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The Secret

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Mrs. Manager was still dressed in her red velvet, wearing a tender smile on her face. The same smile when she saw me coming back from the “library”. This faculty of remaining hypocrisy was one of her most useful attributes. I finally realized that her acting skill was even better than I previously thought. She always knew that there was no such “library” in our school. She always knew that I was lingering around on the top-secret place in this school. That was why I could get in here so easily.
  “Good evening, Miss. Warder. What are you doing here?” Same lines.
  “Good evening, old b****. Where is Alex?” I was not surprised that her smile didn’t change a bit.
  “Miss. Warder, you shouldn’t talk in this manner to your elder.”
  “Cut the crap. Look, I have already known everything. Now let me see Alex and you can kill me right away.” I felt her eyes narrowly upon me.
   “No, you are wrong, Miss. Warder. There are a lot of things that you don’t know. For example, I heard that you were discussing about your difference from other students.” Her smile turned into a smirk, “Memory. Very interesting.”
   My heart sank and I kept on trembling, saying nothing for quite a moment.
   “Do you know why?” She continued.
I was suddenly afraid of the answer.
“Shut up!” I screamed.
“Because you are failures.” She then started laughing. A thin, shrill yet cataclysmic laughter.
“You are all failed experiments. Aberrations. You have always been considered as lesser, degenerate products destined for obscurity. Your memories were only removed partly, unlike your fellow students, who had all their past memories deleted.”
The air in this room became tense. I felt smothered. Those memories were true! Instead of some hilarious imaginations, they were true experiences belonged to me……
“We did have our home?” I asked, carefully.
“ This means, you have some remaining memories of the time when you were staying in the lab. But only you four have this drawback. So it is easy for us to deal with.” Her smile indicated her triumph against my meaningless resistance.
The lab. The white moonlight! How ridiculous I was! It was only artificial, incandescent light! And my cozy bed was nothing but some kind of operating bed! My parents, or rather my producers, who sent me here as a backup for their real children, were the chief culprits of what I experienced today.
“You two, Alex, and Howard.”

Mrs. Manager turned from me to Nicholas, who was standing behind me. She wore her mask of smile again.
“Mr. Jone, fancy meeting you here, again.” She tapped him on the shoulder, which made him go back a step immediately. He was also trembling. From his mournful eyes, I realized that fears had been growing upon him ever since he came into this building for the first time.
“I am so sorry that you violated our school rules so many times. But I decide to forgive you for one last time. Don’t let me see you again. Go.”
Nicholas looked confused. Then he suddenly began to run; he rushed outside the room without looking back at me.
“Now you see, Miss. Warder. People are always like this. Follow their instincts more often than their emotions.” Her eyes twinkled at me.
“Take me to see Alex.”
“Then you won’t be able to come back. Are you sure you still want to see him?”
“You will deal with me sooner or later, won’t you?” I asked back.

She led me to the same basement before I went inside the elevator. There was another door hidden behind the debris pile in the corner.
Alex was lying there in shabby clothes covered with dirt, eyes closed. I approached him and saw scars all over his body.
“Alex? Alex? Wake up, Alex! ” I whispered beside his ear, just as he had done to me many times before.
He had no response.
Bursting into tears, I hugged him tightly, as if the world was depriving me of the last thing I owned.
The round golden moon was brighter than ever before. It sprinkled generously on our cuddling figures, and on every corner of this world.

Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 6 7 8

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