made her laugh. She walked over and petted the new creature. Its fur was soft and smooth.
After the creature wandered away, the girl came upon crystal clear water… a grand pond with creatures along with it. A giant white bird floated across the water. Under the surface of the water swam little things with fins and gills. Small green creatures sat on green pads that also floated on the water. Some of the pads had beautiful white flowers.
The girl was once again overwhelmed, closed her eyes to take it all in, but once she opened them she saw the fire.
“How was this world,” asked the fire.
The girl jumps up,” It was unbelieveable! There was beautiful creatures all around! They were living. The world itself was alluring, but it didn’t last.”
“Yes, I’m sorry. Tomorrow I will show you the last world,” said the fire. The girl left with a warm smile on her face.
When the girl returned the last day, the fire was waiting for her and was bigger and brighter than it had ever been before. The fire spoke, “Are you ready my child to see the last world.”
The girl sat and replied,”Yes!”
Once again the girl was engulfed with the fire’s flames, but this time she didn’t flinch. She just let it engulf her. When she opened her eyes, she saw people.
The people were not fighting or dying. They were laughing and dancing. Their clothes were not dull or dirty. The clothes had vibrant colors. Not only did the girl see all these people having fun, she heard music.  These people had so much life in them. They looked as fighting and death did not exist. They were living.
They also offered food to one another that not only smelled great but tasted amazing. The girl danced and ate with the people. She had no fear that someone or something would harm her. She was just having fun and just living.
She stopped to close her eyes and smiled. When she opened them she saw the fire. She said to the fire, “That world was alive. The people were friendly. It was so marvelous.”
“Yes. Now close your eyes and think of the worlds I have shown you. The first was the sun, sky, grass, flowers, and fruits. The second was the forest and many creatures. Third was peace of the people. I want you to imagine the world that you were fascinated by the most and that shall be the world you see for now on,” the fire said.
The girl did as the fire said and imagined one of the world's. When she opened her eyes, the fire was gone. Though everything seemed different. The once rundown shack was now rebuilt and looked incredible. The smell of ash and death was no longer present. The sound of dying people and chaos was gone. She stood up and looked outside and saw a new world. A better world, a living world.

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